Living in Phnom Penh 2017 Attempt

It’s been a few years since I last went to Cambodia, and last time I only spent 5 nights in Phnom Penh before moving onto Sihanoukville. Since I have been traveling this year I decided to do a trip to Phnom Penh, but I wasn’t sure how long I’d stay.

Quick side note, the ‘business visa’ that allows you to stay for an indefinite amount of time is no longer called business visa. I believe it is now called ‘personal visa’ instead. So make sure you tick that box or wait to fill out that part of the card until you are inside the airport and see which one costs $35 if you want to stay long term.

I have read on other boards that you should pay $7 extra for the e-visa, imo this is a pretty big waste of money and that isn’t my nittyness coming out. It took roughly 5 minutes to wait in line, hand them my visa, and wait for them to get things sorted out.

Last time it took 15 minutes, if saving 5-20 minutes is worth $7 to you by all means do it, but when you factor the time it takes to log online and fill out the stuff you really aren’t saving much of anything.

One plus is the e-visa is printed out on paper so it doesn’t fill up a whole page of your passport like the Cambodia visa sticker does.

Forgot How Third Worldy Cambodia Really Is

While I had forgot how third worldy it was it didn’t take long for me to be reminded. When we landed the clouds were gray but it wasn’t raining.

After 10 minutes inside the airport I go outside and it is pouring rain, I buy a local sim and unlimited internet for a month (think its really 4gb which is plenty) for $6 and wait 2 minutes after the guy sets up my mobile data plan for me and the rain stops.

The tuk tuks at the airport are trying to charge $9 flat rate, I know if you walk out to the street and hang a right you can get it for $5. I start trying to walk out through the parking lot but there are puddles all around.

Some guys who are right on the fringe of the parking lot and the road say $8 for a tuk tuk, I say $6 and they say $7. Instead of saying no and walking through ankle deep water to find a $5 one I splurge (#baller.)

On the ride to the touristy area there is standing water in the streets, all from 20 minutes of rain. Sure it was a hard rain, but 20 minutes? Guys are riding in motorcycles and there legs are halfway in the water.

It really is obvious that this is the poorest country I have been in and by a wide margin. There are trash piles all throughout the streets, I had forgotten what it was like in this country.

I ask them to take me to a certain hotel that comes highly recommended but it is fully booked. It was $20 a night but quite nice so I was a bit let down, I inquire about a monthly rate when things open up and the guy says they have apartments down the street for $350 a month with electric included.

Hell ya, I’ve been trying to find a decent monthly place for awhile, but I have to wait a few days til one of the tenants move out. I go out to the road and walk for a few mins and see a hotel that looks pretty cheap.

I was right, $13 a night and I decide to stay there for one night and check it out. Wifi works well and was quiet over night for a good sleep so I am happy with the decision.

I did a little bit of research to catch up on Phnom Penh nightlife before I got here and the scene seems to be pretty much the same. The only difference is that Walkabout Hotel is gone, and this was one of the main spots to find hookers in Phnom Penh, particularly during the day.

My last time here I found one of the hottest girls I have ever banged at Golden Sorya Mall working at one of the beer bars inside. I wasn’t sure if she was able to barfine or not, to my surprise she said yes and I got two nice sessions with her.

This was all in my first 30 minutes of checking out the scene so I have always been curious about what else Phnom Penh had available.

Recent vid from Bangkok 112

Going Out in the Phnom Penh Nightlife

While I was curious about how hot the girls would be I also knew this place didn’t really fit my current style. I like to get blowjobs from hookers and if I bang non pros I don’t like to wear rubbers.

Well, from what I remembered the hookers in Cambodia gave terrible blowjobs almost every time, and hooking up with non pros isn’t exactly a Cambodia thing. Sure you might be able to luckbox a few but its similar to Vietnam where you really shouldn’t be here for casual hook ups.

My first night out I head to Pontoon which is still the main hooker disco. I had never been before and I gotta say I do kinda like the layout there, much better than other hooker discos I have been to around the world.

Big open space and easy to walk around, not tables all over and walkways that have people standing in them. Pretty well set up for my ‘go in, walk 2 laps, approach the hottest girl and hope’ strategy.

The hottest girl actually makes eyes at me but I am not really wanting to do anything right then. I feel like shit from the flight (even though it was short) and just want to get her number.

She says her phone has problem and won’t give me her number. I ask how can I get hold of her and she says come back here. The next girl I approach completely blows me off and she was just a 6.5. 5 minutes later she is dancing with her friend on the dancefloor trying to get the attention of a fat 50 year old dude???

I do get one girls number who was eyeing me with her friends who kept smiling in my direction and then I go. Of course I slipped my number to one of the cute promo beer girls that just stand around looking pretty on the way out.

Overall quite a few girls, not too many guys, girls will look at you and make their interest known. Of course you gotta pay them, the quality was decent with the hottest being a 7.5 and a few 7’s around but it was early might get better later.

Another Bangkok 112 vlog

2nd Night Out In Phnom Penh

My 2nd day I wanted to go check out Aeon Mall and it was interesting. Bigger than I expected and a pretty solid spot for a mallwalk. I always love being in a new mall for the first time cuz you have so many girls working there to approach.

Handed out 6ish numbers, all but 1 were to girls who worked there. They are the easiest to approach as they stand around by themselves waiting for a customer.

Didn’t see any girls that were all that hot, nothing above a 7, one of the hotter ones did reject my lil note but she was the only one that did. The others grabbed it pretty quick, one of them stared at it for 2 solid minutes, I looked back as I passed some restaurant and saw her still looking at it through the glass.

I stopped to watch how long she looked at it, eventually pulled my phone out to record her staring at it but I had to record over some family eating dinner and the dad started wondering wtf I was doing so I backed off.

There are a lot of massage parlors by Aeon, can pretty safely assume many of them will offer a happy ending. Of course everywhere you go there are tuk tuks offering you rides, ladies and drugs.

It really does get old but can’t say I blame them. There are thousands of tuk tuk drivers and not that many tourists wanting rides.

My plan is to head to ‘Cyrcee’ on 13 street 49, basically a 5 minute walk from Golden Sorya Mall and you can use Google Maps to find it. Since I thought the girls here were awful at blowjobs more often than not I wanted to go here because the girls are ‘good performers’ according to expat message boards.

So I go in and am the only guy there and the girls swarm me. They are instantly pushing for me to do a threesome and there are about 7 of them all up on me and a few others around.

It is quite similar to my High Heels experience on Burgos Street, but here the tits don’t come out. They were grabbing my dick through my pants and stroking it.

I get a water and they keep asking me to take a girl. It is pretty overwhelming even for a guy that has lived here for awhile, a total SEA noob would be in heaven right then.

No superstars in the mix but pretty much all of them were hot enough. I kinda hate breaking the other girls hearts but I choose the one I think is the hottest and we go to a short time hotel nearby.

I should point out I tried pretty hard to push for a bj right there in the bar and they would not do it. Since a tuk tuk would cost $3 to my hotel I figured paying the $5 for the short time hotel which EVERYONE on the expat boards says would be the best way. They also say the hotel is right across the street…..

I pay the $10 barfine and the $2.50 for the water and we go out, I had negotiated two pops inside but not any price for the girl. I was going to just give her $30 which is quite good for Cambo and we could be out in under an hour.

She leads me on some walk that is longer than I thought it should be to the hotel and then I go up to the front desk to give them $5 for a short time room and the guy looks at me clueless. I think I got a new girl that didn’t know the right short time spot.

He asks if I am staying there I say no he says no short time? Hmm, odd. She randomly walks to another hotel and this dude wants $7 for 3 hours. I am like just 1 hour $5 ok…. he won’t budge. Only $2 but kinda tilting considering I already feel like I am overpaying.

Get up to the room she looks pretty good naked, time for first bj and yup she is awful. Thing is, this was still probably a top 10% bj of all the bj’s I have gotten in Cambo…. she didn’t use the towel to wipe off during it like many girls in Snooky did.

Still, even with a top of the line Cambo bj it was not good at all. She starts putting clothes on after I was like uhhh two times and she said oh ya. Nice try, but then I realize that I really don’t even want or need another bj right now, at least not from her.

I say I’ll give her $20 to just do one and she said she charges $30, and if I was going to do a second time I would tip her. I was like how much is the tip and she thinks and says $10.

Back in my more busto days I mighta argued here, but she was being quite fair with me and I just don’t have it in me to haggle over $10 with a girl that is being nice right now so I give her the $30 for one time.See

That should say a lot about the bj skills by the way, I decided it was better to pay $50 for 1 than $60 for 2…..

Seeing an Old ‘Friend’ From Snooky

Some may remember ‘m3thie’ from Sihanoukville but she was not the only one that liked to do m3th there. There was another girl and I will briefly recap our past.

I met her on the beach and thought she was kind of borderline age wise but she swore she was 19. I passed that first night but asked one of my regulars about her who said she was 19 but she could be trouble.

Often I will pass on trouble, but her body is quite banging. Definitely in the top 5 girls I was with in my 7 months in Snooky. Probably in my top 20 in SEA overall.

So I see her again and now that I know she is of legal age I will do it, and she happens to be staying at the hotel next door to mine so I decide to have us do it at her place so she doesn’t know where I live.

We bang the first time and then in between rounds she pulls out a plastic bottle and a lighter and starts burning the bottle. Not burning the bottle outside, not burning it on the floor, lighter in one hand bottle in the other as we lay in bed next to each other naked.

I gave her $20 for 2 bangs which was standard for me in Snooky and she flips out. As we are leaving her place she flips out on me in the street and everyone stares. This had been my home for awhile at this point and with my huge beard and long hair I was kind of ‘known’ since I had been there so long.

That was an awkward moment, and I actually ended up giving her $5 more because she was not the type of girl I wanted to have beef with. She had asked me if her dealer could drop off m3th while I was there and that was the last time I went with her.

3 and a half years later as I am walking home from Cyrcee and pass Golden Sorya Mall I hear someone call out ‘hey I know you.’ Takes me a couple seconds but I remembered her, and her boobs still looked quite nice.

She pushed for me to go with her but I passed cuz I wasn’t spending any more money that day. Also m3thied girls that I know have been in the business for that long aren’t really what I am looking for now.

It is too early to definitively say, but at this point I am pretty sure the Phnom Penh nightlife just isn’t right for me. If I start to see some 9’s around that will change, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

6 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    They were charging me $50 in 2010, and used to be available 19 year olds at that time, more so than Thailand where you would probably get their mother haha.

  2. thibault says:

    if therey are l a lot like the one in the pic…. and the prices are as low as you say… you could pass on a lot of negative aspects.
    lol 20 for two bangs, would be too low anywhete in the world.
    thé meth thing is freaky, but when you have a sexy 19 yo in your bed, well. meth seems coolat this point.

  3. Hello Friend says:

    I went busto in the stock market and am down to my last $1k. Where do you recommend I rebuild my BR playing low stakes live poker? Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh, or Manila?

    • jspill says:

      The widest range of stakes is Manila, in Cambodia you might find only a $1/$2 or $2/4 table is running, which is too high if you’re on your last $1k. But the rake at $0.50/$1 (25/50 peso in Manila) is too high to really beat long term, so it’s a bad idea everywhere if you only have $1k. I’d work on getting a bigger bankroll first

    • NormalNomad says:

      lol. Only 1k in the bank and wants to gamble…..SMH

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