Queen Of Cebu Ladyboy Pageant 2015

So I was just at the Waterfront, which is hosting the 2015 Queen of Cebu ladyboy pageant.

queen of cebu bohol

In my quest to get blog hits by any means necessary thought I’d report on something current 😀

Transgender models from all over the Philippines fly to the island for this prestigious event, the equivalent of Thailand’s Miss Tiffany competition.

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Here I think they call it MG (Miss Gay), or ‘a pageant for alternatives‘ for this specific event.

It’s sponsored by Bench, the largest Philippines clothing chain. Afterwards they do a televised awareness talk on HIV.

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I was supposed to leave Cebu last week but stuck around so I could check out the festivities.

The Waterfront Hotel lobby is a good wifi hotspot to check my FilipinoCupid messages.

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Snapped a few creeper pics, sorry for the quality obviously I was shaking in excitement. 

This video from an earlier Queen of Cebu event gives a better idea.

Tickets were on sale for 1500, 800, 300 and 200 pesos. There were only a few seats still available by the time the show started, place was rammed, some people watching the live band in the casino area.

As you can see all of the contestants dressed to impress for their big night.

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The candidates had been whittled down to the final 25 before the main event.

There was even a whitening cream booth in case anyone needed a touch up.

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A couple years ago they also had a ‘Queensize of Cebu’ event here, the first ever beauty pageant for obese transsexuals. Weights had to be over 200lb, waist sizes over 35″.

Each contestant represented a planet, Queensize Mars, Queensize Uranus and so on. PhilStar.com covered it.

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The Philippines is about as equal opportunities as it gets. One of the main ladyboy dating sites was set up by a Filipina – Western couple too.

Anyway before the Queen of Cebu show there were hundreds of ladyboys gathered outside and I felt like chum being thrown into the water. Sometimes it was hard to tell which ones were girls.

queen of cebu 2015

Via Queen of Cebu on Facebook

I’ll edit this post to include more about the event later, just getting some pics up for now.

queen of cebu 2015 winners

4, 3, 2, 1, 5

queen philippines pageantEdit: they just announced the winners, Queen Tourism, Earth, International, World, and Universe.

So equal opportunities that five contestants claim the crown from the final 25.

One of them was the former Miss Gay Philippines Earth 2010, Carla Marie Madrigal.

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  1. jspill says:

    thanks for this front line reporting

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    Nice! Nice! Nice!

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    Great story Do lady boys still hang out at Mango Square at night? Thanks

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    Some of the most beautiful wo/men in the world.

  5. Michael says:

    When and where is the 2018 Pageant?

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