UK’s ‘Most Married Man’ Marrying a Filipina for his 9th Wife

Quite a funny story popped up my on Facebook feed last week I thought I’d share. So much gold.


Cristel Marquez, 26, with Ron Sheppard, 68

So Ron Sheppard is known as Britain’s most married man. He’s had 8 wives, starting off with five white chicks and moving onto Asians he met on his holidays, including a Singaporean chick, a Thai, then a Filipina.

Marrying a Filipina (Again)

Pictured above is his new Filipina fiancée Cristel, who Ron will marry as soon as the divorce to the Filipina he’s currently married to goes through.

A call centre worker from Pampanga (where Angeles City is), Cristel is 42 years his junior. She’ll leave the Philippines with her 7 year old son (pregnant at 19 with a Pinoy husband) to live in England with Ron, in his modest ground floor flat in Somerset.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror Ron said: ‘She’s not here for, you know, like people might think, a visa or a passport, because she wants to live in her own country. She realises I can’t live there because of my two conditions, and therefore she’s given up her own country to come and live here, with her little boy. I love her to bits. Age is just numbers, love has no boundaries.’


Cristel looks pretty cute here

Ron sadly has Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia. Doctors say he many only have three years to live. Last year he survived a heart attack and a blood clot on his lung.

Road to Filipina Wife #9

The Singaporean wife, Usha, was a hotel worker who Ron says ‘got too homesick to stay and went home’. That marriage lasted four years.

Wife number 7, Wan, went back to Bangkok after 8 months. His current Filipina wife, Weng, he met over the internet.

It wasn’t as successful as other stories of marrying a Filipina online. Weng wants a divorce after 12 years of marriage because she found out Ron shared a bed with a 27 year old massage girl on one of his trips to Thailand. (Maybe he went to Nataree before it closed down?).

Meanwhile Ron had been chatting to Cristel online for a year already. Conveniently she was a Facebook friend of Wan’s, so he didn’t even need to buy a FilipinoCupid membership this time round.

He flew over to the Philippines to see Cristel while Weng was still living at his flat, in separate rooms. He proposed to her in a karaoke bar in Pampanga. There’s a video of that too.


Just after popping the question to his Pinay

Cristel has said: ‘The age difference means nothing to me. All I want to do is take care of him. And that it is what I am going to do. He is very loving and caring, to me and my son.’

Ron’s fourth wife, Kathy, thinks Cristel should ‘run for the hills’, telling the Mirror ‘Ron loves the attention’.

What a Legend!

I wish Ron all the best with his new Filipina wife! I also think the story is a nice reminder of how easy it is to get laid with cute 20something chicks in the Philippines even if you’re an old guy.

Especially if you’re looking to settle down and marry a Filipina girl (ninth time lucky).

Ron has released an autobiography ‘The Lord of the Wedding Rings‘ and donates part of the proceedings to homeless children in the Philippines.

An ITV documentary is coming out next year following Ron’s day to day routine, charity work, and his preparation for the production of a film ‘The Marrying Man’ about his life.

I can understand the appeal of marrying a Filipina – they speak English, have a similar culture, and don’t have an average bodyweight of 80kg like fat feminazis in the West.

Just get a prenup!

12 Responses

  1. kick2dante says:

    marrying a filipina for number 9, i wonder where lucky number 10 will be from

  2. jspill says:

    this one’s a keeper

  3. RumandCokeMan says:

    Compared to his options for white women in his homeland this bird is a grand slam. Hope he pops a viagara, bends her over the couch and enjoys the remainder of his life blasting inside her young mound.

  4. Anonymous says:

    On the one hand, I look at this and think to myself “wow, that’s gross.” On the other hand, I think “if I’m single when I’m an old dude, I’m gonna do the exact same thing.” LOL

  5. thibault says:

    met her in a ktv in the pampanga. nice way to say she s an angeles ho…
    anyxay, for what is mariage worth today, its still a long lasting relationship, if it last only one year its still 365 times more than i can see myself with a woman without blowing a fuse.
    there are big holes: the story doesnt talk about child support or alimony, and we all know thats all mariage is about.
    if the girl accept to live the boring life of a uk retiree, good for him…. imagine the depression.
    one of his wives say negatively that he crzves attention, lol thats all what women are usually. you would prefer a emotionless marriage? if newlywed dont give and want attention, who will have. i just fear she s going to be his nurse.
    in the end, thats what mariage is supposed to be: some long term prostitution arrangement. if people are against that, then the species is doomed. last generation on earth.

  6. RumandCokeMan says:

    Dante do you and JSpill ever actually meetup and party/hangout/sight see/etc?

    • jspill says:

      If by partying you mean Dante walks around the bar handing out his number as long as possible without buying a drink, goes to the toilet when the servers are walking over, etc., then yes pretty often 🙂

      Or lunch dates, if it’s a restaurant where the bill will come to <$10. Or holding my nose in his room while I show him how to do something with WordPress plugins. Sight seeing? What's that? 😀

    • Dace says:

      They’re besties

  7. -Cam says:

    Jspill what the story behind the girl in your pro pic?

  8. Diane says:

    There’s a lot of filipina girls marry foreigners. I’ve seen a lot. No judgement but as I can see it’s just all about understanding.

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