Finding Monthly Stay Apartments on AirBnB

By default AirBnB displays daily rental rates, however if you input check in dates a month apart it updates the listings to show monthly rates, which usually comes with a ~50% discount.


airbnb-makati-optionsAn example search of private rooms for $300 – $600 for Jan 1 – 31, 2017 with keyword ‘Makati’ (the nice part of central Manila) spits out 134 rentals.

Example Monthly Rental

Below is a room at Knightsbridge Residences condo in Makati for 24799 PHP / month (~$520), cost of wifi and utilities is included (good deal as air con is a ripoff here).


That’s a 56% discount from the daily price (1678 pesos) by staying for one month. Weekly discounts are rarer, or sometimes 0%.

You can get an extra $35 off by using the AirBnB links on this site.


If you’re looking for this specific room sign up to get the $35 off first then the specific listing can be found here, if it’s still being rented out.

Update – the price went up for that one but check this one and some updated pics of Knightsbridge here.


(Not sure what Asians’ obsession with the UK flag is).

In a previous post about condos in Manila I mentioned Gramercy is a popular option as it’s in the thick of the action, close to nightlife (e.g. Burgos Street) and casinos etc. 71 floors with gyms, pools and hot girls hanging about. Quite a few Gramercy units on AirBnB too.

Knightsbridge Residences is built by the same people as Gramercy and they’re 1 min walk apart. The facilities are a little worse but the decor in the rooms much nicer.


At least that’s what I hear from forums, obv I’m too cheap to stay at a place like this. To me the amenities look great (pool pictured above).

Cheaper than Hotels

Any 4* or better hotel in Makati is going to run at least 3000-4000 pesos a night. So using AirBnB you can have a full apartment at one of the nicest buildings in the cities for half that.

It’s the same in Cebu City. You can get rooms at Calyx Residences for a lot cheaper than any decent hotel in that area. For example the studio below was 30k for one month. A cheap way to test out the building and see if its worth signing a longer lease.


Living in the Philippines there’s always music blaring from somewhere and you need to know if that will be going into your accommodation while you sleep.

Book well in advance to find the best rooms that are available all month (no one night bookings from other people in the middle of your trip). And use the $20 saved to pipeline girls on FilipinoCupid or Pinalove while you’re waiting 🙂

25 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    I’m seeing some rentals on there for around 15000 pesos per month too, just not in high rise buildings

  2. kick2dante says:

    wonder what the areas would be like

  3. sam says:

    Dude, have you ever actually stayed at the Gramercy? It’s a nightmare for Airbnb guests. Staff treated me like a criminal for my first week stay. It’s more “fun” in the Philippines, I guess.

  4. kick2dante says:

    i have not but i know people that have and most liked it, one complained about noise from construction and nearby music

  5. sam says:

    Dude, wtf? You realize you just lost all your credibility, right? How can we take you seriously anymore when you’re making recommendations without personal experience? How do we even know you’re in the Philippines? You could easily be like, “well, I haven’t been there but I know people who have and most like it.” Now that I think of it, all these girl pics are probably girls you haven’t even met. You’re a fraud and your readers should know it.

  6. jspill says:

    lol bit melodramatic. seems fine to me to recommend a condo based on location, price and amenities, that other people he knows stayed at with no issues. Maybe you just got unlucky and the staff have totally changed by now. Anyway staff with bad service attitudes are everywhere.

  7. sam says:

    I guess you don’t see it the way I do. He’s passing this site off as a resource and making recommendations to its readers, without having tried the things he recommends. That is akin to a food blog saying, “try this restaurant, even though I haven’t tried it yet,” or a movie review site saying, “watch this movie, we heard from friends that it’s good!”

  8. jspill says:

    If the restaurants/movies had good reviews from people he knew, and good prices it’d be fine. He can blog about anything he wants, and people can decide for themselves. All he said is ‘Gramercy is a popular option’ and listed reasons. Obviously staff might be moody in any given place, it’s Asia.

  9. kick2dante says:

    did i say i had stayed there? i am a cheap backpacker i dont pay for nice apartments, people ask all the time about places to stay here and many of them want to stay in makati so i pointed out some good options

    i have been told by many many people gramercy is a good enough place to stay and since it offers month to month stay, if someone asks me where can i get month to month in manila it would be the first place i recommend……. so that is exactly what i did

  10. sam says:

    Whatever, man. I’m done. This site was promising at first but all you do is post unoriginal content with pics you stole off the Internet, not to mention all the technical problems and your poor punctuation. I hate Filipinos but at least they know how to run a website. Peace!

  11. kick2dante says:

    lol at your over the top exaggerations

    98% of the stuff on this site is based on my experiences…. lots of people want to spend more money than i do so i try to give them advice also, its not wise for a first time traveler to manila to try and stay in some of the places i have stayed so telling them about gramercy is much better advice

    judging by your attitude i would guess you run into a lot of problems with people, maybe that wasnt all on the gramercy staff

  12. Bender says:

    do you know if airbnb will let me check in with 6 girls? Combined they weigh less than 200 kilos.

  13. kick2dante says:

    but do they have id’s?

  14. chris says:

    Hey, I stayed in Gramercy for 6 weeks in 2015 and just was in Knightsbridge for a NYE Houseparty – they are both top notch buildings. For girls u should choose Gramercy as you can sneak in the building from the mall on second floor without coming through the lobby. In KB you have to check in the girls … but thats normal in the phils anyway, so don’t worry. Of course you do not tell the airbnb host about your 6 girls a night plan 🙂 have fun

  15. chris says:

    1 more thing: Gramercy has its design origin in gramercy park new york where as knightsbridge has a uk theme, thats the reason why in the KB building u will find a lot of british stuff – makes sense right 🙂

  16. CJS says:

    Is airbnb the best option if I wanna go for 1-3, months rental? Are there any other sites? Im also thinking about local sites that might have more options and possibly better deals. What do you do/use to find apartments/accommodation? Thanks in advance.

    • jspill says:

      Ask at the desk of the condo, Facebook groups, or Philippines Craigslist. Or message the Airbnb owner for a long stay discount.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just got back from a two month trip, spent 5 weeks in Knightsbridge (booked on AirBnB), great building, and never had an issue bringing people in. I asked the same question about other sites and was told There are definitely better deals on there but a lot require longer lease terms. Good luck.

  17. The Johnson says:

    Im currently staying in gramercy, ive been here 2 months and ive spent a few weeks in knightsbridge before. Gramercy 35th pool is impressive enough to get any girl back, 9s or 10s id take to knightsbridge rooftop restaurant (pricey for the philippines tho).
    Both condos are fine with girls, make sure they have ID just in case but so far gramercy have never asked me, if they walk in with you there your responsibility. knightsbridge ID them and even rang me once to check the girl was allowed to leave! Pretty good if your a bit drunk and scared they might steal from you while your asleep. (never had any issue like that in 2 years of phili escapades so far).

    You can stay in any Century managed property i,e Gramercy, Knightsbridge and Milano (all next to each other) via their in house service apartments team. Siglo Suites. Its currently much cheaper than airbnb monthly price, your looking at 55,000peso a month and its 1 bedroom not a studio which I much prefer.

    Contact Siglo Suites via any of the condos official websites. I did the same in Cebu, for only 20k a month bills on top. In makati bills are included.

  18. The Johnson says:

    Also ive never found a 9 or 10 yet lol

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