Tried out a Filipina Escort – Manila Courtesans Review


Escorts aren’t something I normally use because usually they’re expensive, you pay a premium for the convenience of a girl being delivered to your place, and are risking the pictures not matching her appearance.

It’s easy in places like the Philippines and Thailand to find a hot girl yourself in person from a red light district, beer bar, gogo bar, disco etc. even as a foreigner on holiday there for the first time.

Involving any kind of middle man isn’t necessary in big cities, especially random touts on the street who offer to take you to find ‘lady boom boom’ or anything like that. Wanting their commission.

Recent pics

Then with escort websites you don’t know what you’re getting until the girl is at your door, will have to pay up front, and usually it’s covered sex (condom). Although if you’re concerned about STDs that’s good.

But I tried escorts in Bangkok and Manila to see how it’d go and get material for blog posts. In BKK I reviewed, an escort app that lowers the cost of escorts to $60 – $100, about the same as a gogo bar. Prior to Smooci escort sites in BKK charged $150 – 200.

Next up was an escort girl in Manila. From research on Philippines forums three Filipina escort agencies that were often recommended were, and

Via Manila Courtesans

I decided to try out Manila Courtesans. Full review below. Everything went well so I would recommend them if you want the convenience, exclusivity and low STD risk (not many guys will want to pay these prices).

Unlike my Smooci review this time I paid for it myself. Manila Courtesans do pay to put a banner ad on this blog but as far as actually trying them out myself I paid and this is an unbiased review.

No Rejection Fee / Chaperone

Manila Courtesans don’t charge a fee if you reject the girl based on her pictures not matching her, unlike some Manila escort agencies.

Also the girl arrives alone to your door, not with some local guy as a bodyguard.

Shower together

My friend once used a Manila escort agency, sadly he can’t remember the name, who wanted to charge him 1000 pesos for cancellation and transportation expenses.

They had no written policy on their website and he only got a verbal confirmation on the phone that there wouldn’t be any charge (‘Ok Sirrrrr’).

It got awkward when he wanted to turn her away and refused to pay the 1000, the guy turned violent and abusive motioning inside his jacket as if to pull out a weapon, but luckily hotel security arrived just in time.

Then to the bed

Manila Escort Prices

The cheapest price on Manila Courtesans is 4500 pesos ($90) for two hours with Kimmy, you get at least two shots (sex twice). Then they have a couple girls at 5000.

Long time rates are pretty crazy. Even if they were cheap I never really recommend committing to long time with any kind of prostitutes you’re new to.

Start with short time, see how well you vibe with the girl then extend from there if you want to. Maybe they’ll come back over off the clock and it’ll end up cheaper.

I picked ‘Simone’ (stage name) for 7000 pesos short time, two hours, two shots.

She’s actually 20 now

Manila Courtesans Review

So Simone arrived alone, at 7.10pm, to my room at Gramercy Residences in Makati. I’d booked for 7pm mid afternoon so pretty punctual. No ‘Filipino time’ delays.

She was beautiful, not quite as perfect as the photos above which were from a professional model shoot with make up and high resolution camera, perfect lighting etc. but still fine.

She gave good GFE (girlfriend experience), i.e. wasn’t cold and mercenary. Like most Pinays and Thais she was warm and friendly. Spoke decent English too.

The funny part was I realized I’d actually met her before a year earlier when she was working on P Burgos as a massage girl. She’s put on a lot of weight since then but in a good way, went from skinny to full figured with decent boobs and butt.

Model shoot

From the different body type and the make up in the escort photos I didn’t recognise her until she arrived.

We had sex before a few times for 2500 pesos, plus 500 for the massage shop that you normally have to pay with massage freelancers on P Burgos. Now I’m paying 7000 😀 Although it was two shots.

But I was happy to see her as she stopped meeting me back then. She got a boyfriend and told me she’d stop working, and didn’t reply to texts.

I remember thinking why is a girl this hot standing on the street doing massage on P Burgos, I’m glad she finally moved up in the P4P world.

Since I was paying 7000 and we’d met before I asked to do certain extra things we hadn’t done before. She agreed 🙂 Can’t really blog about it publicly. Those things are at the girls’ discretion.

Filipina curves

No Filipino Guys?

The live support on Manila Courtesans asked if I was a ‘local or American’ when booking (they call all westerners Americans). They explained they are reluctant to send girls to condos of local guys.

They do accept local guys staying in 4 and 5 star hotels though.

No Airbnb?

They also asked if I was staying at Gramercy on Airbnb (I was) or if I was the unit owner. They do allow it but they ask to see proof of the reservation first over email.

Manila vs Bangkok Escorts

Manila Courtesans don’t list what services the girl does, which is a shame. Bangkok escort sites list everything, e.g. whether they do anal, cum in mouth, cum on face, rimjob, couples, costumes, etc.

The scale and variety of the prostitution scene is way better in Thailand but the Philippines is a close second and they speak English better.

But all girls on Manila Courtesans do DFK (deep French kissing), BBBJ (bareback blowjob) and GFE (companionship, the ‘girlfriend experience’).

Meaning they won’t lie there like a starfish and instantly rush to leave afterwards. Most Filipina prostitutes are pleasant, just the same as normal girls in terms of attitude and how they interact with you.

Blowjob and full service

Are Escorts Worth it?

In the Philippines you can of course find girls for free or next to nothing.

You can do the dating thing and take them to Starbucks next to your condo, Gramercy is connected to Century City mall with coffee shops and a private entrance via the mall. Then back to the room for a ‘movie’.

Some girls on dating sites like FilipinoCupid, Pinalove or AsianDating will want to come directly over to your place for ‘taxi money’ of 500 – 1500 pesos or so and not consider themselves prostitutes.

But there are some arguments for escorts, maybe you’re on a brief holiday, lazy, concerned about STDs etc. Most escorts are pretty hot as well although there are some ugly ones too online.

For comparison, a Manila gogo dancer at P Burgos would set you back 2900 for the barfine, 3000 short time on top, one or two lady drinks at 300, your beer at 150… so in total over 6000 plus your time. Or ~4500 at the EDSA gogo bars.

A freelancer at ZZYZX might ask 3000 up for one shot. At Royal disco they ask 2500 short 5000 long. At LA Cafe or on the streets around P Burgos they take much less (1000 – 2000) but might not be that pretty.

So 7000 ($140) is quite a lot for Manila but for two shots, no time spent, the possibility to keep in touch and meet again for less, and great service from a reputable Philippines escort agency, it’s ok.

Not something I’d do often though. You could take a bus to Angeles City and barfine two gogo girls and still have change left over for a budget hotel for that.

Some of their escorts are cheaper though. See prices and pics of all the girls at

98 Responses

  1. kick2dante says:

    looks better in your pics than photoshopped imo

  2. Thibault says:

    ” the possibility to keep in touch and meet again for less,”
    its called cutting the share if the agency. next thing you know they send thugs to your condo… plus, the girl is at risk too

  3. Spirit maze says:

    did you try and stealth her with the condom? A girl like that needs some raw dogging

  4. Those prices are insane, even by Western standards. Actually, Backpage got pulled offline in the US. Can you believe that shit? Something something human trafficking\. A young ass guy can’t even get his dick wet anymore.

    Still though, she’s hot. Try spending that much here and you’d get some short, fat tattooed skank with stank breath show up at your door and her pimp walking in tow telling you to “Bust quick, nigga!”

    She’s chewing a piece of gum that she keeps behind her ear when she’s not with clients. Stringing it out of her mouth and twirling it around her fingers while eyeing you and mumbling “Dis nigga lowkey ugly.”


    • Thibault says:

      the west was destroyed long ago by traitor elites. but there is still onecthing i dont understand. why short is bad? short is cute.

    • jspill says:

      50 euros is said to get you one shot in e.g. Amsterdam right, I hear nowadays a bit more. So for 2 shots plus gfe at 124 euro it isn’t too bad

      But yeah I’ve never done p4p outside se asia. not really interested in it in the West.

      • Steve says:

        And that’s only for 15 mins, not 2 hours and no GFE… f**king Europeans are scammers, lol!

        • jspill says:

          Yeah I’ve heard bad things about Amsterdam. I had a pretty bad experience in a Hong Kong brothel too. Condom on my finger before I could touch her pussy, condom BJ, fresh condom for sex, asking to put 2 condoms on because I’m too big, bed about three feet wide, room about six feet. That reminds me I should do a post on that

          • Tim Hunter says:

            The hookers in Amsterdam are total shit. I tried it several times some years ago. First I had one girl and she was terrible. Then I tried another one and she was just as terrible.

            What do I mean by terrible?

            1: They are rude and get angry for nothing.
            2: You have to agree on everything you want upfront. There is no room for improvisation. If you have agreed on banging her in position X. That’s what’ll you get. If you want to change position that is not a part of the deal and she’ll quickly say ’20 EURO’.
            3: Standard price is 50 EURO for 15 minutes. For that money in Thailand you get two hot hookers long-time in Pattaya and Phuket.
            4: They blow you with condom, one of the girls also put a piece of paper on my stomach so she didn’t have to touch it. Is this a surgery??

            Some days after Amsterdam I was in Hamburg in Germany too. The redlight there was just a pure scam. You would agree on a price in the street, when you got into her room she would start to demand more money for everything.

            If you argued she would get angry, I got angry back. She pushed a button 20 seconds later a big African guy came an kicked me out of the building.

            The building right next to this redlight was a police station. But this is going on there every night of the year. Unbelievable.

    • I like short girls, just not short and fat girls, Thibault.

      Yeah Amsterdam and places like that are the exception, but I doubt teh GFE is that good compared to SEA.

      • kick2dante says:

        by western standards the prices arent insane at all and are very good, dudes in the US or london would kill to pay $140 for a couple rounds with a girl like that

        of course they dont have thousands of options all around them

    • Mikey Johnson says:

      Lmao…did I really write this shit? Hilarious.

  5. Thibault says:

    escorts.. it all boils down to: do you have more money or free time. convenience has a price. the time you lose in a gogo, disco, or worse, on dating sites… if you re a business man on a werkend trip, or even a two week millionaire… its totally different from the guy living on a pension or digital nomading it.

    i heard the service was better than other types of prostitution, outside of reputed establishments.
    in europe we use that, but its in seedy hotel room that they book themselves. girls dont come to see you, mostly. the vprice is the same, just its for 30 min.

    i would not use frequently myself in asua if there are girls that come to see you for taxi money, but its tempting if you want good service assured. there aint too much choice in the phils likecm thailand, but smooci made it interesting again.

    btw, smooci wont probably exist in manila, theycre not so open about that, are they…

  6. Tony says:

    Absolutely beautiful .luckly you

    • KanoGirlHunter says:

      He did get lucky you roll the dice with that agency mine was 7 years older than her pictures and had put on around 30 pounds so was fat a very bad experience yes Courtesans are off my list.
      I had better luck in Robinsons mall a girl was pimping her 18 year old sister farm fresh and a body better than this one shown here a 10 easy just got lucky and cost me 3000 pesos 2 hours of bliss and willing to do all tricks. and creampied Gave her fat sister 1000 pesos to feed her face whilst we went and banged.

      • jspill says:

        Haha good story. I have heard things about Robinson’s mall, the one in Malate I assume you mean, but I didn’t get approached by any freelancers the times I went, or see any obvious ones. Where exactly did you get approached?

        • KanoGirlHunter says:

          Malate Robinsons ground floor by the coffee shop space inside bottom of the escalator I think it was her first outing she stood out like a WOW not the usual dirt bags in their cruising in on Kanos it was a meeting of chance really. Filipinas don’t get out of bed until 1pm so go in the afternoon and go on Holiday April /May time when college has broken up. A good tip try immediates who are online on 3 different internet sites they are always hot to trot before going out mongering the hunt can be tiring pace yourself. Multiple approaches guaranteed you,ll get laid and you,ll soon get picky and enjoy some real beauties. They will never run out the population is so overcrowded there are new girls coming on the scene always.

  7. Tony says:

    Would you say that for the best p4p is angeles ? the price,no condom,age of girl .manila is a bit of a rip off .i am sick of Thailand.just to many tourists and is not cheap as used to be.british pound has taken a huge hit so have to be careful .angeles city not to big not so much crazy traffic.western food available.lots off pussy want more can you ask for.

    • jspill says:

      Best for price but average hotness low if you’re picky. But so many concentrated in one area (walking street, the gogos and hiso disco) you can usually find something decent. Sometimes not though. I go home empty handed more often in 2nd tier cities like angeles and pattaya, than manila and bangkok. Or have to repeat girls.

      Manila mostly a ripoff for barfines. Possible to get good deals after the first barfine or with freelancers / online girls that need money. But yeah still overall average cost / bang bit higher. Hotter girls but more spread out.

      They’re both good and bad in different ways and I like to spend time in both.

      • Tony says:

        Thank you for your reply.i am really fat and not picky at all to be honest.veitnam girls are the best and so beautiful.but different culture don’t give it up as easy .rent,hotels cheaper than Philippines but don’t speak English as question please about angeles city easy for 3 some and no comdom

      • KanoGirlHunter says:

        Try Cowboy in EDSA complex I book the Midas hotel its only around the corner…at least they dance in bikinis and you can see they are your type some real beauties but go at 8pm or the best ones are gone. Had 3 from there all good hot to trot girls and I’m picky. did go late a couple of nights and left empty handed didn’t fancy the leftovers. If thieres a looker take her quick or 3 mins later shes gone.

  8. against ignorance says:

    why not try the Bistro in United Nations Avenue – lots of girls from 1000-5000 pesos

  9. RICHARD says:

    No way on earth am I paying that much for a girl in the PHILIPPINES?! No way. When you can get same kind of girl and often even better from FC PL and others for a taxi ride a Jollibee burger and maybe 1500 pesos a hundreds times over.

    • Thibault says:

      maybe its just not that easy and reliable? if you really can score grey area girls everynight firca liw investment in time and money , well… i would book my plane now. it would basically be a concurrent escorting service. but i heard freelancers are expensive or ugly, or worse: have an attitude… and. that dating site girls are flakey… you cant deal with flakey girls if you stay 2 weeks, aint nobody got time for dis?
      lets be honest, is rhe pines still the pussy paradise it once was? were would the need for p4p be if it was that easy? they would be put out of business.
      i request the wisdom of other readers, is fibding a semi pro that easy? eachvtime i did an assessment of the talent on a free pinalove account, it was not miraculous fishing. of course, i had much more attention that on a similar site in the west ( anything is much more than nothing, proportionally), but i did not driwn in spread legs pinay either.
      lets not talk from the vuewpoint of a young handsome tall blue eyes foreigner, will ya. but for some average mid age westerner, who has nothing vto shiw off fir outside of being white and ahaving a little spending power ( but i’only in rhe context of wining dining a girl and giving taxi money )

    • Steve says:

      Perhaps, some people will pay for the convenience when they can’t be bother getting into town to pull? I personally wouldn’t cos i enjoy hitting on girls in town. The chase is part of the fun.

  10. uwot says:

    lol you paid 7000 pesos for this dime-a-dozen chick

    • jspill says:

      Definitely not dime a dozen in the Philippines and your IP is in the West are you sure you’ve been here 🙂 I’ve paid 1000 for better, so it all evens out. Yolo.

      • Steve says:

        It gets cheaper if you head out to the smaller islands and barangay .I remember couple of years ago, i paid 500 peso for 1 hour. She was pretty and totally gave a GFE as well. This was in San Jose, Mindoro island. There was a very small redlight just out of town. You get this all over PH, just like in Thailand you’ll always find a place with a beer bar even in a village.

        You guys should get adventurous and start exploring little known places and do a field report. It would make this blog so much more interesting.

      • uwot says:

        I lived in cebu and manila and Im glad Im out of those hellholes
        bitches like that are a dime a dozen

        bottom line is you paid a month worth of wages for a ST with a basic bitch

        • jspill says:

          One time for a laugh and it’s under a day’s wage to a foreign guy, why so salty

          • Spirit maze says:

            This is definitely not a dime-a-dozen girl. Guys like uwot and Normal Nomad who talk about how easy it is to regularly bang hot filipinas in Manila haven’t been here, or are liars.

            Banging hot filipinas regularly is doable, but takes a lot of effort. White men are no longer seen as Gods in Manila. I can’t speak for the rest of PH.

            • uwot says:

              thirsty much?
              that chick has zero ass and a cauliflower nose. literally dime-a-dozen

              when I was in the phils you had to beat off chicks like that with a stick

              maybe its gotten worse now… you can thank all the bloggers hyping the place to high heavens I guess.

              if you wanna spend close to 200 bucks for a ST with a mediocre chick you might aswell stay in the west

              • uwot says:

                my bad its only 120 bucks lol

                • Steve says:

                  Looks is subjective. She’s obviously not your type. So why so bitter?

                  I agree, she’s average and not my type either but if she offers top-notch service, i’ll rather bang her than a hot chick who’s going to lie in bed like a f**king starfish for that price.

              • Spirit maze says:

                No one is beating women who look like this off with a stick in Manila. The hype is way over blown. It’s the single moms and the fatties who will pursue you aggressively. Thin girls like this have way more options than you’d think…’s surprises me too, but it’s a fact demonstrated by their general aloofness and lack of eagerness. Again, i’m specifically talking about Manila.

                Have you seen the average girl in the Philippines? The photos JSpill has posted is a comfortably above average Filipina. Most Filipinas have a broad, flat nose and small ass. That’s the way they are built here.

                • Steve says:

                  “… It’s the single moms and the fatties who will pursue you aggressively….”

                  I agree and it’s not just PH but generally in Asia. Majority of locals and Asian guys cannot accept being a step-dad having to look after someone’s else kid. But these single mothers know Westerners are more forgiven when it comes to this type of relationship.

                • uwot says:

                  pre-2012 phils was a legit pussy paradise
                  you could jump on DIA and have your pick of the liter… chicks coming straight to your room

                  youd have to be out of your mind to pay 7000 pesos for a basic bitch like that back then

                  hell even thailand was legit pussy paradise back in 2004

                  those days are long gone and most newfags are completely in denial about it. its blogs like this and western pussy begging attitudes that killed all the good places.

                  IMO theres absolutely no point to being in SEA anymore because you can bang average bitches in the west too… except you dont have to put up with all the third world bullshit

                  I honestly dgaf if you believe me or think Im bitter. Im just stating facts and telling it how I see it.

                  inb4 rose coloured glasses
                  inb4 lol blogs have no impact

                  • Reader says:

                    Dunno what west you’re from but western Europe is quickly turning into Afghanistan.

                    I tried eastern Europe for a while but the weather sucks and people are all fucking downers.

                    Places like Hungary are cheaper than south east Asia though in terms of value for money and they’re likely to be poor forever as well.

                    I’ll take south east Asia with it’s third world bullshit over Europe any time but that’s just me.

                    If I could move to Japan I’d do that though, but ain’t gonna happen unless I give up my freedom to mooch off some girl, like the Africans in Tokyo, which I don’t plan to do.

                • Spirit maze says:

                  Yeah totally believe you. It’s a tragedy. Thirsty men swarm to the Phils and it elevates the egos of these girls and makes it harder for everyone..

                  Wish I was here pre-2012.

                  I still find Manila very easy compared to my hometown of Sydney, but like you said having to put up with the 3rd world bullshit means it’s not worth it.

        • jspill says:

          Still better than the West imo even if it’s harder than it was back then, which I’m not sure about because more girls have smartphones and internet access now

          Definitely better if you actually prefer Asian chicks, less heavy set, no cellulite, petite / short, brown skin etc. Plus all the third world bs just gets replaced by nanny state and feminist bs when you go back.

          You can cut down on the third world bs by spending more and still save compared to the West because money goes so much further here. Whether it’s hiring people to do things for you, living in the best condos in the richest area of town, best food, Uber everywhere, etc.

          If you’re living on a budget out in a remote province in a mud hut or something then ok.

          I feel people that vent about ‘the good old days’ usually don’t work on themselves that much, they just were in a good spot back then when no effort was required but now they’re older and their sexual market value dropped and they complain, but make little to no effort to compete now that girls have more options. They just keep everything about themselves the same.

          Ultimately success with girls is about improving ourselves in every way as much as we can, not hoping it’ll be or remain easy because of external circumstances.

          This blog doesn’t overhype the Philippines it’s quite balanced, this was the first post you ever commented on so maybe you didn’t read much of it yet. And you barely even read this post because I clearly explained I wouldn’t pay 7k normally and never have but I just wanted to review it for the blog 🙂

          • Spirit maze says:

            You make some great points Jspill. But I think there’s a huge oversight here. Saying something is ‘better than the West’ is a terrible yardstick to use. The West is dogshit.

            Filipina’s expectations are really misaligned these days. And I don’t think UWOT is being unfair there. I am fully onboard with his claim that pussy begging is making SE Asia deteriorate (it’s a claim I often make myself). It still has a long way to go before it’s as bad at the West, but the signs of the deterioration are everywhere.

            There’s absolutely nothing we can do about it though so there’s no point worrying about it. I’m just enjoying the easy-ish pussy while it lasts.

          • uwot says:

            this is absolute nonsense
            Im early 30s, make good money and in very good shape

            thats the exact reason Im NOT in SEA anymore… because I can actually get laid in the west. so why would I waste my life in some monkey shithole like the philippines?

            SEA was great when it was pussy buffet and youd just have to snap your fingers to get laid. now its not worth it anymore because you have to put in work, most guys bang bottom shelf pussy there and then you still have to put up with all th third world bullshit (which btw you cant avoid with all the money in the world. you still gotta leave your apartment at some point)

            of course the west is harder to get laid. but if you have to put in effort, thend id rather do it in the west. live in a civilized country and bang bitches I can have an actual conversation with and who have an IQ higher than room temperature

            • Spirit maze says:

              Well said! Exactly the reason I’m going back to Sydney next month.

              I am constantly questioning why filipinas make it so difficult these days. White men are not Gods here anymore and, as you said, you actually have to put in work to get laid.

              I was getting laid quite regularly in Sydney too before I left, so I don’t really see the point in living in a country that reeks of stale piss and where the women are increasingly entitled. The easy sexy only comes from the fattie filipinas. The hot ones aren’t having any of it unless you jump through their hoops like a dancing monkey.

              • jspill says:

                Australia is great, I didn’t do Sydney yet but spent a few weeks in Esperance and Perth. Better girls, atmosphere, salaries than the UK. Lots of hot Asian chicks in Sydney too I hear. In the UK Asian means something else entirely…

                • Reader says:

                  Australia is super expensive. You seem to make good money but I don’t think it’d go very far there.

                  • jspill says:

                    Oh yeah it definitely wouldn’t go far. I meant if I had residency and could easily live and work in Oz with their kind of salaries, that might affect my decision to be in SEA.

                    Where you’re from is a big factor in the SEA vs ‘the West’ debate.

            • jspill says:

              Must miss it a bit if you’re on a blog about it, so vociferous about how you’re better off now 😉

              Doesnt have to be the Philippines, could spend time in Vietnam where girls are smarter, or Indonesia where it’s like the Philippines years ago, hardly any foreigners. We travel around hence ‘nomad’.

              Different strokes but I dont need deep conversations with chicks I’m 30 I just want NSA sex and the third world stuff is easily made up for by higher spending power and freedom.

            • Thibault says:

              anything you say can be countered by:
              “yes, but its still easier”
              in the meantime the west eviolved too, and its worse every year for males. we still have an adgance in term of being fucked up.
              perhaps its nit like it was, but be sure: any pussy is better than nothing. in the west, its hard to pull anything. fatties and single moms are just as hard as hit babes. as a result, they just become bitter of having less attention, and less eager to meet.
              i CAN get laid on pinalove, its easy to feel it justctrying to ping average looking girls , from outsudecthe country, justvto get a feel. its just not easy.
              in my country, i have ZERO resukls with the same profile/ same pics. zero. impossible. in fact, i just mgtow and see prostitutes, dont even want to give them the pusdy pedestalusation they dont deserve.
              in fact i accept more fucking semi ugly girls in SEA than in my own country, as the attitude makes up for it. i often pay for girls i would not try to meet if they were free, as having a sex slave for one hour is much better than a bitchy gir fircthe nightl, at the same level of beauty.
              i mean, i ve a decent job, spending power… i can blow 1000 dollars a month on whores without problems and still have cadhvto burn. in any traditional country ugly single mims would like to get a lock on a guy like me. in the west rhey just get a lock on rhe government and live of welfare. why the hell would they want a provider?

              • Reader says:

                I’m in my early 30s, went back to Europe for a while this year and got tons of interest (never did so in my 20s), as I don’t look like the average downtrodden cuck or penniless guy, however there is just no way I’m sticking around as Europe is inevitably doomed to me.

                Government all up on my ass about everything, taxed to the max if you work a normal job or declare biz income, ever increasing aggression in the air as being a neanderthal type alpha is the only sure fire way to get laid these days, tons of welfare muslims around, most women have shitty attitudes, especially 40+ year olds that’ll raise the next generation of downtrodden men. It’s sad to see really and a breaking point might be reached within the next decade.

                • Spirit maze says:

                  yeah Europe seems like a basket case. So sad to see a once great civilization going down the toilet.

                  As Jspill said above, Australia is a great place. Unfortunately the feminist stuff is rampant there so getting laid is much harder, but I was still able to achieve a semi-regular new notch.

                  Manila is still much easier than Sydney, but Manila has its own pitfalls. As Uwot said, if you have to put in effort then i’d rather choose to put effort in, in Sydney.

                  • Reader says:

                    When I was in my 20s I thought I was only cut out for mongering as well and not desirable by your average women anywhere in the world, but turns out this was not the case, so I understand your sentiment.

                    For me it’s not hard in the phils, however it’s not harder for me in Japan either where girls arguable have the best genetics in Asia. The main problem is that I can’t just live there permanently and would have to marry, which I’m not down for + by the average japanese person I’m seen as much of a bother as muslims back in Europe 😀

              • Which country are you from, Mr. Thibault.

  11. Guy says:

    I’m mid 40’s and surprised at how many young western guys are running around the Phils banging everything in sight.

    When I was 22, going to the Philippines, or anywhere in Asia, to find pussy was barely on my radar.

    It was for old guys.

    You can definitely pull girls as hot as this one or better without paying a cent. I can, and have, and I’m definitely past my best before date. On the cusp anyway.

    That said, I can see the convenience factor for sure. Personally I like to meet in a public place the first time, just to get a real look at each other and see if there is any kind of connection there.

    I’m sure some of the girls I’ve met over the years were the grey area ones. I took one home from Royal last time I was there and she wouldn’t even take taxi money the next day. Who knows?

    Anyway, OP got her to tell him her cut of the rate, or what she says is her cut, so surely if he was interested to meet with her again, he could get her for that.

    Or less.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah I got a PM from a rooshver that he banged her free, met her in Revel club

      A girl can be free at certain times and a hooker others

      Definitely don’t need to pay this much. I did say it’s the only escort I’ve ever paid for and even this was only because I have a blog and wanted to review the supposed best agency

      They’ve paid us 70k so far to advertise so in a sense I didnt pay

      • Mark says:

        So this is just a sponsor post. It would be nice to tag this as ‘sponsor’ than to make it sound like a real review. Kind of deceiving your readers wouldn’t you say?

        • jspill says:

          No I put in the 8th paragraph that they have ad banners here but I still wanted to try it out myself. They don’t know I wrote this.

          I don’t think they’d like me writing that she used to take 2k on p burgos 🙂

          Their ad banner is at the top of the site when viewed on desktop, in the header, they pay 5k/month for that and it’s been there 14 months so far. This post was me finally getting round to trying it out, if I didn’t someone would prob complain we accept ads for things we don’t use.

          I did pay for it though, they didn’t ask me to do a review. So it wasn’t sponsored. May appear biased but you’ll just have to trust me the service is good. If you read the rest of this blog I think I’ve established credibility.

        • Thibault says:

          you neverxreadxa sponsored post if you think that is one. he says a lot bof negative things, or things they dont wantt to see written. like trying ti curcumvent them.. it sounds fuckingly honest imho. when you see the soup served on paid articles

      • Reader says:

        She doesn’t have a super unique face, so he probably confused her but wth do I know…

    • Thibault says:

      that young guys are willing to do anything to getvlaid just shows our horrible position in the west.

  12. Guy says:

    We all pay in the end. The most expensive girl I ever met was a “normal” girl from OKCupid. Was a mission creep scenario where initially I never gave her anything, then the more I got to know her, the more expenses I ended up “helping” with.

    I went to Revel once and I got about zero interest from every female in the place… lol.

    Honestly I’d rather drink a bucket in the A Venue market than pay 3X the price to essentially have the same experience at Greenbelt.

    I strongly suspect the girl I met in Royal was an off duty bar girl or freelancer, so much so that I offered “taxi money” but she wasn’t having it.

    No complaints.

    I think that any girl that hangs out where foreigners are is at least open to the game. Maybe they aren’t hard core pros…that night, but when circumstances change, so do they.

    Anyway, I dig the blog.

  13. Jobo says:

    I don’t pay them for sex.. I pay them to leave after.

  14. Guy says:

    To Jobo:

    That’s an old one, but a very strong point in the Phils.

    You’re almost better off banging the milfs with their Pinoy bf in the background, because at least then they won’t attempt to make you their bf.

    Unless you want that.

    There is definitely something to be said for P4P. If you don’t want drama this can be your best bet.

    I am no stud, but I have had multiple girls “fall in love” with me over the years.

    Sometimes it’s just nice to get in, get what you want, and get out.

    Maybe many are against P4P but…it’s definitely the easiest way to minimize drama.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate the review, especially trying another layer of nightlife, i.e. high price escort as opposed to typical bar scene.

    • jspill says:

      Cheers. Philippines needs more naughty nightlife layers, like Thailand.

      I’m hesitant to try a ‘casa’, brothel house, but every cabbie tries to take me to one, 3000 apparently. If anyone’s tried that lmk how it is

  16. digitaloverlord says:

    hi spiritmaze do you have wechat? let’s meet up and cruise makati together

  17. u wot mate says:

    Sorry jspill, Im going to have to agree with comments that girl is a 6.5 at best. Her face is chubby, she’s definately considered a bit chubby in Asia (low SMV). At least her skin color is white… maybe the dark skin locals would pay for some of that white fetish. If im dropping 7000 pesos in a country where wages run 120 an hour I better get a girl that looks like an IG model.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I see all these comments if she worthed the 7000p or not…Yes I would totally agree she is a 6-7 but she is cute. Now if she made you feel good in various ways…that’s your money’s worth.
    I do have my permanent girls which are more or less like her, I pay 6000p everytime I see them and that is for a 3 hours max. But, I will do what I like as I like when I like, I will feel good since they are nice with me in conversation and attitude without bulshit. I will not have further headaches of phone calls or social networking etc, they will be there when I need them as I need them and yes I will give what they need as well.

  19. The Johnson says:

    In the Philippines its like the Charlie Sheen quote – “I dont pay prostitutes for sex, I pay them to leave”

    Cutting ties with a filipina after a few times is pretty tricky, they can be insanely clingy. Hookers everything is nice and simple.

    I invested in this ICO the other day; check out-> eros.vison its marketed as uber for hookers powered by Ethereum. Potential game changer I think!

    Ariel on courtisans looks stunning may need to try this out

  20. Dick S. O'Rosary says:

    Please review other escort services. Thanks!

  21. Jack says:

    But all the girls use condom for sex on this site! Bj only without……

  22. Play-B says:

    I’m traveling to the Phillipines in October. I’ve been talking to this pinay on IG whom is married she is friendly but not quite flirty. Her husband lives in the states i’m just wondering how loyal filipinas are. What are the chances that I can convince her to sleep with me?

  23. Phil says:

    500 dude ..its 40p.flag fall and 120 goes from pasay to makati were they comong from way way out of town. Thats typical bs. Asking 3 to 4x hidden in taxi fare then get a jeep home for 8 pesos

  24. southernallstars says:

    I spent all of July in Makati and I saw a few white guys in their early thirties dating Filipinas basically every day and I have to agree to posters above like uwot or spirit maze, most of the Filipinas they date I wouldn’t care to bang, they’re average at best. I also feel dating deteriorated somewhat compared to 2011, when I first set foot on this island, maybe the girls found out they’re not getting married after getting banged?

  25. southernallstars says:

    the girl above is definitely bangable and fairly hot by Filipino standards, Filipinos generally have nose problems.
    They aren’t the China dolls VN chicks are!

  26. lovermain says:

    do filipinas seem to have real fat pussy even when they are skinny? are alot of them that way?

  27. thereal says:

    Getting a escort in philippines is for fools the girls are not even young or sexy they are big and old hats meaning they have been used alot and quit working some bars now demand a higher pay if your worried about std take the girl for a checkup its less than 500 pesos for piece of mind and you will save yourself 4000 pesos. also go to angeles city if your on a budget take a bus for 150 pesos you can get many hot girls who are tested weekly for 3000 pesos to 3500

  28. Quinton says:

    Hello. I am in Manila currently on business. So far I have been approached for “a massage” 4 times on the hotel premises, 3 times by females, two of which were good looking, and once by a very women like transvestite. Walking around at night it’s literally non stop “you want massage” from shadows creeping in corners. During these encounters I didn’t think of getting a phone number. Any time I’m asked I say no thank you or walk away. I just searched the internet about sex life in Manila and so called “pay for play,” found this forum and read it. Where in the west do random and good looking females approach you for a “massage?” I am not a purveyor, but some of the comments posted here sound more like fantasy than reality. I’m not sure how much a taxi costs in the Philippines but where I’m from 100-150 dollars is literally cab fare from O’Hare.

  29. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Hindi kapa natry .but I want to .pero lalabas ko muna lahat Ng malas ko …dito nakalagay lahat Ng malas ko .para swertehin ako

  30. Austin says:

    I’m in Manila for business and don’t feel like going out hunting to save a few hundred pesos, so I decided to take a chance on Manila Courtesans. I have to say, I like their set-up. Jen from chat support is very helpful. Settled for a sweet 18 year old named Maggie. Had the time of my life. Even extended for an overnight session. Just wanted to drop by and thank jspill for the tip. Love your blog.

  31. Stan says:

    Here is my take on escorts and what I learned. Like this article says you want to stay with agencies; safe bet; they don’t do a spot on 100% but they try. Smooci is cool love it it’s like Dominos Pizza for girls. 1 shots are good 2 shots if you get a girl that wants to end then she will say she’s in pain and try to jerk you off. Why pay extra for 2 when you can get another more excited girl. I’d filter by ratings and price: some girls looking for 10-15k, my range is 5k and 6-7k if she’s hot.

    Tips: Don’t give your real name for obvious purposes, don’t want get calls at home and the wife answering.

    Don’t get too friendly and tell girls details, what city you live, etc. Philippines is a small world and you will be surprised who you will run into.

    Use Viber or other with secret chat if your looking to fly under the radar. Don’t keep receipts; check your pockets before you go home.

    Don’t use ROBUST or street Viagra. Chances are you will get diarrhea or something worse.

    Check if the girl agency will come to your hotel. Some agencies don’t go to SOGO.

    If you avoid using your own phone; get a burn phone.

    Put your stuff away when girls come in your room some will use your stuff without asking, tooth paste, etc. Caught a girl using my shaver to shave her goods.

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