Lady Boxing Fight in Manila (Video)

Filipinas in the ring

I went back to Ringside bar and finally managed to catch a boxing fight.

Most of the bargirls were ugly as usual, older and fatter than other gogos and three of them swarmed us as we went in instead of waiting for us to call them over.

Gogo bars like Kojax and XOXO are better where the girls are hotter and mostly stay on stage where you can see them and you can call one over at a time that you like.

At most they might walk by and say hi when they’re not dancing but they don’t sit without being asked, and leave straight away if you don’t want them to join you.

In the worse gogos with uglier but bolder girls, a group will jump on you sitting all around you, massaging you, asking dumb questions, acting fake trying to get drinks for all 2 to 3 of them at a time.

Some guys like that I guess. Maybe if the girls weren’t 5/10 and the lady drinks 390 pesos at Ringside… If you like chubby girls though Ringside is for you.

The Fight

Referee is bangable

But when they finally left us alone the Filipina boxing match was quite entertaining.

This was on a Saturday night at 1am. Ringside have more fight shows on weekend nights so that’s a good time to go if you’re looking for lady boxing matches in Manila.

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  1. Spirit maze says:

    Not a fair fight. The one in the leopard print dress is a trannie lol.

  2. RumandCokeMan says:

    How many hours/week or day do you and Dante usually work to keep the party going each month?

  3. RumandCokeMan says:

    Gives me hope that the digital nomad lifestyle is attainable. That seems like a small price to pay every day to be around all of those exotic chicks and out of the feminist West.

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