“Partying” in the Bangkok Nightlife


OK OK I don’t really party, but this night was about as close as I get to doing so. Over the last 2 weeks I had basically done nothing at all because I had a UTI but I was finally finished with my meds and clear of it so it was time to head out into the Bangkok nightlife.

I messaged my buddy who lives here and asked him if he wanted to head to Nana Plaza later because I wanted to watch some girls for a bit and then head over to a BJ bar. Nothing like a really good BJ after not busting a nut in a loooong time.

He said sure and we met at the mall nearby. And he had a surprise for me….. a reader of the blog was going to tag along! Actually I kinda sorta knew this guy from a forum and knew he was a decent guy (meaning not a troll) so that was fine.

We roamed around the mall for a bit and I didn’t really see any hot girls worth approaching. He saw one that he said was a ‘princess’ but I didn’t notice her when she passed by (not a good sign, I notice every hot girl.)

I took princess to mean she was like some elite looking girl so I quickly chased her down and tried to give her my number but she declined. I really didn’t find her attractive (why I didn’t notice her) she was just an average Thai girl.

I later realized he didn’t really think she was that hot, just that she was ‘hiso’ which I couldn’t care about in the least. I want pretty faces, big boobs, and soft butts. The girls background means nothing to me.

After a bit of a mall walk it was time to head over to Nana even though it was still way to early. I got on some weird sleep at 11pm sleep schedule somehow and I don’t fuck with my sleep schedule.

So we are at Nana at 7pm when really there is no reason to go before 9. Along the way we pass a Mexican Restaurant on the corner of Soi 13 and Sukhumvit where I had handed out my number weeks ago.

I wanted to give the doorgirl I gave my number to some puppy dog eyes as I walked by to see if that would get her to text her. It has worked before, it will work again hehe.

As we pass there are a couple people out front and I start to go up to the girl. But then I realize there are two girls there and I have no clue which one is the one I gave my number to. I completely froze when they looked at me, turned around and scurried away.

Then once we got to Nana there was a Hooters across the street. As I have mentioned the hottest girl I have seen in Thailand was at the airport on the day I was coming back to BKK from Pattaya.

She was working picking up some Korean dude and was associated with Hooters. I don’t know if she actually works at one of the restaurants, but every time I walk past one I have to take a quick walk through and look for her.

She wasn’t there, but on my way out I get a perfect approach spot at one of the 2 hottest girls working in the place at the time. Now since this is located directly across from the most famous sexpat spot in Bangkok I have basically no hopes of her texting me. But it is a freeroll so why not try. She takes the number and we roam around Nana.

Nana Plaza Go Go Bars

This is pretty much the first time I have ever really tried to do Nana Plaza. My first time in Bangkok over 3 years ago I went but it didn’t go well.

The first bar I went into was (unknowingly) a ladyboy bar. I sat there and got more and more freaked out as I tried to piece together what I was seeing. I never expected that there were ladyboy bars actually in Nana.

Then I went back to my room and every female I saw looked like a ladyboy, it was quite scarring. I also went a few weeks ago but it was at 7pm and only a few bars were open and there were no customers around. I hate being the only customer in a bar so I left.

We stroll around for awhile and are a bit to early. The main bar my buddy likes is on the top floor named ‘Billboard’ but it isn’t open yet. When we walk by there is a pretty cute girl outside with her friends.

They giggle and smile at us so of course I take the opportunity to get one of their numbers. I go back over to the fellas and as we are trying to figure out what to do my buddy says he has another surprise! I love surprises!

A lurker from that same message board who is a friend of his wants to come out also. He is a fan of the blog and I just love meeting strangers from the internet so might as well make it 2 on the same night!

He shows up and we head over to one of the few bars that is open. I sit next to lurker and we have common interests (sports/poker) so he is easy to talk to. The other two guys buy a girl ladies drinks (lol life fish) and I am the only one of the 4 that doesn’t buy a drink.

This bar was kinda weak, a few good looking girls but nothing special. We leave and head back up to the bar upstairs, I don’t really wanna go back since I already got that girls number there and no she will want me to buy her a drink. I don’t do the whole ladies drink thing, but I also can easily tell girls no.

On the way the lurker guy is telling me how he wants to witness me handing out my number to a girl. I am trying to tell him how Thai hookers are not the right demographic for this (got 0/10 textbacks in Pattaya) but he insists.

Being that I will do anything for my fans (and a hot girl just happened to pass by 30 seconds later) I gave it a shot. Cold rejection, Thai hooker wouldn’t even take my number. So sad :(.

Now we head back up to Billboard and take a seat. As we approach the table I make sure to get a prime seat with a view of the bathtub full of topless girls. Remember I am not just hanging out, I am on a mission to see eye candy before my first BJ in two weeks.

thai-gogo-girlsThey each order a drink and I tell the waitress no thanks which gets an eye roll. I love the eye roll. Predictably the girl whose number I got comes over but she speaks almost no English. After exchanging ‘Hi!’ I pretty much ignore her until she leaves.

She comes back again and once again I basically ignore her. Don’t need some girl I can’t even speak to hanging around while I am perving on topless girls in a bathtub.

There are 2 standouts in the tub each on different shifts. One has quite big (C’s, which look massive in Thailand) while the other has B’s that are perky and bouncy as can be. I love the one with B’s and stare at her the whole time.

After being in there for awhile I had realized there was one clear game plan for the night. Give bouncy B’s my number as I left and then go to a BJ bar near Nana and think of her bouncy B’s.

But lurker really wanted me to go to some BJ bar at Soi Cowboy. I wasn’t really down for going to a BJ bar with other guys, seems like a solo venture, but he said he would pay the price difference and I thought I might be able to get a hotter girl out of the deal so I said OK.

He also paid for my motorbike taxi cuz he knew I would want to walk it lol. Thanks dude! So we go to ‘After School’ in Soi Cowboy after I successfully get bouncy B’s number.

Billboard definitely a good bar. Probably the first time I have been impressed with any bar or freelancer place in my 50ish days so far in Thailand.

Getting a Blowjob in a Bangkok Go Go

Well he was right you can get a blowjob in After School, but there are no private rooms. You just have to get one right out in the open bar. I don’t mind doing this if the bar is not to crowded or if I don’t know anyone in the bar.

But with 2 dudes I have been hanging out with all night and a packed bar that wasn’t really possible. Also the price was 1000 for a blwojob plus they initially said I had to buy a drink and had to buy the girl a drink, so 1200 total.

The other BJ bars are either 700 or 800, I needed to nut and said I was gonna head back to one of them. But lurker was persistent and made a compromise.

He would pay all of the difference, they would both go outside, and there was a semi private spot for me to get the BJ. Sounded good to me so that is how it went down.

Except they love to tilt me and one of them headed back inside while I am getting blown just to make eye contact with me and throw off my rhythm. Bastards.

After that went outside and sat around with them for a bit. There was a ‘coyote’ girl whose job it is to try and get guys to come into her bar. He wanted to bet me 10k that I couldn’t get her to come with me.

I wasn’t going to bet 10k, but I will always take a freeroll so said I would go make an attempt if I got any sort of freeroll. I got 100 baht to walk up to her and try for ‘the embarrassment.’ Clearly I get embarrassed by rejection easily.

If she said yes I also would have got a free BJ at After School. I love freerolls so went up and told her how pretty she was. Her reply ‘You come in bar?’ I say no I just want to chat with you, rolls eyes and basically ignores me. Kind girl.

I go collect my 100 baht. She was around her friends working, I still think if in a 1 on 1 situation with her workmates never knowing if you said ‘I’ll give you 10k for 30 minutes’ you got a chance, but they don’t.

That was pretty much the end of the night. Fun times, nice boobs to be seen, a good blowjob in a bar. Going out ain’t that bad if you do it once every 6 months. Any more then that and yuck.

7 Responses

  1. thibault says:

    doing one third of that would justify the night out easily.

    i mean i would do it regularly if it did not always end in fights, extreme spending for nothing, gratuitous rejection by girls you don t even hit on openly… nightlife is dead in my town and they still wonder why

    and having sex in front of everyone is what i consider the pinnacle of fun, you tightass. people actually pay for going to places and exhibit themselves, without risks of being sued…

  2. -Cam says:

    I would bend #87 over a table lol

    Dante, why don’t you ever go up to Chiang Mai? It should be cheaper and more peaceful. The main dislike that people say that they have is that the nightlife is not as good, but you don’t seem like the type to care?

    • kick2dante says:

      im not a huge fan of thai girls, and ‘dating’ girls you cant speak with isnt great, at least in bangkok if no dates coming through you always got the bj bars to fall back on

      i really don’t like to travel, sick trait for a travel blogger i know, so when i go places i go hoping i will end up loving it and wanting to stay long term, from all i know about chiang mai the odds of that are so slim it isnt worth the travel time

      • jspill says:

        Chiang Mai is full of young white dudes nowadays, check out the facebook group ‘chiang mai digital nomads’ with 12000 members. It’s a fairly small city, that’s a lot of competition for dating, and as for nightlife yeah it closes at midnight lately and not much P4P.

        It’s actually more peaceful in central Bangkok imo

        • -Cam says:

          I don’t know. I have not been but the impression that I have is 90% of them run out of money and return home within a few months. Plus, Chiangmai University has 35k students so I imagine there are plenty of young women to seduce. Though, you would know better than me.

      • -Cam says:

        I’ve been to nearly two dozen countries and I can agree that travel sucks. Most countries are more or less the same. The only difference is figuring out how to do the same stuff in a new environment in a pain in the ass, especially when there is a new language thrown in the mix. As a result you have to pay more money to have a lower quality of life. In my mind, traveling is largely about the social status/envy from your peers. I much prefer to just stay in my perfected and economical routine

        • kick2dante says:

          i like to move around every 6 months or year, my whole life strat of roam the malls and hit on every dating site girl has a short shelf life

          but weekly or monthly travel sucks

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