Where to Meet Black Girls in Manila

Makati nightclub

If you’re wondering where to meet black girls in Manila the most I’ve seen so far in one place is at Royal.

Often when you meet Russian or Black women in SE Asia cities they are ‘working’ freelance in afterhours discos, in Manila that’s Royal nightclub. About 2/3rds or more of the Filipina girls at Royal are too.


In Thailand prostitution is a lot more open so you’ll see tons of African girls hanging out on the streets of lower Sukhumvit, by Nana skytrain station. Along the entrance to Soi 3/1, 5, 7, and on Soi 4.

In the Philippines there are still tons of working girls but compared to Thailand it’s more hidden, e.g. gogo bars have no nudity (unlike Thailand). There’s also less of a street girl scene.

Royal nightclub

You don’t see many black girls working on the streets in Manila, like you do in Bangkok. So the discos are the best spots, the Makati clubs near the red light district. So Royal and Time club nearby gets busy about 5am.

In the daytime black girls in Manila might be students or nurses, so you could meet some around university campuses / nursing schools.

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At the bar at Royal nightclub 

Not many Asian guys hit on African chicks, they aren’t that interested in Asians either, and African guys are often chasing Filipina girls, so there isn’t much competition if you’re into black girls.

And if they are working it should be fairly cheap.

Royal Location

Royal nightclub is on General Luna Street in Makati. Across from Gramercy my favorite condo in Manila.

Off Makati Avenue

Meet Black Girls Online

You can also try Tinder, AsianDating, FilipinoCupid, the usual places, or InternationalCupid, or black girl specific dating site AfroIntroductions and then filter for Manila.

At the time of writing I see ~40 black girl profiles on there for Manila.

18 Responses

  1. why the fuck would I wanna meet black girls anywhere other than the Taco-Bell drive-through.

  2. Maxpower says:

    Funny. I was there last night. I did see some black people. Brothers were hitting up on pinays though like J says. Good times.

  3. Cuck says:

    I’m worried they might laugh at my below average penis

  4. Spirit maze says:

    i’ll take a pass on the AIDS, thanks

  5. thibault says:

    another freelancer pickup spot? why didnt you tell us about? hiw about a recap of price expected and quality ,attitude of girls…

    • jspill says:

      Yeah it’s coming soon. One said 2500 short 5000 long when I asked, sometimes I ask when I’m not interested to see what they say. They usually go high if you ask. One asked 5000 short 10000 long.

      Best to not ask, don’t say anything and hand them 2000 or offer that if they ask how much, and say that’s what you paid before, should be fine. Some are really not hot and will take anything at the end of the night, like 1000 – 1500, offer that if they’re not hot. A few will bang for free if they like you.

      Saw some some ugly ones saying 3000 to guys who looked like tourists on holiday who wanted to get laid. If they think they can get that they’ll try for that, if they’re desperate that’ll drop a lot.

      Way hotter girls at ZZYZX will take 3000, Royal girls are lower quality so 3k is too much. If you go a few times you’ll see all the same faces, they look pretty miserable grinding Royal for customers day in day out, and bitchy, girls in discos have an inflated sense of their value. I’d rather just walk around Burgos looking for a street freelancer.

  6. Heinrich cu says:

    Royal club is like a prostitute den ? I want to tap some black girls . Hahaha. When are they usually there

    • jspill says:

      About 2/3rds or so, hard to estimate. I wouldn’t call it a den. It’s like Mixx or Levels in Bangkok where it’s quite a fancy club so tourists wouldn’t realise girls are hookers, but most are.

      Some girls will let guys bang them and then not ask for money, but hope the guy gives at least some. Then they don’t consider themselves hookers. The more hardcore ones will tell you they want money, although some wait til the end of the night.

      It’s a fairly decent club with some locally known DJs, so some normal girls will go too.

      Or some will be hookers in other places but not at Royal, I recognised some P Burgos gogo girls there. It’s the nearest club to that red light district. If they’re just out partying they might be horny and not ask for money.

      And some will be friends of hookers just going to keep them company. And some will be more like golddiggers who will bang a guy they like that buys them bottles, ‘games’ them and takes them on fancy dates, etc. And change ‘boyfriend’ every week.

      The ones that are freelancing at Royal will be standing fairly still staring at guys trying to get eye contact.

      Black girls mostly fri / sat nights, but just way more people in general on weekends.

  7. Maxpower says:

    The number that I got quoted was usually around 4000 -5000 for LT. I usually negotiate down to 2000 – 3000. It all depends on the girl and your chemistry with her though. I had some that would do it for fun. Yep the quality is a kind of hit or miss. You do have consistently better quality in Malate for same price.

  8. RICHARD says:

    You must of ran out of things to write about? I am Black and I don’t WANT TO MEET them in the Philippines? HELL is spite of the few racists comments, I will say this could have said “where to meet AMERICAN girls in the Philippines and my response would be the same. Why in HELL would I want to meet any other girls than FILIPINAS in the Philippines? WTH did I come to the Philippines for? TO GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THESE AMERICAN BITCHES!

    • jspill says:

      I had to use that huge ass pic for something.

    • drifter says:

      I like them as a change of pace from the Asian girls. Now that I live in SEA, I like a little variety. Instead of rice every day, I mix it up. Also, I can’t speak about the black girls in the Philippines, but here in Thailand, most are on tourist visas, usually from Madagascar. They’re a lot different from American bitches. YMMV.

    • Grinch says:

      I am black and i most definitely agree with you there! Its like a Caucasian coming to the Phils to me a caucasian girl!

  9. Jasper Laguitao says:

    i want to taste some black pussy
    the black girl from a well known escort site in the philippines
    but its so ugly

    so are there still black girls in royal?

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