Met a Virgin on IndonesianCupid

Living in Asia you have so many memorable days but some will be ones that you truly will never forget. For me yesterday was one of those days.

I met this very cute 19 year old on IndonesianCupid that spoke quite a bit better English then most girls in Jakarta but she still wasn’t great at it. However she was a very happy and fun girl that loved to joke around. Girls like that are right in my wheel house.

After only a few days of us sending LOTS of texts to each other she agreed to come hang out with me. I had already screened her with ‘are you a hooker’ (in nicer words) and she said no she was an engineering student with a good family.

She had never met a foreigner and knew she was going to be shy in public so she didn’t mind having our first ‘date’ at my place, though it really wasn’t a date because she said she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend.

Our personalities had meshed so well and she seemed quite smitten with my silly texts that I knew I was going to be in for a fun one, but I never would have guessed how it would go.

Let’s Watch a Movie!

She comes in and we chat for a bit and she is better at English then I was expecting. She had said that she couldn’t speak English well only text but that wasn’t at all the case. Every once in awhile she had to pause and think of how to get her point across, but overall she was fine.

We sat on the bed and chatted and I had joked around about how badly I wanted to hug her because she was so cute, so I gave her lots of hugs when she arrived. Before long we have a movie on and are cuddling on the bed.

I am pretty sure that I could have gone in for a kiss at any point and it would have been well received, but I let the movie run for 20-30 minutes before I made my move just to not seem like an asshole.

The kiss was well received and within ten minutes I am sliding her panties down and she says ‘I have never done this.’ I say it is OK just do what you are comfortable with and we lock lips again.

When I had slid my hands over her pussy through her pants and panties, and again just over panties her body had reacted some. But once I put a little bit of spit on my fingers and started slowly playing with her clit she couldn’t take it.

She would be like ‘omg stop!’ and I would be like really? And she wouldn’t say anything so I would start again. Her back was arching and stomach muscles reacting, sometimes I just stopped kissing to watch her enjoy it.

I noticed that every time I would try in and go for a neck kiss she would scrunch her shoulders up and block it, but when I barely got in she CLEARLY liked it. More on that later. I kept sliding my finger to her ‘entrance’ and teasing it but I didn’t want to go in unless she wanted. I don’t know if a finger can break a hymen…..

I am like 75% sure that if I had just climbed on top and slowly worked my way in she wouldn’t have said no, but I know that is a pretty huge thing for a girl and if she has made it to 19 without losing it she probably doesn’t want to lose it on a random hook up.

I ask if she wants to have sex and she says ‘don’t think now’ and I say OK. I point out how hard my dick is and ask if she can help me out and she says sure and gives it a nice hug with her mouth. She had done that before to a boyfriend but he had never done anything for her, nice guy.

Time For Rest

Afterwards she wanted to sleep for a bit so I did some work. This was in the mid afternoon and she had told me she needed to be home by 7pm. I woke her up with a kiss and we had some more fun.

This time I asked her why she kept blocking her neck and she said something in Bahasa. I asked her what it meant and she said ‘it feel too good’ and giggled. I knew it! Every time I barely touched it she responded even more then when I touched her clit the first time.

So this time I would kiss her and kiss her while playing around down low and then randomly shoot down and lock my lips on her neck. Every time I did she would buck up and be overflown with pleasure.

I always go for neck kisses, most girls consider this their ‘weakness’ but I had never seen anything like this. But despite my best efforts I could never get her to cum. She did another good bj and now it was time for her to leave…..

But she had forgotten the key to her home and her parents had just left. She kept saying she would come up with some plan on what to do, but she had none. Guess we are hanging out all night.

We both are getting hungry and I ask if she wants to go to the mall to eat. I can tell she is hesitant but she says yes. There really are no restaurants around where I am staying and the mall is nearby.

When we get to the mall she is fine, but I want to mess with her a bit and keep joking around about giving her a hug in front of a bunch of people or squeezing her butt as we go up an escalator with people behind us.

Every time I say this there is an equal amount of laughing and scared looks on her face. I start teasing her about going into the bathroom or finding a mattress shop to go lose her virginity but she says no :(.

Then she grabs my butt on the escalator the next time I tease her! This girl is awesome. After we eat I ask what she wants to do and she says I don’t know. I ask if she wants to walk around and she says no, I say why and she says she is scared what I might do in public lol.

A few times while I was eating I had put my hand on her leg and slowly started sliding it higher and higher, but totally as a joke. Well when we got in the taxi back to my place I did it again…. and she didn’t stop me.

So now I am fingering a virgin in the back seat of a taxi and she is doing her best to pretend like nothing is going on. I take her hand and put it on my dick and she starts stroking me off. Not a huge fan of hj’s but in this situation I’ll take one.

We get back to my place and right back to bed we head.

Playing ‘Just the Tip’ With a Virgin

This time as we are laying there she is slowly getting our lower areas more and more lined up and inching closer and closer. After 20 minutes she has climbed on top of me and gone from rubbing her clit on my dick to pushing down on it but not directly lined up so it didn’t enter.

Now she has it fully lined up and is sort of rotating it around on the tip. I ask her if she is sure she wants to do this and she says ‘sorry only this’ and I assure her she has nothing to be sorry about.

I just lay there and let nature take its course and before long she has gone all the way down and is slowly going up and down. After awhile I flip her on her side so I can slowly pump in and out while playing with her clit and getting some neck kisses in on her hot spot.

Watching her face was amazing. I would start to go faster and ask her if she was OK and she said yes. I think she had got so wet and so horny through all of the play on that day that there was no pain.

She spent the night and we did it again in the morning and this time there was a lot of pain. We started in missionary and I could see in her face that it wasn’t the same as the night before. I had to go really really slow and not all the way in.

Probably First Legit Asian Virgin

There has only been one other girl who told me she was a virgin. It was Pinay and the way she told me made me have my doubts.

Basically right as I was sliding in she said it, and it just sort of came off as fake. Maybe it wasn’t I’m not sure, but it wasn’t anything like this one.

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  1. guy says:

    pics of hymen or didn’t happen

  2. harley says:

    doe she wear a hijab with you?

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