High End Indonesian Prostitutes | Malioboro Hotel

Classic and Travel hotel from my last post are pretty cheap sex clubs at $30 short time or $40 for a threesome. If you’re looking for something a bit more exclusive though there’s Malioboro hotel & spa.

Also in North Jakarta, Malio is on Jalan Gajah Mada 200m South of Ibis Harmoni where I stayed and wrote about on my Jakarta food post. You can walk to all three sex clubs from that hotel.

Malioboro Hotel Prices

Unlike other Jakarta sex clubs you have to pay a cover charge before entering Malio. Then as normal you get a bracelet with a number on it, and pay your drinks bill on the way out.

  • Admission 130k ($10)
  • 1,100k local girls ($80)
  • 2,000k international girls ($150)
  • Lady drinks 50k

Fishbowl at Malio

I was told Indonesian prostitutes there are 1.1 Million IDR and for international prostitutes I was quoted 2 Million, although it may depend on the nationality, how new the girl is, etc.

I may have been getting an inflated bule price when it came to the prices of the Indo girls, that seemed expensive.

Drinks girls walking around

Beers were 85k plus 30% tax, basically everything was a bit more expensive than Classic and Travel. There are a bunch of separate rooms, wine bars, a restaurant, and spa / massage areas.

If you buy a 50k ladies drink for the bikini girls walking around in pairs they sit and chat with you, and you can play with their tits.

Foreign Prostitutes in Jakarta

As well as Indo girls, Malioboro hotel has some Russian prostitutes, Uzbek, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thais.

Malioboro Review

Dress code rules

I felt a bit less welcome at Malioboro as a foreigner, it was a more intimidating atmosphere than Travel hotel and Classic, but I still had a good time.

It was really difficult to take these pics as the staff were looking over all the time and I stood out like a sore thumb as the only white guy there. Plus they had a huge ‘no cameras’ sign in the lobby, along with their rules for ‘proper attire’.

But then at one point these two old Asian dudes who looked like mafia bosses randomly walked into the fishbowl room in their dressing gowns, they’d just came out of the spa and wanted to choose a girl.

All the staff rushed over to help out the VIP customers and the attention was off me 🙂 Jakarta100Bars is a good blog about Indonesia nightlife and has a few more pics.

I wasn’t that impressed with the Russian prostitutes, they looked old and haggard (most white chicks look like men with makeup to me). Some of the East Asian girls were hot but I didn’t fancy dropping 2 Million.

Malio seemed like a bit of a waste of money compared to Classic and Travel, you’re paying three times more just for some hookers that in theory have had less customers.

There were also less girls to choose from, just a few on stage dancing in lingerie, a few walking around in bikinis asking for drinks, and then half a dozen sitting in the fishbowl or with customers already. It was a Sunday night though.

I also didn’t notice much difference in how hot they were. The cutest Indonesian prostitutes I met were actually at Travel hotel. So I left after a drink and rushed back to my favorite girl there.

Malioboro Hotel Location

If you’re searching Google maps it’s actually on there as ‘Malio Hotel’ or ‘Malioboro entertainment’. Google maps location here.

30 Responses

  1. RumandCokeMan says:

    Why do you guys think Asian women are more feminine?

    Have you met many Asian girls who had crap bitchy attitudes and kind of masculine ways to them like probably half of today’s Western girls?

    Happy Holidays JSpill and Dante

    • jspill says:

      Less feminism, girls in SE Asia tend to just want to get married and start a family, take care of the food and house, etc. standard gender roles. And they want it a bit earlier (well before 30). So they focus on finding a husband, whereas western girls are stressing over the wage gap and die alone with 12 cats.

      Economics kind of forces girls to look for a guy too, a western girl can get government benefits as a single mother and just raise kids herself, that doesn’t exist here. They need a man. And there’s a bit of a brain drain, if a girl is super talented and more focused on work and her career, there’s a decent chance she’ll move to the West to work. The smartest / richest girls go to study in the West, there are no top universities in SE Asia and salaries are low. So you’re left with the poorer / less smart girls.

      Then Asians are more particular about their clothing and facial appearance too, whereas white chicks let themselves go. So both their attitudes and look are more feminine. Plus the average female weight isn’t 80kg as in some western countries today… more like half that.

      I’ve never met one here with the masculine western attitude, unless they grew up in the West most of their lives.

      • Akog says:

        100% right. Reason I am planning my trip to SEA. Dude hit it hard with these comments. I am about a month away from my test run out to SEA. 2 week test run see if I enjoy it. After that.. haha..

        • kick2dante says:

          you will be back soon after that test run

          with that said you can already feel the attitudes changing a bit, still a million times better than out west, but as they get more and more facebook followers showering them with attention it will be getting worse not better

          • Akog says:

            Honestly my test run is more about the countries that I visit then the women. I do enjoy the SEA women more. I am not into P4P but I do enjoy the dating short time thing close to what you do mate. They can start to get that from facebook all they want but at one point it ends. I know some women here in states stop putting pictures of there husband or boyfriend on facebook just so they get more “links” and whatever from other guys. hell i have zero faith in american women for that.

            Honestly I prefer chinese women/veit over the Pinay. I think going there is more about working on my books and taking break from everything in states.

    • RAH says:

      In two letters; NO!
      You said a mouthful of truth

  2. RumandCokeMan says:

    That makes sense.

    Dude I bet you remember before Facebook in America-girls were friendlier. Now theyve got 250 e-dicks waving at them 24/7 for every post they make and they collect likes like a crack head to get their fix. America should import a few million young Asian women to make these white bitchs sexual market value drop some as its a vastly over inflated commodity.

    To me Facebook is 1984 come to life. It just absolutely sucks on so many levels.

    • kick2dante says:

      was in subic once, girl i barely know takes a 3 hour bus ride to subic to spend the weekend with me……. im convinced the whole reason she came was to take a pic on the beach and then see how many likes it got, every time we would leave the room the first thing she did when she got back was check to see

  3. lol69 says:

    there’s a malio club in the same building. do a google image search for malio club and you’ll see the difference. there’s a “secret entry” from malio club to malioboro and vice versa, so you can visit both with the one entrance fee.

    malio club is great, but overpriced (for me). naked girls are hot though. it’s obviously not like a gogo, but malio club is more of a similar comparison to a gogo, whereas travel, classic, malioboro, etc are similar to a soapy massage place.

    classic and travel are unbeatable value compared to a bangkok soapy.

    malio club is good like i said, but i think crazy house or twisters in bangkok are much better fun and actually work out much cheaper both in and out of the bar. in CH for one lady drink i can have a girl sit with me or on me, and i can spend 10 minutes playing with her tits and pussy. in malio club it’s a 65k plus service charge per shot and they’ll knock them back 5 at a time.

    i like your jakarta reviews. you wrote how it took you until the 5th girl at travel to find a good performer, and that’s similar to my feeling. they’re also very dick scared, whereas thai girls are less squeamish about a big dick.

    i feel like dante embellishes parts of his stories.

  4. harley says:

    Jakarta is a crazy city… while it can be quite difficult to find beer in some areas, ecstasy is sold openly in some clubs. I know they tried to stop it, some clubs like Stadium and Milles have been shut down, but never have I seen drugs being sold so openly as in North Jakarta clubs. They really have an ecstasy/mdma culture in the party scene same as it was back in the 90s in Europe. I’ve seen it in Bangkok and Manila as well but it’s more hidden and under the counter. In Stadium and Milles it were basically the waiters and bartenders in the club selling it. Quite surreal for such a conservative country.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah I went to Mille’s when I was there in July, instantly got offered Ecstasy and the whole club was rolling. It’s closed down now?

      In BKK the waiters at Narz sell it

      • harley says:

        Yes they closed it down because the police did a raid and found a police agent with pills hanging out there.

        Same happened with Stadium, but what happened there was a police agent who overdosed after taking 3 pills… Stadium which was a lot bigger and better than Mille’s because you could actually meet normal girls there.

        There’s still a handful of places where you can get it, but from what I know they are a little bit less foreigner friendly than the 2 mentioned places above.

      • harley says:

        I been to Narz, didn’t like it so much. Everyone just ignored me, unlike in Jakarta the people are quite helpful in finding whatever you want.

  5. harley says:

    One thing I really don’t like about Indonesian girls is that many of them smoke like chimneys… especially the prostitutes. I can’t stand a girl who smokes at every moment she can.

  6. harley says:

    honestly 1.1mil is a bit expensive for those girls… you should at least be getting one with big tits and long legs for that price.

  7. Buley says:

    I plan on staying at Ibis Harmoni as you did. Did you actually walk to Hotel Travel and Classic Hotel? Is it safe to do so or should I take a cab?

  8. -Cam says:

    Are there any foreigner lobbies in Thailand? I feel like if there is not their should be because there are so many foreigners living in Thailand and it would be beneficial if there was someone to represent our interests. Then again, the lobby would probably mostly be funded by old retirees who might actually try to get rid of the competition. Instead of getting rid of the age requirement on the retirement visa like many of might want, they’ll probably increase it to keep out the younger and more likely to be rich 50 year old retirees.

  9. Tim says:

    Another good article JSpill. I’ve followed some of your recommendations in the past, staying at Gramercy in Manila and Trendy in BKK. Are there any similar types of condo/apartment buildings in Jakarta that you’d recommend?

    • jspill says:

      Thanks, I stayed at this jakarta airbnb before, it was decent, cheap, comfy bed, ok wifi, nice balcony view, pool and gym, easy check in. Walking distance to a bunch of malls, ambassador mall, kuningan city mall, plaza festival mall kuningan. It’s in central jakarta so dating site girls should be ok with coming to the area for dates


      Building is called Ambassade Residences Kuningan, they spell it like that. That’s the only condo I’ve stayed at, on my other trip I was just hookering for a few days so stayed at Ibis Harmoni hotel which is cheap and near the north jakarta sex clubs (travel, classic and malioboro)

      But for dating site / tinder girls, central jakarta or south jakarta is better. There’s probably better condos so check airbnb for others in that area with lots of positive reviews. But Ambassade was ok

  10. CJ says:

    Hey jspill, thanks for the suggestions. Would like to buy you a drink next time we are in the same hood for your helpful blog (yes, I have used your AirBnB link also). Looking forward to my next SEA trip but not sure about Jakarta. I hear the drink prices can be a bit high and getting around is a buzzkill. Are the women that better looking compared to say Bangkok or even KL?

    • jspill says:

      I think Thais are better looking and people should only do Jakarta if they’ve already done Thailand & Philippines so many times they really want a change, because yeah it is a buzzkill to get around. I’d still prefer the Philippines too. Indo feels like more of a place for a grizzled expat to move to live long term than to take a holiday trip to

      • Latecomer says:

        Not exactly. There are many advantages of Indonesia. As for girls, you can find anything, everywhere, especially in Jakarta and Bali. And there is much, much, much less farangs /bule/ which is an obvious advantage. These days in Soi Cowboy or Nana or Walking Street on Bangla I feel sometimes like in Disneyland or Times Square or Oxford Circus. Tons of young couples taking selfies + million Chinese groups doing the same. Nothing even close in Jakarta. And thousand places to go out. Traffic is the worst, yes. Prices for drinks on BKK level, other prices lower. And Indocupid works great, plus Asia dating plus Seeking arrangement. Altogether, there is no answer what is better or not, depends on age, salary, time available, etc.

  11. ronald says:

    Wow is this real life? About Jakarta? Talking 2019/2020…..
    What I red was that all sexy clubs had left Jakarta and went to Bali(Sanur), cause more stirckt now last years….

    15 years ago i went to south jakarta(M-Block)
    and traffic was even worse than in Manila now…
    M-block took me 4 or 5 hours from jakarta airport…
    Yeah 15 years ago Pattaya Walkingstreet was solo for the dirty old
    now you even see parents walking tru walking street with teenagers kids at 11pm ruining their futures haha!
    strange life….

    • jspill says:

      Yeah Jakarta sex clubs are still open, a friend has been going a lot recently this year, late 2019. Except one called Alexis club which did close down

      He doesn’t go to Malioboro as it’s expensive so not sure about there but Travel and Classic are still open and he goes to other ones called FM7 (near the airport), Kings Cross, Colosseum and Illegals (upscale ones)

      Also Gold spa in the ITC Glodok building (upscale, has Chinese girls too), and Mars spa near Plaza Indo (low cost, like Travel), and Foxy Spa https://www.instagram.com/foxy_spa/

      He just sent me that list

  12. CJ says:

    Hey what is the process to be accepted to the forums on SMP?

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