Harder to Pick up Girls in Malls in Jakarta?

I knew that ‘malling’ was a big thing in the Philippines but I thought it was an all over Asia thing not only a Filipino thing.

Davao mall

The malls in Bangkok were quite crowded as well, but it is a huge city and I was right in the heart of it so that is no surprise.

Jakarta Malls are Dead

Jakarta is a massive city as well, so why are the malls here so dead? I am really surprised at how small and empty these malls are and for me it really sucks.

Online dating is good here and there are enough girls on Indonesian Cupid and Tinder that you will never go long without finding one to join you. That is not the problem, but I would also like the option to see girls in person first in case they look different to their pics.

More than that I just really have no life and can’t spend any more time working on the computer than I already do. Going up to a mall to get some food and look for new ‘friends’ is a great way for me to give my eyes a rest and do something.

Its not some super fun thing by any means, but if you take it out of my current life I would replace it with…….. I don’t have any idea.

They Do Textback A Lot

One month isn’t really enough time to track these stats but I do at least put a lot of volume into my month. They are texting back at least as much as Filipinas did (before I flooded Cebu with so many numbers that my textback % started to plummet.)

I handed out so many numbers in Cebu people on forums started showing me Facebook posts like this by Pinays.

Pinay’s FB post

And I handed numbers to the same girl a few times without realising. Luckily that hasn’t happened yet in Jakarta.

But They’re Too Busy

For the most part in Jakarta I am handing my number to girls that actually work in the mall. There aren’t that many girls there shopping / eating / hanging out.

These mall girls generally work 6 days a week for 9 or 10 hours a day. They have such limited free time that they usually either want to stay home and do nothing on their off day, or spend it with real friends or family.

The random stranger who sends them silly texts with lol’s and :p doesn’t always fit in to those plans. Of course with so many of them texting back there will be some good times, but would it be enough?

There are so few girls roaming the malls here that there is almost no point to going up there. I mean even in the Philippines it is pretty unproductive time, but with so many less it makes it that much more of wasted time.

One of the last things I want to do is end up with some bored at work girls textmate when she has no intention of ever coming over. I will text with a girl a lot as long as some pay off is possible. Some girls just use me as entertainment with no intention of meeting. Hard to know who is who.

Indo Girls vs Pinays

Pretty much every girl I meet here, and Thailand, whether at the mall or online, is either working or in school.

So many girls in the Philippines are doing nothing and the more free time they have the more bored they get. Also the more opportunity for hanging out.

Jakarta girls and Thais seem so much busier meaning time to hang out is limited.

Indo girls also dress much more conservatively so it isn’t as easy to find out who has a good body or not. Lots of loose clothing, and many muslims with the head scarves.

@Jakarta airport

The head scarf girls aren’t off limits, I have already hooked up with one, but I do think in general they will be a lot harder.

Then there is the language barrier which is a pretty big thing. Jakarta girls speak more English than Thai girls do, but not by much. I already have quite a few textmates that can’t really understand me and I can barely understand them.

One knows no English at all and I have to use a translator to talk with her. She is quite hot so I will try it for a bit, but that will get old.

Memorable Jakarta Handouts

Most handouts go quick and easy and are forgotten if the girl doesn’t end up texting me. Rarely some are anything but quick and easy and are worth sharing.

Indo Girl A

One day I saw some sexy girl walk into a store with her friends and debated going in. She wasn’t really that hot for the approach spot until I noticed she had drifted away from her friends and was isolated.

I go up to her and tell her I saw her out in the walkway, thought she was so pretty, and made her my little note. I try to hand it to her and she doesn’t want to take it. Well she does, but she doesn’t, but she does. I can see the wheels spinning.

She wasn’t really a girl, a nicely dressed professional woman and she was a bit nervous but at the same time very curious. She spoke pretty good English and starts asking me what it is. I say that its a surprise and if I told her that it would spoil the surprise.

She asks ‘is this a game?’ and I laugh and say yes (wasn’t really sure how to reply to that????) and she asks ‘Will it hurt me?’

I point out that it is a little tiny piece of paper that can’t possibly hurt her. She then asks if it will help me if she takes it and I say yes. She then again asks if it is a game…… Maybe she thought I was on some weird scavenger hunt tourist group game thingy where one of my missions was to hand this to a stranger. Who knows.

Eventually she takes it and I scurry away quickly. That took far too long, it is supposed to be a here ya go goodbye type of thing. She wanted to ‘talk it out.’

Indo Girl B

Another girl was in line in Starbucks. She was very hot and I knew I was giving one to her somehow. When she sat down she was right by the door so I just walked up to her, made eye contact, set it by her coffee and walked out again.

Only time I’d go into Starbucks

Very low percent chance, but its a chance. As I walked away I looked back and she was already reading it, but this was weeks ago and I haven’t got a text yet :(.

Indo Girl C

But by far my most memorable one so far in Jakarta came when I headed over to Blok M to check out the freelancer area. Somehow when I went to Bangkok I got on a sleep at 11pm and wake up at 8am life schedule after being a night owl for 10+ years.

I am sleeping better so its great, but the downside is I have no time to check out places like this. In Bangkok I was going to Soi Cowboy or Nana at 7pm which is way to early, and it is way to early to go to Blok M as well.

There were no freelancers around at all so I wanted to quickly walk through the two malls on either side of the area I was at for more sales girls to approach.

There were no customers at all in one of these malls as it was about to close. There were 3 girls standing together as I walked by and one of them sort of called out to me and giggled with her friends.

I go stand around a corner counting down as much time as it would take to write one of my silly love notes and when I start to go back I am getting cockblocked by a guy who clearly works there with a walkie talkie that looks like security.

I am the only customer in this place and as I wait around for him to leave them everyone keeps eyeing me. Eventually he moves a bit away from them but still to close and he starts eyeing me also.

After 5 minutes of wtf am I doing I decide to just go do it already and run out. Right as I am making my approach the guy with the walkie talkie starts calling all of the workers on that floor over.

He wasn’t security he was the manager. I am already in to deep to back out as the girl is locking eyes with me and giggling…… but there are people who work there approaching from all angles.

Now is a good time to mention that I had just handed my number to another girl on this floor about 10 minutes before and she was surely on her way over.

I had my number to the one who giggled at me before, the 2 friends next to her start the lil Asian girl oooooooOOOO sound they make and I rush out as the manager stares at me with a smile on his face.

Cute Indo chick

Stats so Far

Overall I handed out 75 numbers and got 31 text backs. That is probably on par with what things would be like in a new city in the Philippines and maybe even a bit higher.

There were also 6 girls who wouldn’t take the note which is again right on par with the Phils. I asked 1 girl for her number cuz we were already chatting and it was just easier to do it and she gave it, but she flaked twice and then showed up with her friend when she came over (without mentioning the friend was coming.)

However I really didn’t close with any of them. One virgin came to my room and gave me a handjob after we made out for an hour, wooohooo! Another came to my room but there was 0% chance of closing. You can read about that and other failed Jakarta dates in my earlier posts.

What Did I Learn?

Jakarta isn’t really a good place for this strategy. The malls don’t have many customers and there are lots of virgins and good girls about.

I never really saw enough hotter girls at the malls in Jakarta to make it better then pipelining on Indonesia Cupid. Why put in lots of hours roaming malls to hand out 3 numbers when you can message 100 in the same amount of time?

That said I have no life so I would do it anyways. In the Philippines you do generally end up with hotter girls in the malls….. probably just based on the fact that they are like 10x more crowded.

Its still not that profitable of time in the Phils, but its even less so in Jakarta.

4 Responses

  1. hhhhhbgvg says:

    what malls were you going to. the malls in central jakarta are huge

  2. kick2dante says:

    try to spread things out so hit up many different malls

  3. jspill says:

    too paranoid to even name the malls in case someone recognises him

  4. Ludo says:

    In jakarta like mosr indonesian city the two best way to get a girl phone are either night clubs (but the girls here are hots but also the less interesting). The second is the good old tinder.
    I had a tons of success on tinder. And a lot of girls on it speak english and usually are nice girls with interesting personalities.

    Don t be fooled by the hijab (the scarf on head). These girls are as much wild as the others.. hijab became more a fashion accessory in indonesia than a religiouw meaning.
    Overall flirting in public is hard in indonesia because the what others think is worse than death here. So they tend to prefers meeting bule on social media. You can usually get a meeting in the next hours if your not a creepy or needy guy.
    And score a bj or a pussy the very same day.

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