Open Letter to Pinays and Other Asian Girls

I am writing this to any Asian girls that may happen to come across the site. I really love Filipinas and think you are the funnest girls in the world. I am not just talking about for sex, overall you are just fun to be with.

But why can’t you just say no? If you don’t want to hang out with a guy then tell him no. It is OK we are big boys and can take the rejection.

We didn’t grow up in your culture of it being better to lie than to tell someone something they don’t want to hear. Believe me we would much rather you reject us then than have you do your standard lie to us and string us along.

I think most Filipinas that lie like that aren’t doing it maliciously, you are just trying to be nice. But it isn’t being nice, it is causing far more harm than good.

So if a foreigner asks you to hang out and you don’t want to don’t say ‘next time’ or ‘yes’ when you know you aren’t going to. Just tell him no, or if you need to avoid that awful no word say you are busy.

Along the same lines if a foreigner asks you what you want for dinner then tell him what you want for dinner. Don’t say ‘up to you’ or ‘I don’t know.’ Say ‘Jollibee’ or ‘pork adobo’ or whatever you want to eat.

We are asking because we want to get you what you like, and because we have no clue what you want. We come from a different culture then you and we like to have direct honest answers.

Do your best to give us those when we ask things.

A Couple Filipina Appearance Issues

We hate those contact lenses that you love so much. You just look weird in them and sometimes it makes you look like a ladyboy.

You are free to wear anything you want and I am about the last person that should be giving fashion advice.

But those contacts are awful and they make you look so much less attractive. I may not be speaking for every guy out there, but I have talked to enough others to know that you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

I remember meeting this one girl off FilipinoCupid for a date in Cebu. The first thing I noticed was her eyes and I was worried she might be a ladyboy. I don’t know why the crazy contacts cause a pretty face to have a ladyboy look but it does.

We went to my place after dinner and she took them out and she went from a 5 to a 7 just like that. Eyes are an important part to looking sexy, don’t weird them up.

Lastly, wash your nipples before a date. One of my pet peeves is when I go down and start licking a girls titties and there is some caked up lint balls stuck to her nipples.

It is like the nasty gunk that guys get in their belly button, but now I am licking on it.

When you take your baths please get your nipples clean. Thanks.

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  1. Torg0th says:

    thai girls at edm festivals all wear those, they going for the whole druggie freaky look. I ****ing love it. On a more important note, I’ve never seen a higher concentration of hotties than at those and god bless bkk that there’s one every other week.

  2. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Also for the love of god brush your damn teeth. I started having gum or mints in my place at all times because just getting near there mouth would knock you out.

    And what is it that you have against makeup. Almost no pinay wears makeup. You can increase your appearance dramatically why don’t you. Its one of the reason I think ladyboys can pull off looking like girls, they spend countless hours in front of a mirror. I mean if a guy can appear more feminine than the girls theres something off.

  3. Taiwan in the cards yet?

  4. Nicole santos says:

    Dear sir,

    Maybe us girls wouldn’t flake on you if you could dress like a adult. Talk to us for a minute before scurrying away. Maybe try for a real date instead of going to your apartment.

    Oh when u get us there u could try to please us with your tongue rather then 30 seconds just for u.

    Thank you sir.

  5. ICA says:

    how about the westeners who are not circumcised? could you please wash your dick properly?

  6. Brian Watterson says:

    Dear foreign culture,

    Please change the behavior of everyone in your country so as to suit my personal tastes and preconceptions on how the world should work.


    American Expat

  7. thibault says:

    “It is OK we are big boys and can take the rejection.”
    haha so naive. of course not. men are not, never were, and hopefully never will be adults. mens are entitled capricious excessive conquerors , as they should be. women do behave like that because they know men never quit. its a quality, remember. only great pua exploit women by reversingvthe narrative and making them think they re the chasers. women are used to be preys, and so they avoid the predator with superior guile rather than facing it with inferior weapons. you should be thankful that the high foreigner value allows you to bznefit from a not entirely unbalanced sexual market. because the norm is that men are worth nothing. they re expendable. for nature decided that sperm is cheap, and eggs are expensive.

  8. Spirit maze says:

    You’re getting flaked-on regularly because there are hot guys like me absolutely cleaning up the Philippines now. *nom nom nom*

    Women with choices.

    • kick2dante says:

      leads on impoverished girls in third world countries, then brags about how hot he is

      • Spirit maze says:

        Can’t argue with my results tho – I’ve banged more non-pro pinoys in 3 months than you have in your lifetime. Guilty as charged ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • kick2dante says:

          really? you got 150+ in 3 months?

          • Spirit maze says:

            More like 90. Okay give it another 2 months and I will have eclipsed you. The point is, as I elaborated on in my previous posts, The Philippines is getting harder and you can’t get away with being average here anymore. You have stiff competition now, Dante. You are competing with a me – 9/10 super handsome, super charming, super alpha. Most pinoys I send my photo to ask me if I’m fake or a poser. Then I video chat them and they go gaga. This is your future. The flakes will continue and they will increase as the Pinoys realize that mega Alphas like Spiritmaze are available for alpha fux.

            • spirit-maze-is-obvious-fag-boy says:

              you sound like a total cock lol

            • Akog says:

              Dude karma is a bitch

              • Spirit maze says:

                You guys have got a dose of alpha envy. You need to starting lifting and eat more broccoli. Broccoli is good boner fuel

                • NormalNomad says:

                  Dude, if you were anywhere near as good looking as you claimed, you’d be nowhere near the Philippines. Girls here on average just aren’t that attractive—and a guy as “hot” as you could easily clean up in the states, especially if all he wanted was one night stands. Glad you stopped posting, your shit was funny but it got old fast.

        • thibault says:

          fucking pinoy is gay. even i know this and ive never been. please ‘pinay’ to precise gender. if youre not banging ladyboys that is

          • Spirit maze says:

            I’m not here to learn tagalog. I’m here to violate all the women.

            The less tagalog I speak, the better. White guys who speak even a tiny bit of tagalog here get less pussy because they are assumed to have been in the country for years and are labeled a playboy.

            When a pinoy asks me when I arrived in PH, I always tell them the name thing – ‘Last week.’ Lol

            Results in new pussy every day, while other chumps like Thibault try to learn tagalog to impress the women here.

            • Sir Save-A_Whore, no more says:

              Spirit maze, I believe you may be totally missing the point. Learn Tagalog, Cebuano, Illongo, Hiliganon or what ever dialect is primarily used where ever you are hanging out. You are not required to speak that dialect, nor should you speak it. The core principal is this. You have enabled yourself to at least functionally understand that dialect, with the intention of understanding the conversations of those around you!

            • NormalNomad says:

              Learning Tagalog is definitely trying WAY to hard. The hottest women will almost certainly know enough English to be conversational (the opposite of most countries) I can’t see the success of saying you arrived “Last week”. In fact, by acting like you’re a short term visitor, you’re increasing the odds she’s going to think you’re another sex tourists, whereas the guy with roots (a job, a lease, etc) is more likely to be seen as stable and a potential boyfriend.

              Of course, you’re just trying to fuck everyone, so “last week” is actually the perfect answer.

              But learning Tagalog will get you a LOT of pussy. Look up the “Hey Joe” show on Youtube and look at their fucking tour video, it’s 95% women aged 18-25 and most of them are fuckable. Those guys get CRAZY pussy and none of them are particularly handsome from a western standpoint.

              That said, trying that hard to get laid in Asia kind of defeats the whole purpose of being here in the first place. lol

  9. kick2dante says:

    hate hate hate hate hate

  10. Akog says:

    First time i don’t agree with you. I think you are asking to much from a culture when we are just visitors.

    Like you i enjoy the hunt and i don’t p4p but me i will always embrace the culture and go with it. I have no experience in Phil so i have no leg to stand on for there

    My experience comes from the long time i was in China playing the game.

  11. Henry says:

    I think its ok that they arent as confrontational and are saying “next time” instead of “no”, shouldnt be too hard to get the message. The “up to you” thing is actually positive for me, cause then I get to choose where to go every time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thibault says:

      but you have to accept they ll becdisapointed.. us wek westerners care what they think.. confrontation is attention. women crave attention. if everything goes smoothly, well. boring. they dont like that. you could be the next guy. woyld do as well.

  12. G says:

    Lol, wash your tits is the best. Hahaha

  13. AnonBro says:

    I agree about the colored contact lenses – they look awful. And too many Pinays are getting huge ugly tattoos. It’s really weird when I have to look at a tat of her boyfriend’s name while I’m banging her. Even saw one chick with the name of the bar where she works tattooed on her back. Horrible!

  14. Heinrich Cu says:

    Be careful of pinays in WECHAT. i was a victim of them, they post sexy photos and asks you to meet them up in their condo. but once you go inside their room, you find out their gay. they change their voice from female to male and tells you that you cant go out unless you pay them. so I haggled until i paid 1000 php . my god. i was super scared. i later found out the whole floor was full of gays and is being controlled by some gang . tsk.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah Wechat is heavily weighted towards transgenders. You can pretend you’re looking for one then they’ll admit it –

    • NormalNomad says:

      If you ever have ANY doubts about a females actual sex before meeting them in real life, just videochat them. I’ve yet to meet a Pinoy who can fool me into thinking he’s a girl in a conversation that lasts more than 30 seconds.

      The mannerisms give them away if the voice and appearance doesn’t. If you’ve spent much time interacting with real women in your life at all, you can spot the exaggerated mannerisms from a mile away.

      If you’re really paranoid, just don’t fuck with any girls who are taller than 5’7, and you’ll avoid the ladyboys altogether.

  15. Latecomer says:

    Just one clarification: “Later” or “next time”, means also NO im my vocabulary. Whatever the subject matter

    • jspill says:

      Yeah true they’re too polite to say no

      • Latecomer says:

        Not only polite, they just feel uncomfortable saying an outright NO. For different reasons, I also do not ever use it in my line of work /lawyer/ and even privately less and less. Sometimes the other side feels offended. So “maybe”, “maybe later”, “next time”, “we shall see”, “I will call you”, “we will be in touch” – all mean NO. Actually – not now, but in the future anything is possible…. In that sense, I accept the same thing from SEA girls, understand it, and sometimes I come back, next day/week, and repeat of modify the question…..

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