Meeting Filipina Girls with Jobs

Many people on various message boards always try to claim that the only girls you can get for ‘free’ hook ups in the Philippines are the poor uneducated Filipina women.  They think the ones with no jobs are desperate to get you to love them.

There may be some cases of this, lots of the Pinays on dating sites don’t have jobs and didn’t go to school.  They are looking for men to support them long term – in a poor country it’s not surprising to find that.

But there are many educated Pinays on these sites too, and there is a certain demographic of Filipina women that seem to make up a huge percent of my free hook ups.

Call Center Workers

filipina girls with jobs

I don’t know what it is about call center workers but I would guess at least half the girls I have met at malls or face to face and ended up hooking up with worked in them.

In the western world call centers are thought of as pretty terrible jobs.  In the Philippines they are one of the best jobs Filipina women can get and they are highly desired by all.

I can come up with a few reasons for why they seem to be the highest demographic for hook ups.  First they have enough money to buy load and can text me when I give them my number.

Second they speak good English so won’t be to shy to meet with a foreigner.  They may also have an added curiosity after chatting with people from the states all day.

But I really think the biggest reason is that these girls have more ‘balls’ than the majority of the poor uneducated ones.  Maybe confidence is a better word.

They are go getters, they have put in the work to get a good job and if an opportunity presents itself they will be willing to take it.

It’s Kind of the Opposite of what You Would Expect

Let’s say I am in Manila and am walking around Greenbelt handing out my number. Or IT Park in Cebu. I will get a pretty high rate of return as far as texts go, and a few will be willing to meet up with me.

But if I go to a poorer area of the city like Ermita/Malate I will get far fewer text backs.  But even more then that the ones that text rarely ever meet up.

hooking up with filipina girls that have jobsThey are the ‘next time’ crowd.  They have some interest, but they are to timid to ever go through with it.

Instead they just want to have pointless ‘hi how are you’ a few times a week.

Then you ask them to hang out and they are ‘busy.’

They have no jobs, they aren’t going to school, they sit around all day on Facebook… yet they always are ‘so busy.’

Eventually weeks or sometimes months later they may meet up with me, but that is pretty rare. I almost feel like it’s pointless to even try there anymore.

On the other hand the ones with jobs will meet up quite quickly.

The most recent one I met on FilipinoCupid came over and was talking about how she had met foreigners before and hadn’t gone back to their place because she knew what their ‘plan’ was.

We were on my couch and I asked why she had decided to come to my place and not theirs and she giggled and said she didn’t know.

That was quite an easy invitation to heat things up so that’s what I did.

Do I believe that she had really turned down the other offers?  Who cares hehe :).

Even Knowing This I Still Sometimes Don’t Do the Right Thing

One of the best nights of my life happened a few months ago.  I was walking past a sexy girl who had very nice clothes on and she looked quite ‘hi-so.’  I was thinking I had no chance and walked past.

Then I decided why not try so I ran up to her and gave her my number.  2 hours later we were in the hotel room her foreigner husband was paying for.

She was a college grad that had rich parents……. she even had a violin in her room that she traveled with.  And I almost didn’t even give her my number because she was to ‘high class’ for a dork like me walking around in a $3 t-shirt.

Sometimes the thing that most people think actually isn’t correct.  It is easy to assume that you will only get the uneducated girls and the ‘good girls’ that go to college won’t put out so easily.

In my experience the opposite has been the case.

8 Responses

  1. kick2dante says:

    call center might not be a bad job to get

  2. Tyler Durden says:

    They’re really all quite easy. I lived in PI for over a year, and the only girls I couldn’t get were the ones I chose not to because it would have taken too long. If you’re under 40, tall and decent looking (and white, preferably American) then you’re practically unstoppable. Now, it won’t be super easy in every scenario, but very doable in most cases, especially if you’re willing to wait for them to come around. A lot of Pinays will try the wait and see approach. As long as you’re friendly and nice, and funny, and not a jackass, you will win them over (that’s a figure of speech, never actually try to ‘win over’ a Pinay). That would be like trying really hard to run downhill.

    I remember girls in swarms coming to me while I was in bars, asking for my number. Beautify ones, tall ones, thick ones and skinny ones – they were mostly all dtf. It’s that curiosity. They really want a big dick, and based one what they’ve told me, Pinoy’s don’t have them… BUT, one must be careful! There are so many that would love you have your little mixed-baby. So many will TRY to get pregnant, or at the least not even protect against it. Here in the U.S., I expect most girls to be on the pill. In PI, it’s probably 1/10, or worse. If I can give any advice, either strap up or pull out. NEVER depend on them or you’ll be a daddy in no time!

  3. kick2dante says:

    so youre saying its not all just my charming personality? 🙁

  4. Pinayhw says:

    My Filipina wife has a job. But because I am a little older I don’t always have the energy for going out or for making love. So I don’t keep her prisoner. I pay for her to go on dates. I am okay for a boyfriend to handle needs for her I can’t.

    So I will pay for a hotel room for her to have fun with.

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