My Experiences with Cambodia Prostitutes


For in-depth info on Cambodia’s prostitution scene, where to go, prices ($10 – $30), and staying safe, check out my First Trip to Cambodia ebook. This post is more of a diary entry.

So… I met the first of many Cambodian prostitutes shortly after moving to Sihanoukville.

She was quite the character and you never knew what you were gonna get from her.  She was one of the sexier girls in Sihanoukville (maybe the best ass in the city, as well as a sexy face, similar quality to the girls below) so I put up with a lot of her BS. I nicknamed her ‘M3thie’.


Sihanoukville massage girls, via Massage1010

Some nights having her over was awesome.  Other nights she would be a huge bitch or cause some kind of drama.  But the great ass always had me coming back for more.  I was posting on a forum during this time and have gone back and copied a bunch of posts (apologies for bad grammar) about a few of the more entertaining girls I was dealing with.

M3thie definitely ranks high up on the entertainment level, but I didn’t deal with her to often so there are only a few ‘journal entries’ about her.

Meeting M3thie

so i go to this bar called “freelancers” it used to be called freedom but they made them change the name (who they is im not sure, but someone did) so they just called it the logical thing because its a bar full of freelancers

i hate places like this so stalled all night before going, finally show up and go sit down, hot girl comes up to me (hottest one in the place i later realize) she like hey im like hey….. convos dont go to far with cambo girls, she asks me to come sit with her on the sofa and then wants to play pool after the current people finish im like u wanna just go somewhere now? she says ok and im like ill give ya 20 she says for short time i say no, she says no way for long time and im like well 3 times then (3 boom boom in girly bar speak) and she says ok

should be noted that every guy i talk to about prices says 20 is for long time, every girl i talk to says 20 is for short time……… ???????????? …………. i dunno girls here must just hate me also or see me as the ubernoob, also i have this bad tendency to go for the hottest girl every time and i think they probably charge more, but hey might as well get the best

so anyways she starts tellin me how she enjoys it more when she smokes shabba (methamphetamine) before and asks if i have any i say no, then shes like well u should get some for us to smoke, no friggin way, then shes like well u get me some and you’ll have more fun, i tell her i dont wanna be anywhere near it and she says well give me some money and ill smoke it here in the bathroom before we go…… im like well ok but its gotta come out of your end and she says ok


My ebook with more info on Cambodia prostitutes

so we play a couple games of pool (im terrible) and she gets her delivery and heads to the bathroom to smoke it, i told her ahead of time im searching her to make sure she doesnt bring anything to my room, anyways she walks around talking to a bunch of people and i start to think she may just run off with my $10 but she doesnt, so now we go out and hop on the back of the moto and instantly she’s like ok not 3 boom booms just 1, im like naw we said 3 and she doesnt respond

couldnt have been nicer, funner, more into it while in the bar and playing pool, the second we hopped on that moto she completely changed

now we’re walking to my room and im like let me see your purse she says why and i say cuz i wanna make sure u dont have anything, she gets pissed and im like i told you about this already, she obv has it with her and its in a pipe and im like ok give it to me ill hide it outside of my room….. she HAS to smoke it before this happens though, no way she is letting this out of her sight before its smoked (fwiw she doesnt seem like a druggy at all) so she goes and huddles in the corner and i block her from the only possible place someone might see her and she smokes

she comes in gets naked then puts a towel on and goes back out…. ????…. there are some guys out there and she just walks right back into my room with the bag, im like dont but she says just let me finish it real quick and we can put it outside, anything to get that **** out of my room so i say fine, she finishes it a minute later and its out

this whole time she is bitching about not wanting to do 3 times and about how she cant believe im making her hide it outside, again so fun and nice inside the club, huge bitch outside

so then we do round 2 which she rushed into only got like 10 mins inbetween she wanted to insta do it, so round 2 finishes i go to wash off and shes dressed and askin for the full amount, i tell her no way ill give you less if your gonna leave now, didnt really put up much of a fight and accepted the less but damn that is not a fun convo at all and it really kills the enjoyment factor when the girl turns psycho bitch right as you leave the bar

i guess the moral of the story is if a girl tells you she needs to smoke shabba pick another one??? ya that would probably be a good idea

too bad, i mean it was still fun, but with how this girl was in the bar i thought it was gonna be an outstanding night. just more motivation for me to start kicking ass online to get back to PI where this stuff never happened


You can find cute Cambodian prostitutes similar to this if you search long enough

The next day

power goes out around 9am, first outage since the 6 hour one from like 2 weeks ago, not a good time for it to go out as i cant sleep without fan to drowned out noise so basically no sleep last night

around 10 am i get a knock on my door and then the door is pushed open till the lil chain type stopper thing only lets it go a couple inches (i dont lock the door handle when inside because, well it would take awhile to explain and not important so) i hear cambodian girl say something and i’m like wrong room she says sorry and moves down to the next room where i hear the guy say the same thing, then the next room

10 minutes later she tries the room next to me again and the guy gets pretty angry saying dont open my door again, then my door opens a couple inches again and a guy who works here says come here sir after girl says ya this one, im pretty freaked out but go to the door……

its m3thie from last night in only a tshirt

im like uhhhh ummmmm hey????? she says she was with another guy downstairs but she doesnt like him and can she come up here with me

this girl is trouble, i take extra precautions when im with her because she is like the highest risk for jail or cop scam i ever do out here, you can never trust m3thies, even though tbh if she hadnt mentioned she did it i would never have guessed she did it and seems to reasonably have it under control (for now)

im debating it in my head and tell her as long as she leaves her bag outside again and i can thoroughly search her she can come inside, she says ya no problem (this usually results in a 5 minute argument) and goes down to get her stuff from the guys room, if the power had been on i would have told her no so i could sleep, but i knew i wasnt gonna sleep anyways, and wasnt gonna give her any money either

so anyways i wait like 10 minutes and she never comes up, in this time i decide if there ever is a time im gonna get scammed its right now so i change my mind and go wait in the hotel lobby/bar for her, and she ends up coming out like 20 minutes later, so now me, the hotel chick i like, another hotel chick (who is filipino, has a great body, and is the sister of the girl i banged a few weeks ago) and this m3thie chick in a super short leather skirt looking like exactly the wh0re she is are hanging out around the bar….. awkward

she gets a beer for breakfast, and after she was with me last night found another guy at dolphin who happened to stay at the same hotel, and he gave her $50

in the end she wasnt trying to scam me, didnt even have her bag or any of heizenberg’s blue stuff with her, but for a little bit there were some extreme warning bells going off in my head

Old video but gives an idea of Sihanoukville nightlife. Western chicks in the comments saying how creepy / dirty a place it is, full of Cambodian prostitutes

A couple nights later

(M3thie ended up hooking up with tons of guys that stayed at my hotel, she stayed with a guy who lived below me for quite some time)

last night im watching tv and hear an argument outside, can anyone guess whose involved???? m3thie!!!!!!!

some lady claims m3thie stole $5 from out of her room, not sure why m3thie was in a womans room, i would say i wish i could have watched or joined, but i never saw the other woman

i THINK it might have been this one other working girl who has started hanging out here a lot, shes mid 30s, not attractive in the least, yet has been with a guy here quite a few nights recently

if it is her, then i actually believe m3thie when she said she didnt take it, as i know this other lady doesnt like m3thie (since m3thie stole “her man” for a night or two)

if not that lady and someone else then m3thie probably did it

Cambodian Prostitutes arrested

Arrested Cambodian prostitutes via Khmer440

Later that month

so I go home, watch some tv, turn off the lights at 530, maybe half an hour later get a knock on the door

oh sweet m3thies back, hadnt seen her around for maybe 3 weeks (no concept of time over here at all) last i had seen her we were talking about doing the 3some, so she shows up last night at 6 am with another girl, but this girl is not someone i would consider banging

maybe back when i lived in the states id prolly have hit it for free out of desperation, but im certainly not gonna hit it now with so many other options, not gonna pay for it, and not gonna involve it in my first ever 3some

m3thie just cant believe that i am not jumping all over this wonderful opportunity she has presented me, she gets pretty upset, my wallet and laptop are out and i start to get a little concerned when she starts to talk to the other girl in khmer, particularly sense the last time i saw m3thie it was when she knocked on my door at 6am trying to sell me a camera, im sure she had just purchased that camera at a store and wouldnt have gotten ahold of it in any sort of devious manner

she then starts begging says just $10 for each girl, she almost gets me to agree to just bang her for $10 (i’m all about the value) but i dont want to support this kind of behavior, plus it’s so hard to actually make it all the way through the night without banging something if i can get through it i like to get the off day in the books. and it would’ve been quite rude to ask the other girl to wait outside while we……..

i finally actually had a story worthy night for what feels like the first time in a really long time, if you are under 18 please stop reading now

A more up to date video of Cambodian nightlife, via Bangkok 112

Not a full on M3thie story but she was involved 🙂

m3thie comes over about 9 oclock to borrow my phone and see if i wanna get a quick one in, i tell her no since im playing poker and she tells me to come by her room at hotel across the street if i want to later which is kind of the plan unless i run into anything new at the beach

so i go to the beach there are some girls at the first bar to the right that look quite nice but im not sure if they are just normal freelancers or they work for the bar and they are in a group and i hate approaching groups (though i will at least do it out here if the girl is hot enough, in the states its not even a thought)

head over to dolphin see the really hot girl that i walked up to the other day and led with “hey you wanna boom boom” on the street and she said no to and that she isnt a taxi girl, but she is down there a lot in some nice dresses dancing around like all the others, makes me think she is one, but then again ive never seen her talking to a guy so who knows… she is hot enough that i am contemplating asking her again, i hope she doesnt have any big/crazy guy friends

i see another girl who ive never seen before and give it a shot, way above average for here, “hey how are you” and got the bitchiest rejection ive had in a really long time, seriously made me feel like i was back in vegas, she just looked at me like wtf are you talking to me for, turned around and walked away

so im just like F it time to go to m3thie, go to her room knock on the door no answer, knock again no answer, wait a minute knock again no answer but then i hear a door open around the corner and her voice, and all of a sudden shes walking towards her room, a 50 year old fat dude is walking away, and……. and………. and………… here comes the ladyboy who rejected me like 2 months ago that is way to pretty to be a ladyboy but is

so im like “uhhh did what i think just happened in that room happen?” and she laughs and says ya

i still need full confirmation so: “you just had 3some with that guy and the ladyboy?” and she says ya whats the big deal he likes it

my head’s all messed up at this point she says she has to go with the guy to get money but she’ll come by my room in a bit, i go back to my room and wait for like 10 mins and then realize the obvious, that i dont wanna hook up with her right after she has been doing who knows what with the ladyboy

i head back to the beach for round 2, the bar on the right is cleared out, though the new one to the right has a decent option but she is in the middle of a game of pool

so head back to dolphin, this one girl i went with a few weeks ago keeps trying to get me to go with her but i dont really want to unless she is the last option, i see one of the girls from the other bar earlier that i thought might work for the bar so i now know she doesnt, i am totally off my game (which means my F game went to whatever is worse then that, though an F game is all you need out here generally) sit next to her but dont say anything initially, then eventually get in a hey how are you which she say fine and turns back to talk to her friend……. rejected twice in one night!!!!!!!!!!! maybe it really is time for this beard to go, it has gotten out of control at this point, cute hotel chick keeps telling me i look like monkey and bought me a razor the other day

or maybe i just ran into the 2 girls out here who have standards, who knows

Another good one, lots of Cambodia prostitutes

now confidence totally shot, i see this older lady, looks lower 30s, i noticed her earlier because she had really nice legs (ok it was more because her skirt was so short i saw her panties when she sat down) she has nice body so i decide to give it a shot, she says yes (ok so i hadnt been transported back to the states some girls would still say yes) and we are off

get back to the hotel her skirt is so short i have her go up the stairs first (pro-perv move right there folks , even pulled out the phone and turned on flashlight) we get in the room and i can instantly tell im in for more then i am ready for, she is a complete freak, insta bj’ing, the whole night she keeps trying to stick fingers in my bum which im totally not at all down with

gives really good bj so after the first round i ask her if this 2nd time its ok if we boom boom first and finish with that and she says ya u can finish in here… sweet, so she is totally into it the 2nd time, pretty much every girl out here just sits there when we do doggie, not this girl she was backin it up so much i just had to sit there and let her do all the work, so she cums or fakes it who knows (cares?) and im like ok lets do the ending now, she starts giving bj then i ask her to come around so i can feel her butt while shes doing it then she says her necks sore and im like well can you just keep your head still and me… skullfuggin ftw!! im trying to go all slow and gentle and she starts slappin my ass (after i again had to keep her fingers from entering) and im like u want harder and she mumbles uh huh

after her efforts she has definitely earned a repeat customer

Hadn’t seen her for awhile when….

well guys i almost got a camera last night, 530am (just after i had fallen asleep) i get a knock on the door, anyone who is following along knows that there is only 1 person that this can be…….. m3thie, she pushes the door open to where its latched and im like go away but she just keeps it cracked and starts saying something about a camera and wont go away

i get up and open it just to get this over with and shes shows me this camera that she just got (im sure she paid for it or got it in some legit way) and fully expects me to buy it from her for $30 right then, i truthfully tell her i dont even have $30 in my room and she says come on give me money now and ill take it to pawn shop tomorrow, i say again that i dont have $30 in my room and she storms out shocked that i wouldnt help her with this

note to self: never have anything of value lying around when m3thie is over. actually this incident has caused me to re-think whether i should ever even talk to this girl again, why do the hot ones have to be so much trouble, lets hope the next Cambodian prostitutes don’t turn out like m3thie

Cambodian prostitutes

Hope those incoherent ramblings were interesting! Cambodia is great fun with very friendly people. One disadvantage is it doesn’t have much of an online dating scene, there are no FilipinoCupid or ThaiCupid style sites like in the Philippines or Thailand. $20 prostitutes are great but after a while it’s good to mix in some dates. Everything in moderation.

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  1. jspill says:

    How would you compare Cambodian prostitutes to Angeles ones? I’ve only been to Siem Reap so far, wasn’t much going on there

  2. kick2dante says:

    hmmm sihanoukville is sort of like mango but only a few bars instead of a big complex, and maybe half the total freelancers

    phnom penh bigger, not really comparable to angeles though cuz angeles is mostly 1 street and a small surrounding area

    siem reap is nothing compared to pp, and smaller than snooky too as far as mongering goes

  3. Christer says:

    A true to life story right there.

    Been in Pattaya Thailand for 11 hollidays straight but now i will be changing country becouse your story..

    Thanks a lot ☺…

  4. Sheena says:

    Filipina expat here from Samut Prakan, Thailand. 😀

    I honestly enjoyed the ramblings you got here. It’s raw, humorous, and honest as fuck. I would have to agree to stay clear from girls like M3thie. That type of girl is your ticket to getting yourself locked up in jail. LOL! 😀 I imagine you’d wish you never talked to her in the first place if you knew she was bad news hahaha!

  5. Charlote says:

    Are ladies working in the bars at cambodia are decent?coz my ex Australian ,he swapped me with Cambodian girl working at Rose bar….charlote from Canada.

    • jspill says:

      Sorry to hear that.

      Well every girl is an individual, some small % don’t sell themselves and are only working for lady drinks, tips etc. or because they have a baby they need to support. But the majority are hookers, yes. Some will only go with a few guys they like, do it rarely, always use protection etc., some will go with anyone and do whatever. It’s a spectrum. And it depends on the bar (I’m not familiar with Rose bar).

      But there’s kind of a stigma to working in any bar even if a girl never sleeps with guys for money. All across Asia a decent family will not want their daughters to be doing ‘bar’ work of any kind, it’s a bit of a dirty word. And Cambodia is quite conservative outside of the bar industry. Decent girls would rather work in any other job for less money to avoid the stigma.

      A bargirl can still be a decent person though. I know some non-hookers who you wouldn’t consider decent, they sleep around, cheat, lie, unpleasant attitude etc. they’re just lucky to not require money as their parents have enough. There’s really no answer to your question, you’d have to meet the girl.

  6. Charlote says:

    Thank you Jspill,to reply my ex Australian is 54 and Cambodian girl 24…My ex boyfriend sending her 200 Australian dollar everymonth.Jspill,200 Australian is it big money in Cambodia?….Nextyear I go back home for vacation and I’m planning to spend some time to Cambodia for vacation…..not meeting this girl.

  7. Charlote says:

    Thank you so much,Jspill.
    Have a great day.

  8. Please try our gentleman’s massage and relaxation center- longest running and safe/foreigner friendly. The next time you’re in Sihanoukville

  9. Anonymous says:

    Are you people fucking serious talking about women like this!! Do you have any sense of humanity left?

  10. guy says:

    this methie sounds like my kind of girl how can i find her?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Man you’re so fucking naive! Thinking she scored the camera legit and has her meth habit under control. Haha!

  12. Apou says:

    Hey bro , have paid these people in dollar or their currency

  13. Anonymous says:

    I can only imagine how many nasty diseases you have. I feel sorry for you. You can’t just try to meet girls and have sex with ones that actually want YOU and aren’t just in it for your money??

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m absolutely disgusted by this, and by humanity in general… I am attracted to girls, was married and even have kids. But I became celibate after my divorce (not for religious reasons). I feel badly that people have to resort to things like this to survive, and I hope the scumbags like the author get what they deserve.

    • Anon says:

      HIV/AIDS symptoms take 10 years to manifest. The author should feel it by then. Author should come clean and give regular updates on his status (positive or not). Or integrate it in his posts to give a more realistic perspective to readers

  15. Assbuster says:

    Anon need to fuck himself. Good story bro. Do any of these bitches perform doggy tricks.

  16. KanoGirlHunter says:

    Give Cambodia a miss go straight to the Philippines and hit the dating sites you will be a lot happier and outcome satisfied Cambodia is hard work and lousy lays.

  17. Sunil shetti says:

    Ah. Banged two massage girls this week. Small time. Only boom boom. No yam yam. All for 20$ each. In my own hotel.

  18. Sunil shetti says:

    Went to a massage shop. Just asked the woman if she was ready to come to hotel..
    And it was ok.
    She was cute, medium rack.
    Small pussy.
    Full hair.
    All positions tried.
    Experienced. Put the condom on herself

  19. Dahlia Meusel says:

    Well, I happened to see this Documentary Movie about Evelyn Davis. And those Filipinas who wants to marry a foreigner. Thinking about some guy who will come with a shining armour and save from evil life particularly poverty. I am also a Filipina married with a German guy whose even 3 years younger than me. I marrief him not because of his money. I married him because I fell in love with him. I’ve been working all my life. We were married fast 35 years now. He was 3x unemployed and I was the only one who earns money for the family at those times. We have 3 children and they are now stable. The only thing what I was pointing about is that, not all Filipinas are murders, thieves or whores. It can happens everywhere. Please don’t judge Filipinas, then not all Filipinas are greedy.

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