Manila Escort Girls via Smooci App

Craigslist personals and have sadly been closed down due to a new sex trafficking bill being passed, but escort site is expanding.

I previously tried out Smooci in Bangkok, Thailand, had a good experience and wrote a review. Now the ‘Uber for prostitutes’ app has cum to Manila, Philippines (and recently Singapore).

You can now order a Filipina escort straight to your room, with GPS tracking and knowing in advance what the girl can do – select from filters including anal sex, rimming, couples, lesbian action, and more.

They’re working with trusted Manila escort agencies such as Manila Courtesans which I also tried out and wrote a review on. Some of their escorts will have special discount prices on Smooci.

100+ Filipina Escorts

Girls are being added right now, with over 100 sexy Pinays set to be on offer. There are also ladyboy escorts, if you select that filter.

Over time it should grow even bigger as more escort agencies get involved and freelancers take notice – Smooci lets them join up too.

Prices on Smooci Manila start from 4200 pesos ($80) for which you get 2 shots (sex twice) and 2 hours with the girl, and she pays her own cab fare.

There are also some Eastern European girls on the app, for example if you filter for Manila Courtesans there’s a ‘Sophia’ from Latvia.

Cost of Sex in Manila

I prefer Angeles City but if I go mongering in Manila it’s usually at Kojax gogo bar (aka ‘XOXO’ half the week), in the P Burgos Street red light district, Makati. That’s where I’ve always found the hottest Manila girls.

There the barfine is 2900 pesos, the tip to the girl after sex is 3000, and lady drinks are 300 – 400 depending on the drink, of which hopefully she only has one before I take her.

In total about 6500 pesos, and usually it’s just one shot before the girl leaves. Other gogos charge more, weirdly ones with worse quality girls – Plan B started charging 3500 barfine, Ringside charges 3900.

Rogue’s charges 1600 for some dancers, but others are 3200 barfine. Confusing.

Streetwalkers and ‘massage girls’ don’t have a barfine but usually want 500 for their ‘manager’ / ‘shop’, on top of the 2500 – 3000 cost of sex for the better looking ones.

Nightclub freelancers at Royal and ZZYZX are around the same, 2500 – 3000 ($50 – $60).

Overall Manila is a bit expensive so the Smooci prices aren’t bad considering you get 2 shots and 2 hours. Plus kinky stuff like anal, threesomes etc. is hard to find with Filipinas, but most of the Smooci girls do it.

Rated Manila Escorts

I like that they now added a premium feature where you can read verified customer reviews to find out if the girl looks like her photos, and how good her various services are.

Also now many girls offer a ‘guide’ service, so if you book long time and want a sexy tour guide to take you out exploring after you’ve finished in the bedroom, that’s on offer too.

Isabelle from Manila Courtesans can be your tour guide

Filipina girls are great at giving the girlfriend experience (GFE).

Eventually Smooci plan to expand to Pattaya, Hong Kong, Macau and Kuala Lumpur, already having become the biggest Bangkok escort site.

13 Responses

  1. -Cam says:

    Great to see you back on my RSS feeds! And as always, thanks for the great info!

  2. Cali34 says:

    You took a long hiatus. Hopefully you start publishing some more articles on a regular basis. Really enjoy your content.

  3. jspill says:

    ^ Thanks guys appreciate that

  4. Cuckold says:

    Why pay when you can have it for free…seriously Filipinas are the easiest to hook up with

    • Neo says:

      After the cost of the date and time (most valuable asset) it certainly isn’t free. I determined my cost of sex for non-pros vs pros here in Vietnam and it’s significantly cheaper for me to bang prostitutes, but I still like banging regular girls because it’s just more fun.

      Plus, the girls oftentimes don’t want to leave. At least a pro will leave once you pay her.

      • NormalNomad says:


        You’re talking about two different countries, apples and oranges.

        • Neo says:

          True. Still, I’d imagine any girl worth banging is going to take more than an hour to pull once you account for all the time it took to find her (messaging, other girls not panning out, date, scrolling through Cupid, etc.), which makes it cheaper for me to pay a prostitute.

          Again, I like the fun of the pull. However, from a strictly money perspective it saves a shitload of time.

  5. htownhunter says:

    This site could be useful if the escorts’ advertised activities matched up with reality. I’ve used ManilaCourtesans the last two times in Manila and both escorts were no where open to the activities described under their profile on As always ymmv but I think I’ll go to Flight 168 my next trip.

  6. alfking says:

    i ve trid Isabelle last time,she was cute and speak fluent english. kinda nice.

  7. Guy says:

    Too expensive. Could get the exact same girls for probably half or less outside of the app or agencies.

  8. John says:

    Good luck gotta go I can see the real you later I don’t think so I just won’t look back .

  9. jonathan says:

    Im looking forward to meet i met before diane boo her number goes
    +639771733612 bu cant contact her
    Hope u can give me more updates about her shes good and like to met her again

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