More Visits From the Virgin

Considering my first time with this girl was up there for best days of my life I was very hopeful to get a return visit from the ex virgin I talked about in last post. She is a solid 7 and that is a big win from a dating site, then add in that she was a virgin and just an all around awesome girl I really needed to see her again.

It took ten days of texting but she finally came back over. Pretty much every day I would text her she would either sleep all day or sit around playing different video games. Enjoying her summer break before going back to being an engineering student.

I am not sure you remember but last time I mentioned how she had the most sensitive neck I have ever seen. A girls neck can often be her weakness, but this girls neck is on a completely different level. She says it feels so good that she can’t take to much.

This time she wore a turtle neck :). I don’t know if that was to make it harder for me to get in there, or if it was to cover up any potential kiss marks I make. Either way she was clearly planning ahead.

Her Whole Body is a 7

I don’t know if any of you guys used to watch ‘Friends’ but this scene is good to watch before I go on:

Interesting stat: Friends was the most viewed show after Seinfeld, yet if you ask guys under 40 the majority won’t admit they watched it. I watched it, the girls were hot and it had some funny moments. Judge me if you like.

This is similar to the average male penis being like 5 inches long but everyone on the internet talks about how theirs is bigger than 5 inches. Sure thing guys. (You are welcome for the shout out swimmmin.)

So anyways I already knew this girls neck was a major spot for her but this time I learned about 2 more. Her stomach and her ears. Now I have so many places to attack and she can’t block them all!

I would be kissing her and rubbing her legs and then slowly slide my hand up over her stomach which would make her quiver. Then it would go between her boobs and grasp her neck and she would lose it. (Over time as she gets kinkier and kinkier I am pretty sure she will be begging dudes to choke her.)

Then she would beg me to stop (not to stop everything, just to stop touching her neck) and I would go back down to her legs. I am not very good at sex but I am quite good at foreplay and in particular using my fingers on a girls clit.

When I do this to her she enjoys it a lot, but its not even close to what her body goes through when I get in a good neck kiss. How can a persons neck be more sensitive then her clit! But there is no doubt hers is.

After 30 minutes of foreplay (I usually do about 15, but watching her body convulse as a I run my hands over it is almost as fun as actually having sex with her) she climbs on. At one point she lays down on me and her ear is right next to my face.

Hmmm I know the ears can be a hot spot for some girls, lets try this out. And another winner! ‘OMG STOP!!!!’ We roll over into missionary and I rotate between kissing her on the lips, going in for neck kisses, and blowing/licking on her ear lobes.

We finish, she takes a nap, I wake her up so we can do it again and then she heads home. That is a fun date.

A Video That Could Get a Billion Views

I would never secretly film some girl, but if I did watching her squirm in bed would be a top notch porn. Of course if it was a porn no one would believe it and would think she is overacting but she clearly isn’t.

I wish I had a feather. I am not really into kinky sex stuff. Never tied anyone up, never really had the desire to. I would LOVE to tie her up, put a mask over her eyes, and tease her whole body with a feather.

She won’t let me do it :(. She says that its to intense around her neck, ears and stomach and she won’t be able to handle it. I told her that I would only hit those spots sparingly but she still said no :(.

Maybe one day, but sorry I won’t film it.

Another Visit and A Scare

The first time she came over was on the 8th day of the month and before we had sex I asked when her last period happened and she said the 22nd. She was right in the middle of her prime baby making days so I withdrew.

The 2nd time was around the 20th and she pretty much had to be free and clear of any chances of making a baby. 20 days after the first day of a girls period is generally when you get into the ‘safe zone’ as long as they have a regular cycle.

She told me she had an irregular cycle, but we were now almost a full month after her last period and to make it even better this time she told me the 22nd was her last day not her first.

So I came inside her, and came inside her again, and came inside her again on the third visit. I was getting ready to leave Jakarta and thought the third visit would surely be the last time I saw her because she had to start bleeding any day now and I would be gone when it stopped.

And then on my last full day there she hinted that she wanted to hang out. She still hadn’t had her period. A few days later I asked her if she had it yet and again she says no.

I asked her if she was getting worried at all and she said she took a pregnancy test the day before and it was negative. I don’t really know how quickly those tests can pick up on it and I think I was more nervous about it then she was.

Not like I would have had anywhere near the future responsibility she would have had. My contribution would have been to do my best to talk her into an abortion and pay for it and if not well…..

Of all the girls to get pregnant she would obv be one of the ones I would have felt worst about. Getting a hooker pregnant would suck but its part of the hazards of the profession.

But a virgin? That would suck. On the other hand she is a smart girl that will have a good degree and get a good job one day, so at least the kid would have had a decent chance.

Luckily I just found out that her period started on the 5th. That is almost 50 days after the last one started! I didn’t even know that is possible. With her erratic cycle I will definitely need to be more careful in the future.

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  1. Cam says:

    Irregular cycles are the worse. One of the girls that I was with had one of these and didn’t get a period for almost two months. It’s super stress, but on the bright side no blood stains or days off 🙂

  2. Harley says:

    I almost always cum inside girls. I dont give a fuck… kinda makes me feel good. Im sure I have a baby in Phil and know for a fact that I made a 35 year old Thai pregnant because I saw her belly get all fat. She didnt want to get it aborted or take those pills… just didnt want. So yeah….

  3. RumandCokeMan says:

    How often do you and JSpill get colds/respiratory infections where you’re sick (coughing, congestion, sneezing, fever, etc) in SEA?

    Do you get sick like that more than 2-3x/yr where antibiotics are required?

    • jspill says:

      Never that bad, occasional minor cold from kissing hoes that lasts a day or two. Or from being on the skytrain/subway at rush hour. No different to any other city though

      You can wear one of those little face masks

      Don’t usually bother taking medicine. One time I did and they gave me cheap generic Azithromycin which is also the antibiotics for chlamydia/gonorrhea (usually more expensive as ‘Zithromax’ brand) so that was a bonus

    • kick2dante says:

      antibiotics might have helped but have never taken them for a cold or cough here

  4. RumandCokeMan says:

    How do you home remedy colds Dante?

    I think what I was trying to ask is-
    Does the tropical climate causes many colds?

  5. harley says:

    If you’re gonna play girls then do it right… don’t make them fall in love or keep playing around. You’re telling me I don’t have a right attitude but at least i’m honest… I stay the fuck away from virgins… been there done that…. not my thing.

  6. harley says:

    I used to fuck virgins when I was 19 or 22 years old in China and even in the Philippines with blood all over the bed sheets and weeks of drama. I’m 27 now I rather get a good fuck then that drama and useless penetration. Yes I made women pregnant in Thailand and they did NOT want to abord… that’s what’s called a bad relationship if you know. In the Philippines rather it was just fuck and run but in Thailand the women will NOT abord. You really can’t do anything about it if she’s 35+ and she really likes you.

    • kick2dante says:

      im honest also, this girl never even came close to falling in love with me……….. my contention with your attitude is how you say you usually cum inside and then say ‘in the philippines its just fuck and run’

      keep on being a dbag, some of us dont like the idea of girls that cant even afford to support themselves having to support kids because we wanted a little bit more pleasure before we ran

  7. harley says:

    I agree with that… but I was a digital nomad back in 2010 when people were still wondering about if the internet was safe enough to actually book a plane ticket. I’m not being dbag but at that time J.Avenue was called Juliana and yeah I was like 20 years old and fucked whatever I could get. I really can’t remember how many girls I got at that time.

  8. harley says:

    And I forgot to mention the fact that the 35+ Thai doesn’t want to meet me anymore because I didn’t want throw like 10K baht on the table… she works in a clinic and told me she makes 20,000B per month, so beautiful I would immediately marry her if she wasn’t Thai… could be someone’s baby or not, but I’ve seen her belly grow… YES it hurts my feelings a lot…. but the fact that she refused to actually take pills and after a few months do an abortion + money + myself being 25 years old….

  9. harley says:

    Most of my comments here don’t make sense anymore…. I think sometimes I get into the wrong situations with girls who want relations but I just want to fuck them…. but I really don’t believe their stories. Filipina girls for who I have to pay a jeepney or a taxi ride for I don’t even meet them…. unless it’s for a quick fuck. I’m talking about girls who know exactly what they are doing and they don’t fucking listen to you. EARS CLOSED…. Their mouths wide open.

  10. harley says:

    I think my disliking of Filipina has already been shown here enough. When I was like 19-22 I fucked so many I cant remember how many…. but I had the feeling they didn’t care either. I went back a few months ago and they don’t see any difference between a 27 year old or a 50 year old guy. Unbelievable….

  11. RumandCokeMan says:

    Another thing to consider is several guys who are sexpats with blogs have said that sometimes these chicks-
    A)Make up a pregnancy crisis scare to extract cash from a naive Westerner
    B)Have so many guys, that no one really knows who the Dad is w/o a dna test and
    C)Are crazy stalkers who want to control a man they really like into marriage and Of course
    D)He did knock a bird up and jet off is possible but without paternity tests how could he absolutely know this for 100%.

    It’s not reasonable to sweepingly judge someone’s situation w/o conclusive proof.

    Harley do you think the 35 yo Thais kid is yours or could she be using it as a control method to trick or extort you when you aren’t even really the Dad?

    2 cents-
    He should get a paternity test and if positive at least send her and the kid money for food, utilities, basic clothing, and part of the rent.

    What would that add up to in SEA for the way the natives in the provinces live- $500-700/month? Even cheaper is she and the kid live with her relatives or friends, maybe $300-400/month.

    We know women do love to lie so, until the proof of paternity is there, I wouldn’t make any conclusive assumptions.

  12. Tyler Durden says:

    Congratulations on fucking the virgin. There I said it. Working on one myself. Sucks to put in the time and risk them falling for you. That’s my only hesitation.

  13. Harley says:

    Filipinas are the Romanian gypsies of Asia… or the Mexicans of Asia you could call them. They look for foreigners not because they are genuinly interested in foreign cultures…. they just want money. Its all about the oppourtunity… in other words: they are whores. I dont have any feelings for them. And if your brain is at the right place then you shouldnt either.

    • kick2dante says:

      im quite tilted by filipino people as well…… luckily my brain hasn’t reached ‘the right place’ of not caring if i get girls pregnant

      • harley says:

        I agree. I never had a Filipina complain about making her pregnant…. but in Thailand even a beautiful and smart girl who works at a beauty clinic will scream pregnancy after a while. No no… they don’t just take a pill because you would kill the “non-existent baby”…. Thai girls are really good at that. They actually love us white guys and they know very well our babies are cute. However the Filipinas…… they’re like the obscure side. Never had one complain, because I put them in their place immediately.

      • harley says:

        and i’m sorry for being a man who fucks women for pregnancy… I don’t think it’s a sport, but their counterparts in Asia actually have a feeling towards you…. I’d marry a Thai despite her annoyingness. However Filipinas I have the feeling they’d marry whoever ugly stupid security guard or 50 year old fat loser American…. Total different story.

    • thibault says:

      man, it shluld be possible to treat women as cum dumpsters… without having to actually fill them with semen…well, iquite understand the thing myself, as i do consider them as such, but ive a vague remnant of morale that pushes me to consider the consequznces of my acts. ejaculating in some promiscuous woman rectal cavity after destroying her butthole your hand firmly over her mouth so she dont wake up all the neighboors with her shrieking, and incidentally theyvdont call the cops thinking, with reason, that you re hurting someone, the only bad part being the arguing with the hotel about the sheets coverex in a delixate mix of blood and feces, and of course thecfact that it hurts your dick too, which gives you a little glimpse of the state of her butt. or just going directly for her oesohagus by forcing your dick deep in her throat is quite fun, especially the part when she vomits hot goo on ypur totem pole, and cobstitutes only a minor and temporary inconvenience for her ( compensated by being a good source of proteins) , as long as she canbreath once in a while, of course, as you would look stupid explaining to the cops while there is a corpse in your hotel room.
      but… filling her uteral cavity full of little moving cells after tearing open her cervix with your over long westerner appendix , while feeling much more natural, is a bet on her future you cant honestly take. any society prohibits unhinibited sex for this particular reason, i cluding western society which hides it behind a so called aids prevention, the existence of such illness being yet to prove, so much it feels its more moral than medical.
      so, sex should be perverse rather than natural. i know it feels good, it comes from deep inside our psyche,its some ancestral, may i say feral feeling, it comes from the dawn of humanity… our genes craves dispersing, but we have to think about giving them a good chance to develop its our only real responsibility on this earth. better do it in hamburger land where the state s money will raise your childit.. too bad its the worse place to do it. s obvious to me sodome and gomorrha were in fact the ancestors of birth control and would be praised as example of progressive cities nowadays.

  14. Tyler Durden says:

    Agree 100% with kick2dante. The Philippines really invites the scum of the earth. They’re mad at life because they failed or sucked in their own country. Or maybe they’re just sick people. So they take it out on the Filipinos that they think they’re better than. We’re all human. All equal. You were born in a rich country. Get over yourself. Really sad.

    I know. I’m a pussy.

    • kick2dante says:

      ya instead of being grateful for there new opportunity they instead seem to lump girls here with women in their home country and want to take out past frustrations on them…… not realizing that every person is their own individual and none of the girls in the phils ever did anything to them

      and then we wonder why things start to feel harder as the years go by…. cuz girls are putting up with guys that have attitudes like some of the commenters here

  15. clos says:

    I’m the same way bro, I’m not good at sex at all & never even try it even know I’m 32-year-old, American black man.

    But I love foreplay on woman neck, arms, back legs, breast, & pussy as well. Can’t wait to come to the Philippines.

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