Living in Vietnam First Impressions

I always like to do a ‘dear diary’ type post when I first get to a city that gives my initial impressions on it. Not only for the blog but for my own entertainment as well.

Some places I initially love after a day and a month later I am like wtf was I thinking, and it can work the other way as well. I still remember my ‘wow Thai girls have such sexy stomachs’ feelings from my first days back in Pattaya.

As of now Pattaya ranks very low on my list of cities I have lived in that I would want to live in again, but in the first few days I was considering getting an education visa and staying for a year.

Well so far I have some mixed views on Ho Chi Minh. There are some VERY clear positives, as well as some negatives. Lets start with the good stuff since I usually just bitch and whine on this blog :p.

What I can Already Tell is Awesome About Ho Chi Minh

The girls are hot and probably the hottest of any country I have been in Asia. When I was in Cambodia there were quite a few Vietnamese girls and quite a few were hot. Shout out to shack girl, I really miss motorboating you.

I am a fan of tan skin and always have been, but after years in Asia the lighter skinned Viets are looking quite tasty. Plus tan skin is usually best when it is a white girl that got tan as opposed to tan from the start.

Even on the plane over here I saw an 8 who has very nice white skin and some shorts so short you could see some booty. She was pretty clearly a hooker and had some hot hooker friends.

On my first mall walk I didn’t see many hot girls but it was a small sample size. What I have noticed and it is really clear is the massage girls are very hot here.

In Thailand you have to walk past 50 to find an acceptable girl for a happy ending. Here it seems that every shop has a girl I wouldn’t mind helping me out with that.

I am not quite sure on the prices yet but I am pretty sure you can get in and out with a massage and BJ for under $30. It is generally 150k-200k for the massage and I am guessing 300k-400k should do the trick for a BJ, will report back of course.

There is a lot of traffic and people drive motorbikes on the sidewalk all the time which is annoying but overall the traffic doesn’t appear bad at all compared to other capital cities. Nothing like Jakarta where I just came from, but then again nothing is like Jakarta.

The food also seems to be really good. Tiny sample size of 2 meals, but when everyone talks about the good food and both of your first meals are good I think its safe to make the assumption that I will eat well here.

This last part can’t be put into words really, but it just has the best ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’ of any city I have been in. I love Cebu but it has no character, hell the Philippines as a whole really has no character.

Bangkok has a bit but it just kind of rubs me the wrong way. Saigon just has a special feel about it. I’m not a go out on the town type of person but it still is just fun to roam around here.

What I don’t Really Like So Far

The touts and people selling things are probably the worst I have encountered. Granted I am right in the middle of the tourist area, but that is where I would probably live if I stayed here.

My shoes are in some awful shape at the moment. I bought them months ago for $12 in Cebu, some sick fake Nike’s. Side note, fake Nike’s everywhere else I have been can’t be got for under $25, +1 for Cebu.

Anyways some shoe fixer dude on the street sees my shoes and is like hey glue glue glue. I am like no thanks. I am not putting another dollar into ‘fixing’ these shoes because they need to be replaced not repaired.

He keeps at it as I walk by and I am politely saying no, then putting my head down and ignoring him as I keep walking. He gets up and chases me down with all of his shoe fixing equipment and taps me on the shoulder a minute later.

He starts pointing at the shoes and I am like I want new shoes not to replace. He follows me for 2 minutes. I get random dudes pulling up on motorbikes asking where I am going all the time.

Most of them probably don’t have bad intentions and are just trying to make a buck to drive me around. However after last nights taxi business I wouldn’t be surprised if some have bad thoughts in mind.

The other thing I don’t really like about here is there are A LOT of white people. I am going to be a major hypocrite right now but many of these would fit the stereotypical ‘trashpacker’ label.

Loose tank tops, long hair, wasting their life away with nothing to show for it but a few possessions in their bag. Basically me, but I already said I was being stereotypical.

This sucks because I already know Viet girls are more prude then other countries so getting them into bed isn’t that easy. Then add so many white dudes around and it will be that much tougher. I probably already came across more white people in my first full day then I would in a month in Cebu.

My Prediction For My Thoughts in One Month

I think I will like it I don’t think I will love it. I don’t see handing out numbers working well at all. I don’t see myself even giving ‘dating’ too much of a shot because I don’t want to do 3 dates with a girl and make her think I am looking for something serious just to bang her.

I will still make my attempts because I have no life so what else am I gonna do, but it will mostly be a lost cause. I think I will be at Benny’s hot toc getting blowjobs quite often and have some fun times in the massage shops.

I also think I will get ripped off and/or in arguments with a few massage girls. I just get a feeling that some of these look a bit to good to be true.

One in particular is right near the backpacker district and the girls wear very sexy dresses. It says ‘hot toc’ but isn’t the same type of ‘hot toc’ as Benny’s.

They do massage and extras almost certainly can be got…… but I just get some bait and switch sketchy vibe from the place. Will have to try it to find out I suppose, the girls are quite hot.

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  1. jspill says:

    That would be a good city for you to finally dress a bit better in, so you look like an expat living there, not a backpacker / short term tourist.

    Every vietcupid chick I talked to, their first question was how long I was going to be in Vietnam, if I’m living there or just on holiday. Thais and Pinays asks that too but usually it’s just small talk and you can still get them over to your place and bang them on the first date even if you tell them you’re leaving soon.

    With Viet girls though the answer seemed a lot more important, some were reluctant to meet when I said I was only there for a couple weeks.

  2. RumandCokeMan says:

    Dante and JSpill,
    What are your current favorite cities and countries overall?

    • jspill says:

      Bangkok & Manila top two. Same for fave countries. Jakarta & Saigon for short trips in between the two, to add variety.

    • kick2dante says:

      go with the place where you find the girls the most attractive

      • thibault says:

        !!!!!! you just said vietnam is a counter example… girls attractive, but if you cant do them… hell, hollywood is full of atteactive girls, but if you aint a show business boss…. why move to asia if its not to exploit some exotic factor?

        • Mikey Johnson says:

          You can get girls in Vietnam and they are easier than Western women. They just don’t put out as quickly. YMMV.

  3. Mikey Johnson says:

    Great review. Co-sign everything. Do you plan on visiting Da Nang? I’ve heard great things. It’s supposed to be like Vietnam’s Chang Mai.

  4. forteune says:

    Looking forward to your adventures. You and jspill give a ton of useful information on how things really are in SEA. In the end I’ll have to see for myself, but you’ve helped me with my bucket list. Food and sightseeing is great but playing hide the sausage with a hot girl is what life is all about.

  5. BangkokBaller23 says:

    HCMC and Vietnam in general is a world unto itself. You nailed it on the “vibe” unlike other places in Asia.

    Having travelled around Asia (Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam, etc), I can honestly say Vietnam is “different” in a good way than all the others.

    Obviously, there’s downsides (in heaven the clouds would be too soft for some). But, given the quantity of super hot, fit, foreigner-friendly girls, amazing street/local food, “relative” safety & affordability, and just a killer positive & vibrant “energy” to the city….HCMC wins!

    My ever humble suggestions to appreciate Vietnam:
    – GTFO of the backpacker District. This decreases touts, and number of foreigners.
    – Up your game. Challenge yourself to start dating local Viet chics. Don’t be lazy handing out Mall numbers, massage girls, etc. They WANT you! Just keep it “dating” and no LT relationship can develop.
    – Get some cool hobbies to draw in the more high-end Viet hotties. Photography, music, art, some sport, writing (blog?), etc. Just be an interesting, available, social, positive outlook foreigner and your dance card will be FULL. 🙂

    • jspill says:

      Great advice there

    • thibault says:

      the whole point of the blog is fucking everything without being attractive yourself. of course if you re some ladykiller you ll be ok. but, if you can fuck everything that moves in the phils without moving your ass from the couch, why the fuck would you need to deal with bitchy attitudes, judgmental gals and be considered like disposable?
      the onmy time i tried online scouting viet girls on dating sites, they were very selective. interested in foreigners, but to go further it was much harder.
      and dont talk to them about eating dogs. even very carefully. they really have a problem with that. better ask a black man of he goes to kkk meetings, more chance he ll answer yes.

      • kick2dante says:

        asking girls if they eat dogs…. your online game may need some work

        • thibault says:

          lol. why is it so bad, its just another type of food … sure a phuls girl wouldnt mind, she would care for shit you coyld as welltalk about durian or balut and it would be a good subject for keeping the mood light.
          but in vietnam, its a very good casus belli if you want to cut ties with some clinger.

      • jspill says:

        hey, i’m an attractive ladykiller

        • kick2dante says:

          thibault is one of those guys that helps us all out, he is rude weird and creepy to the girls online so all we have to do is type ‘omg you so cute na! :p’ and they think we are the nicest guy in the world

      • RumandCokeMan says:

        Why do the little Charlies eat dogs at all-that’s sick to do to a pet IMO?

        If they are known to eat dogs then why do they even get mad about it?
        It’s just the truth.

        • thibault says:

          it does not shock me that much. the separation between livestock and pet is utterly artificial.
          i think the big problem is the culture gap, they bloody know that our culture finds it awful, and they fear the stigma. even more importantly so with women, that are all virtue signaling attention whores, as we all know.

        • thibault says:

          plus, why would you do this to a pig? its the animal closest to man , outside of monkeys… i mean, pig s meat even tastes like human meat, and this ay be a reason to prohibit it in certain cultures… you wouldntbz able to distinguish it from cannibalism.
          btw i read once in a blog, about dog meat serving restaurants. as a westerner you may be required to eat some small portion of dog meat at the entrance, before they even let you enter. thisis in order to show that you are not utterly disgusted by the idea, and thus not just here to badmouth about it.

        • Jobo says:

          When a 🐕 gets run over in Laos what time is it?

          LUNCH TIME! 😛

  6. harley says:

    I was 1 month in HCMC in January… great city with lots of nightlife (and it’s cheap). There’s MANY hot girls and they are available, just need some more work than with Filipinas. I think it’s a good place to find a long term smoking hot GF… however I found that just for short term banging it’s not as fun as other places.

    What I did like about Viet girls is that they drink a lot which makes it easier to bang them actually (yeah i’m creepy, but it works). Imported beer is cheap at bars and local beers even cheaper. It’s ridiculous.

    For me the major thing I didn’t like about this city were definitely the expat community. All English teachers or hippy kind of guys.. there were a few semi-cool guys I met who were sexpats as well but disguised as English teachers or musicians, unfortunately they still remain losers in my eyes. There’s quite a decent community of digital nomads as well there but didn’t meet up with any.

    I had the feeling that many of the foreigners there would immediately bite you if they know you’re a sexpat or just dating local chicks… many of them are actually just in relationships with white chicks.

    Would I go back? Yes if I need to find a hot Vietnamese wife but honestly they are quite demanding and could turn out to be quite expensive, more so than a Filipina, Indo or Thai-Chinese chick in my opinion… need to be a bit more careful there.

    In the clubs I found all the hot Viet chicks (non-hookers) to be EXTREMELY arrogant and stuck up. MORE SO than even rich Thai or Filipina chicks in Bangkok or Manila. That really turned me off.

    I only had good success on… many hot girls looking for a husband there.

    • jspill says:

      Yep definitely more high maintenance. Like you say they’re more East Asian by ethnicity

      At least once you’ve got them you know they’re not going to banging other guys easily. Good spot to look for a faithful GF/wife

      P.S. changed name to

    • thibault says:

      you realize the definition of loser for most is being a sexpat? why the fuck xould we go to asia if we were not losers? why not just stay in the west and live a shitty life like all those non losers?

      • Jobo says:

        I come to Asia because I’m lazy and like shooting fish in a barrel. Screw the feminazis. They can buy their own house and raise their own little entitled brats alone.

      • BangkokBaller23 says:

        Coming to Asia as a single guy DOES NOT make u a loser….in any sense of the word. We all create our own reality in our lives….for better or for worse. Staying in “the West” if u r unhappy with the women in your life and lifestyle…..THAT is being a loser. You have given up. Seeing a better life, the life u want, going after it, living it. That’s the very definition of a Winner.

  7. Harley says:

    I had girlfriends back in Europe and knew how to make some decent money… I wasnt really a loser in the sense that I couldnt get laid, because I was already an asshole back home and assholes get laid… I just wanted a cheaper lifestyle and even more pussy… thats all. At first I didnt even like SEA chicks that much. Took me a while to start liking them

  8. bkkyolo says:

    Any recommendation for weekly/monthly stays accomodation ?

  9. Bilbo says:

    It is a TOTAL LIE that Viet girls are the hottest in SEA!!

    I’ve been here 8 weeks now and do you know how often I see a head-turner? Maybe once a …………….. month?

    No joke. In Thailand, Bangkok anyway, you see them almost every day. Thais are waaaay hotter than Viet girls. Viet girls literally all look the same and they are so conservative that it’s a bit soul destroying.

    I mean, good for them, they have self-respect, strong family values, strong work ethics, respect their virginity and marriage as an institution etc… but for a cad like me, it’s kind annoying as fuck! And if you thought talking to Thai girls online was boring and like pulling teeth, Viet girls take it to level 11. They are dull…! And they lose interest REALLY quickly.

    They seem to want to friend zone you almost immediately – sometimes that is good – I’ve been helped by many without even really asking but… I wanna fuuuuuck!

    I’ve managed to build a small 3 girl harem but nothing to write home about but ok for the occasional bang.

    The food here also – NOT great. It’s really hit and miss and if you don’t speak or read Vietnamese can be a major problem. Half the time you will have no fucking idea what it is anyway. And Pho gets tired quickly. Oh, and most Banh Mi are actually pretty disgusting, so….

    Pluses? Viet people are generally far more curious about the world than say Thais who only care about Thailand, their king and Thai food. In Saigon you will here music from all around the world played in the most unusual places- I’m talking obscure French 60s music, Japanese folk music, even Flamenco played in a park miles away from any tourist area. You would NEVER experience that in Thailand.

    If you want fucking and fun, go to Thailand. If you want nicer, more open, curious people (especially the men ie. difference between Viet man and Thai men) then yeah, the vibe in Saigon is far nicer.

    For food and girls and convenience in a Western sense, go to Thailand.

    • jspill says:

      That’s a pretty good summary, but we also see way more girls in BKK per day. It has the BTS and MRT system, I fall in love every 10 mins. In Saigon it’s one big sea of motorbike helmets

      Huge malls, more parks, just more public spaces, nightclubs, huge red light districts of bars, clubs and gogos that fill the space up with girls.

      It’s all a lot more out in the open to us as foreigners. Online dating is bigger, female to male population ratio is better, Saigon isn’t that walkable as a city… lots of factors.

      A large portion of the girls in the country flock to the capital to work, meet guys and get amongst it. I can imagine more Viet girls just pursue careers, stay at home etc.

      But Viets do seem to have more facial symmetry and the ‘pretty’ look. Agree ‘hot’ might not be the best word, especially if you don’t like the bleached white skin look. ‘Pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ better words. Thais themselves speak highly of how suay Vietnamese are.

      I much prefer Thailand overall.

      • BangkokBaller23 says:

        I like steak AND I like fish. I like Thailand AND I like Vietnam. One doesn’t have to be “better” than the other. Depends what u r looking for at the time. I like the differences….

    • Do Thai girls really put out more easily? Me and my brother were comparing notes and we agreed that Saigon isn’t any harder than Bangkok.

      I’m not into BKK at all bc Thais are rude and scummy, too many white expats around, especially from Oz (fucking cunts), higher number of guys chasing Thai women, etc.

      As an aside, I prefer Viet girl looks bc of Chinese admixture. There’s a lot of variety in Saigon actually. Not sure where you are hanging out, but there are definitely a lot of model types. Vietnamese culture is much more wholesome and the people are much more evolved. You can see it when they come to the US/UK.

      I also disagree with you about Viet food being gross. It’s arguably one of the best in the world. Thai cuisine is decent too. I just don’t see the hype outside of a few good meals. Thailand and their king can go fuck themselves. It just comes across as really seedy to me.

    • jspill says:

      Sounds like you go for top quality girls and don’t mind a challenge. In that case there may be no big difference between Thais and Viets, or so small it’d take a large sample size to compare.

      But if we sent ‘want to come to my room’ messages or naked selfies to a thousand Thais and Viets, I’d bet on Thais being more laid back about it, more ‘ok ka’ and strings of ‘55555555’.

      Like you say the culture is more wholesome and evolved so it stands to reason they’d put out less. Also less will be hookers. Even guys that don’t pay hookers if they’re going out a lot to bars and clubs will bang some % of hookers without realising it.

      I know some young good looking guys in BKK into PUA and they go to clubs like Mixx, do quite well and have a lot of ONS. Sometimes the girls ask for money in the morning and they’re shocked ^^ I’m like of course, it’s about 60% hookers there what do you expect, but they think it’s more like 10%. ‘Oh it’s just the ones by the bar and in the smoking room, I was grinding these girls on the dancefloor’.

      Some of the girls who didn’t ask will have also been hookers, just shy to ask for money.

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