Met a Girl Like Me

hot-pinay-bikiniBefore I visited Cebu for the first time I had used dating sites to meet some girls so I could hit the ground running. One of the girls was a 6.5ish who gave me her number quickly and we texted a bit when I got there.

Forget her for a minute……. At the apartment I was staying at a few doors down from me there was a girl who looked to be quite attractive, but I had never seen her up close so I wasn’t sure.

The WiFi was terrible where I was staying and I knew that the potentially hot girls boyfriend had got his own internet installed.

Since I worked mostly late at night I wanted to see if I could pay them a little to get their WiFi password to use in emergencies.

Hot Neighbor Chick

One day I walked down to their room to ask and the front door was open.  The girl was in  skin tight white nighty that showed A LOT of skin with no bra on, I was shocked but had already started knocking and when she saw me she sat down.

This nighty was really short and now I had a perfect view of her sky blue panties.  Must focus…. ‘Hey sorry to disturb but you guys have your own internet right?  If I pay you few hundred pesos could I get the password and I’ll only use it late at night?

She says yes and that she will bring me the password later, I tell her that I don’t mean to be rude but she is stunning (she was) and she says thank you.  I don’t wanna go to hardcore on hitting on my neighbor’s girlfriend, but if there is ever one worth hitting on its her.

I start asking my other neighbor about them and he says that she always is going out to the discos at night dressed like a slut.  He says she is probably still pay 4 play even though she is with him, but I think he might just be wanting to watch a disaster in the making.

I go on the disco’s FB page and there she is almost every weekend night looking like a slut.  I find her profile and she is a part time model that has some very nice lingerie pics up.  But I’ve already seen the in person lingerie show and want more.

Back To the First Girl

As mentioned I was texting with this other girl who was a 6.5ish (nice body, so so face) and we were supposed to hang out at some point.  Well around midnight one night I’m sitting out in front of my room and my hot neighbor comes out dressed like a slut ready to go to the disco.

When she gets outside she looks over and sees me and heads back in.  A minute later her and her friend walk up to give me the WiFi password.  Since it’s a small world her friend is the 6.5 I have been texting with.

We chat about the crazy coincidence for a bit and they head off to the disco.  At this point I don’t even really care about the 6.5, all I want is the neighbor.

The next morning I see the 6.5 outside on a laptop and go over to say hi.  She is just about to skype with a girl from Sweden.  I find this odd but she says she has lots of female friends in Europe. Turns out she is a lesbian.

Same MO as Me

Since I am semi-obsessed with the neighbor chick I start asking about her.  The 6.5 has only known the neighbor for 2 weeks.  I ask how they met and she says FilipinoCupid!

This girl had basically the same modus operandi as me – contact a lot of really sexy girls on dating sites, apps or Facebook and try to become ‘friends with benefits‘. Should’ve asked her if sites ever banned her for copy pasting intro messages too much like me.

I ask her if she had hooked up with hot neighbor chick yet and she said no but they did kiss when they were both really drunk for a few minutes but her boyfriend got home so they stopped.

Sadly I never hooked up with either of them.  I also knew the hot one’s former best friend and she told me that she still would go with guys for money at the disco.  She also said she had probably been with 100+ guys over the past few years.

I eventually sent the hot one a friend request on FB two days before I moved out.  Since I was leaving Cebu I decided to ask if she would go to a short time hotel room with me but she said she would but she was going to Bohol for the weekend 🙁

The memorable part about this (other than the white nighty and sky blue panties) was the lesbian.  I never would have guessed that she was after girls and using the same MO as me to try and get close to the hot one.

On FB I could tell they were always together over the next months. I’m pretty sure she scored.

12 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    You’re a 6.5ish too. You could be twins.

  2. kick2dante says:

    pretty sure calling me a 6.5 is the nicest thing you have ever said to me

  3. Ash says:

    Have you seen any black people abroad in SEA in your time there at all? Any observations?

  4. kick2dante says:

    hmm ash that is pretty vague, what observations are you looking for?

    certainly not as many as white guys but some around

    dennis rodmans dad lives in angeles lol

    • Ash says:

      Like are they causing trouble? Friendly? With girls outside of bars? I only ask cause I’m black too and want to visit.

      And wow, didn’t know that haha!

  5. kick2dante says:

    sure they all have seemed friendly, ive never personally had a problem with any or noticed them causing them problems

    i will say though that asian people do seem to be far more racist than people from the western world (even filipinos back home were quite racist) so there may be some girls here that will not be so keen to talk to you (based solely out of ignorance obv, well also that and the fear of the giant thing in your pants hehe)

    but i am sure that as long as you are kind and polite you would definitely be able to find some girls to join you, if they are hookers then money will do the talking for you, if not i saw black guys with girls in cebu pretty often

    might not be quite as easy as for a white guy, but smile and come off as non threatening and you should be fine

    actually i remember last year there was this black guy hitting on a girl that worked at the mall, he was approaching her as if she were an english speaking american, talking in slang, talking fast….. i pretended to browse for stuff like 15 feet away and she clearly had no clue what he was saying and was just smiling and saying yes to everything, it was awesome cuz he didnt realize it at all… but in the phils who knows he still might have scored

  6. mongerplanet says:

    Interesting story. Cebu is a place I would like to visit on my next trip to the Philippines
    Looking forward to your guest post on Mongerplanet and scoring with Filipino girls

  7. kick2dante says:

    sadly cebu isnt that great for a short visit, takes some time to build up your contacts to take full advantage of the place

    guest post coming soon, i already typed most of it up

  8. Guy says:

    I once dated a Lesbian there. You might be thinking “technically, that means she’s not really a..”- yea, I know, I asked too. I think the ‘sub’ types are actually pretty loose with guys. So back to this girl: she was a former ramp model and pretty smart, I thought I hit the jackpot.

    Until the crazy set in. I think a good portion of the 8.5+ women you’ll find on dating sites are cluster B types. Be careful out there, gentlemen.

  9. kick2dante says:

    i can handle a little crazy for a few hours

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