Morning After Pill in the Philippines (Nordette Method)


So nobody told me the morning after pill isn’t sold in the Philippines 😀 As long time blog readers will know I mostly set up a home base in Thailand and go to PI for visa runs.

In Thailand you can buy the morning after pill over the counter, ‘Madonna’ or ‘Postinor’ brands, costs 40 baht ($1.13) for the box of 2 pills. The girl takes one as soon as possible, and the next 12 hours later. I’ve had many a ThaiCupid or Thaifriendly girl just tell me it’s ok just cum inside me, I’ll ‘gin yaa’. Or be totally relaxed about it in the case of accidents.

On my last trip to Philippines I accidently creampie’d a Cebu Gogo girl. When I asked her where the nearest pharmacy was to buy the pill she replied ‘oh no, that’s like killing the baby’. Uwotm8?

I explained how there’s no baby yet and all it does is make your period come, but she wouldn’t listen and got visibly irritated. I dropped the conversation and made sure I finished outside next time. I kept in touch and luckily she didn’t get pregnant.

On this latest trip I did the same thing with an Angeles City freelancer I got in contact with on Pinalove.

After a night out at HISO we banged in the hot tub at my ABC hotel suite (more on that later) and I didn’t pull out in time as she was riding me on top. It was late at night so I said I’d go to the pharmacy first thing in the morning. She didn’t really react, just vaguely mumbled something in Tagalog.


Only Country in Asia to Ban the Morning After Pill

So while she’s sleeping I start Googling for the brand name I need to buy and to my shock see that the Philippines government banned the morning after pill in 2002 because it ’causes an abortion’. Uwotm8?

Apparently a pro-life NGO called the Abay Pamilya foundation, and other Philippines medical professionals, conducted ‘extensive studies’, and found that the morning after pill inhibits the implantation of the already fertilised ovum. So they consider it abortive.

Abortion is available in Thailand (although technically not legal) at places like the Sukhuvmit Soi 12 clinic and one major hospital, and fully legal in Vietnam. But it’s been illegal in the Philippines since 1987.

Add in Catholicism and it’s ‘every Child is a gift from God’ mantra, and the Philippines is the only country in Asia to make the morning after pill illegal too.

Dante wrote about dumb laws in the Philippines before but this one takes the cake. There’s no way the ovum is already fertilised if you take the morning after pill immediately.

Nordette – Improvised Morning After Pill

Luckily I quickly found some online blogs from smart Filipina women (to be fair many are very smart) and threads on the sexpat monger forums (thanks PI Addicts) saying there was a solution.

It turns out the morning after pill in legal countries is just a strong dose (2 – 4 times) of the regular contraceptive pill, the ones girls take each day of the month. Learn something new every day.

The Philippines hasn’t outlawed the regular contraceptive pill, which it sells under the brand name ‘Nordette’.

So the blogs and forum threads explained that what you need to do is simply have the girl take 4 pills of Nordette asap after the sex, and then 4 more 12 hours later. This would then have the same effect as taking the morning after pill in any other country.


Angeles City Pharmacy

So at 9am while the girl was sleeping I headed out asked the security guards (very helpful in the Philippines) where the nearest pharmacy is.

You have to turn right out of ABC hotel and at the first right turn you’ll see a big red H-Care Pharmacy sign across the road at the junction.

While I was there I decided to ask for the morning after pill anyway to see if what I’d read online was true. It was a bit embarrassing but I figured I’m metres away from a hooker street in the middle of a hooker city so she probably gets this question all the time.

She awkwardly said no, we don’t sell it. I asked if it’s available anywhere in the Philippines. No again. I said thanks and asked for Nordette from a different sales clerk. It was under 200 pesos. The guy put it in a brown paper bag and I was on my way.

How to Take Nordette for Emergency Contraception

So what I’d read online is you look at the order of pills, the days are marked clockwise from top left to bottom left, 21 pills in total.

The last 7 pills are placebo so you can throw those away to avoid confusion (the bottom left seven). You’re left with 14 pills.

Have the girl take 4 pills from the remaining ones, and 4 more 12 hours later. 8 pills total. Keep the rest for the next time you forget to pull out.


Pinays and Pills

So I patiently waited for my Pinalove girl to wake up and presented her 4 pills in a glass of water.

Ano? What’s that? 

The pill, remember last night I said I’d buy it. 

She shook her head, turned over and went back to sleep.

During my reading I’d found out contraceptive pills in the Philippines are very rough on the girls, so a lot of Pinays don’t want to take them. I was surprised because Thai girlfriend’s that took the pill have told me they don’t experience bad side effects, only good ones – their periods become lighter and more regular.

Apparently not the case for brands in the Philippines. There’s also the religious aspect mentioned earlier. No wonder so many Pinays have had a kid by 21.

I’ve also heard stories of Filipina girls trying to get guys to cum inside them so they can be single mothers. Even working girls.

Some current Pinay mothers have actually told me they enjoy raising a child alone without a guy around.

I also read a story on PI Addicts about a Pinay saying ‘it’s in God’s hands now’ when the guy offered to buy Nordette. So he grinded it up into her drink 😀

Luckily my girl said her last menstruation cycle was less than a week ago so I should be ok. She wasn’t anywhere near ovulation time. Sperm can apparently survive 7 days inside the womb though… at least I’d already barfined a girl earlier that day so there wasn’t much cum.

Anyway I will definitely be more careful next time. And I’m bringing the morning after pill over on the plane next time from Thailand… I trust that a bit more than the Nordette home remedy.

Where to Buy Nordette & Alternatives

Update – from the comments on this post it seems Nordette is becoming harder to find. As of May 2017 there is a shortage of contraceptives in the Philippines due to ‘registrations expiring’ and a ‘Supreme court hold order on parts of the reproductive health law’. Read more here.

I found it at H-Care pharmacy, Angeles. A commenter below found it at Dumlog pharmacy at Talisay.

Via ChildFreeFilipina blog, below are some alternatives to Nordette if you can’t find it.

4 pills after sex, 4 pills 12 hours later

  • Trust pills
  • Charlize
  • Lady
  • Rigevidon 21 + 7
  • Seif

2 pills after sex, 2 pills 12 hours later

  • Femenal
  • Nordiol

If you can plan ahead and know someone in Thailand, ask them to send you Madonna or Postinor. Those are all sold over the counter in Thailand. Or for the monthly pill, Melodia or Yasmin.

76 Responses

  1. Dante says:

    enjoy your “can i tell you?” message in a month

  2. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Well that’s some scary ignorance right there. You can always go the breakfast in bed approach and put it in the food, but that’s sleazy as hell and probably illegal.

  3. Who says:

    Just take papaya seeds it’s a natural male contraceptive. Not 100% effective but… that combined with female contraceptive you should be in great shape.

  4. -Cam says:

    Why don’t you guys get a vasectomy?

    Also, way to leave us hanging about the hot tub…

    • jspill says:

      I feel like explaining what that is to most SE Asian working girls is going to be a bit of a hassle, they won’t believe me (should they?). So they’ll want me to bust outside anyway / wrap up / take whatever option they would’ve done anyway, so there’s no difference.

      Then as for non working girls a lot of them will like you less knowing you’ve done that to yourself, it could affect dating. I can imagine a lot of Asian girls being turned off by a guy who can never give them a child (putting your sperm on ice isn’t very proven, it can degrade). A lot of the times girls bang us, they’re hoping one day we’ll fall in love and start a family, even though we tell them from the start we just want friends with benefits and don’t lead them on, they are happy to take the gamble. But if they know from the start you’ve had a vasectomy then there’s nothing to gamble on.

      Even if they don’t want kids either, they may be a bit weirded out by it. I can imagine them thinking it kinda looks like you’ve done it just so you can creampie hundreds of chicks on one night stands, or because you don’t like condoms, or some other weird reason. I’d rather just try to remember to pull out and cum on their tits than answer tons of questions and spend hours explaining.

      And paying money for a something with a 0.1% failure rate… or just google the possible pain, side effects, and complications. Lots of horror stories online.

      And at least for Thailand I know girls that like taking the pill as it makes their menstruation less painful, more regular, less blood, and anecdotally they tell me it can clear up acne / whiten the face (I just nod and smile lol).

      And there’s no way we can predict what we’ll want in later life, I may want kids at say 50 years old. Or at least want to give a girl a family, to make her happy, while I’m a detached cheating father with a bunch of mistresses.

      Plus quite a few Thai working girls get a once a month injection, it’s only 150 baht. No need to rely on them remembering to take the pill each day.

      And… if you really like creampie’ing you can still do that with the withdrawal method, timing it around the ovulation cycle

      And… I guess I’m eating Papaya seed smoothies on the regular now as per the comment above

      • GEORGE says:

        for all you lovely ladies in the philippines go to the public hospital and get a depo provera injection it lasts 3 months and no failures my wife used it for 7 years best of all at the hospital it is free as well as other forms of protection even free condoms

        you need to have a checkup first time incase you have problems. please dont make babies you cant afford to feed ,educate etc
        make love not war but be careful god bless all

        • GuidoSexMachine says:

          @George – Or even better, cum inside of her tight asshole. Problem solved. No baby worries. Lol 😋

  5. iamforeverteen says:

    she replied ‘oh no, that’s like killing the baby’. Uwotm8?


  6. Hen says:

    Only in the Philippines? Well, good luck finding such pills in Indonesia. Many pharmacies won’t even sell condoms to people they think are not married.

  7. -Cam says:

    Why don’t you guys get vasectomies? You don’t seem like the have a kid type and if you change your mind there are still options to reverse it.

  8. kick2dante says:

    jspill scared me out of it saying sometimes doctors mess up, and SEA doctors arent the greatest

  9. Eddie says:

    jspill , great article… can you explain more about the ovulation cycle to avoid pregnancy.

    • jspill says:

      Well in theory a girl can only get pregnant over about a 2 day period in the middle of her cycle (2 weeks after her period stops, and 2 weeks before her next period comes). But sperm can live in the pussy a few days so people call it a week to be on the safe side.

      So you want to only creampie her roughly the week after her period stops, and the week before her period comes. But to be even safer you might want to reduce that a bit, as she might have an irregular period, and you can’t really trust a girl to give you an accurate date as to when her last period was

      So if her period is on the last day of the month, you could nut inside her from around the 25th – 5th, or about 10 days of the month. That’s conservative, some people will creampie 20 days of the month, but that’s exactly measuring the period dates on a calendar, and/or using a machine that takes the girl’s temperature.

      • kick2dante says:

        day 1-5 of her cycle she is bleeding, days 6-9 you are relatively safe but not 100%, days 10-21 she is fertile, days 22-28 you should be 100% safe assuming she has a normal 28 day cycle

        that is the easiest way to break it down, never heard jspills 2 day thing but if you google ‘fertility cycle’ you can see hundreds of charts/graphs showing days 10-20 being the fertile time

      • jspill says:

        The 2 day thing is how long the egg lives for, more like 12-24 hours but girls can release two eggs, so up to 48 hours.

        “A human egg can only survive 12-24 hours after being released from the ovary, and thus the only reason women are considered fertile for longer than 24 hours (or 48 hours in the case of a multiple ovulation) is because sperm can live for up to five days if fertile quality cervical fluid is present.”

        • kick2dante says:

          ya but no one has any idea when those two days are and they can be released anywhere in the 10-20 range i believe

          • hannah says:

            love how this turned into a pseudo-scientific discussion. haha. stumbled upon this site while looking for info on Nordette. it’s so hard to find these days! but thanks for the info and entertainment, guys.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah I didnt say only avoid those 2 days

  10. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Sex ed. This blog is full service lol.

  11. Anna says:

    And how about std and hiv? Or you’ve already got all those banging girls without condom?

  12. Anonymous says:

    still got nordette ba in the phil? ive been to two mercury drug stores, “no stock” daw sila

  13. Anonymous says:

    is it still available here in ph?

    • jspill says:

      I’m not in ph at the mo but I haven’t heard of it not being available… surely it must be, the daily contraceptive pill isn’t illegal

      In ph you gotta try several pharmacies before you find what you’re looking for

      ‘Not available Sirrrrrr’

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is der any other brand for nordette?

  15. Matet says:

    Im taking the pill now. So ill take 8 pills in total?

  16. against ignorance says:

    the philippines is a vatican mafia colony; the government has no powers everything must be approved by the mad popes ‘sex only to breed more cheap labour’ diktat that overpopulates the country and keeps 90% mentally and physically stunted so they can fit into the small undersized rusty scrap heaps they call tricycles or the black smoke pumping jeepneys

    • thibault says:

      gosh what an ignorant leftist comment.
      you speculate that they arte physically depraved because of their ideology. typical elitist bullshit.
      as uual, left wing ideolgy just serves he purpose of making people unhappy and slaves of the ruling elite. you think its really better when: there is confusion of the genders, making entire populartions troubled… when people dont reproduce at all, negating their very drive in life? you cant oppose nature, its here ,period. please refer to the prologue of idiocracy toi understand what is the supidity of so called intelligent people.
      plus, ecology is a lie that just serves the purpose of selling more bullshit, its obvious in the west now.
      if you really think the vatican has any power on the pines, please refer to what duterte said about the pope visitation. the chuch does not have any more power there than anywhere else, the powers that be are sefish, unethical like anywhere else, theruling elite considers others like cattle anywhere in the world. you think keeping people into tittytainment, making them bath in depravity, value inversion and so on ,makes them happy?
      people in the west are more unhappy by the minute. our civilisation comes to an end, crushed by low demoraphy and foreign invasion, leading to a state of permanent civil war ,call it terrorism if you like. all of that becasue the ruling elite interests are diconnected from its supporting people, and globalised for what its worth.
      so, no, your progressve ideology is not a progres. its regressive, barbarism, nihilism.thee is o universal progress. everything you believe in is a lie ,and the more educated you are, the more it is true. changes bring desruction.
      you re but an useful pawn to them. remember voltaire: “a country well led is a country where the ruling elite is fed by, and directs the working masses”. he new. all the rest is folklore.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Today I asked for nordette in Mercury and watsons and they told me there was no stock so I googled it just to discover that the brand was banned last year october. So tomorrow Im planning to buy seif or charlize. Does it have the same procedure as nordette?

  18. You&me555 says:

    Hi question lang. eto po kasi situation ko. I had a d&c last aug, 7,2017 and nag withdrawal bleeding ako, right after the last drop on aug. 16 me and my husband had sex but im taking a birth control pill. Diane 35 for the 3rd day. And we ised condom but unforetunately nabutas sya. And after 60 hrs of searching here in the internet i saw this blog. And i took 4 lady pills right away i read this blog and 4 pills after 12 hours, yesterday i had a spotting konti lang the now parang nag stop sya, I was wondering if this blood is the WB or the sign of pregnancy. 🙄 Nakaka paranoid mag antay. Lahat kasi ng contradiction nasaken. 😞 Katatapos lang mag d&c so malinis pa pwerta then pang 3rd day palang ng birth control pills possible to get pregnant daw sbe ng OB. before i took the ECP .. Is anyone here had experience the situation like mine ?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well the one that you bought are all active pills there are no placebo on that one. The one with placebo pills have 28 pills.

  20. Eric says:

    I did sex with a virgin girl in Ph 3 times..without condom…I cum outside each time and also between each round of sex we washed our genitals thoroughly in shower..on 3rd day she took after sex pill from Trust Pills….

    Its about few weeks ago and she is freaking that she might still be pregnant as she complains pelvic pains….

    tomorrow she is going to doctor, hope she won’t get pregnant…will always use condom from next time…too much trouble

  21. Eric says:

    is safe abortion possible to do in Ph? heard it is illegal

    • jspill says:

      If you came outside each time I wouldn’t be worried.

      Morning after pills cause abdominal pain, or it could be her period coming, or her imagining it, or a number of other reasons.

      I know a girl in Angeles who had an abortion there, for 40k pesos. It’s like Thailand, it’s illegal but it still exists in a few places.

  22. Mark says:

    Hi my experience is i cum inside her the 3rd day of her period will she still take the nordette?? Or no need because she has period? Thanks

  23. Mikey Johnson says:

    I use Trust Pill. I just walk into any pharmacy and the usually have it. Don’t use the words morning after pill. Expect to be judged lol. It sucks asking for lube over the counter.

  24. shark says:

    HI THERE.. Oct 7-10 my last menstruation ko. and then Oct. 15-16 ngsex kami ng husband ko w/out using birth control. and I realize na ayoko na talaga magbuntis. so nabasa ko tong blog na to so much experience talaga. Nagtake ako ng kagabi around 7:30 (4) Trust pills and then kanina lang after 12hrs nagtake ulit ako ng another 4 tablets ng Trust pills. Sobrang antok na antok ngayon… pls help me tama ba ginawa and then ano n gagawin ko…sobrang worry n talaga ako….

    • jspill says:

      Sounds like you did everything right and there should be a >95% chance of not getting pregnant. No point worrying now just wait and see, nothing else you can do. Gl gl

  25. Carol says:


    Had my regular 4-5 day period from October 31 to November 4.

    Had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on November 2 and 6 but we used withdrawal method. He didn’t ejaculated inside.

    I took 4 LADY pills after 14 hrs and took another after 12 hrs.

    Is it safe? And is it sure that I won’t get pregnant from this? I’m feeling paranoid like the most of you. 😦

  26. Kuro nekO says:

    You can find nordette on Watson’s…

  27. Anonymous says:

    I am on my period days it is the 3rd day which is the last day (or by tomorrow) of my period and we had unprotected sex.. u think it is okay to take Emergency pill while on my period? Saw that there is still chance na mabuntis while on period kase.. i stop pills for more than a month na..

    So tomorrow I will take 4pills asap after 12 hours another 4

  28. Rosemarie Macalam says:

    Thanks, your blog helps me a lot this time. Nordette seems to run out of stock in my province.

  29. Prettynervous25 says:

    I bought a charlize pill. Does it have the same effectiveness as the Nordette pill? I took it after 24 hours. I haven’t had all the symptoms you mention. Do you think the pill is working or not? Or do I have to take another pill. Please help me

  30. Hide says:

    Hi there.
    I need help here. My wife take 4 pills yesterday around 3:25pm of Lady. She’s fine that 1st 4, however when she take the last 4 this day, 16 of July around 3:20am. She vomit around 9:45am this morning. Is this normal? I’m very worry for her right now. Is the pill working or should she take another? 🙁

  31. Anonymous says:

    Hello Good day. I just want to share my experience. I used trust pills as a morning after pill, nkita ko lang din dto sa page ang procedure nung yong ex ko pinasok lahat sa akin yong milkshake nya..dali2x akong ng researched sa mga possibling ways para mapigilan since lapit na ang fertile days ko, fortunately effective nman. Hindi parin ako na dala, i had unprotected sex with my ex-bf again (not the same ex)(casual sex) mehehehe. After, ng inum na nman ako ng 4 tabs ng pills, then 4 fabs after 12hrs, ng WB na ako after 5 days, kaso i had sex again after 4 days ng WB ko, withdraw lang yung ginawa nya, as in no condoms, and na ulit payun. by the way, i had WB, jund 28, so expected ko talaga july 28, kaya lang natapos na yung july 30 wala pa din. hindi ako sana ako mg alala kung hindi sana na ulit yun sex nmin, e kaso masarap eh, na ulit pa, hindi pa ng condom, i dont trust wdraw kasi after almost 3 weeks, i had sore breast, sobrang tender na nya, signs ko yun pag malapit na ang dalaw, kaso pareho cla ng signs kung buntis ka na, Napaparanoid na ako, iyak na ako ng iyak kung anong gagawin, although papanagutan nman ako ng ex ko, kaya lang ayaw ko pa talaga,, hndi ko talaga matanggap, i even searched for solutions to get rid of pregnancy, galit na galit na yung ex ko sa akin.. As in, hndi ko na alam ginagawa ko, ang gusto ko lang matapos problema ko. Panic na Panic na ako kac hndi pa dumadating regla ko. Buti nlang 31 ng gabi, mai nakita na akong duko, sobrang saya ko,, pero na guguilty ako kc binalak ko pa tlagang ipatanggal, pero alam ko nman hndi papayag yung ex ko,. Kaya, kung gusto nyong, hindi kayo mg alala ktulad ko ng sobrang paranoid pag ma delayed lang kahit 1 araw ang dalaw,. mag pills nlang talaga kayu kung active nman kayo sa sex life nyo.. Wag Aasa sa morning after pill.. Or mas mabuti, wag nlang talaga papasok pag d nman kayo handa sa mga possibling mangyayari. Nasabi ko talaga, ayoko na gwin ulit..

  32. Josieeeee says:

    Hi i’m using daphne pills for 3 months. Last monday i missed my pills then tuesday until sunday i take my regular pill. But we had unprotected sex sunday night
    Is that still safe?

  33. Ambot Kinsa Ko says:

    Can we take Charlize as morning after pills even if we used condoms? I am just being paranoid. Is it still safe?

  34. Jesus Christ says:

    Lemme tell ya, Filipino’s brag about being the largest Catholic nation in asia and how religious they are. But they’re like only catholic for an hour every week, like when they go to mass. But just like every other nation that is bound to a religion, they usually are the biggest hypocrites too.

    The church and the government likes to keep the population dumb. when you have a dumb and struggling population, they’ll believe anyone or anything that’ll promise them greener pastures.

  35. Ren says:

    Hi, just wanted to ask if the alt method is still effective even after 3-5 days of unprotected sex.

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