Where to Meet Russian Girls in Manila

If you’d like to meet Russian girls in Manila there are half a dozen working at Horizon on P Burgos street. On the North end past Ringside bar.

The Russian girls there work as pole dancers and then there are dozen or more Filipinas who do choreographed dance performances in various costumes. In total about 20 showgirls and hostesses.

Two Russian dancers on the pole

It’s like a cross between a G club (Gentleman’s club) and a cabaret bar. But there’s no barfine like gogo bars.

The dance shows are fun to watch and guys’ drinks are cheaper than the rest of P Burgos, 100 for a beer instead of 150, 150 for a soda water instead of 200 etc. It’s an interesting bar to predrink and start the night of. Funny seeing 7 foot tall Russians in heels next to 5 foot Pinays.

Pinays doing the Michael Jackson set

However the lady drinks are expensive, G club style. 500 pesos ($10) instead of 300 – 400 on the rest of P Burgos. Any of the hostesses or dancers can sit and drink with you, including the Russians.

That’s how the bar makes their money – along with $20 dishes of food, and $150 bottles of liquor in the VIP rooms – because there’s no barfine. Girls can’t be taken out for sex.

But you could get their number after a lady drink or two and then arrange to meet up in their free time… I did this before and they asked me to edit the blog post on it.

They said the post was ok but they didn’t want the NBI (like the police) to find the post and mistakenly think they were a venue for prostitution.

Compared to Thailand the Philippines is way more cagey about P4P, even bars that do have a barfine sometimes don’t like to talk about it. But to reiterate there’s no barfine at this place ^^

Meet Russian Girls Online

Like Thailand there are some Russian girls studying in the Philippines and working freelance on the side.

Russian student in Manila

Not quite as many as Bangkok (find them in Mixx club) or Pattaya (has some Russian girl gogo bars). Manila has less of everything – white tourist girls, black girls, and Russian girls – but there are still a few.

I’ve seen some at Royal club in Makati, and on Tinder.

Not active recently though

I only see a couple on the Asia dating sites but there’s 10 on InternationalCupid at the time of writing.

It’s free to search girls by nationality before committing to a membership. Filter for Russia.

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Costume show

13 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Lovely but prefer pinay

  2. Reader says:

    Russians are cold and mercenary as fuck + age badly. Do not want.

  3. Thibault says:

    russians we fuck here in western europe are top notch. probably because they aint full time prostutute but sideline , occasional. if they stay in the system too long, they get an attitude, they thinkb hey re diva,cabe obviously they know they are the best looking whores out there and intend to be treated as such. the ones that just arrived from russia that were not prostitutes there are real angels, though. dont fall in love, thank god they dont have the time during their schengen visa to milk you. they fuck like rabbit during ine month then goi back with a years wage.

    btw which girl did you game? phils or russian?
    phils is the only country were local girls will have better english than russian ones.

  4. siberia says:

    They have to be cagey with any of the bars with non pinoys in because if they get busted for selling sex it ramps up to a human trafficking charge. I’m not sure if there is a specific VIP section but a friend of mine has had a bj in there before. But he quite regularly drops over 20k peso in there so that might have something to do with it.

    • jspill says:

      Good point

      Yeah they have dark VIP rooms off to the side where no one would see you doing that. They said I’d have to buy a bottle to go there, cheapest one was 7000 – 8000 for JD Red label

  5. Heinrich Cu says:

    Are the Russians pretty ? Can we get a bj ? Or lap dance ? How much ?

    • jspill says:

      No official sexual services or prices at all (no barfine either) but if you were in the vip room spending a lot I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s possible. It’s dark and secluded

      They weren’t that pretty imo but great bodies

  6. Jasper Laguitao says:

    where can i get russians now? are they still here? its 2020 already

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