Got a Nuru Massage in Bangkok In Return For a Review

One perk of blogging is you can get freebies of various kinds in exchange for reviews of businesses. For digital nomad / travel bloggers that might mean a free meal at a restaurant, a comped night in a hotel, etc. When you’re in the adult and dating niche though there are some exciting extras…


Confirming where the published review would go and choosing my girl 

We haven’t done any sponsored posts yet at NomadPhilippines, the blog is still quite young and small. I also worry about looking like we’re ‘selling out’ by just writing about things to get paid.

I think it can be an ok thing to do if the review is honest and about something your readers would be interested in, but the opportunity just hadn’t come up yet.

My First Sponsored Post

So it was that I ended up popping my sponsored post cherry for another blogger. My friend over at AFarangAbroad had been offered a free session at a Japanese nuru massage place on Soi 33. His site #1 in Google for some search terms e.g. ‘happy massages in Bangkok‘.

He was in the UK though and not back in Thailand for a few months, so asked me to go instead. The owner had stressed he wanted a ‘real review not lie‘ and it was the kind of place I’d want to read about so I said ok.

free-hooker-bangkok-blog-reviewIt’s hard to find a good nuru massage in Bangkok and Dr BJ’s Nuru just got shut down by police after Vice wrote a negative review that insulted Thailand (avoid disparaging an entire country in a blog, people have been blacklisted from the Philippines for that too).

Foreign owned establishments are often quite internet-savvy and happy to pay for advertising on blogs that rank well in Google.

Thai massage shops as well sometimes set up English language websites to reach more customers and they want backlinks on sex blogs people are reading.

The Nuru Massage

So I made my way to the place and the owner welcomed me into his office, getting out a laptop and confirming where the review would appear on my friend’s website.


Everyone gets a free beer or soft drink in the lobby while they wait

It felt a bit strange turning up and getting a free hooker but the girl was still getting paid, just by the owner.

It’s a pretty good deal for the massage parlor because as long as the blog post brings in one customer it pays for itself. 3000 Baht well spent. Plus I went early on a weekday when they weren’t busy.

They were welcoming and explained everything about the place, also letting me take a bunch of pictures.


Air beds just like on Redtube for the nuru massage

He recommended me a girl and while she wasn’t really my type I knew she was probably the best one there if he was pushing me towards her.

The 90 min sessions there are quite involved including a shower with the girl, nuru massage with hot oil on an air mattress, body to body massage on a bed with a different type of oil, rimjob, fingering, full sex, blowjob or handjob (you cum twice), and a hot bath together to wash off.


Getting ready to oil me up for the body to body massage

He assured me that particular girl was well trained for every part of the package and I felt bad being picky for a freebie so I went with it. Sure enough she was very skilled, and went above and beyond to make the experience amazing, lots of playful teasing, different positions, and GFE.

Side Income for Digital Nomads

The massage place isn’t paying for this post, I’d just thought I’d share the story because it’s a good example of how you can monetize a blog.


You can bang on the bed or the air mattress, up to you

Horny guys all over the world are using the internet to get up to date info on erotic massages, gogo bars, freelancer hangouts, escort services, etc. and if you have a website that ranks well for the right keywords you can get rewarded for your hard work with free sex.

Or just beer money – my friend also wrote a post about a place in BKK where a mistress humiliates you and defecates on your face, he didn’t fancy experiencing that so negotiated a cash payment instead.


Entrance to the nuru massage joint

My buddy is a bit bolder than me and every time he goes on a visa run he hires a Fiverr guy to email 50 hotels asking for a free room in exchange for a review 😀

I don’t do that but you’d be surprised how many places are happy to do it, or even approach you first once your blog starts getting noticed. Just a shame the Philippines doesn’t have many erotic massage places!

If you want to read the review I wrote for my friend’s Thailand blog you can check it out here.

Also check out my review of a Nuru massage service in Manila & Angeles.

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