Manila Ebook Guide & Map

Rounding out the major cities, last but not least this is my ebook guide and map for the capital, Manila.


Topics are what you’ll expect if you’re familiar with my Angeles and Cebu ebooks – the bar scene, working girls, regular dating site Pinays, tips for dealing with both, where to live, where to go out, basically everything you need to get set up right from the moment your plane lands.

Below is a free excerpt to give you an idea. The rest is on Amazon for $4.99 with a link to the zoomable map with hooker nightlife, regular nightlife, date spots, malls, apartments, hotels, restaurants, gyms and more.

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Your First Trip to Manila

Working Girls & Bars

Since most expats like to stay in Makati, Burgos Street is the red light area of choice for many. This is definitely the most overpriced place to find girls however.

There are loads of girly bars on this street but they will not come cheap. There are a few 8s and maybe you will get lucky and find a 9/10, but for the most part these girls aren’t much hotter than the other places, and certainly not as much hotter as they should be for their price tag.

your-first-trip-to-manila-ebook-survival-guideIf you aren’t aware the girly bars in the Philippines are not really strip clubs. The bars on Burgos show a bit more titty than others (in Angeles I have never seen a nipple in a bar) but for the most part the clothes stay on.

Instead it is girls in bikinis sitting with you while you drink, and the majority of these girls are available for ‘take out’ to join you in your hotel room later.

The process usually starts with you entering the bar and taking a seat. The waitress will follow you to your seat and instantly get you a drink.

They don’t even really try to hide that their main goal is to extract as much money from you as possible. Depending on the bar a girl (or girls) may approach you and ask to sit with you. If you say yes then a waitress will again instantly show up and ask you to buy a drink for the girl.

The girls drinks are called ‘ladies drinks’ and cost more than your drink. If you decline to buy the girl a drink she will probably not sit with you any longer.

Be careful that you don’t order a ‘double ladies drink’ if you don’t want to spend more money than you need to. Specify you only want a single.

You will then talk with the girl until she finishes her drink and then the waitress will be back to get her another if you still want her to stay. Or you can just try to ‘barfine’ her which means pay the bar to let her leave with you.

On Burgos these barfines generally cost in the 3000-4000 peso range. The girl will then expect a tip and the tips on Burgos need to be big and are negotiated before hand usually. Some girls may want another 4000, some may settle for 2000.

The ladies drinks on Burgos can be as high as 400 pesos also. So definitely check the prices, and you are probably better off paying for each drink as it comes so that they don’t add any extra to your bill that you may not notice.

In Angeles the bar fines are generally 1500-3000 and the tip isn’t negotiated ahead of time. A 500 tip the morning after is plenty there. The ladies drinks are in the 150-250 range. Have I mentioned you should be in Angeles yet…… sorry for bringing that up again.

If you are going to pay that type of price then you really need to find a very hot girl. Just take a walk around each bar until you find something you like. Politely tell the waitress you are just looking and will get a drink if you take a seat.

8s or better can be very hard to find but if you look in every bar you should be able to find at least one. There are a couple of bars that are worth taking a seat in even if you don’t find a hot girl there.

First is Bottoms. The reason this is a good bar to hang out in is the girls uniforms. The tops are just suspenders and you can get some great view of nice boobs in this place. But it is one of the most expensive bars on the street.

The next would be High Heels and it is the naughtiest bar on Burgos. I had read about it before I went to Manila and new it would be a good one to visit. It certainly lived up to the hype.

Within 2 minutes of entering the place on my first trip I had 2 girls take their tops off and push their boobs in my face. I declined buying them ladies drinks but told them I would tip them if they continued to join me.

More of their friends showed up and I had 5 or 6 girls boobs within hands reach while enjoying my 120 peso water bottle. One girl was stroking me off through my pants the whole time, and they kept trying to get me to give them 1500 pesos to get a blowjob.

However I had done my research on the place and knew the blowjob would be with a condom on and that is clearly not worth 1500 pesos. They joked around that one of the girls was a ladyboy and would blow me for free. It was a temption offer but I passed.

The girl eventually got me off through my pants and I tipped her 100 pesos. I gave the other 2 who I felt up the most 50 pesos each, and the ones on the perimeter who I barely played with I gave 20. Most weren’t happy with their tips, but I think that would have been the case no matter what I gave them.

It’s worth going into, you can definitely have a lot of fun there. Just be careful because if you start buying them all drinks your bill will get huge quick. And if you go for a bj make sure to ask for no condom before you agree.

There’s another 6400 words in the full Manila ebook guide and map!

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