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Ringside bar

Maybe I just got unlucky or I’m picky but I never saw any hot girls at Ringside bar on P. Burgos. Gogo bars are hit and miss but usually if you pop your head in a bunch of times on different days you’ll eventually see some talent. Never happened at Ringside.

Lady boxer limbering up

Which is a shame because I like the concept – lady boxing, midget boxing or oil wrestling in the ring in the middle of the bar, while you drink / get a lap dance. Sports showing on TV screens too.

Even if they did have the same quality of bargirls as the better gogos – Kojax, XOXO, Plan B I find are best on average – for some reason Ringside charges 3900 barfine and 390 for lady drinks.

Boxing ring

I don’t know why, maybe cos it stands out on the corner of the crossroads of Kalayaan Avenue & P Burgos? It’s not like they’re doing shows all night to justify the extra cost, usually only one or two about 10pm.

It’s usually pretty empty while Kojax, XOXO and Plan B have way more customers and charge 2900 barfine, and 300 / 350 / 400 for LDs depending on the drink.

Boxing show

Enchanted gogo two doors down charges 3900 too. Then Horizon bar next along charges 500 for LDs. Both also pretty dead compared to bars on the South end of Burgos. Weird how as soon as you go over the crossroads it becomes more expensive and a ghost town.

If anything they should drop the prices being on the quieter North end of Burgos street but SE Asia logic seems to be to raise the prices when there’s no demand.

Via Ringside Bar Makati on Facebook

So I’ve never taken a girl from Ringside bar as much as I’d like to, but I don’t want to pay $80 barfine plus $60 short time for a 6/10. They also only seem to have about 5 girls there whenever I go.

Most of the pics I took there didn’t come out well either as it’s dark inside and hard to take pics without getting caught (it’s not allowed in gogo bars). So I never got round to writing a review of Ringside bar.

Via Facebook

Until the other night…

Ringside Bar Review

Luckily on a Saturday night I decided to give Ringside one more chance and they had a Miss Ringside beauty pageant thing going on. The lights were bright and everyone was allowed to take pics for that so I got some.

Beauty pageant

I didn’t stick around long enough to find out if they can be barfined and I don’t think most of these girls work there, at least I’ve never seen them before. I think it’s an inter-bar competition, like the sexiest boxer of the year competition they had this time last year. Seems to be an annual thing.

So randomly I stumble in the night this is going on, buy a drink behind some girls in bikinis and take a creeper pic with the flash on 😀 She jumped up but she knew her face wasn’t gonna be in it and didn’t seem to mind.

Ringside bar girls

So these pics should give you an idea of the talent in P Burgos bars, still not great compared to Soi Cowboy / Nana in Bangkok but there are a few hot ones like ‘Miss Thailand’ and ‘Miss Spain’ in these pics (they’re all actually Pinays).

Miss Ringside Beauty Pageant Pics

These are the rest of the pics I snapped.


Took a quick video too. I think ‘Miss Thailand’ the cutie on the right ended up winning.

There aren’t going to be this many girls every night, pretty much only once a year but you can try asking when these events happen. Sometimes Ringside hosts events for other bars.

Apparently that night was Ringside bar’s 12th anniversary.

Best time to Go

Ringside bar is is busiest on weekends, as with all gogos. Some Burgos bargirls only work Friday night to Sunday night. Then again you get the girls to yourself midweek… shows happen about 10pm.

Dancer outside via Facebook

The girls aren’t hot though, older and chunkier than other gogos and it’s the type of Burgos gogo where the girls swarm you and sit with you without you asking, then ask for drinks.

I prefer gogos like Kojax where they’re on stage where I can see them then wait for me to call one over at a time, or the mama lines them up for me.

Some moody mamasans / male staff begging for a tip / child beggars outside but that’s all over Burgos.

They serve food unlike other gogos

Main issue is the lady drinks and barfines cost more. P Burgos is already overpriced compared to Thailand.

If one day you’re reading this and they’ve lowered the prices and brought in a ton of sexy bargirls then comment and let me know and I’ll edit this post.

Gogos change owners / girls all the time so quickly pop your head in and see if it’s good that night, if not move on, all the bars are close together. Be aware ‘Mixed nuts’ gogo bar next door is an all ladyboy bar.

Update – I went back another night and filmed on of the lady boxing fights.


16 Responses

  1. profits101 says:

    … not a girl place, but speaking of midget boxing, hehe, have you been to the Hobbit House for a beer? Food not bad either… http://www.hobbithousemanila.com

    • jspill says:

      Haven’t heard of it looks interesting. Sounds like a good spot for a dinner date then if you don’t score you’re in Ermita surrounded by girls 🙂 Thanks for the tip

  2. RumandCokeMan says:

    Do they have spots where the p4p girls are as hot as these bikini pageant ones in Manila, Cebu, Jakarta, Bali, or Bangkok?

    • jspill says:

      All over mate… Soi Cowboy / Nana in BKK (baccara / crazy house / shark / billboard / butterflies / twisters / the rainbow bars). In Manila kojax and xoxo. Jakarta classic hotel and travel. Give Cebu a miss for p4p (good for normal girls). Bali I haven’t been yet.

  3. Jasper Laguitao says:

    The only reason why ringside is still open after 12 years is because it’s a front for wholesale drug trade. Went there two months ago I think and the place was crawling with bodyguards with duffelbags . They seem to be okay with it in there since they were flashing plastic bags with white substance inside lol

  4. Jasper Laguitao says:

    I guess you haven’t tried SPA OSAKA near Wendy’s

    They offer nuru massage with sex (obviously)

    I usually get wagyu since she’s the celebrity looking one

    • jspill says:

      This location correct? If so I’ll go try it and write a review https://www.theflyingdandy.com/listings/spa-osaka-slippery-massage-manila/

      • Jasper Laguitao says:

        try it out

        So far the ones who allowed me to fuck them without condoms are
        Soba and teriyaki

        But wagyu for me has the better face value

        • siberia says:

          Interesting, might have to give that place a try, walked past it loads and never realised.

          • Manila Expat says:

            Can someone verify where this place is at. I walked all over the area yesterday – Gen Luna behind Wendy’s and could not find anything except a place named Philkor.

            • jspill says:

              I messaged jasper and he just sent me this photo says it’s at the X mark

              Looks like you’re our only boots on the ground bro best of luck. I’m out of Manila at the mo but I’ll have a gander next week


              • Manila Expat says:

                Thanks jspill. I was right there yesterday. There is no Osaka Spa sign, but I did see a sign to go up to 2nd or 3rd floor for massage. There is a place called Philkor massage on the 2nd level to the right of the X on his map. I’m thinking Osaka must be next to it or above it, but no outside signage. The treasure hunt continues tomorrow! Hoping to find a diamond in the rough!

  5. Manila Expat says:

    Standing right here and no Osaka Massage. You talking about Philkor Massage?

  6. Manila Expat says:

    Corner of Gen Luna and Mariano and no Osaka Massage. Philkor is on 2nd or 3rd floor above a shitty looking sports bar. Scared to go in :).

  7. Pnoyboi916 says:

    So recently went to ringside… really nice looking girls for the past few days I went… but their game is strong if you start buying girls drinks. I got swindled several times. Spent more than I had to. Moral of story don’t be afraid to say no

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