There’s no ‘Friend Zone’ with Filipina Girls

I have hit on this in many blog posts on this site but I think it is such an important thing that I want to focus on it a bit more.  This really is one of the absolute best things about living in the Philippines.

How the Friend Zone Works

friend-zone-asianIn first world countries, you meet a girl that you think is attractive.  You try to be nice and kind to her because you figure the more time you spend with her the better your chances are.

You try and help her out when she tells you that she has a small problem.  You may buy her a few small gifts just to show her that you care.

Suddenly you are a big part of her life and the two of you are spending a lot of time together.  Eventually the two of you are hanging out alone one night and you decide now is the time to make the move.

You go in for the kiss……. and she asks you what you are doing.  She says that you are just friends and now things are super awkward and you realize you have no chance of ever hooking up with her.

All the time you spent trying to get close to her will lead to nothing.  But she is hot so you may hold out hope and put in more effort just to get rejected again.

That’s Not how it is Here

I can’t stress enough on this blog that if you want to have casual hook ups with girls in the Philippines the most important thing you can do is make them comfortable with you.  Over here there’s no friend zone dilemma. In fact being their friend is a good place to be.

If you could ask yourself what the dream scenarios with girls would be I bet it would go something like this:  Instead of having to try to ‘game’ girls and use ‘PUA’ (pick up artist) techniques all you have to do is be nice to them and they will sleep with you.

Maybe that isn’t the case for you, but it certainly is for me.  I don’t know how ‘game’ works.  I do know how to be nice and friendly though.

Throughout my life no matter what I do I like to take the easy way out.  With poker I never studied and improved my game.  In work I find easy stuff to do and put in lots of hours instead of developing a skill.


Not sure how this would all work in e.g. China / Japan / Korea

Well in less developed Asian countries the easy way is just being their friend.  Smile and be happy when you are around them.  Send them kind texts and ask how their day is going.

Invite them to hang out and keep the mood light throughout.  Be a gentleman and don’t treat them like a sex object.  Don’t talk about sex too directly in texts, unless they lead the conversation that way.

Invite them to your place to ‘watch a movie.’  Put your arm around them from the start of the movie so they are used to body contact.  Be patient for 20 – 30 mins and then at a boring time of the movie go in for a kiss.

That really is all you need to do in the Philippines and there’s no risk of being put in a ‘friend’ box in her mind and sex never happening.  How perfect is that?

Leave ‘Negging’ for the Western Chicks

Many guys use negging and have lots of success with it back home.  Make a chick think you have no interest in her so that she wants to gain your interest and approval.

friend-zone-in-koreaI think that probably only works for sexy guys, cuz I know if I tried to ‘neg’ a western chick she wouldn’t want to win my approval, she would think I was an asshole.

In South East Asia negging is an absolutely terrible technique to try and use.  A huge part of Asian culture, at least in the countries I’ve been, is never having any confrontations or ‘losing face.’

When you neg a Filipina girl she has now lost face.  Her mood will be much worse and the interaction between the two of you will suffer greatly.

The whole key to Asian girls is keeping the mood light and keeping them happy.  Negging them does the complete opposite.  It may work from time to time, but you would have scored the same chick by being kind anyways. It will cost you some, and likely will never gain you any.

Now maybe if you come across a 10 (which are damn near impossible to find) that has hundreds of suitors and want to try it that would be the time.

But with your average Pinay, negging is the wrong play to make.

Let me know what you guys think. Is there a ‘friend zone’ problem in places the Philippines, Vietnam etc.?

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  1. Bender says:

    Most hoes get f@cked mentally before they even get stroked. I knew how to fcuk them physiologically. As soon as I get into the bed im ready to pound her boot… wait that’s not true. While I’m in the bathroom 5 mins before I go out my jimmy is already strapped. Im pulling the magnum back to weaken the latex so i can feel my head piercing through the rubber. I come out, I have supreme confidence but I’m scared to death, totally afraid, I’m afraid of everything. afraid to cumming fast afraid of being humiliated but i was totally confident, the closer I get to the bed the more confident I get, all day after our conversation i been afraid of her, I thought this thot would be capable of bodying me, I dreamed of her bodying me, I always stayed afraid of her, As i get closer to the bed im more confident, Once I’m in the bed I’m a god. I keep my eyes on the thot even if she’s ready and pumped an can’t wait to get her hands on me as well. I keep my eyes on her, I keep my eyes on her, I keep my eyes on her, and once i see a twitch in the vulva BOOM, her lips made a move now i know i got her, As i targeted the center of her pussy, she stares at me with her piercing look as if she’s not afraid but she already made that mistake when her, when her pussy twitched for that 1/10th of a second, I know i had her. She’ll go hard for the first 2 or 3 rounds but I know I already broke her spirit. During the sex I’m supremely confident I’m moving my head she’s throwing it back at it. Im making her moan and Im pumping, I’m hitting her guts real hard, And Im pumping and i know when Im pumping her I know she can’t take the pumping. 1, 2 ,3 Pumps, Im pumping in bunches. She falls down, She’s out. I’m victorious. Bender, Greatest Commenter Who Ever Lived

  2. Skins says:

    Oh boy I am going to have so many “friends” in Cebu I can’t wait! 😀

    So do you find Pinay girls to be super clingy? If I cream a girl will she follow me around like a puppy after that? Or is it normal for people to hook up and just be friends?

    In ‘Nam, the friends with benefits thing is rare… I have it with two girls now but they both have boyfriends somewhere else… They are lonely and need dick. Nothing more.

    I’m happy with this arrangement. BF pays the bills and listens to her crying. I just bone them when the BF leaves town. 🙂

  3. kick2dante says:

    if you are honest with them before you bang then most wont be clingy at all

    everyonce in awhile u get a crazy one that doesnt listen and is already in love with you from the first time you speak to her, they are quite easy to spot though

  4. thibault says:

    sorry pal, but like hoover i ve files.

    how do you explain the reaction if the girl in this one?
    its an exception so worthy of note you made an article about?
    or you just should have been more patient so she stops her bs, like you said there

  5. kick2dante says:

    i have no clue how to explain her……your not gonna bang them all, maybe sometimes its your fault, maybe sometimes they just thought ‘lets be friends’ meant lets be friends……. who knows

  6. iamforeverteen says:

    ” all you have to do is be nice to them and they will sleep with you. ” how sure are you dante? Lol this is true 😂

  7. kick2dante says:

    if you can get them to be comfortable with you its not quite 100% but its pretty darn close

  8. Brockstar says:

    What’s funny is that I still have pals in the West that complain to me about trying to get laid and how much of a pain in the ass women. These guys are the same dopes that say I’m the loser because I couldn’t “hack it” in ‘Merica and ran off to Asia. I sooo don’t miss the West and it’ll be a sad day if I ever have to go back there to work/live……..unless I’m close to Tijuana.

    The greatest thing about getting laid in Asia is you don’t have to be a POS or play silly little games to get some. Asian ladies actually respect guys who are nice to them and in turn are willing to put out for those guys. OK, so they are super flakey at times, but even then you can just as easily get a hooker. So it’s a win-win all the way around! 😀

  9. kick2dante says:

    ya i couldnt agree more, i dont know how many guys back home i told to come here, none do…… its weird

  10. Ron Cooper says:

    My problem here in the states is that I have nothing to offer these gold diggers. My first/last marriage was a scam and it ended horribly with the accidental death of one of my friends. My ex did her time and I supported her through the whole thing until it was time to get out of prison and she had got all she wanted out of me. Story of my damn life! I’m sick of the attitudes and lies of western women. They don’t even have the sense to know that they are harming themselves by the way they behave so I am done.
    I broke my neck and my back 15 years ago. I can still walk but heavy lifting is out of the question. my main question is this. Will these Filipino women accept me with my lack of the ability to work at a regular job or is it just universal worldwide to be stuck as a loser for the rest of my life? If it is permaloser then I guess I need to be realistic with myself. thanks to whoever may reply

    • jspill says:

      Wow that’s rough. Not to worry though you don’t need a conventional regular job to be accepted by Filipino women, it could be a stay at home online job, or anything. Plenty of Asian-western relationships where the guy doesn’t have a super active 9 to 5. Just tell them you work online.

  11. Clit Eastwood says:

    What if I work at McDonald’s and live in my mom’s basement, should I lie or doesn’t matter?

    • jspill says:

      They stretch the truth too, so yes. Plus you’re probably still a better catch for them than a Filipino guy. And have a higher potential future income, even if right now you’re working at Maccas.

  12. Clit Eastwood says:

    Was kidding but my pay is like 50k n is lol bad for my city. Never thought make a grand a week would have me being borderline broke. But when I tell a chick what I do here I’m not exactly impressing much but glad I can do better elsewhere and not be loser cause I’m average here in the US.

  13. kick2dante says:

    youre not average to me dude

  14. Clit Eastwood says:

    Thanks man, wish u were a 25 yr old spinner with nice rack over here in the USA!

  15. Glen says:

    Thanks for the post 🙂

    I was wondering if this is the case with Thai (BKK) women too. i.e, no friend zone.
    Am asking coz I see a lot of women say no sex, only friends in their profile and it makes me confused. If they just want friends cant they find them in places like FB or some other places.

    Also when I message then I ask them if we can be friends and proceed, so I was worried about being friend zoned.

    • jspill says:

      ignore that, they still bang on the 1st or 2nd date if they like you

      writing ‘no sex’ is because 100s of indian dudes message them dick pics and money offers

      and to save face in case someone they know finds their profile

      • Glen says:

        oh, these Indian dudes seem to mess things for others in many countries. I was speaking to an Indian guy and he said that it happens mainly because they come to Thailand just to have sex and most of those guys are just perverts who restrain themselves from doing such things within India because they know that they will get a nice thrashing from the local people.

        Disclaimer (Don’t want to get into an argument about Indian 😉 ):Not saying all Indians are like that but most of them who seem to go to Thailand and Philippines, are.

        I see many Thai guys on those sites so I understand the saving face part too 🙂

        Thank you jspill, I am totally new to this aspect of life so lets see how it all works out.

    • kick2dante says:

      in my experience the girls that don’t have sex are the ones that don’t even consider sex a thing….. if a girl is thinking ‘no sex’ and has it on her mind she knows she is a lil slut that cant control herself

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