Tried an Outcall Nuru Massage in Cebu | Masaji Spa

Yuki setting up the bed

The Philippines sex massage scene is quite limited compared to Thailand, but Cebu took a step in the right direction with the introduction of an outcall nuru massage + sex service – ‘Masaji Spa’.

The recent addition of Smooci escort app to Manila was also good, hopefully one day Cebu will have that.

Cebu Nuru Massage Review

You choose which girl you want on the Masaji Spa website then she makes her way to your room, bringing a plastic mattress cover to put over your bed, the nuru oil, condoms, etc. You don’t need to prepare anything.

It all happens in your room despite the word ‘spa’ in the name. It’s a nude body to body oil massage, followed by handjob, blowjob and / or full sex, depending on the girl (check first).


Plastic mattress cover on my hotel bed

The girls sit in the Cebu City office waiting to be booked. You can book over Whatsapp and make sure the girl is DTF, not on her period, etc.

The massage cost is 2500 pesos ($50) which is for the company. Then depending on what extras you get with the girl, and how much they like you, the tip you give her might be anywhere from 500 – 5000 pesos.

Getting the nuru oil and condoms out

I was supposed to be getting the nuru massage part free in exchange for a review on the blog – like I did with MITU in Bangkok – but the guy who contacted the blog vanished. Hopefully didn’t get gunned down in the streets?

I ended up going ahead and trying out Masaji Spa anyway – four times – because I wanted to get you guys a review. And because the girls are hot. I picked ‘Kylie’ once and ‘Yuki’ three times.

Off to her next massage client

First Hearing about Cebu’s New Nuru Massage

So Masaji spa approached us on Facebook asking about writing a review of their Nuru service…


5000 pesos sounded like a lot for Cebu but luckily the guy knows Dante is a cheap Charlie and said just tip whatever. Then he disappeared, and Dante was scared to go so I went instead.

Anyway I ended up tipping 2500 for sex with Yuki the first time and 1500 for a BJ with Kylie (she doesn’t do full service). Then the follow up times with Yuki I got it down to 1500. I’m not sure which girls are asking for 5000 tip but if one does it should be pretty easy to negotiate.


Overall it’s about the same price as barfining a gogo girl in Cebu’s bikini bars (4000 pesos plus drinks and taxis). Masaji Spa is aimed at people willing to pay for the convenience of not having to leave their room to go look for a freelancer on Mango.

Anyway after that Facebook chat I’m all excited and book a flight to Cebu for my next visa run from Thailand. I email a few days before arriving… no reply.

The Facebook account of the guy has been terminated too. I try the website contact form – doesn’t work. I finally manage to get in touch with a Pinoy support guy / pimp on Whatsapp.


In typical Philippines style he just says Ok Sir and has no idea what I’m talking about, long pauses as I ask about the blog review. Plus the girl I want has menstruation. I’m running as bad as Dante does.

I decided to YOLO it anyway and pay up, give them my hotel room number and name hoping riot police don’t knock my door down. It all goes fine though.

Yuki – Nuru Massage + Sex


18yo, B cup, 105lbs, 24 waist, 5’3″, Chinese/Filipina mix

I’d recommend everyone get Yuki, especially if you like talkative girls with big bum and tits.

She was really bubbly and confident, teasing me as soon as she came in the door. My hotel lobby sent her up. She was bouncing off the walls at how nice my suite in the Crown Regency was.

After politely asking for the massage payment (you give 2500 up front for the Nuru massage) she asked if I’d seen her latest pic on the website ‘show all my body’ and pulled it up on my laptop giggling.

Showing me her pics on the Masaji website

After setting up the mattress cover on the bed and pouring the nuru oil on it, she loosened my belt to pull down my trousers and undress me, leading me into the shower.

She washed me and kept asking ‘why you so gwapo’. I soaped up her tits and juicy ass, she let my fingers wander to her shaved pussy and gave me a kiss.

Her body is pretty perfect, smooth and soft, none of the scars and marks you often see with bargirls’ bodies. Plus she’s quite white-skinned being half Chinese.

Kylie – Nuru Massage + Blowjob


20yo (said 23 when I asked though), B cup, 109lbs, 27 waist, 5’4″, Cebuano

Kylie turned out to not be as hot facially as in the pics, she didn’t wear make up and was darker with messed up teeth (see that too often with girls in the Philippines). Her body was good though.

She was more reserved and quiet than Yuki, seeming nervous at first. She loosened up a bit as the 90 mins went on though, smiling more. Overall still well worth it.

She was slightly better at the actual nuru massage itself, stronger and more talented. Tight body.

Kylie setting up the bed

When it came to extras though she said no sex as she had a boyfriend and ‘doesn’t do that’. She offered handjob for 1000 and blowjob for 2000.

I mentioned Yuki did full service for 2500 and we settled on 1500 for a BJ. She produced a condom and I said nevermind and put my boxers on. She quickly put it away and said ok no condom 🙂

How the Nuru Massage Works

So before the blowjob / sex you shower together and get on the oiled up bed naked. The girl pours some more oil on you and then rubs her naked body up and down yours.

After-sex selfie with Yuki

It’s pretty hard to describe, it just has to be experienced. They use their tits, ass, thighs, every part of their body to apply pressure to yours. You start off face down and finish face up, with a nice view of the action.

At several points their pussy gets really close to your face and dick. If you’ve seen nuru massage videos on Redtube it’s pretty similar to that.

On the balcony @Ramos Tower

They’re well trained and use ‘Lingam massage’ techniques which basically means making sure blood flows to the penis through squeezing and stroking of the shaft, balls, and groin.

The Masaji spa girls didn’t do rimming and toe sucking though, unlike the MITU massage place I reviewed (Thai girls are kinkier). Yuki was cool with me rimming her though.

City Suites hotel room

Yuki was so much fun I had her over again on my next trip when I stayed at City Suites Ramos Tower again.

VIP Discounts

If you use Masaji spa several times you can get 500 pesos off the price of the Nuru massage.

I asked for that when I’d used it three times and Yuki was 3 hours late (Filipino time). They tried to get out of it but eventually they did it and it seems the manager is still alive.

Anyway it’s still a bit on the expensive side by Philippines standards but if you’re lazy and have cash to burn, it’s a once in a lifetime experience to get a nuru massage in Cebu plus sex.

There just aren’t many other options for that in Cebu – there’s Sakura, Kalani and 108 spa but you have to go there instead of the girl coming to you, and most girls only do HJ / BJ. There was a place called Bea’s offering full sex but it got raided by the NBI.

Safer to have the girls come to you. Girls are much more likely to go all the way when they’re in your room, not in a massage parlor (Philippines laws are stricter than Thailand).

Off to her next client again

I was not compensated for this review, but if Masaji spa management are reading this and want to give me my 5th massage free…

If you’re in Manila or Angeles, there’s also who offer the same outcall nuru service for around the same price.

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  1. kick2dante says:

    ‘off the record’

  2. RumandCokeMan says:

    You know those really hot young girls with big tits they have standing outside of the bars on the walking streets with the signs. Man I’m talking about the hottest of the group and youngest (like 18-23yo) girl of the groups of girls standing outside promoting the bars on the streets- which SEA Asian cities have you seen more options for getting with those high quality looking top notch stacked young chicks for P4P and dating sites?

    • jspill says:

      BKK, Patts, Jakarta

      • kick2dante says:

        thought the coyote girls were impossible

      • thibault says:

        angeles doesnt count then?
        btw good job uoung paddawan. you understood the arcane principle of kap-shion
        in fact it integrates so well it feels long overdue. put otyerxarticle to shame. you know what uou have to do. get back at all those old articles and make the same. good work by advance

        • jspill says:

          Angeles girls aren’t that hot on average. Some will fit what he’s looking for… but so will anywhere else in SE Asia. To find it quicker though, I’d head to a bigger city.

          The hot ones in Angeles get picked really fast by the Korean guys, or sponsored. You have to get lucky a bit

          It is possible to have a night out in Angeles and go home empty handed if you’re picky… has happened to me, went in 15 gogos and HISO disco, and saw nothing worth paying for. And not much online dating / online freelancers as a fall back option there

          That isn’t really going to happen in BKK or Pattaya. And lots of options in the Jakarta sex clubs

  3. guy says:

    how’d the booty taste?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mizaki is 4 months pregnant at the moment. And of course the agency did not tell me.

    Nice girl. But really shy when she found out my gf would be watching. As she was pregnant I got the gf to take over at the end.

  5. Bobbler says:

    ‘why you so gwapo’

    So how big (length & girth) is considered gwapo?? haha

  6. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Try OSAKA nuru massage in Makati avenue . Get the girl name Wagyu . She does bbbj and live sex for only 2,500 pesos

  7. Yraj says:

    I recently booked massage from masajispa. The girl visited the hotel was looking completely different from the pic shown in the website. I was very much disappointed and decided to cancel the massage. But the manager denied and asked me to pay full amount. After so much discussion, I ended up paying partial amount for getting nothing.

    Their pics in the website are not genuine. If you are booking massage, request them to share the recent pics and proceed.

    • jspill says:

      That sucks and I also notice Yuki and Kylie aren’t on the website anymore, now they only have 6 kinda ugly looking chicks. Cebu keeps disappointing for P4P

      • Mikey Johnson says:

        Cebu is a huge disappointment in general

        • NormalNomad says:

          I guarantee if you go to Manila you’ll be more disappointed, lol.

          • Marco says:

            I think I’ll go to Manila, I have a local friend there as I said and plus I think I’m getting an operation while there and the best clinics seem to be in the Capital area

            • NormalNomad says:

              My comment was directed towards Mikey Johnson not anyone else.

              His issues have nothing to do with Cebu but rather are personal in nature, hence my comment.

              In other news, I would not recommend getting any medical treatment done in the PH.

              • Mikey Johnson says:

                Personal issues lmao

              • Marco says:

                >I would not recommend getting any medical treatment done in the PH.
                Have you found the level of healthcare that bad?
                It’s just a minor aesthetic surgery anyway, nothing important but here in Europe it’s either a 1y+ waiting list or quite expensive

                • NormalNomad says:

                  If it’s something like blemish or pimple removal knock yourself out.

                  If its something more serious I’d head to India, not only is it cheaper but the medical care is world-class.

                  • Marco says:

                    Thanks NN,
                    it’s not plastic surgery per se but it is a simple procedure. For the price of the western procedure I can get the same there AND live it up a little for a month or two in the PH, so it just very convenient for me.
                    I already wanted to go, the medical thing only came up afterwards.


                    • NormalNomad says:

                      I’m just giving my 2 cents….if it’s important, I’d get it done in India, if it literally makes no difference whether or not it’s done right, go ahead with the Phils.

                      Personally, I would not trust anything important in Filipino hands. I’m not being overly cautious, there are hundreds of horror stories here for any industry you can name. Phils is known for women….not much else. There’s a reason for that.

                      Flights to India are pretty cheap from here as well…..just saying…

                    • Marco says:

                      Thanks bro I appreciate your input

                    • NormalNomad says:

                      And for the record, I have had surgery done in India and I’ve lived in the Philippines for a year now….so I’m not talking out of my ass. :]

                  • KanoGirlHunter says:

                    Ive had nightmares with Dental work and wrongly prescribed medicine and the Drs in the Philippines look at you with contempt and a lot of people die whilst been operated on they just cannot follow rules and procedures…avoid at all costs The Philippines is for short stay sex period.

      • NormalNomad says:

        Cebu has a ton of P4P, it’s just not as organized.

        I’d say probably half the girls on PinaLove that are attractive are pros. Most of them put some kind of code “Looking for help with my tuition” or “Need a generous man” or some bullshit but it’s pretty obvious most of the time.

        PinaLove should rename itself to “PinaPros” lol. They do 0 policing of their site and do not enforce the rules at all, unlock Cupid or DIA.

        • NormalNomad says:

          I don’t know why I said “half the attractive girls”

          I should have just said “60% of PinaLove females”

          Seriously, there’s a retarded amount of Pros on the site. Ugly girls, ladyboys, someones dog once messaged me and asked if I liked massages with happy endings…..

          Ok so one part of that isn’t true…..but only one part.

  8. KanoGirlHunter says:

    Pinalove gets you laid within the hour although the standard is very low fat girls… single mothers(Lie)…freelancers overcharging… so around 1 in 100 might be a 7. Ive had much better pretty girls from Cupid or Asian dating. Had a laugh valentines day contacted an online girl Cebu and she said she was in a taxi right then must have been online on her mobile and banged her 25 mins later for free 30 years old and rampant. Sites are hard work now and girls are gaming men for what they can get. If you want fresh quality girls visit the end of march for 6 weeks the colleges break up then you can find stunners there is a different vibe about at this time. To get a beauty you have to know someone maybe a girl who doesn’t want sex but you have talked to and break into their friends group. Its a numbers game half are a fantastic lay but even the average girls fuck okay. If you stay awhile are friendly you will have at least 4 or 5 from either the bank or shops coming onto you. Really nothings free in life but set yourself a limit 2000 pesos and 1500 pesos should cover her expenses. KTV bars are 6000 and the girl will ask for more in the room avoid that in Cebu but EDSA Manila go put your head in the cowboy bar( red bikinis dancing) and they have some crackers the lights are a bit low so take your time and look for stretch marks sign of a loose pussy. If they are not at least a 7 now and look clean with nice nail polish I pass. You,ll see you will grow out of street girls…set your own bar.

  9. toolbox_x says:

    you should try Duke’s Spa near Mandaue Foam Factory in Cebu City also.

  10. miyu says:

    you should try Masaji Spa now..Its the leading nuru massage parlor here in cebu

  11. Anonymous says:

    Saan na kaya napunta si yuki? Wala na raw sa masaji spa

    • jspill says:

      She stopped working there, not on the website anymore. Dunno where she works now.

      They don’t officially offer raw sex on the website, no escort site does. But some girls will be ok with it, many Filipinas even prefer it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Am I to the only one who thinks a lot of these girls secretly want to have an “accident” white baby?

        • jspill says:

          Many certainly do, I’ve had one say just cum inside me I want a half white baby.

          There’s logic in it – pretty much all Filipinas want a big family, several kids. Unlike the average feminist back in the West nowadays, proud of having an abortion and growing old alone with 12 cats.

          As a working girl she’s unlikely to meet a middle/high class Filipino guy to marry her and stick around to raise her kids. That leaves her with the option of a low class Filipino guy – usually they vanish after getting a girl pregnant. It has probably happened to her already, many bargirls have 1 kid.

          Other option is just letting a western customer knock her up, worst case scenario he doesn’t take responsibility, just like the Filipino guy, but the baby is much cuter being half white.

          Best case scenario, he feels bad and decides to help her, at least sending her money. Much higher chance a western guy will do this than the Filipino guy.

          Other option is meet an inexperienced foreigner off a dating site or in the Philippines on his first holiday, give him great sex, not tell him she’s a working girl, he rushes to marry her… Some Filipinas would prefer to be a single mother though, so they’ll let a customer knock them up and continue working. Or if they do go for the ‘relationship’ option, they’ll choose an old guy who will hopefully die soon and leave them a bunch of money.

          For the best looking working girls, they can find a boyfriend who met them in the bar and doesn’t mind starting a long term relationship with a working girl. I wouldn’t do it, but many do. Usually fails, but sometimes succeeds, one of the best working girls I banged in the Philippines, 5 years ago, is married in the USA now with 2 kids.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Too bad you couldnt contact Yuki anymore. Would’ve loved to get her.

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