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What’s up guys! Something a bit off topic today – I’m quite excited one of my posts hit #5 in Google for ‘Filipina pornstars’, sandwiched between Xvideos and Pornhub, so I thought I’d add some more content to the growing p0rn section.


Analytics is telling me in the last month it was the most highly searched keyword for people landing on Nomad Philippines (along with Pinalove, massages and ladyboys you perverts 😀 ) So I figure give the people what they want right? I also lived in Vegas on and off at points before moving to the Philippines.

Adultcon in Vegas

So one January I happened to be in Vegas at the same time as Adultcon. I didn’t even know what it was but when walking through the Venetian and seeing lots of fake boobs I quickly found out – it’s like a trade fair for pornographic films. Their slogan is ‘more porn stars than you can handle‘.


They hold it every January and quite a few people ‘in the industry’ stay at the Venetian for it so that makes for some great people watching. Blonde porn stars with 36DDs parading around in skimpy clothes. Tiny Asian porn stars walking around in thongs.

Some kinky wrestling matches, and booths to take photos with the girls. Fun times.


I never paid the $50ish entry fee to actually go inside, but I was still able have an interesting experience.

What Stood Out

Porn stars are not hot IRL. Take Jenna Haze for instance. I thought she was quite attractive in her videos.

Cute face, sexy eyes, nice ass…… even with no tits I thought she was a solid 8. In person with an extreme amount of makeup caked on and being extremely rail thin she did not look anywhere near as good.


Back to the trusty Jenna Haze Fleshlight

I did not see one real 8 my entire time there, and once I knew they hung out at the Venetian I made that my base of operations for the weekend. Many of them were quite old, and all had on way to much makeup.

The only other one I recognized whose videos I had watched before was London Keyes. She looked basically the same in person except was shorter than I was expecting.

Face not to hot…… huge tits and curvy ass. I kinda regretted not making her an offer for a short time. She isn’t even that hot, just woulda been cool to know I banged a pornstar.

Is a Bad Plan Really Better than No Plan?

So while playing poker that weekend some guy was telling the table how he planned on going to the convention to pick up chicks.


Sadly I didn’t see many Asian porn stars there

Everyone just sort of sat there and stared at him like he was crazy and didn’t know what to say. I tried to point out to him that if you want some chicken breasts you don’t go to a sausage factory to purchase them.

However he was certain that there would be horny girls roaming around that wanted some dick. That may be true….. but how hot is a horny girl that is going to a porn convention to pick up guys going to be?

I am pretty sure he could pick up a 300 pounder just as easily at McDonalds as he could at Adultcon.

Some Foreshadowing

Now that I think back on this it all makes sense. Back when I was young and naive and had a real job (how silly I must have been) I had a Filipina coworker.

She was mid 40s and very talkative and we chatted a lot. I told her about Las Vegas Adultcon and she was interested. I told her what it was about and she asked what the live sex shows were like. I told her there were no live sex shows and she quickly lost interest.

That right there tells you all you need to know about horny pinays are! I have one other quick sex related story about this woman. We chatted a lot and I think this had to be my favorite moment.

She was curious why her teenage son wanted her to switch from Showtime to Cinemax so badly. When I told her the look on her face was priceless. Not her little boy!


A couple weeks later she told me that ever since she made the switch he was always watching tv alone late at night and any time she would walk past the channel would quickly change and he sat there like a statue.

Where To Stay

If you want to head to the Las Vegas Adult Convention and are looking for places to stay then the Venetian would be a great spot but it is quite pricey.

For a more budget hotel right next door try Casino Royale.

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