Picking Up Korean Girls in Cebu

If you aren’t aware there are tons of Korean girls in Cebu (and guys). They’re around college aged and come over to study English because it’s a lot cheaper in the Philippines than Korea, and it’s an English speaking country not far from home.

korean girls in cebu

Even though the majority of the Korean girls I have seen weren’t that hot from time to time you will see a hot one. Most look more like above right (Korean girls in Cebu’s IT Park, via MyCebuPhotoBlog.com) than the model type you see in KPOP girl bands (above left).

Anyway after years of banging only Pinays getting anything to switch it up would be nice, so I’ve been trying my best to hook up with one (unsuccessfully).

ALWAYS in Groups

If you see one Korean girl I will bet my (massive) net worth that she is with some friends.  You will almost never see a Korean girl by herself in Cebu.  This makes it very hard to make any headway with them.

I have probably given my number to 15ish of them over the years.  Generally they seem very happy when I do it and smile and thank me and I think wow that went great.

Then they never text.  One time I handed one to a girl who I thought was Korean who had a ridiculous body.  Like every guy turned their head when she passed us and I ran back to hand her my number.

She did text me.  She was Chinese.  Still no Koreans :(.  I did not bang her either, she just kept next timing me (learned the Filipino culture well while she was here.)

The fact that they are always with their friends makes it hard for you to approach them.  It will make it even harder for you to hang out with them.

What is the girl going to say the one time she wants to go out by herself?  Not going to happen.

korean girls j ave mango square cebu

They Party Hard

I think your only chance to ever get one would be when they are out partying.  They go to discos (mostly J-Ave in Mango Square) and drink a lot and even though they are with their friends you at least have the chance of them making a stupid decision while drunk.

I still think that would be extremely unlikely, but the alcohol may give you a tiny chance.

The guys also go to J-Ave and the Pinay hookers there are all over them.  Some of the girls there will basically only talk to Korean guys and that can be super frustrating.

If you go to J-Ave just watch where the hottest Pinays go and I bet its a table full of Koreans.  I can’t really blame them cuz the Korean guys pay well.

Still its frustrating to be in a bar and know you don’t have a good chance with most of the hot girls in it.  Makes you feel like you are back in the western world for the night.

Then again if you can find the girls than don’t like Koreans, you have an easy in. Asian girls tend to generalize and form strong opinions about certain nationalities without much experience.

Quite a few regular girls from FilipinoCupid would tell me how they think the Koreans in the Philippines are ‘rude’ or ‘have many girl’ on the first date, I’d just nod my head and try to capitalize on that.

picking up korean girls in cebu

J-Ave on Facebook

Almost Got My Korea Flag

I was walking in a mall and saw a hot well dressed Korean by herself.  I had pretty much fully given up on them at this point but since she wasn’t in a group and it was a perfect approach spot I had no choice but to try.

She takes my number and texts me the next day.  We meet up a few days later and I find out that she is only half Korean and that she had lived in the Philippines all her life.

With how hard it is to get a Korean girl to hang out here I still consider her Korean :).  So we go back to my place and she had told me that she was going to her province the next day.

I throw on a movie and am taking things slow.  I have noticed that often I feel like I am being a gentleman and am waiting deep enough into the movie to go in for a kiss only to pause the movie as we move into the bedroom and see we are only like 15 minutes into it.


Well she gets a phone call and talks to her mom who will come pick her up at the mall near my place to go to the province now.  FML.

Her house is 45 minutes away so I go in for a panicked kiss because I don’t know if I will ever get another shot.  30 seconds later she is straddling me and grinding my cock through my shorts.

We move into the bedroom and I get her pants off but when I go for her panties she stops me….. I thought she was hornier than I was based on the grinding that had gone down on the couch. Apparently not.

She says we don’t have time, I ask if she can maybe help me out with a quick bj so I’m not horny all day and she says no.  I haven’t heard from her since, she said she was going to be in her province for a month.  Hope I get another shot.

Haven’t seen many Korean chicks on the Filipina dating sites, but a few on AsianDating.

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  1. jspill says:

    That freelancer we met in J Avenue said she hated Korean guys, charged them 5k+, and white dudes 1.5k ish

  2. kick2dante says:

    ugh that was up there for worst blue balls i ever got…… so close to finally getting in korea!!!! (that was in manila tho)

  3. Mike says:

    Hi. U mentioned U have got a 3 years visa to the Phils. Normal tourists receive 60 days only. Pls tell me the details I need to know! Thanks!

  4. kick2dante says:

    you don’t need to do anything before you arrive, you can continue to extend by going to immigration for up to 3 years

    though it may be different for you depending on what country you are from so if you arent from the US/aus/major european country you may want to google it specifically for your country just to make sure

  5. Mike says:

    Thanx 4 ur comment. Since I am 70 and from Sweden Europe think a retirement long time visa is the very best option.

  6. kick2dante says:

    ya and just hop on pinalove and i am sure you will find plenty of girls in there 20s that would love to ‘take care’ of you hehehe

  7. Mike says:

    Ok very well have already been in PI twice b4. But u changed subject from visa info to girls…

  8. kick2dante says:

    oh sorry, yes if you plan on staying here long term the retirement visa is a great option

  9. Mike says:

    Yes I plan to stay there all my remaining f*cking life maybe max 5 more years Nice reading your blog. Only aeaiting Vietnam & Myanmar!

  10. kick2dante says:

    well best of luck to ya, i am sure you will have a great time

  11. Tyler Durden says:

    I’ve only had luck with Koreans in Korea. Although they’re friendly in PI, they’re not as easy. They tend to have a western girl mentality. So they can expect to be spoiled and all. But I wouldn’t say they’re too bad. Actually the guys are friendly too. Koreans are pretty cool, but I’ve always had an in with them because I lived in their country and know some of their language, very little actually. That may be an option for you. Offer to teach a pretty girl English in exchange for Korean lessons… Even knowing a little could pay decent dividends down the road.

  12. kick2dante says:

    thanks for the suggestion, im really lazy when it comes to stuff like that though jejeje :p

  13. Guy says:

    I bet you’d have better luck in Boracay for Korean girls. When I was there I saw tons of Koreans, considerably more women than men, though still in groups. They’re in vacation mode and there to have some fun for a few days, so less likely to have hangups about sleeping with a random guy than they would if they’re staying in Cebu semi permanently to study. If they feel like they can get away with it without being caught, I’m sure many of them are curious what it’s like to be with a westerner. Once I went to Nami restaurant on the north edge of the main beach with my girl at the time. She threw tampo because she claimed the Korean girls there were obviously checking me out when we walked in.

  14. kick2dante says:

    ya you are probably right, i have heard from guys that lived in korea that they are also curious but they are far more worried about being seen than pinays….. on vacation it should be a lot easier

  15. Birdpuller says:

    Boracay is full of hot Korean girls in September and they like to drink so hit on them around 9-10pm when the edge is off as they do have an attitude and some hot Chinese chicks two tried to team me whilst I was in a convenience store with good English I was half asleep and missed a great lay they made the first move. Hookers are in Boracay now and they are dog rough watch out for the lady boys also. Massage parlours do not do happy endings unless you ask for a private room and pay them a really top tip.

  16. mabs ko says:

    i like korean girls i want to have sex with korean

  17. SouthernAdventurer says:

    I’m sorry to all pinas but Koreans are hotter. I instantly can spot one a mile away in a mall basically on that fact alone. The average pina is 6-7 with the occasional 8 korean girls are 7-8 with a 9 every once in a while. I’ve only been here a month and a half and already I can see myself leaving the relative ease of pina hookups and try my luck with koreans.

    Your right though they always travel in groups. At least two everytime I see them and usually they have a guy with them at that. I was in SM City today meeting a pina and I must have seen 4 or 5 that would easily top any pina I’ve banged since I’ve been here.

  18. Av_tee says:

    Hi Cant u be texmate

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