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To reach more readers browsing Amazon, I’ve put together a Cambodia ebook guide and map. It covers the scene in Snooky, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and where to find chicks in each.


I prefer the Philippines overall but I do miss Cambodia at times. Strolling down the beach to find $10 short times and 50c beers (If I drank)… hard to beat that. I also kept a diary of daily experiences while I was there, for this ebook I’ve bundled that in as a bonus.

Below is a free excerpt. The rest is on Amazon for $4.99 with a link to the map of girly bars, discos and other landmarks inside. If you don’t have a Kindle there’s an Amazon app to read ebooks on PC or mobile.

Your First Trip to Cambodia

Chapter 5: Finding Girls in Snooky

Sihanoukville is the most popular beach destination in Cambodia and many working girls flock there because of all the tourists. It is not at all hard finding girls for sex in Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville is a pretty small town but anywhere that a lot of tourists in Asia go the hookers will follow. It’s not anything like a Pattaya or Angeles City, but there are certainly more working girls than paying customers.

YourFirstTriptoCambodiaThere are many different places you can go to find them. There are some bars that have girls you can ‘barfine’ for only $10 with a tip to the girl on top.

There are shacks where you can just drive up, give them $10-$20, pick a girl and go bang on a nasty bed. Or there are also many freelancers around.

The freelancer scene is probably the best so let’s start there.

Serendipity Beach

Without a doubt the best place to do so in my opinion is at Serendipity beach. There are a few bars right on the beach that are loaded with freelancers.

This is where I found 90+% of the girls I went with. You will see the same faces at the bars on the beach every night.

Dolphin Shack was by far the best bar when I was there, and there were 2 others very near that had the same freelancers.

They just troll back and forth between the bars checking for customers. If they didn’t find any they would settle in at Dolphin. I went to Dolphin at least 100 times and never even bought a drink.

Drinks are really cheap so you can just go up to the bar and enjoy a dollar beer. Or you can just see something you like when you pass by and approach her and ask her to come with you.

Most of the time I would just stand outside by the railing and survey the crowd. If it was the same old faces as the day before I wouldn’t go in.

If there was something new that caught my eye I would walk up to her and say ‘want come my room?’ and 90% of the time they would say yes.

The thing that makes the beach the best place is that it also gets the girls from the other places after their shift. I even knew girls who worked at the girly bars that would pay their own barfine on a slow night to go down to the beach from time to time.

So if you go to the beach at midnight and you don’t see anything you like that doesn’t mean that something better won’t show up at 2 or 3am.

The freelancers will go with you for anywhere between $10 for a quick short time to $30 for all night, but everything is negotiable. The hotter ones will not go for $10.

I generally would pay 20 for a 2 boom boom short time. I read guys say they would get girls for 10 in Sihanoukville all night. I don’t think I would have any interest in those girls.

The attractive ones at the beach would never go with me for less than 20, and some may pass if there were lots of guys that night. Then on a slow night they would take my offer.

One super sexy girl would only go for 30 the first time I saw her, but she visited me from then on for 25.

Just up the road from the beach is another bar called Utopia and many of the freelancers will hang out there earlier in the night before heading down to the beach.

There is actually another freelancers bar downtown called either ‘Freedom’ or ‘Freelancers’ that has a lot of pool tables and many of the same girls.

I only went their twice since I lived a 2 minute walk from the beach and a 10 minute ride from there. The scene in Snooky is pretty small and the girls just make the rounds to the same locations…. and always end up back at the beach.

Girly Bars

The girly bars in Sihanoukville are not at all what you are expecting. They aren’t strip clubs, and they aren’t even in bikinis. You just sit around drinking with them and maybe playing pool.

If you want to barfine her it costs $10 and that all goes to the bar. Then you negotiate with the girl how much you will pay her for however long you want her to stay with you.

I didn’t go to them often, maybe 5 times total in my 7 months there. I didn’t think the girls were any sexier, it was far from my place, and it was an increase of 50% what I was paying.

The same girls would end up down on the beach later on anyways. They may ask for 40 on top of the barfine when at the bar, but go for 20 on the beach.

The main girly bar place is called Victory Hill and there are maybe 10 to 15 bars there. As you walk down the street they will be on either side of you calling out to you.

There’s another 40,000 words in the full Cambodia ebook guide and map

6 Responses

  1. kick2dante says:

    i wish my left hand was her left hand

  2. genuine_inquisitor says:

    If the p4p scene in snooky costs less than angeles, wouldnt snooky be a better location for mongering?

  3. kick2dante says:

    no because filipinas are more into sex than cambodians, and there are a lot more girls to choose from in angeles

  4. Brockstar says:

    Agreed, AC’s only equivalent in Asia would be Pattaya IMO, ….or (I guess) Singapore if you have a large bank roll. Snooky is also VERRRRY inconvenient to get to. I have been to Cambodia about 7 times and never made the trip. The last two times in PP I was stern on visiting Snooky, BUT that 4-5 hour bus/mini van ride (and then another back) always made me pass. I’m going to Cambodia in February for about 10 days, I’m seriously thinking about Snooky…..we’ll see.

    The one thing I was curious about is that I’ve heard there’s a lot of Viet ladies in Snooky, or at least there used to be, is that still the case?

  5. Al says:

    Interesting comments – will keep following for further info

  6. kick2dante says:

    ya the girl i was with the most was vietnamese with HUGE boobs, there are some viet freelancers around and then all of the ‘hooker shacks’ that are actually in the city itself are filled with vietnamese girls

    it takes a little under 4 hours with the shared van, if you are just going for a weekend then its not worth it, if you are gonna spend a couple weeks there then it is imo

    i hate travel also, there are many places i would love to check out that i havent been because of the inconvenience hehe

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