My Optimal Game Plan For Living In Bangkok


I will not be living in Bangkok long term. As I have mentioned I just don’t find Thai girls attractive so it would be silly to live here.

Most guys prefer the looks of Thais to Pinays, and I guess this is a good time for me to be in the minority. But Bangkok has a whole lot going for it, so I urge people who are moving to Asia to check it (and many places) out before settling on your new home.

It is so cheap to travel around here that there really is no reason not to spend a month in a few spots before you pick one. Don’t take my or some other blogs word for what is best because what is best for you may be different than others.

Before I moved to Asia everyone told me Thailand Thailand Thailand. But its not right for me. However if I was going to live there these are the things I would focus on.

Expats Should Stay Near Sukhumvit and the BTS

This is obvious advice to anyone that has been to Bangkok, but if you haven’t then you probably don’t know. Hop on AirBnB and look around for condo’s on Sukhumvit and the lower the number soi it is on the better.

Nana Plaza is on Soi 4, Cowboy is on Soi 23. Somewhere between the two is a good spot, even if you aren’t planning on hitting up the girly bars you still would probably be best off in this area. Thermae freelancer bar is by Soi 15.

You can find cheaper places to stay further out in On Nut (Soi 77) but you will then spend a lot of time on the BTS. If you stay in between Cowboy and Nana you can walk to most places you will go.

Even as a cheap bastard I will always pay a bit more for location. You will make up for the extra costs by saving time and transportation money. Plus the girls you meet can take the BTS to get to your place which makes it easy.

If you need a hotel for the night I know Ever Rich is nicely located directly on Sukhumvit for around $35. Or the famous Nana hotel is right next to Nana Plaza Gogo bars, with freelancers hanging out downstairs by the car park.


The Best Value Pay for Play

Honestly I have been pretty let down by the hooker scene in Thailand. It sure has a great reputation, but to me it is very overpriced, but then again when you don’t find the girls attractive that makes it harder to think you are getting good value.

While I was just telling you to locate yourself between Nana and Cowboy that was more because you will be near the best mall (Terminal 21) and near plenty of good foreign owned restaurants.

But Nana and Cowboy are quite expensive and even sitting in a bar there and drinking can get costly. Hell in Cebu and Angeles City I have some BJ girls on call that will come over for the cost of 2 drinks in Cowboy.

I think the hottest girl I have seen in any bar yet has been a 7, and they will probably be expecting you to pay them at least $75 if you barfine them. In Asia that is just awful value.

Even the freelancers here seem to have set prices in mind and at least on your first time taking them they aren’t up for much negotiation. On repeat visits you may be able to get a better deal, but who knows if she will perform well enough to warrant a repeat.

The only good consistent value I found in Pattaya was the massage shops. Well in Bangkok there are massage shops all over as well and while 98% of the ‘girls’ offering aren’t hot, when there are probably 10,000 of them in Bangkok you can find some good ones.

The alley between soi 11 and soi 13 seems like a good place to get a deal. There are also a lot of massage shops on Soi 22, and Soi 33 has them as well but some of the ones there will be costlier. But the massage shops are literally all over and you never know when one might hire a pretty new girl.

These are the best places for cheap sex, and while you can also get a bj there the skill of the girls is often lacking. Since I prefer a bj to sex my best value spots are elsewhere.


The best part about Bangkok has to be all of the bj bars and every bj I got at one was at the least very good, and some were great. The girls are trained nicely, and none have those hard mouths that make for a bad bj.

The attractiveness level of the girls can be hit or miss, and is generally more of a miss, but if you look around there are usually some good enough ones working. I have found the best talent to be at Som’s Heaven on Soi 14 but you never know where the best girl on any given day may be.

If I lived in Bangkok I would be at them a few times a week.

Easiest Way To Meet ‘Good’ Thai Girls

Full disclosure, I don’t lie on this blog, but sometimes I may work a link in (see AirBnB above) where it isn’t really necessary. Sometimes a dating site may be mentioned for no reason other than to drop another link.

Well in Thailand if I was going to be going for non hookers I would definitely be using the dating sites (like ThaiCupid and ThaiFriendly hehehe) and using them often. Why? Because girls there speak so much better English than the ones I met at the malls.

Sure there will be some girls on the dating sites that aren’t very good at English, but many of the girls on there spend all day playing around on Facebook or other places online. They have at least some level of English. When I met girls at the mall the majority of them were awful at English and had to use translator apps just to have a simple conversation. When I would invite them to hang out they insisted on bringing a friend to translate….. gross.

I am not the type to go on real ‘dates’ and I certainly am not going on one where a translator is needed. On the dating sites girls were much more open to meet 1 on 1, and they were even open to coming to my place.

Online dating in Thailand is not as easy as in the Philippines, but you still will get lots of replies. You probably need to work a little harder on your profile and put up a better appearance because Thai’s are quite materialistic.

But there is still a whole lot of easy pussy to be had. I didn’t go for much because I got a UTI that took me out of action for 2 weeks. During my other two weeks I really wanted to explore the various pay for play options in BKK to have knowledge on them so I could give accurate reports for the blog.

But I spent enough time on ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid to know that with a marginal amount of effort you will be getting as much ass as you can handle. I’ve also just finished putting together a Bangkok ebook guide, read a free chapter on how the Gogo bars work here.

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  1. -Cam says:

    Thanks for the tips Dante! It’s nice to see some honest feedback about Thailand. Everyone else makes it out to be heaven on earth. Also I’ve been wondering, have you ever been to Chiang Mai? From what I’ve heard, it should be a lot cheaper and you might feel like you are getting a better value.

    PS I love a girl in uniform 😉

    • jspill says:

      I think he secretly loves Thailand, as much as he talks about it 🙂

      Too many white dudes in Chiang Mai for Dante. It is cheaper but he could just live in the outskirts of Bangkok by the end of the BTS line and it’d be the same, minus the white dudes. And no BJ bars. Or many bars of any kind.

      It’s more of a retirement destination for the elderly, or a place for a young guy to get a girlfriend and build up an a online business in a super cheap condo, with trips out to the mountain / nature. Nightlife is limited and closes early. Lots of vegan cyclists, crossfitters, wordpress developers, etc. because it got super famous in the hipster digital nomad community.

      I’ve been a couple times though and still had fun and banged some hot bargirls and freelancers, but it took more searching. Still way better than back home though.

  2. Bhatboy says:

    been refreshing all week for a new post, keep it up i love reading your blogs

  3. southernallstars says:

    great posts lately, keep it up! the comparison between PI and Thailand is of course very interesting. It might be fair to say that the extend you pay more for P4P in Thailand you might save in rentals and food, provided you like Thai food.

  4. kick2dante says:

    guess dace and jspill have different opinions on what a good post is :p

  5. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Okay I might look stupid for asking I’m usually down on the acronyms but what does UTI stand for?

    • kick2dante says:

      urinary tract infection, its like the lightest STD you can get, take some pills for 5 days and its gone….. most guys dont have to deal with them, but i am one of the lucky ones!

  6. Dr. Who says:

    I’ve been to both, I live in Makati and I did pay for play for years in Mexico it’s overpriced too but in the Philippines P4P is totally unnecessary IMO. If you have a nice place, and a job and dress nice and smell good the Filipinas will be throwing themselves at you, wet, and ready to fuck. I have a good looking girl I met on Tinder non working girl moved in with me on day two. Totally zero overhead, and no drama just glad to be living in my lifestyle.

  7. thibault says:

    you took risk letting her move in so fast, still.
    if you want drop her you ll have to move.

    • kick2dante says:

      why in the world would you have to move?

      • thibault says:

        you think she s gonna get out by herself? she s gonna let hzrself get dumped like that?
        there s going to be erame , violence, family even thecops involved.
        bottom line, dont have relationships.
        i thought it was obvious to you as you basically never have one. or do you instinctively do it without knowing exactly what awaits you if you get weak?
        think of it as dumping your wife in the usa. think the gov is gonna let you get away with it?
        why wouldnt it be the same, if she lives with you, she s your common law wife, period. you re fucked up.

        • kick2dante says:

          i think its funny how you think because 1 out of 100 times a woman goes nuts when she gets dumped that they all do

          people break up all the time, big issues rarely come from it

          • thibault says:

            gosh you never had serious relationship, it shows.
            i would rather bet on 100% not taking it lightly.
            people shoot each other all the time for that.
            *seriously, you cant think it will be ok in a country were tehy financially depend on you/ see you as their whte knight.
            they may involve family and all. in the west women are independent and shit and basically they dump you not tjhe other way round. in the traditional phils, well… you said yourself the husband as the right to shoot you if he finds you with his wife… what do you await from them if you dump their sister after fucking her brains out while promising all kind of shit, and tehy rey on your money

            • kick2dante says:

              who ever said anything about promising them all kinds of shit, and again its funny that you think its even close to 100%, if it was the human race would have died out long ago

              • thibault says:

                YOU said they will believe it anyway, wether you say it or not. they ll always dream of something, its the way of females.
                and the human race would have died out if female allowed themselves to get dumped, and that the guy never stayed to raise the child.
                boy, humanity faces extinction with guys like us anyway.
                you want children? no. so you re responsible for the programemd extinction.

  8. Eric says:

    I will be stopping in Bangkok for a week in august. I want to do day game and online game on non-hooker girls. Which area you would recommend for this? I plan to visit the p4p places to see but not engage…thermae, nana, soi cowboy etc… Like to date/sex only non-pro girls.

    • jspill says:

      I did a post on that, search ‘Trendy condominium’ on here. P4P or non P4P I still recommend living in the same area, Asoke (lower Sukhumvit road). Day game at Terminal 21, Emporium, EmQuartier, Siam Paragon, Benjakiti Park, Centralworld, MBK, Lumpini Park, these are all basically that rough central area. Terminal 21 is a few seconds from Thermae and Soi Cowboy, for example. Between the two.

      Easy for girls to come over cos the BTS / MRT intersect at Asoke / Sukhumvit (skytrain / subway), stuff to do – skybar, cinema, lake, bars, clubs, variety of food.

  9. Eric says:

    Thanks man…thinking of hotel in that area…any recommendations? don’t want to put up with sex tourists in condos…are hotels friendly to multiple visitors same day pros and non-pros

    • jspill says:

      More of those in hotels.

      Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 hotel is connected to the mall and skytrain.

      Aloft hotel soi 11 is connected to a nightclub girls like (levels) and by all the nightlife with a mix of pros and non pros

      Friendly to it in 99% of Thailand hotels

  10. Eric says:


  11. Eric says:

    still have a few bangkok questions…

    in bangkok which malls are good for day game? terminal 21, siam paragon?

    do I need to know thai or the thai girls know some english? for game I mean

    what is the best mobile high speed unlimited data plan company in bangkok? I will be there for a week and need to do some office work remotely

    for online game which is better ThaiFriendly or ThaiLoveLinks or ThaiCupid?

    what vaccines do I need for thailand as someone seeking sex and eating some street food? Hepatitis A&B..and..?

    Thanks in advance

    • jspill says:

      Yes those and Centralworld is near Paragon via walkway, Emporium & Emquartier are across from each other, Union mall & Central Lat Phrao are across from each other with The One Park mall in between, MBK, Platinum mall

      Enough English

      True or DTAC, buy a sim at 7/11 and text a code on their website for an unlimited monthly plan. I use True and *900*599# which is 640 baht a month after tax, put credit on at 7/11

      ThaiCupid is the new name of ThaiLoveLinks, same thing. Might as well use both as TF is free. Read this

      None, I didn’t get any other than vaccines I already had in school

  12. Eric says:

    Thanks a lot…really helpful stuff..saved me ton of time

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