Best Restaurants in Angeles City

Now a lot of interesting stuff comes up for a Google search of ‘Angeles City Philippines’ but one thing you don’t find much info on is where to eat.

Restaurants in Angeles City

As anyone who has traveled to third world countries can tell you picking the right restaurant is very important, and restaurants in Angeles City are no different.

Since so many expats have decided to retire in the Philippines and specifically in Angeles City you will find a lot of very good western food around.  In my opinion it has the best food of any city I have lived in Asia, and every meal I list on here will be $6 or less.  I have lived there for over a  year so have tried out many of them so I will share my favorite restaurants in Angeles City and specific meals with you now.

Patch’s Place

This place has changed names many times but the great food never changes.  The seafood pad thai is better than any pad thai I had in Thailand and would probably be my favorite meal in the city.  They also have the best pork adobo I have had by a wide margin.  They serve a wide variety of foods, but I usually stick to those.


I had been trying to find good lasagna in an Angeles City restaurant and it took me awhile, but eventually I found it here.  It became a staple of my food rotation and I liked it so much I didn’t even try anything else on the menu.  I have heard they have really good pizza and other pastas as well.

Angel’s Bakery

This is my breakfast spot and I would go there a 2-3 times a week.  Very good bacon, eggs, hash brown and toast.  They also have many pastries and baked goods to offer.  The pork schnitzel is fantastic, and the goulash is also good.  I probably ate here more than anywhere else.

Tequila Reef

Now I said every meal listed on here is under $6 and that is technically not the case for TR if you eat in the restaurant because the burritos cost around $8.  But it is so massive that it is easily to full meals and since I always get take out it was great value.

Good mexican food is very hard to find in Asia, but luckily this Angeles City restaurant has it.


Before I moved to Asia I was not much of a fan of Indian food.  Generally even if I had heard a place was good I would look at the menu and not know what anything was and walk off to order from a familiar place.  But when I first got to Angeles I was told to try Patch’s Place and Rasoi, since I didn’t have many other options I gave this spot a shot and am very glad I did.

The chicken madras is fantastic and I love the naan as well.  Since I don’t know what anything else on the menu is I never tried it, but since I have heard so many people say great things about Rasoi I am sure you will like what you get.

There are some other good places to eat too, but if you are only in Angeles for a short while these would be the best places to focus your attention.

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  1. jspill says:

    pork sisig is the nuts

  2. the boss says:

    Yes I agree never had a bad meal at Salvatores.

  3. kick2dante says:

    yup thats the spot you recommended, thanks for that

  4. Has says:

    Any places that serve halal/kosher food?/

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