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Nana Plaza has several FB fan pages with pics of the Thai bargirls working there. Occasionally one will pop up on my feed and I’ll think hey I barfined her! 🙂

One of the things that makes Thailand such a great mongering destination is there are entire red light districts set up by and for foreigners, with many gogo bars being western owned.

They know it’s good marketing to make use of social media so they put pics of their gogo girls (the ones that don’t mind) up on Facebook.

Some Nana Gogo Girls I’ve Barfined

Afaik I can reproduce these public pics if I provide references and keep the watermarks intact. Links at the bottom of this post.

The one on the right

The one on the right

The one on the right

The one on the left. Cute MILF

Via Stickman who gets hired to take pics of gogo girls for the bars. Lucky guy. 

On a recent trip to Pattaya took this one upstairs at Windmill. They have full nudity in this gogo

The one on the right

On the left

Wasn’t going to take this one but then she said give me your Line and I’ll meet you downstairs after work, so you only need to pay me not the barfine ^^

This one told my mate she’ll bang him for free, said she had a sponsor and plenty of money already. Then did the same for me, and got Dante’s no. as well but he had to leave Thailand just before he got his freebie 😀

That’s all the ones I could find pics of. I’d recommend any of these girls if you see them, they were all amazing, as 95% of Thai working girls are.

There are tons more pics of Thai gogo girls on Facebook, mostly from Nana Plaza bars. Soi Cowboy needs to step up their Facebook game. Club Electric Blue at Patpong has some too. Also check Pattaya After Dark.


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  1. jspill says:

    Hands down #1 sex tourist destination

  2. Derek Arcila says:

    Picture #19 tho. She really cute =)

  3. Mikey Johnson says:

    All these girls are smoking hot. Not really a fan of Thailand in general though. Too many tourists.

  4. -Cam says:

    Living the dream! #Goals

  5. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Thanks for posting the pics….hopefully, someone will recognize their “good girl” TGF and have a life saving epiphany!?!? 🙂

  6. WesBang says:

    “The one on the left. Cute MILF.”

    Had an interesting time with her, she worked at Spankys when I met her (had left billboards) but she wanted to go meet her friends in Billboard so up we went. One of them being the girl she’s pictured with, the other being the billboard chick you got from sticks blog. Pretty sure that’s the same chick, she has an awesome ass and I was going to barfine her, something I told my actual barfine and she wasn’t happy about that lol. we had about 12 tequila shots each, i walked out on her in spankys since she was trying to get me back for paying too much attention to her billboard friends, she was knocked out cold, I wasn’t much better off but she ended up staying to 4pm the next day so it worked out alright.

    Actually wouldn’t mind seeing her again, she did tell me I should come back for songkran… and I actually am, just maybe not as many tequila shots this time…

    Really wanted to take out that other Billboard girl….. her number was either 59 or 754….. was going to get her the next night but I had to be @ BKK International airport by 10 pm so I went Mitu instead.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah that’s her, huge ass in proportion to her body, jiggles up and down as she dances. She just looks a bit different in this pic

      It’s 754

      • WesBang says:

        Dat ass really stood out compared to every other girl I saw in Nana plaza that trip..

        One of my regrets from my trip last Sep/Oct… she seemed quite fun.

        Hoping to rectify that next month…. 11-12 nights in Manila/Angeles and than 9-10 nights in BKK (maybe go Patts for some of it but i really like BKK).

      • jspill says:

        Pattaya had a lot of police raids recently, maybe blown over by the time you come

        • thibault says:

          thats because of some qrticle in a major medua in the west, but on stickboy it is described as being for show only, that tge police has no ibterest in killing the golden goose, just doing some PR tricks to calm thngs down. they only go after minors of age and illegal aliens , and make declarations that everything is clear if they dont find that. they test people for amphetamines and derivatives, too, but even then they gi mostly after local youth. sex tourists are more than welcome as always.

  7. guy says:

    why not just post the full billboard lineup and point out the two you havent been with yet?

  8. thibault says:

    you may be able to push dante to suicide with those missed freebies, but do you really want to run the website alone? the guy is useful, you may keep him around. better make a scam when splitting the benefits, divert his attezntion with some way to obtain certain products at a rebate.

  9. Tim Hunter says:

    You have a good taste in women. That is for sure! That girl on picture number two is just gorgeous. I will be looking for her!

  10. Victor Sampson says:


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