Best Outcall Nuru Massage in Manila

Nuru massage girls & rates

I previously reviewed a Nuru massage outcall service in Cebu and had a great experience. is the Manila version.

For 3000 pesos ($60) one of their sexy Filipinas gives you a naked body to body massage covered in oil, after washing you down in the shower. Total 90 minutes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Japanese Nuru massage, videos online will give you a good idea. Try searching Ariel Rose Nuru massage, she’s a Fil-Am adult star. Or Rosemary Radeva nuru, an Indo that looks Pinay.

For an extra $40 you can make it a threesome and have two masseuses service you.

Tip is not yet included if you want extras (optional) after the Nuru massage (handjob / blowjob / full sex). You negotiate the price if you want those but an ok deal would be approx. 500 for just a HJ, 1000-1500 for a BJ, 2500-3000 for sex. The Russian girls might want more.

So it’s a bit cheaper than getting a dancer from a P Burgos street gogo bar (3000-4000 barfine, 300 per lady drink, 3000 tip after sex). Convenience and discretion similar to escort app

The Angeles City service has now closed down. Old Angeles prices & girls shown above

Basically you are getting a Nuru massage instead of paying a barfine to a bar. A good deal for Manila. Most of the Makati street massage girls will not be properly trained in Nuru massage, many of the cute young ones can’t even give a standard massage well, so if all you want is a massage, using the street girls doesn’t always go well.

Booking a Nuru Massage Online

How it works is you pick a masseuse from their website gallery of pics and make a booking with their live chat support in the bottom right corner of the website, or phone / Whatsapp / Viber.

She makes her way to your door, covering her own cab fare, then you pay for the Nuru massage on her arrival. Any extra services you pay for after. provide a protective waterproof mattress cover so Nuru oil doesn’t get all over your bed.

They also have male Nuru massage if you’re gay, and they have Russian girls in the VIP premier section of the website if you’re not into Asian girls. They don’t have any ladyboys.

White / mixed massage girls

I also reviewed a Bangkok nuru massage, Mitu Spa, there the girl did rimming, toe sucking, and 69 as part of the massage. Filipinas are usually a bit less kinky than Thai girls but should do those for the right tip.

I’m excited to see more sex massage options in the Philippines because compared to Thailand there aren’t many, it can be hard to get even a happy ending in Philippines massage parlors.

There’s Flight 168 spa at Airforce One KTV which I reviewed but you don’t get much of a massage there and it’s far out on the edge of Metro Manila past NAIA airport.

I haven’t tried yet but will on my next trip to the Philippines. I like the look of ‘Candy’ & ‘Bubbles’ in Manila and ‘Ruby’ in AC.

8 Responses

  1. -Cam says:

    How does putting the mattress cover on work? Ever have it not fit haha

  2. Ian says:

    It is very hard to book the masseur you want. I waited for one of them for 4days and she was available when I already left Angeles!

  3. jieeru do kasuturo riburira says:

    budget 2,500

  4. Ansa says:

    Very sweet

  5. LittleJohnnyxx says:

    Since Angeles service has closed, is there any alternatives for Nuru massages? Too bad I didn’t get to try them before they shut down operations

  6. ssr says:

    Is it possible long term contract? i need to Quarantine 7days in hotel and looking for nuru massage girl to stay with me. Staying in same room with me and i can offer her meal while staying with me.

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