Met A Good Girl In Angeles City

Hey guys, been traveling a lot this year so decided to get back to the Philippines content and post something from back in the day before I started this blog. It’s about a time when I met a good girl in Angeles City who was way out of her element.

I wrote this on a messageboard before and think the writing from that day will be far better than me re-writing it. So think of this as a journal entry and that is why there are no periods or capital letters.

One Night in Angeles

so im heading down walking street and in front of me there is a really nice butt in a tight skirt so i do the obv and go pinch it… wait i mean i go say hi make small talk she is looking around extremely nervous tells me she just got in from the province and has no clue where she is going with nowhere to stay, obviously the kind soul i am i let her know if she hasnt found anywhere to stay by the time i wake up (night for her, i sleep days) she can sleep in my bed while i work on computer and we part ways


Walking Street, Angeles City

i have a no girls can sleep in my room while i sleep rule (cant sleep with girl in bed) but start to feel bad that she has nowhere to go in a strange city all alone for next 10 hours (and a tad horny) so i text her asking where she go so i can show her around or maybe she come to my room if she wants……….. she says she is just walking has no clue where so i instruct her on how to get to a meeting place and she says she just wants to take a rest at my place before i sleep and then come back when i wake up

we talk and i find out she came here because her cousin works here and told her about all the great jobs there are and how much money she can make and that she was supposed to meet the cousin at the bus station but she never showed up and wont reply her texts, i ask her what job she wanted to get here and she said her cousin works at a bar and could get her a job and then i find out she has no clue what angeles is about, i assumed everyone in the provinces knew this place and what it was but she had no clue and her cousin never told her what the job in the bar entailed

now she thinks the cousin just got ashamed that her family would realize what she was doing and thats why she wont respond cuz they were talking all week and are close but once she said she was almost here the cousin just disappears

she tells me she has only had one boyfriend a filipino, they broke up 2 years ago she hasnt kissed a boy since, she has never talked to a foreigner before me which was why she was so nervous when i first said hi she said in the province she would never talk to a white man because everyone would see and gossip about it so she was looking around making sure no one she knew saw her and then laughs at herself realizing no one here knows her

obv the more she talks like this its turning me on big time, i start trying to get her to just come to bed with me but she doesnt want to, i initiate some playful touching joking about being the first foreigner ever to touch her, at one point i catch myself almost going to far and have to regain control and then say im going to bed u can come back later or u can just sleep here on other side of bed but she leaves, this all got me really worked up mentally so i got like no sleep she texted me a few times through the night while i was getting awful 20% sleep and at like 1130 she says she is really cold and tired can she come now i say ok but im gonna lie down for awhile longer, this poor girl is roaming around in heels for 7 hours with nowhere to go carrying her bags not knowing anyone but ME and her only option to get out of this situation is to come lay in bed with ME and hope i dont jump on her


Royal Amsterdam Hotel lobby, Walking Street

i already had warned her that if she came back over id likely (definitely) try and talk her into boom boom again but wouldnt ever make her do anything she didnt want, she comes over gets in bed in her clothes i offer a tshirt and shorts but she says no thanks so sleeps in uncomfortable clothes, i give it another shot she says she wont ever boom boom anyone she doesnt love so every few minutes i ask her if she loves me yet, the most i get her to do is cuddle for a bit, i genuinely feel sorry for the girl because she just spent 15 hours on a bus to come here and is now gonna hop on the bus to go back tomorrow, spent money she didnt have to waste and walked around for a day not having a clue where she was or what she was doing so i just back off and let her rest, was so weird having a girl in bed with you and getting nothing

She ended up knocking on my door at around 1am the next night, I was asleep and thought it was a freelancer who did that from time to time that I didn’t want to see. I woke up around 3am and went out and the front desk told me I had a visitor and said it was this girl. I texted her and she said she was sitting in a park all alone. I told her to come over and I let her stay in my bed while I worked, she then asked if she could borrow money to go home. I never loan money but this was clearly a girl in need so I decided to give her the trike and bus fare thinking I would never see it again.


Two days later she texted me asking for my contact details and sent the money via western union. Her parents have lots of money and she has some herself, but she was afraid to bring her bank cards with her because she didn’t want to get them stolen. I told her in the future if she ever travels again to bring her bank cards. She also said that if I didn’t help her she would have stayed in Angeles and found a job until she saved enough money for the bus. She was too ashamed to tell her parents what happened and ask them to send her money. Again I told her that even if her parents might get mad it would have been smarter to get out of there instead of sleeping in a park. This was one of my more memorable experiences in Asia and something I will never forget. When I gave her the 1000 pesos to get home she literally cried tears of joy. I had never made someone cry tears of joy before and probably never will again.

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  1. jspill says:

    Still a better love story than Twilight

  2. abcdeffff says:

    Have you ever contacted her for old times sake? I imagine she has fond memories of you and probably will always think highly of foreigners now to some degree. On second thought….Leave her alone!!

  3. -Cam says:

    lol The was the most beautiful romantic horror I have ever read

  4. thibault says:

    and youre proud of yourself?
    one less girl in the pool. and that, just because of you.
    why do you think the others are there? because they did not find a good samaritan to play captain save a ho.
    if everybody was like you, respecting women and shit, there would be no more girls to do. no more blow jobs.
    white knight award of the week.

    • dante says:

      why do you hate women so much?

      so you think a better scenario is this girl that clearly had no interest in doing any p4p stuff should have slept in the park with no money until she was so desperate to make a buck that she got fucked by the next guy that walked by for her bus fare?

      i sure hope i never view the world the same way as you do

      • jspill says:

        Yeah it’s not quite a ‘captain save a hoe’ situation if she’s not a hoe yet

        I’d expect most of the others are there knowing exactly what the job entails

        • dante says:

          beyond that…. im happy to help save a hoe if i can….. tried to get shack girl out of the shack my whole time in snooky… she was out of it by the time i left, no idea how much i played in that but ill gladly take the credit

  5. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Hey Dante I have been silently stalking your blog for months and have finally decided to take the plunge and move to the Philippines. I have kind of a different question, considering I plan on having the daily activities (wink) you do what Travel Vaccines did you get before the trip? Japanese Encephalitis vac is like $320 a pop and it takes two doses here in the States and that’s nuts.

  6. dante says:

    i got none 😛

    • jspill says:

      Me neither, hardly anyone does tbh. especially at usa prices.

      There’s rabies but you can get a post exposure vaccine in the event you somehow get bitten by a dog, but that’s like being struck by lightning.

      Other ones people recommend are hepatitis/typhoid.

      Most sexpats are just staying in urban areas though, it’s not like we’re trekking through jungles.

  7. RumandCokeMan says:

    Wild story Dante. Glad you helped her out.

    Was curious when reading-
    What would’ve happened to her if she had to slept in the park? Are kidnappings etc common in the Phils or pretty much nonexistent?

    • kick2dante says:

      nobody would have kidnapped her, there are other squatters that sleep all over the city (and country)

      she would have just got no sleep and been super scared every time she heard the slightest noise

  8. Old Waiguoren says:

    The whole “I love you!” and “I won’t boom boom anyone I don’t love” stuff I keep reading about is a real turn off for me.

    I get meeting non-bar girls has its perks, but then again, I am not getting into any kind of real relationship, and I won’t lie to them.

    Sounds like I’ll just have to find a few favorite free lancers from time to time.

  9. randy says:

    I do not believe a word of this but it was a nice story.

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