Philippines Terrorism – Manila Warnings?

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Update – a few hours after this post there were shootings and explosions at Resorts World Casino Manila.

Original post – Terrorism in the Philippines doesn’t really worry me as I rarely go to the Mindanao region – an island in the South. The Philippines is over 7000 islands.

Just like in Thailand there’s no reason to go to the deep South (the Pattani area has Islamic separatists). Indonesia has seen bombings lately too, so it can happen in all three of my favorite SE Asia spots.

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I’ve been to Davao which is on Mindanao, but as long as you stay within the city it’s ok. No need to go to Samal where Canadian tourists were kidnapped before, if I liked beaches I’d just go to Palawan or Boracay.

Maybe don’t go to Davao City at the moment with the news this week of ISIS taking over Marawi city (100 miles from Davao). Until that blows over. Personally I wouldn’t cancel a trip if I’d booked one.


Cebu City is safe if you ask travellers and locals there, even though Abu Sayyaf was recently in Bohol that has been sorted out. People are saying there’s no risk in the whole Visayas region.

And nothing is going on on the Luzon island (Manila and Angeles City) so far.

Manila Terrorism Warnings?

However there are some warnings being circulated about Manila.

This was an email from Red Cross Philippines:

Manila warning

The US embassy posted a general travel warning for Manila, more of a precaution:

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is on full alert throughout metro Manila. A unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has been deployed to Quezon city to assist the PNP with security operations. The AFP will assist in implementing random checkpoints, security patrols, and police visibility operations. The PNP advises that this is a pre-cautionary measure in light of the declaration of Martial law in Mindanao and not related to any specified terror threat information directed towards metro Manila.

The U.S. Embassy wishes to remind U.S. citizens of the most recent Worldwide Caution, dated March 6, 2017, which indicates there is an ongoing threat of terrorist actions and violence against U.S. citizens and interests abroad, including the Philippines. Extremists have targeted sporting events, theaters, markets, mass transportation systems–including airlines, and other public venues where large crowds gather. Crowded nightclubs, shopping malls, buses and popular restaurants have also been targets.

4 Muslim Women?

A few days ago a friend saw a chick in a Hijab taking pics of the Burgos Circle (in the Fort):

In the BGC

She ran away when she noticed him looking.

Overall Philippines terrorism doesn’t worry me, worse is happening in Europe.

I’m still going to go to malls and other public places to hand out numbers and take pics of… food.

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  1. thibault says:

    duterte is paying his cocky attitude toward the US. they will launch their full power against him.
    if he dies full on represdion like its logical to do, he got a civil war.
    terrorism will just bolter the support of the population forr repression, making thz divide more profound. before you know it, mindanao is separated,
    they will gave a gard time incading luzon without the help of a democracy promoting war, with bombings in manila and shit. if this hapoen, he will just have to turn ti china fir support, some shitty islands in the sourhern china sea being a small price to pay for avoiding utter destruction. except they ll want mire and soin he s as colonized by china as he was by the US. there is no freedom for the weak.

  2. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Let me assure all you foreigners that the Philippines is unlike Europe were some crazy dude would blow himself up in the airport .. first off, We Filipinos (sadly) are a race of cowards . After being colonized for 500 years , I guarantee you that pinoys are gutless to blow themself up
    Second, the pinky terrorists doesnt want to die because they rather get rich and enjoy the life right now . Lastly , pinoys are a selfish race . That’s why they pay other scumbags to wage war on their behalf ( Zamboanga crisis and marawi clash ) it’s all orchestrated by politicians for their own political agendas

    No such thing as terrorism here because all of the insurgents in Mindanao are really Private armies of the local politicos there

  3. RealGuy says:

    ISIS = CIA/Mossad/Saudi Arabia proxy army. What is their incentive for being active in Philippines? Drug war cutting into profits?

    • -Cam says:

      They all benefit from FEAR.

    • thibault says:

      duterye wants to free himself from post colonization ties. remember, when the colonial powers left, all they did is stop paying for hospital and roads and shit. they maintained their financial oppression on ex colonized countries. guess what, states that stayed in rhe empire are much better and never want to leave, whatever they may say. example: hawaii , otoh you have porti rico that begs to be a part of it. if they knew texas wants to leave… other exampkes: french overseas colonies are rioting daily, mount separatist armies like in corsica.. when they re proposed to leave, they massively vote to stay. its in fact the cote french that wants to dispose of them, as its costly to maintain colonies.
      but look at ivory coast: the french army just mounted an islamic civil war, used mercenaries to simulate an attrack on their own putpost, and in the end ousted gbagbo themselves because the real boss is not tje leader of the insurgents, never. now you dont hear again someone wanting to cut the financial ties with france. hint: they dont have their own currency, they belong hundred percent to the french central bank. which itself belong to the european central bank. which is controlled by wall street.

      • RealGuy says:

        Agree that the US never left (look at CIA ties to Macapagal and Magsaysay’s campaigns in the 60s), though Im not so sure about the good/bad outcomes. Seems to depend a lot on the people.

        Singapore seems to be doing just fine, whereas England, the former coloniser, is quickly becomming a mess.

  4. RumandCokeMan says:

    A lot of conspiracy theorists like to allude to it all being secretly backed by the Western powers that be. Who knows?
    They lie so much in the media and there’s so many wackos on the Internet- you can’t really get to the bottom of it from the media or conspiracy people’s blogs-just seems like a lot of lying and deception going on around the World as all these groups have their agenda and need seas of sheep to build their pyramid for them while they sit on the top of it like kings powered by the blood, sweat, and tears of their lemmings below them on the power structure. Maybe Duterte is corrupt and he’s making the West mad so they stir up some drama for him in his backyard with their goon squads? Hard to say w/o being an insider. Regardless, my sympathy to the innocent civilians who were minding their own business and got swept up in the uneccesary chaos today in Manila.

    • thibault says:

      for conspuracy theories, use the simplified ockam s razor principle: the most simpke hypothesus is most probably true.
      in matter of conspiracy, it yranslates to: if a theory is more incredible than its opposite, its false.
      example: if a theory ibtriduces aliens, demons or shit, they re probably wackos.
      but if it just boils down to some group of people wanting more money and power, then its totally believable. who doesnt want? and sometimes its the same theory in the end . some well intended but weak minded fools cant believe they re lied so much so they invent alien conspiracy to explain things. they re useful idiots, and you know that because the powers that be dont really revent that, once they hinted at it. seriously, that an elite has an hidden agenda is much more probably true than them wanting to save the world or shit.
      very simpke exampke: would an economical elite push ecology if it was not to open new markets?
      remember Voltaire: “a well run country is obe where the few lead the many, and are fed by them.” he knew instinctively that any political organisation would in the end be a pyramid, with people at the top being parasites of the bottom, in the marxist explanation of things. its just that in the modern era they ve become masters at hidding this fact and letting people think tjat its different. its never been, and will never be. the midfle class is an historical exception , if not aberration, that will never be seen again for millenias to come.

      • RealGuy says:

        A proper model of geopolitics must also include consideration for the implications of psychopathy on political leadership. Id recommend the book ponerology.

  5. Mikey Johnson says:

    I think I’m gonna cancel my plans. I don’t wanna get caught in the crossfire of some firefight between Mossad and co.

  6. DownUnder says:

    Long time reader first time commenter.

    Safety is probably my biggest concern for future trips now I’m a single man. But I’ve travelled through Mindanao in 2017 with my now-ex and honestly didn’t realise it was unsafe until I googled travel warnings planning whether I’ll go again soon.

    Is it really that bad?

    • jspill says:

      I went to Davao and know expats living there, I’d consider that safe, and just avoid Marawi city & beach areas (an expat was kidnapped from a beachside hotel in Samal)

      Can’t see any reason to go anywhere on Mindanao other than Davao, but yeah neither can I be sure if it’s really as bad as they say or not

      Probably still safer than Europe with the amount of Islamic terror lately

  7. alaba says:

    Is it safe to travel to Cebu in 2018? What do you know about that?

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