Two Days in the Life Mongering In Vietnam

Hey guys had an interesting day yesterday that I thought I should share with you. This just goes to show how great of a tool the internet is. Without it I would have gone a day without a blowjob :(.

I have been in Ho Chi Minh for about a week and have already hit up Benny’s once. Benny’s is the most ‘famous’ blowjob bar in Ho Chi Minh City and as a fan of them I knew I would be there often.

Well it was time to make a return visit but I had some places to stop along the way.

The Malls Here are Lame

I have already been to two ‘malls’ in Ho Chi Minh city but both were quite bad. They are very small and don’t give me much room to roam around looking for girls. Plus once you do hand a number to a girl you are likely to see her again.

Well I knew that Diamond Department Store was about halfway between Benny’s and where I was staying so I headed that way. It was about a ten minute walk through a nice area of town before I got there.

Inside the mall I handed out two numbers but the 2nd one was just kind of forced to a bored sales girl. She was certainly fuckable, but nothing too hot.

Coffee shop by Dai Nam hotel

There was one girl I really wanted to approach but she was talking with a coworker and security guard every time I walked by. It was dinner time so I headed to ‘My Chicken Run’ (thanks SMP blog) and had an awesome dinner.

I think they had some sort of a discount cuz it only cost me 80k dong when I thought it was going to be 100k. A big piece of chicken, some of the best mashed potatoes I have had in years, and lots of sides. Sick value.

Chicken Run

Off To Benny’s (So I think)

My Chicken Run was about a 10 minute walk from Benny’s and on the same road. Before long I was crossing the bridge where the locals were fishing in nasty polluted water and getting closer and closer.

And then Benny’s was closed. It was 6:30! Why in the world would they be closed! Some guy who was closing things up told me they were closed for the night. FML!!!!

Hmmmm I had heard there might be other blowjob bars in the area so I walked around but saw none. I googled ‘blowjob bars near Benny’s’ and ended up looking at Mysexpedition blog.

I was heading back towards District 1 but was still out by Benny’s. I decided to google Nguyen Phi Khanh thanks to the recommendation from the site and it was walking distance from me.

I put it in Google Maps and headed that way but really had no clue where I was going. Google Maps has been off often in Vietnam and I didn’t even have an exact address. My hopes were not high.

But I figured I might as well check out the area and see what happened. I decided to go off route a bit and ended up walking really far down a main street. I expected there to be some turn offs to the left soon but they seemed to never come.

I was getting ready to give up and turn around but decided to open Google Maps again. When I did it said I could get to the area by going up another 100 meters and going left and then instantly left again.

Liked this girls’ legs

That Didn’t Take Long

The map was a bit confusing and I wasn’t exactly sure which road to take. I started down some alley looking road that opened up and I had ‘seedy’ vibes which was a good thing.

As I passed the first door some guy pops out and is like want lady? This is the type of place I would NEVER say ‘ya sure lets head into this random building with this strange dude to find a girl’ but hey google told me this is the spot so why not.

From the outside you never would have guessed what this was. There was nothing on the ground floor but when I walked up to the 2nd floor there were 5 or 6 girls getting called into the room, one’s titty was popping out as she put her dress fully on.

One girl seemed the most eager to go with me and I had no complaints. There were no stunners here but I would rate them all about what I would rate the girls at Benny’s which is 6’s across the board. No fatties or old ones which is a positive.

We started walking upstairs and I thought I better ask what the price is. The lady in charge downstairs yells up 500k and I say no and counter with 300. She says 400 minimum and walks off. I think that was to much but there didn’t seem to be much wiggle room.

The rooms were probably nicer then Bennie’s because there are a few doors that closed and I doubt it gets 1/4th the customers Benny’s does.

You lay back in some reclined bench/chair type thing and there is a sink behind you. I would guess this is for shampooing hair…… I’ve never had anyone shampoo my hair at a salon so I can’t be sure.

From there it was basically the same as Benny’s. The girl sucks on your nipples (probably for even longer here) and licks all over the front of your body before getting to work.

Afterwards on my way back to the main road I passed I think 3 more of these spots. Twice guys asked me to come in, the third time he was busy on his phone and didn’t look up until I had passed him.

My Theory On Ho Chi Minh City Blowjob Bars

I have no idea if this is right but this is just my gut feeling. If it looks like a bj bar with sexy girls sitting out front or the girls are approaching you on the street I think it may be some sort of rip off joint.

I don’t mean that you will go in and some dude will pull a knife and rob you. More of a bait and switch type thing where you expect to get that and end up with less. Maybe just a massage, maybe a massage and HJ, or maybe a massage and you have to pay way to much for any extras.

There are so many ‘hot tocs’ around D1 with girls in super sexy dresses that seem to good to be true. Then the ones far away where I am sure stuff really goes down aren’t even noticeable from the street unless you know where to look.

The last thing I want to do is pay for a massage and go up to the room with some really hot girl and pay to get blueballed. Some of the girls are really hot so maybe it is worth the risk…. Might report back later on that hehe.

jspill also got a few blowjobs at Boss Palace hotel massage, more on that in an upcoming post.

Boss Palace hotel

Day in The Life 2

I have been in Saigon for about a week now and love some things about it and there are some things that I am sure would get annoying if I lived here. But overall it is a very nice place to visit and possibly live.

Yesterday I had another odd day so decided to share it here. One of the things that happened was really fucked up, and the other was just bound to happen eventually.

I have pretty much settled in to the same daily schedule. Wake up and work for a bit, go out and get lunch, come home and work more, and then roam around at night. It is so hot in the day right now that I can’t really go far.

Plus this is just not a good city for day game which kind of sucks for me. The malls are all small, and most aren’t even really malls. Considering I spend lots of my free time looking for new ‘friends’ in the mall this sucks for me, but I can deal with it.

So yesterday after working during the day I headed out around dinner time to go to one of the ‘malls’ and get some food. I went to ‘Vencom Center’ in the nice area of district 1.

I went to the bathroom to wash my hands before eating and there were a bunch of people in there but 2 of them kinda stood out. I don’t really know why, but I definitely noticed them.

So I eat and I walk this entire tiny mall in 20 minutes and want to take a piss before I go out and roam the streets. The streets suck for handing out your number to girls, but there are so many hot massage girls and you never know what you might find.

I already have pretty much given up on dating here but that is for another post. Back to me taking a piss…… as I walk down the hallway towards the bathroom 2 dudes are exiting it…… the 2 dudes from before.

As I walk past them I hear the kind of fat one say something to the other and then right before I go in I look back and it appears they are turning around. I get the feeling they might come in so I choose a urinal as far away from the door as possible.

10 seconds later the door opens and the fat one walks right up to me. At first he tries to stare at my junk, then he starts staring at my face. He is being very obvious about this, as if he wants me to know.

I never had even started to pee, the little guy sensed something was up also so I zip up and head to the door feeling the fat dudes head turn and eyes stare at me the whole time.

When I turn the corner to go to the door the other dude is pretty much ‘standing guard’ at the door and for a second I get nervous cuz he looks like he may be trying to block me. But he moves out of the way.

So I guess these were gay dudes trolling the bathrooms or something. That was definitely the most action I’ve got in a mall here yet though.

Sneak preview of Boss Palace post to come

Off To Find A Sexy Vietnamese Massage Girl

As mentioned there are LOTS of hot massage girls around this city. I have replaced roaming malls in the day with roaming the streets at night and it has gone quite well.

On this night I wanted to head back to the backpacker street (Bui Vien) because a few nights ago I got a BJ happy ending massage from a very pretty girl. Face was a 9, pretty sure she had no tits and wouldn’t take her top off but did drop her shorts.

I had got one other massage on this street that ended with a BJ as well but I was also aware that it wouldn’t be a sure thing here. Of course if I passed another hot massage girl on the way I would just go with her but I did not.

So I make a lap around Bui Vien and the surrounding area and there were 5 girls I saw that I would be very happy to get a happy ending massage from. One in a sexy white dress stood out.

At the same time I am wary of the girls in the sexy outfits and think they are more likely to cause problems by either not doing a happy ending, asking for way to much, or who knows what else.

When I walked past again her card said 150k for an hour or 100k for 30 minutes. 30 minutes is more then enough time for a massage imo so I choose that one. Not even about the money, more about the time.

Bui Vien bars

We head up to the room and she is pretty nice and speaks English reasonably well. 15 minutes in she asks me to turn over and asks if I want a happy ending. I say sure and she says $50 (you get a lot of ‘dollar’ talk on Buy Vien but of course they accept dong, meaning Vietnamese dong, the currency also.)

I lol and say no way and explain I have got quite a few massages and 400k is fair. She agrees to 500k but wants me to pay up front. Paying up front is never wise but she won’t do anything until I pay.

I relent and agree (no other massage girl has asked to pay up front here fwiw) then mentions she will go get a condom as I am digging in my wallet. I would never pay for a blowjob with a condom and we chat for a bit.

Then she says she needs to ‘ask her boss if it is ok’ to not use a condom and I know that nothing is happening. This is classic Asian girl style. Pass the blame off to the boss.

By the way I am not really complaining to much about this, if she doesn’t want to suck off any backpacker that rolls through that street with no condom I can’t blame her.

She comes back and another girl follows and the white dress leaves and sexy black dress starts a new negotiation. She is not quite as hot but I am not complaining. She says for 1 million dong ($45) she will get naked and give me a bj.

I say I only have 500k and here we go again. Then she agrees and when I confirm no condom she says I have to wear. Here we go again. She agrees to do no condom, then she says start with a condom and take off, I am telling her not to worry I will finish quick. She says OK, then she says no and I end up leaving.

I head back to another place on a side street where one of the 5 acceptable girls was working. This place and girl had a sluttier vibe and I was just like can we skip the massage and I give you 400k for a quick blowjob.

She had the mamasan come over and the mamasan says 450k after chatting with the girl. My guess is the mamasan was keeping 300k and the girl 150k but that is a guess.

It was a weird way to get my happy ending but it got done at the end.

27 Responses

  1. Stream says:

    Oh man, sounds super exhausting. Thanks for writing it all up though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what is the link for SMP blog? google aint helping..

  3. Jim says:

    Thanks for describing the malls situation. I’m big on daygame so this may affect my decision to visit there, considering it will be difficult to walk around outside in the heat..

    • jspill says:

      There’s a huge cafe scene that’s good for daygame. Dante’s just too cheap to buy a coffee

      • kick2dante says:

        good for day game if you want to walk up to a viet girl who is likely with her friends who likely doesnt speak much english in a cafe that is 99% or 100% vietnamese people

        how many guys are up for that?

        • Akog says:

          Ha when i was in China that ws all i did stay at coffee shops. I don’t p4p so buying coffee is fine lol. I think walking up to a group of girls is easy. Just day hello and if they smile back with nice hellos your in. Granted my only experience is in China and I’m still waiting for boss to clear 2 week vacation lol

  4. Mikey Johnson says:

    Try Crescent Mall in D7. OK for daygame. I’m not really into the BJs from massage girls, but if I’m back in town, I might do something relaxing.

    Are you planning on visiting Taiwan, Malaysia, or China?

    • jim says:

      Well that malls look good enough 🙂 I’m not into cafes for daygame or otherwise, for me it’s either the mall or a nice outdoors area (e.g. BGC in Manila)

  5. A says:

    Hi Dante, I’m an (originally born in South east Asia but now living in Australia ) Asian girl that stumbled upon yr blog whilst googling for something else re prostitution in Cambodia ( looking at the statistics of it) however found yr blog & ended up reading your entries and some of them I have to say I find highly entertaining. So much so I read it aloud to my Aussie hubby & get a chuckle or two from him as well lol.

    I have got a question for you however, yr prejudice in using condoms aside for bj’s : on a more serious note are you not concerned at all about catching something, like even herpes can be transmitted orally? Especially since you would tend to interact with so many different working girls with varied customers. I am genuinely curious. I mean, safety always.

    • kick2dante says:

      oral herpes and other herpes are two different things, can it happen? sure, but its highly unlikely

      most stuff goes away with a pill, if you get it take a pill, not a huge deal

      whats the point of living if you cant enjoy the funnest parts of life?

  6. A says:

    Thanks for replying, yes genital herpes can be transmitted orally well I remember back in pharmacy uni days our lecturer drilling it into us to always tell our future patients to be safe – ALWAYS!

    I do not need to tell you of the time (in the course of my pharmacist career) where a working girl came in with scabs on & around her lips breaking open & oozing out pus asking for “cold sore” treatment..i told her to see a dr ASAP. Turned out I was right in my suspicion if oral (genital) herpes.Believe me when i say you do NOT want this on your most sensitive area. This is spoken out of genuine concern (maybe it’s the pharmacist in me) – fun & pleasure aside, it really isn’t worth that risk without protection.

    The herpes virus is the same that causes genital herpes that can also be transmitted orally. It is viral, and is incurable (though treatable) once you contract it. My patients w herpes are on prevention anti virals for the rest of their lives.

    Thank you also for your high recommendation of us pharmacists in yr other blog entry!

  7. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Thanks Again for another Viet expose! 🙂

    While you are in-country, can you do something (recent) focusing on VietCupid/online dating, picking up local Viet hotties during the day in coffee shops, outdoor plazas, tourist sights, etc?


  8. Gih says:

    HCMC is not a point and shoot fish in the barrel place like Bangkok or Manila. But if you put in the effort, the rewards are much higher. Where else can you get a blowjob in clean surroundings by a decent woman for $9 with no hassle or questions asked?

  9. Ricardo says:

    If you wanna get laid Vietnam is not the place to go.
    Even being white guy and foreigner doesn’t help.
    Vietnamese are stunners and also very conservative. So the best place to get laid would be Philippines and Thailand

    • Neo says:

      Yeah, Vietnam sucks for getting laid. Bangkok much better.

    • Alien says:

      Hilarious, Date regular super hot Viet girls most far hotter than Pooying or Pinays when the don’t put out on the first date go to a “hair salon
      ” and hand them the viet price 120k VND for a BJ to help you sleep and be patient with the good girls. $6 USD

  10. Gary says:

    Vietnam isn’t really the place to look for quick bangs unless your happy with sleeping with 5s and under. I would avoid hookers there as most of them aren’t honest (aka bait and switch) and try to rip you off or steal from you.

    I know the article was written back in 2017 but since then a few more shopping malls have opened up shop here in Vietnam such as Landmark 81 in Binh Thanh district and Giga mall in Thu Duc District. Now they aren’t anywhere nearly as big and fancy as the ones in Bangkok such as Siam Parragon, however they are decent for daygaming, going out on dates with girls, even perhaps just to relax and get away from the hot humid temperature in Vietnam.

  11. Ricardo says:

    Yes i visited Vietnam for one month stayed in Da Nang for 2 weeks and Saigon for 3 weeks. Getting a local girl is a like military mission. However i managed to get these really two nice escort from Craig list, first one i meet her three times while i was in Saigon, second one once their service were top class l more or less like Thailand. Game in Saigon is mission impossible due to language barrier even getting a decent escort is very tricky you will have to screen them by requesting video chat. I went there in Mid December 2019 until Jan 2020. You will need to stay there long term. To be honest Philippines is your best place to get nice girls

  12. Suki Sanyo says:

    Vietnam is a retrograde shithole with extremely untrustworthy people while also being socially conservative despite the thousands of prostitutes in SG or HN.

    Weird country. You put in so much effort to get girls. Chat chat chat. Approach in malls. Language exchange. And at the end of the day the quality falls extremely short. Worse than the philippines or Thailand for quality.

    There are many stunners around but its an illusion. Foreigners cant pull them. Many are gold digging materialistic thots, high maintenance or virgins saving their virginity for a rich man.

    You need to have money and status here starting with a nice luxury apartment or a great motorbike / car / career to even have a fighting chance at pulling anything noteworthy.

    Plus you have fuckboys from Korea or Singapore pouring in competing along with uktra rich new money.

    Lastly, Viet women are extremely abrasive money grubbing soulless women.

    Vietnam is NOT wirth your time.

    • jspill says:

      Good post, felt the same

      A lot of the locals get flashy cars on finance, small monthly instalment payments, which foreigners aren’t allowed to get

      So you need to have money to buy things up front and are competing with a lot of guys using credit to appear rich, when they’re actually in debt.

      Or they’re drug dealers, lots of those around, and if the girls are in those circles they would be scared to be seen talking to a foreigner even if she likes him

  13. Martin says:

    Read the blurb of ‘Fuck Miss Saigon: Adventures of a Vietnamese Prostitute’ for insights into how they think

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