Treating Molluscum Contagiosum STD

So when I first moved to the Philippines I lived in Angeles City for 5 months before moving on to Manila and Cebu. I had read online that lots of guys were banging girls in Angeles without a condom and most were saying they never caught anything.

I decided, perhaps unwisely, to not wrap up with some bargirls from the more established bars as they get weekly checkups. With freelancers or smaller short time bars I would use protection.

My rule at the time was basically if I was getting a girl that was employed from a bar for a sneakout (lol barfines) I was going to risk not using a rubber.  Any freelancer or girl from one of the short time bars I definitely used a rubber.

The fact that the girls at the bar got a weekly checkup was enough in my mind to make them a bit better than freelancers.  The check up is kind of a joke, but it’s at least something.

I probably went rubberless with 4 or 5 girls in my first month there and then one day I noticed some weird bumps on my dick.  Instantly I thought oh fuck I caught herp and set up an appointment with the #1 sexpat doctor in Angeles.

NOT THE HERP!!!! But WTF is Molluscum?

So I head to the doctor early the next morning and am just hoping it’s not the herp.  Anything but the herp because the herp is for life.

He pulls out a magnifying glass and I ask is it the herp and he says no!  I high five him (not kidding) and ask what it is.  He tells me I have Molluscum contagiosum and of course I ask wtf is that.

Apparently it’s some viral skin infection that mostly only infects babies and really young kids.  But he said he had been seeing more and more of it in Angeles recently, and that he thinks I caught it because I have thin skin.

Basically it’s just some bumps, like shiny white pimples. Commonly on the inner thighs on a girl. There is no itch, there is no irritation, they aren’t gross looking like warts…. they are just kind of there.  I ask him if it’s contagious and he says it can be.

Then I ask how do I get rid of it and he says there really is no good way to.  I can just wait for my body to kill it off.  How long will that take?  6 months, maybe a year!  He also says that after a week they will soften up a bit and I can probably break them open.

When I break them open I must be sure to get the white heads out of the skin or they will grow back.  OK….. now my main concern is if I can have sex with them?  He says if I put betadine on before I do I should be fine and really doesn’t  make them sound contagious at all.

Playing Google Doctor

Since I have been in Asia I have done a lot of Google doctoring.  For the most part the doctors here are awful and I trust Google as much or more than them.  It is generally pretty easy to narrow down what you have and figure out what you need to do to cure it.

So when Googling I find that for the most part what he has told me seems legit.  Most everyone says that you should just wait it out, no pills will work, no creams, there are some surgeries you can have but they are costly and not always effective.

I decide that I should always wear a condom until the molluscum is gone, but really the bumps were all down at the base of my dick.  This makes me think I actually got it when I had a condom on.  There were about 12-15 bumps on the base of the shaft and the skin right around it.

Anytime I had sex I wore a condom, put betadine on the infected area, and tried to not insert all the way and use positions that would minimize skin to skin contact.

One day I decide to do some more research on it and now I find out that molluscum is actually highly contagious and I need to be very careful with things like sharing towels and even bed sheets.  I start hand washing my own boxers so I don’t infect the laundromat, and have very little sex.  In Angeles there is basically nothing else to do.

Well Done Doc

I contact the nicest hospitals in Manila and ask them if they have any way to get rid of this.  One says they can do ‘curettage’ which means they take some weird electric knife and cut them open.  An electric knife on my dick doesn’t sound like the funnest time, but I can’t wait a year……..

I hop on a bus and get to the hospital and the dermatologist I am supposed to see has a huge line.  Another one on a different floor only has 2 people ahead of me so I wait there.

So now this sixty year old lady is rubbing numbing cream on my dick and cutting open all of the molluscum with some weird electric knife.  I really didn’t feel anything, but it was still weird as fuck.  About 45 minutes later she tells me I’m done and I head back to Angeles walking very gingerly.

When I get back I am exhausted and go to sleep.  The next morning I take a look and there is a long red line on my dick (didn’t leave a scar) and I can see some white dots in most of the spots where she had cut.  Within a week they had grown back in all of the same places and I had wasted $150 and a long trip on buses and dealing with Manila rush hour.

Squeezing and Popping

One day in the shower I get tilted by them and decide to try and pop them myself.  Initially ripping off the outer cover really wasn’t that hard.  What is hard is popping the white heads out.  I had to grow my fingernails out and dig under, and then pop them out.

Eventually I got pretty good at this.  Pinch the skin around it, wedge your finger under and rip up.  You can tell that you got the white head out because a bunch of blood will rush out.

Doing this on the skin under my pubes wasn’t fun but it was tolerable.  Doing the ones actually on my shaft was terrible and I almost passed out a few times.  It took a LONG TIME, some as long as an hour just to get one done.

Once you started you really couldn’t stop because you would just be leaving a huge open sore that you would have to dig into the next day.  I always did it in the shower and was constantly rewashing the area and my hands to prevent it from spreading.

I got all 15 of them gone, and 2 weeks later new ones popped up in different places.  This time there were less, they were mostly sprouting up on spots where pubic hairs were coming out, and they were smaller.

I ripped them out a few each day and had none for a month.  Then randomly they popped up again but looked a bit different.  I went to two doctors and as I mentioned on the bad doctors in the Philippines post, both of those told me I had herpes.

One didn’t even look at them, he just heard me say red bumps (they were red-ish this time, the other time they were white) and pulled up a google image search and kept pointing at it saying that’s what I had.  I told him no 5 times, he wouldn’t listen, so I paid him the consultation fee he didn’t leave and walked out.

I went back to the original doc (who I didn’t want to see because he told me it wasn’t that contagious and didn’t mention be careful with towels/sheets) and he said it was molluscum again.

After ripping them out that time that was pretty much the end of them.  From time to time one will pop up on my upper thigh right where a hair is coming out.  I just rip it out and that’s it.

It was just a terrible experience.  Had to live in Angeles and not have sex which is awful.  The popping and squeezing was probably the least pleasant thing I have ever done.

I got them about 6 weeks after getting to Angeles, and the incubation period is typically 6 weeks to 3 months.  That means I could have got it in Cambodia, Thailand or the Philippines.  Skins over at SingleMansParadise blog says he caught it in Thailand, also while wearing a condom.

I have never noticed molluscum on any girl in Angeles since (and I always check.) However I have seen it on SIX girls in Cebu out of maybe 70 whose pants I’ve had off.  That is a ridiculously high percentage. I’ve also seen it in Jakarta.

From now on any time I am with a girl I be sure to slide my hands ALL OVER around in between her legs. The bumps are big enough that you will definitely feel them.

If I feel anything I turn on the lights and take a look, and any time I have felt it I saw what I expected to once the lights came on.

When you are with a pro and you see it it sucks but it’s not that bad.  When you are hooking up with a non pro that you have spent time trying to get into bed it’s demoralizing.

Stopping and explaining that you ‘felt something down there’ and then saying you can’t go forward is as awkward as it gets.  The girl is totally embarrassed and of course you are horny and will get blueballed unless you can talk her into a blowjob.

But trust me you don’t want to risk going in there.  If you covered the bumps or they were in places where you could get in without touching them you would ‘probably’ be alright.  After experiencing popping and squeezing let me assure you it’s not worth it.

Life After Molluscum

Once the molluscum was cleared up I obviously had many months to make up for so went on quite a tear.  I tried to mostly get BJs and found some girls with great skills who I had be frequent visitors.

When I saw a girl with an exceptional body I would want to bang and did that often as well.  I was done with condoms at this point, so my new STD prevention was to minimize sex by getting more BJs :).

The new thing I had to deal with is that I get frequent UTIs when not using a condom.  They are pretty much always the same.  Have sex and the next day wake up with the end of my dick clogged together.  Head to the pharmacy take some pills for a week and am good to go.

No sex during that week sucks but after no sex for months because of molluscum a week is nothing.  Most guys don’t even get UTIs so I have been told that I probably have something else.  But when I go to doctors and get tested they say its a UTI, and the UTI drugs clear them up.

After 5 months in Angeles and getting UTIs about 20% of the times I had sex I moved on to Cebu for 5 months.  In cebu I quit going with pros and spent time meeting girls that were down for casual hook ups.

I still tried to get lots of BJs, but had sex with 30-40 girls also and got zero UTIs.  Then I headed back to Manila and the first girl I was with gave me a UTI.  I took some meds and got it cleared up.  Then the third girl I was with also gave me a UTI.

At this point I just decided that on Luzon (the island Manila is on) I would only be getting BJs.  I had 6 months upcoming in Angeles and in that time I stuck to that rule pretty damn well.  I had sex with only 3 girls and luckily none gave me a UTI.

I don’t know what it is about Luzon pussy that infects me but the stats are pretty ridiculous.  The 2 girls that gave me the last two UTIs were not pros so it’s not really a pro/good girl thing.  I got maybe 8 UTIs out of my last 30 girls on Luzon, and zero out of 30 in Cebu.

On my next trip to Cebu I did get one UTI but that was out of like 20 girls.  So 2% of the time in Cebu compared to 25-30% of the time on Luzon.  There really is no way to explain it but the numbers don’t lie.  Luzon is BJs

Nowadays I just try to limit my times going with pros to as few as possible and when I am with them I only get BJs.  That’s fine cuz I prefer BJs as long as the girl is good at them.  I also make sure to inspect all around the in between the legs area to make sure there are no bumps.  I highly suggest you do that as well.

There’s also little need for P4P in PI as picking up normal chicks is easy, probably the easiest country in the world. If you found this post through a Google search for molluscum in the Philippines, I go into more detail on Filipina girls around this blog.

13 Responses

  1. Dace says:

    I got my molluscum treated surgically at St Luke’s hospital for 15k pesos, good dick doctor there. Got rid of it. It was either that or a course of meds for several months, at 400 pesos / day.

    • kick2dante says:

      electric knife? i did that shit too, but the doctor just busted them open she didnt even rip out the white heads…. so basically i had an electric knife on my junk for no reason… and paid to do so

  2. jspill says:

    I remember Skins posted “I picked that shit off myself and was healed up 100% in less then a week. It’s really not a big deal”. The weaker your immune system the longer it lasts

  3. CBar says:

    Mine sucked so bad, I was in Afghanistan for the Marines and I was to tour for 7 months there. After my First two months there I got that shit mainly from the Laundry service. Some one had it and decided to share with everyone there. I never told anybody and looked that shit up. It was mainly a waiting game. I grew my shit out. After 3 months that shit went away. When I got back home state side I decided to shave my massive bush and see if it would regrow again. Only two of them grew back so I got antibotics and waiting another month to finally have sex. Shit was horrible. It was crazy itching. It was the worst man. I read if you popped them you would get scaring which I didn’t want. Thats the main reason I waited plus I wasn’t getting pussy in Afghanistan. I also got tested and nothing came up. So its very contagious and also a motherfucker who takes away the pleasure of sex away from you if your horny all the time like me. I got real close with my hands Rosie Palmer and her Five sisters.

  4. Brian says:

    Were you getting the UTI from unprotected sex?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I lucked out I guess. I only got one pimple. I popped it and put iodine on my entire private region and never got another one. At the time I thought it was the herp. But 30 years later I finally know what it was.

  6. Mike L says:

    Quote: “…because I have thin skin.” I nearly spewed my beer reading that! That’s like calling people “big boned”. There is no such thing. Everyone’s skin is the same thickness. It’s the underlying fat layers that make people look “big boned” and of course, thick skinned! Those Asian doctors: Yes, you are in poor health. I will prescribe you vitamins.” They always try and prescribe you VITAMINS (i.e. placebo BS) to charge you for something, because they can’t find anything actually wrong!

  7. Mike L says:

    From what I have read, it seems to get passed to adults via sex, or damp items like towels. It is contagious because of this, and the little pox pumps won’t return; but you do have to wait out the 4-6 month term for them to finally disappear. WOW.

  8. bob says:

    This is a child disease. Stop fucking children, you sick fucks!

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