My Philippines Addicts Forum Thread – Girls in Discos

As I have mentioned in the past Pinays cheat quite regularly and I don’t really have a problem being the guy they are cheating with. If she is gonna cheat it is going to happen whether it is with me or someone else so might as well be me.

But this isn’t really about cheating girls. This is about hookers. On my favorite PI messageboard Philippines Addicts I have started a couple threads about giving my number to a hooker when she is already with a guy.

The uproar that this has caused is hilarious to me. First off there are the keyboard warriors that tell me how they would kick my ass if I ever did this to them when they were with THEIR girl.


Then there are the ‘OMG how disrespectful’ type posts. And my favorite, the guys who think I am doing it as some sort of ego thing to one up them. I couldn’t care less about the dude in the scenario, I am doing it because the girl is hot. End of story.

There are also the ‘what if she isn’t a hooker’ type posts. Maybe I am just silly but I feel that its a safe assumption to think that the half dressed girl dancing like a stripper on a table in the main hooker disco in the middle of the main hooker street in the main hooker city in the country is….. a hooker.

If she isn’t and I am wrong then she can either throw away the paper or she can text me later. Wouldn’t be the first time I fucked some old dudes ‘girlfriend’ and I doubt it would be the last.

Pro tip: if you don’t want guys to hit on your girl don’t let her dress and act like a slut in the middle of an afterhours nightclub on Walking Street Angeles City.


At most 10% of the guys see it the same way I do. She ain’t YOUR girl….. she is a hooker and you are renting her for the night. Last night she was with another guy, tomorrow she will be with a different guy.

If she is hot I would like to be tomorrow’s guy. If I was trying to ‘disrespect’ the guy or ‘steal his girl’ I wouldn’t be sneakily handing her my number. I would be approaching and trying to taking her right then.

I am just trying to give this working woman a chance to make some money later when she has free time. Mongers need to not get their panties in a bunch over this.

HiSo Angeles City

The first time I did this was years ago in High Society. I had been living in Angeles for 3 months at the time and one night there was a very very sexy girl dressed in tiny yellow shorts and a half t-shirt dancing on a table loving the attention she was getting.

She was the hottest girl I had seen in those 3 months and was not a HiSo regular. I may never see her again so I could either give myself a chance or not. I always give myself a chance when they are that hot.


But she disappeared after I went to the bathroom and I didn’t see her again. I walked around the place 4 times but she was gone. On my way home I saw her walking up ahead.

She was walking a little behind the 60 year old dude texting and when she stopped for a few seconds to reply to a text I swooped in and handed her my number while he was up ahead.

She never texted me, but I still am happy I gave myself a chance. I started a thread about it on Philippines Addicts and got the type of replies I previously talked about.

Insomnia Pattaya

Fast forward a few years later and I am at Insomnia in Pattaya. There is this one girl with amazing natural boobs (one downfall of Thailand, lots of fakes around) dancing with this bodybuilder looking guy.

He could easily kick my ass. I don’t care I like those boobs I am giving it a shot. I wait around by them for 45 mins waiting for one of them to go to the bathroom or for them to part ways. Doesn’t happen.


Then she faces him and they are basically hugging standing there and her arms are behind his back.  His back is directly at the main walkway through Insomnia and it is very crowded so there are constantly people going through.

I realize that this is my best chance, just walk by and force the note into her hand and disappear into the crowd. Roid Rage doesn’t know what I look like and even if she opens it up right then and makes a scene and he wants to beat some ass…. I will be long gone before they even know whats going on.

That’s what I do and I leave Insomnia and that is the end of it. Neither girl ever texted me, I am sure both guys had great nights those nights. Other than the meanies on messageboards calling me ugly words.

So what do you guys think? Am I an ass for trying to give this hard working girl a chance to make some money in the future? Or am I just being a good customer and going above and beyond to try and help her make more money at a later date?

The Forum Responses


This is the type of reply I got. As you can see many didn’t approve of my methods. Some called me a troll.


I think my favorite part was how they were trying to play it off as my ego as these keyboard warriors kept saying ‘if someone did this to my girl I’d……..’ not realizing they are the ones with the ego issues.

Lots of them were saying it had to do with ego when in reality it only had to do with her boobies. And apparently I could end up dead for handing a girl my number.


I like this guys way of thinking, I should always be trying to make a sale.

Then eventually there were a couple expats on the forum that agreed with me.  Here is one of the like-minded thinkers:


The Philippines Addicts Thread

Check out the whole thing here. Sadly you can’t reply anymore as the moderators locked the thread. Maybe before someone beat me up. I’m ‘asiansBtight’ on there.

And it’s not the first time I have got hate on a Philippines forum thread from expats who think they are big time. This is another example from TwoPlusTwo forum

9 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Wish I was there to see you put your number in the girl’s hand mid-hug with the bodybuilder guy 😀

  2. Rum and Coke Man says:

    How tall are you? I’m a big dude (6’4) and I know enough about combat to know that anyone can be beat with the right methods. World champions lose, the best soldiers die in battle- anyone is susceptible to getting their ass handed to them in battle. Don’t fear bodybuilder clowns-they gas quick and are mostly in it for the mirror show especially when they get punched in the face by trained hands or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is used against them. If you want to fear somebody fear mercenaries, combat vets, professional soldiers, pro and amateur fighters, BJJ/submission grappling veterans, Olympic lifters who can wrestle and box but not asshole body builders. Fight dirty if some dude attacks you-learn Marine LINE tactics on YouTube. Don’t fear any man. I’m big and trained and would fight anybody like they were a 7ft monster with a knife just to mentally note to destroy them as fast and efficiently as possible. Not every big dude has a complex looking to bully other guys. I don’t. Getting your ass beat in training and seeing the lethality of various weapon systems (i.e. Shooting assault rifles into cinder blocks and seeing nothing but the blocks as powder left)makes you respect yourself and others IMO and cultivates a walk softly but carry a big stick kind of outlook if anything.

  3. kick2dante says:

    i’m pretty huge, i doubt he woulda messed with me

  4. yellowfever says:

    I dont get why you cant just find another hooker in the clubs. Esp in Pattaya multiple places to find a decent looking hooker. I’ve never felt the need to pass my number to a girl with a obv customer. Just so many locations to find girls in Thailand just not something I need to do.

    For sure a non zero chance somebody starts a fight with you for doing that. Most guys would just shrug it off because why fight over hooker. Then their is that small % of guys who look for a trouble at any turn and are in the club drunk.

  5. kick2dante says:

    if he wanted trouble he woulda got trouble

    easy to have that opinion when u didnt see her boobs

  6. Dave says:

    I think it is fair enough. You are there and have to deal with any consequences. I never thought of it happening before. Now I am prepared and look forward to the fun.

  7. Steve says:

    Fair play. These guys have to wake up and stop pretending a GFE is a real fucking relationship. Hookers are hookers, period. Enjoy your time spend together but don’t think, she can’t have the free will to go with other ‘customers’ slipping them their number even though that’s a bit cheeky, lol! In fact, better make it a business card cos it’s business as usual for the girl.

    That said, you better be sure it’s a hooker and not someone’s real GF, that will be way out of order to assume any girl is a hooker in a club, just because she so happen to be with a dick, lol!.

  8. dg1980 says:

    ive spent alot of time in both ac and pattaya. you are technically correct in the sense that the guys shouldnt care. theyre hookers after all… right? except that guys have pride. nobody wants to be made to look like bad in front of women. secondly,these places are fueled by alcohol and are sometimes frequented by some shifty characters. you never know who you are dealing with in these places.

    your chances of the girl calling you are slim, especially in the example you gave in insomnia. shes not going to call you if she didnt see you, and definitely not if you ran out like a coward after handing her your number. if shes hot, she probably has tons of customers calling her… why would she call some random guy?

    so my question to you is… is it really worth risking a possibly dangerous confrontation in a foreign country over a hooker who is probably not going to call you? especially when there are so many of them around? if you live there, you should know by now that you can always catch them later.

    you never miss your chance, you just miss your turn.

  9. Marco says:

    This is straight up rude and disrespectful and possibly very assholish of you to do.
    The fact they’re hooker (assuming you’re correct 100% of the time) doesn’t make it alright.

    You’d think that out of 5k-10k girls you could slip your number to one without a customer/date atm but yea might as well go full autism why the fuck not

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