LBFM Meaning?

When I first hopped on the sexpat message boards there were all sorts of terms I didn’t know.  Every group has there cute little slang and sexpats are no different – CIM, BBBJ, GFE, these ones I could guess. One of the ones that I couldn’t figure out though was ‘LBFM’.


LBFM Meaning

When I asked what it meant I just got laughed at (message boards can be tough places for noobs and monger boards are no different.)

What does LBFM mean? I googled it and found my answer: little brown fucking machines.

Goes Back To the War

The term was first getting kicked around back during the Vietnam war when there were so many American soldiers all around Asia. The movie Full Metal Jacket popularized the fact that army frequented hookers over here.

lbfm meaning

LBFM meaning via Urban Dictionary

There is a reason that the biggest girly bar area in the Philippines is located next to the US Air Force Base. The 2nd biggest is in Subic where the US Navy has a base as well.

Subic has always been a favorite stop for military troops. Be out at sea with nothing but a bunch of dudes for months and then get dropped off next to some girly bars. Nice change of pace.

The Name Fits Well in the Phils

While some use the name LBFMs to describe any Asian hookers it is definitely more prominently used to talk about Filipina girls, and for good reason.

As I have said countless times on this blog they are just hornier than other girls you find in Asia.  When you meet a girl off FilipinoCupid she may look like a sweet innocent virgin but kiss her on the neck and she may ride you all night until YOU ask HER to stop.

Funnily enough my record for most times having sex in a day came in Subic.  It was not with a bargirl either, she was a ‘friend of a friend’ who happened to be visiting Subic when I was there.

We had never met before and 2 minutes after meeting her (at my apartment) she was deepthroating me.  I didn’t even know her name.  She blew me multiple times that first day because she was on her period.

Two days later when it was cleared up we fucked 6 times.  The next time she came over we went 4 rounds.  The next time 4 again.  Then she went back to Manila and I never heard from her again.  A true LBFM.


Not like every Pinay you meet here is like that. Some just get dressed right after and don’t want to do anymore. But most will just lay back in bed with a towel waiting for you to join them again.

To me that hornyness is really what sets living in the Philippines apart from other places in Asia.  In Cambodia the girls didn’t seem to like sex at all.

In Thailand they were good at putting on a show but it felt fake (plus they use whitening creams and more make up, so less bronze brown skin on display).

In Phils they truly are little brown sex machines. Slightly shorter than other Asian countries too – the average female height in the Philippines is 151.8cm (a shade under 5 foot).

A few Filipina porn sites have also adopted the ‘LBFM’ abbreviation and specialised in that niche. One of my readers posted some dating site Filipinas will do Skype cam shows for a small fee, that’s another option to if you haven’t made the move to the Philippines yet.

3 Responses

  1. I88888I says:

    wider hips on average too. the best fucking machines

  2. kick2dante says:

    oh ya love the curvier bodies here

  3. jan says:

    Youre wright nomad
    I am on old guy (61) already happy i shoot two times a day
    But my 23 year old girl i have now 2 years screams the first day we meet 15 times on my tongue and dick

    I make her complete empty each time i meet her so her puki can only think on my dick when i put her on the plane back to her city in the red zone in mindenao.

    I think thats the only way to keep them long
    cause whatever you give them their brain is never contented
    but its her puki what make her wait for ya!

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