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I went to Subic one weekend and had done some pipelining on Filipino Cupid before I arrived so I wouldn’t be lonely when I got there. It didn’t take long to find a couple takers.

I was staying at a hotel that doubled as an apartment and it was quite popular with foreigners. Well the hottest girl I was staying withs boyfriend lived there and she said there was no way she could visit me.

I gave up on her but then at four AM one night she texted me and asked me to get us a short time room just down the street. I liked her already.


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I rented the room for two hours and believe me we maximized every minute. She had a great body and I was motorboating those sweet tits in no time. Then she sucked me off for awhile before presenting herself in doggy and told me to do it rough.

After a few minutes of pounding she told me to fuck her in the ass. OK miss if thats what you want then that is what we will do. She told me to tell her before I came and I thought she just didn’t want cum in her ass.

Well that wasn’t the reason, the reason was that she was a swallower. She not only would swallow but she MUST swallow. As I was moving up to nut in her mouth a little bit went onto her sweet tits at first and she slapped my ass and got mad at me for wasting some.

<>We hopped in the shower and I wanted to take a thirty minute break but she only let it last about five minutes. As I was laying there trying to think about anything but sex to recoup she popped her head under my pillow and was tonguing my balls.

This time there was no sex, just a long blow job. Maybe that was because she wanted to make sure to swallow all of it and didn’t trust me to pull out in time again.

After this round I forced her to give me a fifteen minute break before she hopped on top in cowgirl and road me. Then it was reverse cow girl for the anal, and then some doggie before I came down her throat again.

After showering we had been there for an hour and fifty five minutes and it was time to go. Not all hook ups off Filipino Cupid end up that good……. but its nice knowing things like that are possible right?