Pinay & Poker Swings This Month

kicking-asian-girlSome people live low variance lives. They get a wife, job, and know what each day will be like.

Well when you are playing poker and travelling Asia looking for casual hook ups your life is anything but low variance.

Sometimes it goes great. You wake up and make $200 a day for 3 weeks straight. You walk past an 8 in the mall and 2 hours later your head is being smothered in her tits while she rides up and down on you.

The next day you wake up with new texts from other random girls you met in the previous days.

You have a 6 from PinaLove wanting to come to your place but you have to turn her down because you have plans with a hotter girl.

Of course great runs like that don’t come often and when they do you need to really savor them. Because there can be rough times too, and they can be just as bad as the good are good.

When It Rains…..

I just went on probably the worst 2-3 week stretch I have had in Asia. First for the boring poker stuff I lost a little over $3k in December. It was just log on lose money take a break come back lose money and walk around shaking my head wondering what was going on.

That was my biggest downswing in Asia and it stung. It shouldn’t have stung that bad because I was just coming off my biggest upswing on 888 (that was quite a bit more than $3k) and new pain was coming… but even if you are prepared for pain it still hurts.

But what made it all the worse was this coincided with my worst time with girls as well. It was just like everything I did was wrong and not only was I having to watch myself lose money by the minute I was ‘losing’ with girls as well.

Girl 1

I met girl 1 while walking around and gave her my number. She texted me that day and we texted A LOT over the next few days. She got drunk and went to a disco and started sending flirty/attention wanting texts, but most of our texts were just normal playful banter.

After 5 days she eventually agreed to come over in the afternoon. On the way she casually mentioned something about seeing her brother after. She showed up and we chatted and it was time to throw on a movie.

She claimed to have seen every movie I had and didn’t want to watch any of them.

She only wanted to watch new movies that had just come out. Hmmm OK, so she opens up Chrome to go to a site to stream one.

She goes to the site and looks around and then a minute or two later says she needs to go meet her brother but will come back tomorrow and bring a movie.

Gee, thanks for having me plan my whole day around your 10 minute visit. I have had this happen maybe 5 or 6 times when dealing with non pros.

You don’t try to contact any other girls cuz you have a ‘date’ already… and all they do is waste your night.

Some of the times they may just not like me. Other times I think they are just trying to check out the situation at my place.

It often happens with girls who have just got off work, and they just don’t realize how inconsiderate it is to tell someone they are going to hang out and have them plan around that.. and only intend to stay for 10 minutes.

But I think this one was probably one that I messed up. When I initially met the girl it was a very quick number hand out so maybe I wasn’t the dreamy handsome foreigner she expected.

We had texted so much it was a bit awkward when we met and maybe I was boring. Or my theory is that when she opened my Chrome she saw Chaturbate on the most visited sites on the bottom 😀

Things definitely changed after that, but they weren’t going great before either. Who knows. She was really only a 6.5 and it wasn’t that big of a deal….. but it was just the start.

Failure 2

Of all the failures here this is the one….. I met her when she was working at the mall on a Tuesday. I was walking past and she had on a Christmas hat and a pant suit. She gave me a BIG smile and I knew I had to go back and give her my number.

I initially didn’t think she was too hot. I invited her to hang out after her work the next night and to my surprise she said yes. Usually they make me wait awhile, but not her.

I went to pick her up after work and she was there with her workmates. I was worried she was going to try and bring them but that wasn’t her plan. This night she wore a skirt to work and she was very sexy. One of the hottest girls I had seen in awhile.

We got in a taxi and headed to my place and I tried to make small talk. Sadly she wasn’t very good with english so having a good conversation was hard. I was asking the standard boring first meet questions and asked where her family was.

She said they lived in the province but her mom was visiting her this weekend and was waiting for her to come home. Wait what? We are going to my place to hang out and her mom is waiting for her? Its already close to 11pm.

I try to ignore that and play it off and crack some jokes and make body contact with pokes and lil arm slaps and she says she doesn’t like if I touch her. Hmmm.

Then we get to my place. She sits on the couch and I offer her food or drinks and she declines. I ask what movie she wants to watch and she says she doesn’t want to watch. She just sits there with her eyes closed.

She had worked from 9am to 10pm and was tired and just wanted to sit and rest which was understandable.

I sat next to her and put my arm around her and she didn’t really like that. I try making conversation but with the lack of her English and her being really tired she wasn’t to talkative.

Then she tells me she needs to go home because her mom’s waiting. Sigh, again. Girl comes over and stays for ten minutes. I debate what my next play should be. Obviously I will call her a cab, but do I go for a kiss first? One kiss on the neck could turn this whole thing around quickly.

But it was WAY to soon and there was zero reason to think it would work. She didn’t even like me touching her arm so how would a kiss go well? But I have had just as low percentage outcomes work in the Phils so I went for it.

She obviously rejected it and I called her a cab. Judging by the way she didn’t like a guy touching her arm and her jumping when I tried to kiss her I would say fair chance she was a virgin.

I have broken this night down from start to finish 100 times. I can not really find anything that I did wrong. She was clearly tired after a full days work….. so the real question that I don’t understand is why did she even agree to come over in the first place?

Putting herself in a pretty risky situation going to a man she doesn’t knows apartment alone just to sit on the couch for ten minutes. Sigh.

Rare Success

Met girl off FilipinoCupid. 18 year old college girl, said she just wanted friends and wasn’t a pro. We bang twice and before she leaves she says she better here from me again. I say of course, even if I don’t intend to see a girl again I at least text her so she doesn’t feel to used.

So I text this girl a few days later…… she never replies to me again. This happens quite often actually, but the thing is I KNOW things went well with this girl. We got along great, we talked through a lot of the movie and had matching personalities.

She stained my sheets and was very willing when I tried to initiate round 2. She told me she better here from me again…… so wtf is the deal. Did she want money even though she said she didn’t? Was she ashamed for giving it up to a guy that wasn’t her BF?

She wasn’t too hot, if she added 5 pounds she would be fat but currently she was just ‘thick’. I probably wouldn’t have had her over again….. but still its weird.

Failure 3

Here we go again. I am at the mall and haven’t really handed out many numbers on this night. Then I am walking behind a petite girl with some ass in tight pants. I saw her face and it wasn’t that cute, but the booty looked nice and its an easy approach spot so why not.

45 minutes later she is in a taxi to my place after we exchange like 5 texts.

She worked at the mall and confirmed she didn’t want money and then was on my couch.

She was a talkative friendly girl and we got along well. But things she said led me to believe this wasn’t what I was hoping for.

When I asked if she had any foreigner friends before she said that she met a guy on AsianDating and he flew over to visit her from Australia.


But all he wanted was ‘that thing’ and she didn’t want to give it up to him so quickly. (But what about me!! You will give it to me after meeting me an hour ago right?)

We watch a movie and she plays on her phone. I put my arm around her and she asks why I am sitting so close.

Conversation going well, progressing to more not so much. I go with one of my old moves and asks if she likes massage and she says yes. She just wants me to massage her through her shirt but I tell her I want to give her a full massage.

5 minutes later she is laying down in my bed in her panties. I go very slow and do a long back massage. Then it’s time for legs and I start at the calves and work my way up.

I really am still thinking this is just a naïve girl that wants a massage and no more…… but I go higher and higher up her legs and then do a butt massage. At first she is a bit reluctant but then she warms up to it.

I turn the massage a bit more erotic slowly, barely running my fingers across her panties in the right spot. But once I put any real pressure on that area she stops me. I lay down next to her and try and go for a kiss but she stops that to.

She asks if I thought we were going to have sex and I said that would be ok if we did. She says she is a virgin and I haven’t even courted her yet.

WTF is a virgin doing going straight to a guys apartment after 5 texts and stripping down to her panties!!!! There is now worse blue balls then a failed butt massage blue balls. Thank God for Chaturbate.

And Finally

Months ago I met this girl at the mall. She texted me and said she was 19 and then asked what I wanted from her. I said to be friends and she asked if I wanted sex. I asked if she was a hooker (in nice words) and she said no and I said well I am a guy so of course I like that.

She said she would come over the next night and flaked. One of my biggest rules here is that girls that talk about sex are just teases. It is true 9 out of 10 times. I should have known….. but I kept her number in my phone and texted her occasionally even though she never replied.

Well fast forward to hell week and this time she replies and asks me to meet her at a mall really far from my place so that we can go fuck. I ask her to come closer to me and she says no. I try to explain how retarded her meeting place is if we are going to go to my apartment.

She then says I am treating her like a prostitute. Excuse me? I have texted you 30 times and you never reply. One day you text me out of the blue asking me to fuck you and I am the one treating you like a prostitute?

I kind of go off on her a bit cuz I am tilted as fuck. She says she is sorry. I tell her I have to work later and don’t have time to run around wasting time, that if she meets closer we will have more time for me to be a gentleman.

She says if we don’t have time to waste then I should go pick her up right now so we can go to my place and fuck for an hour and then she will go. My little head wins out and I head over to pick her up.

I get to the mall and she says she isn’t there but will be soon. Hmmm supposedly she had been there for the past hour, now she isn’t. I wait and then she says she’s in Starbucks in a purple top using an Ipad.

I go to Starbucks and see her and sit down at her table. She is studying and I start making jokes about the stuff she is looking up. We have a few minute chat and then I am like OK are you ready to go? Her reply: “But I don’t know you”

It wasn’t her. I was trolled. She must have been there watching and wanted to prank me for bitching her out earlier. Or she had that plan all along…… girls that talk about sex in texts are generally teases, I never should have trusted her.

Go Home to Cry

Take a motorbike back to my place and get a text from a random number. I had given her my number earlier that night. She came to my place. We fucked twice while watching a horror movie. Lets hope that’s the end of hell month.

12 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Time for a new wardrobe change perhaps

  2. kick2dante says:

    your equivalent to trolols go home and get a job

  3. VV says:

    I was in bkk for one year before and now have been living in Makati almost 2 months and can safely say the girls here are waaaaay crazier and annoying on average (and uglier).. I don’t know how u put up with them.
    I wouldn’t waste one second thinking what u did but wonder why u have decided to lower yourself to their level for a simple glory hole.

  4. kick2dante says:

    i dunno man pretty much all my ‘friends’ assure me she clearly wanted to bang and then i messed things up in many ways

  5. sam says:

    VV, I completely agree, man. The only reason I live in the Philippines is because my company pays me $80,000 a year to live here. If I could earn even half that in Thailand I’d move there in a split second.

  6. Has says:

    First question…. On the your failure 3 is that the girl in black you took home??? Because she seem to have a very pretty face lol

    Also do you make all your money by playing poker?

  7. kick2dante says:

    no that was not her

    i made all my money from poker for nine years but i stopped playing last year

  8. thomas sund says:

    bean here now fo two years and a lot of thing have happen

    • Paul says:

      I would love to exchange gf’s, if you good looking my gf will probably fuck you 😉 and i want to fuck yours too 😛

  9. HartOne says:

    Im only 40 miles away from love eeeeeeh ai a am o woarh killin it mate

  10. Juls says:

    If everybody acts like this, then half of society dies of AIDS.

    Who would be the one to blame for that?

    Hook up culture is irresponsible an anti-social.

    And I know this will sting you, because after criticism everybody acts like they don’t give damn. But the reality is that everybody is a nice person deep down, so when they disrespect themselves… they do resent it.

    Test yourself for AIDS & other STD before every new girlfriend. And don’t engage in any short-term relationship. Yeah, FOREVER is a big word when you’re young, that doesn’t mean you should engage in casual sex. One person likely died from casual sex as I was writing this. You think you the blame doesn’t touch you? It does.

    Cheers, and become a better person.

    • kick2dante says:

      sorry that we have different opinions

      someone probably died while driving while i wrote this, if you take any form of transportation don’t think that the blame doesn’t touch you, it does

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