Living in Bangkok a Month

After doing a month in Pattaya I extended the 30 day visa waiver to 60 days for 1900 Baht and headed to Bangkok. Right off the bat when the bus got to the airport I pass a girl in a Hooters outfit. I snap a blurry creeper pic for the fans and walk past to check out the front view.


The front looks pretty good and since I will be in BKK for the next month I decide to go write my line down on a piece of paper to give to her.

I was a bit let down by Pattaya, the people were rude and while there are lots of in shape sexy bodies I just don’t find Thai faces very attractive. Five minutes into arriving back in BKK I had locked eyes with a 9/10 Hooters girl. Bangkok has two Hooters bars, one across from Nana Plaza and another on Soi 15.


Settling Into Life in Bangkok

You know what sucks? When you head to the apartment you want to stay at and their front desk is closed on Sundays. Off to a hotel I go. I saw another apartment nearby and they were also closed on Sundays. Remember that if you will be arriving on a Sunday.

I get an 800 baht a night room down the street and the first thing I noticed was how fast the wifi was. I had been in Pattaya with no wifi and relying solely on mobile data for a month.

This caused me to not be able to download the Super Bowl and I had gone almost a month with no spoilers. First thing I did before I went to bed was get the game downloading and when I woke up it was finished (as were many other things I downloaded, Thai internet is awesome.)

First night I do some work then go roam around. Simple plans for the night, walk past the freelancer spots and see if there are any hot ones whose Line IDs I should get. Grab a bite to eat, head to the hotel work again and then watch the Super Bowl.

I head to Nana Plaza but somehow walk right past it and don’t see it. I had been before so I knew where it was…… but I swear at 4am I walked right by and didn’t have a clue.

I turn around and walk back by Kinaree to grab some food thanks to Jspills recommendation. I go up to order my food and on a table sitting next to the cash register is a lone newspaper. The headline: DENVER BRONCOS WIN THE SUPER BOWL.

I hate my life. You have to be kidding me, 3 weeks with no spoilers, random Thai eatery at 4am 3 hours before I am going to watch the game. Only me.


Via Hooters BKK on Facebook

Learning About Things To Do in Bangkok

Next night I tell Jspill I want to go to Crazy House because I heard it was one of the best gogos in Bangkok and then maybe hit up a BJ bar like Kasalong or Dr. BJ’s after. We meet at Little Italy right by Soi Cowboy for a quick bite to eat and then go to Crazy House.

On the way to Little Italy I am walking across the street and this pretty well dressed (i.e. nonhooker) girl walks past. It is just an AWFUL approach spot on a dark part of the sidewalk but that doesn’t deter me.

I start to go in for an approach and she senses me and looks back. This makes it awkward but I go in after a few more seconds. She is a bit stand offish at first and I ask if she is scared and she says yes.

I say sorry and smile and she warms up to me and we chat. She is asking many questions where am I from why am I here how long will I be here etc. She asks where I stay and she says she stays near also.

I say I gotta run and meet my friend but can I get her Line and she says no. I ask why and she says because she is scared. Hmm she is to scared to give me her Line and text with me, but she will have a conversation with me on a dark deserted street. Makes sense.

Me and Jspill head to the bars and I hate bars so we don’t stay in any one place long. I had just been reading about how great Crazy House was on various sexpat forums…… to me it was nothing special. Sure the girls were fully nude but there was only one hot one in the place.

We hop into a few other bars in Cowboy and I am already quite let down by BKK. I was expecting to find lots of 8s and some 9s in these gogos and they just aren’t there.


Club Electric Blue Patpong

I hand out my Line ID to a few girls, and once am followed out the bar by a mamasan who just watched us leave but didn’t say anything. Still was a bit scary.

Then me and Jspill roam the streets and he shows me some things to do in Bangkok like some massage shops and sois, and we bump into a few girls he has banged along the way.

We go into Thermae which is a weird freelancer bar where girls stand around in a circle and guys walk the circle and talk to the girl if they want. The girls aren’t allowed to approach the guys. Meat market at its finest.

Again nothing I really like in here at all, I hand my Line to one reasonably hot girl (maybe a 7) and she texts me right away. She quotes me 2500 and I say to much. I tell her I just want a quick BJ and she sticks with 2500. Delete contact.

Out At Night in Bangkok On My Own

After a few hours of work I head back out and walk around to see if anything catches my eye and to get some food. As I walk past a massage shop a few ladies hound me and one starts to follow me. She is probably 35 and an average looking Thai woman.

She is practically begging me to get a massage but I know these massage shops its not really a massage so I ask how much for a BJ. She says 1000 and I say to much. I’m fine with going home without busting a nut so just lowball her and say 600.

She says 800 I stick with 6 and she agrees. Then when in her shop she tries to get me to put on a condom but I say no way. She says 1000 now condom I start to put my pants back on and she says OK 6 and I’m walking back home 20 mins later.

On my way I pass this sexy girl in a tight black dress. She is looking quite nice so I ask for her Line. She pulls out her phone and opens Line and goes to some weird page on Line that I hadn’t seen.

She starts saying that this is her Line ID so I enter it but nothing pops up. I try again and its not working. I ask her to do the QR code and she rolls her eyes and walks off. Similar happened in Pattaya with a different freelancer….. hookers can be annoying.


My initial impressions of BKK are the same as Patts basically. The talent is weak, and it is highly overpriced because there are to many tourists in Thailand. The massages seem like the only place that you can get reasonable value.

Adjusting To Bangkok Living

I really wanted to just do hookers this time in BKK and come back in a couple months and try some non pros. I got pretty burnt out in Cebu dealing with non pros and was enjoying hookering……. but the bad value made me decide to switch it up.

The massage/soapies/bj bars will be open all day, so I might as well sleep a more normal schedule and hop on ThaiCupid and ThaiFriendly and try my luck with non pros as well. I already had done a bit of pipelining and had a couple girls I was feeling pretty confident about.

line-chat-thai-girl-style-google-translateOn the day that I decided to switch my sleep schedule up (meaning I was going to stay up 12 extra hours to flip it….. I don’t do well with no sleep btw) both girls actually told me they were free and hinted they wanted to hang out.

So I decided I might as well have one over to help me kill the time. She had me meet her out on the main road and then we walked back to my place. I had already warned her I was super tired so please don’t judge me.

We get into the room and I was pretty sure we were going to have some fun even though she had told me no sex like 7 times (not kidding) over the week that we had texted.

20 minutes into a boring horror movie as we’re cuddling on the bed (no couch in my room) I go in for a neck kiss. She was right no sex. However she did blow me (twice).

It was basically the same as my Filipino Cupid dates in PI. She was just a normal girl, spoke reasonably good English. Well OK not good English, but for a Thai she was very good, and she was nice and kind and fun loving. Not like what I dealt with in soulless Pattaya. I was already feeling better about my decision to switch away from overpriced freelancers.

Time To Flood The Streets of Bangkok With Line Me

Well if I am going to focus on normal girls (and massages and soapies and bj bars) then I might as well hit up some malls in Bangkok. I go to this uber nice mall with Rolex and Fendi and Gucci and every other boosie shop called Emporium.

Its like the nicest mall I have ever been to and I am going to walk up to some girl who just bought an expensive Fendi bag (does Fendi make bags? I think they do….) in a $2 t-shirt and hand her my number. Good luck me!

I only give out 1 number there (didn’t see much talent, was mid day on a weekday) and hop on the BTS to run an errand. As I get off the BTS this cute school girl in a black and white skirt is in front of me.

I debate giving her my number (lots of people around) and when she walks to a semi isolated place where I have a pretty good approach I give it to her. I go and run my errand real quick and hop back on the BTS.

The door closes and we start moving and I get a tap on my shoulder. There is the black and white skirt girl standing behind me holding up the note I wrote her!

Tight space, lots of people around, eyes on the foreigner, awkward!! She points at it and then points at herself and I am like yes you. I say add my line and she pulls out her phone. She can’t figure out my Line ID so I put it in for her and we become BFFs very quickly (after I got the F out of there as fast as I could.)


I head to another mall and see a bit of talent and hand out a few numbers. I get another textback that night and am kinda surprised at how it has gone. I am really tired after flipping the sleep schedule and head home to get to bed.

14 Handouts in Day One of Bangkok Life

My old record for number handouts at the mall was 12 in a day and I did that once or twice in PI. The only time I have ever handed out more was at Sinulog in Cebu and I honestly don’t even know how many I handed out over those two days.

Well my first full day of mall walking (1 hour the first shift, 45 minutes the second) in BKK I handed out 14 numbers. The ones early in the day were to some above average looking Thai girls.

I kind of struggle knowing who to hand out numbers to in Thailand because I don’t find most Thai’s faces attractive. The majority of the people are in shape so there are quite a few I’d like to be in bed with, but not that many catch my eye facially.

But on my second shift…….. sadly I must admit there is more elite talent in Bangkok than any other city I have been. Granted one mall walking day is to early to say that definitively, but I handed my number to one legit 9, and two more 8’s, and one of the 8’s had 9 potential if the body is as nice as it appeared when naked.

I also tried to hand my number out to another 8 who was a school girl who would not take it. I was expecting more girls to not accept my note, but for the most part they are taking it about the same rate as in Phils (though again a tiny sample size so far.)

I am just shocked at how hot a few of these girls were, especially since I had only seen one truly hot girl (the Hooters girl at the airport) in my first 35ish days in Thailand.)


The first 9 I gave my number to I saw on the 4th floor and followed her down like 6 escalators to the ground floor. I had to scurry to write my number down on a crumpled up old receipt (emergency paper) in my wallet and I almost lost her. I walked around for 5 minutes thinking she was gone but then I saw her again.

I followed her into a store and got the best approach spot I could get but it wasn’t great. She was also listening to music with earbuds in which made it worse, but she smiled and said thank you when I handed her the note so it went as well as it could have.

The only other memorable hand out was an awful one that I totally forced. There were some sales going at one of the lower floors and the 8 with 9 potential was trying on some clothes. It was a really crowded area and the clothes were packed in so tight walkways.

After writing that and thinking back on it I can’t believe I even…… I hung around for 5 minutes and waited for the clearest approach I could get. And then right as I approach a sales guy ends up 3 feet from us and listens in as I gave it to her.

Once again she smiles and says thank you and I run away giggling to myself like a schoolgirl. I don’t know if either of those two will ever text me, odds are I will never bang either…… I am just glad I have the chance.

So my way way to early impressions of life in Bangkok are that the hooker value seems pretty terrible, the dating sites seem pretty similar to the Phils but with a bigger language barrier.


LOL’d at this ThaiFriendly Profile

I’ve only met 1 dating site girl so far (so I shouldn’t be judging them at all yet but whatever if others on the internet can jump to ridiculous conclusions to early then so can I) but there are some smoking hot non hookers around and if you can luckbox your way to a few a year I can see the appeal of living in Bangkok.

8 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Didn’t you say you can see more hot girls in 3 minutes on the BTS / MRT than 3 months in Cebu malls

  2. kick2dante says:

    naw someone else said the bts line on 2p2

    i initially was blown away by bangkok malls but ran good on my first 2 visits, after that it wasnt the same

  3. Rum and Coke Man says:

    So after the recent BKK trip what are your current favorite cities in SEA?

    How much do you spend in a month in BKK ($1500 like JSpill) or less?

  4. kick2dante says:

    budget post is coming up but i spent quite a bit less then he does even though i intended to spend that much

    its hard to say, for an overall easy laid back life it is hard to beat somewhere like cebu or angeles

  5. jake Smith says:

    hahah I met the hooters girl on trike. Hooter’s manager major cock block. Last day in Thailand otherwise i’d bed her. She saw I was no average Joe despite cock block manager. I hope she is there next time am in BKK!

    The best girls in Thailand are the rich ones. Whether you’d get them is another issue 🙂 Most are just ugly aside rich girls

    • jake Smith says:

      Yap. French guy. I was really disappointed with his attitude anyways but for time. The girl noticed as well and she was like, you’d cost me my job as she slipped me her number.

      I stayed at a fine hotel at HCMC. All the staff were 7 upwards. One was 10 and my gf said, if I find you near that girl, you are dead. Now, I like my gf that much so no.

      If you ever visit Saigon, go to a club called Glow. The girls there are nice and if you can go right instead of left once you exit the elevator, you will be in for some fine time.

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