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Pegasus KTV, Quezon City

KTVs are a form of prostitution / entertainment popular with Asian guys. Like a gentleman’s club / hostess bar with karaoke rooms.

However not all KTVs offer sex, you’ll see ‘Family KTV’ signs around the Philippines, those ones are just for singing songs in. Then some are just for guys to be surrounded by hot girls and burn money.

In the ones that do offer sex the basic idea is you are paying more for beauty and exclusivity, KTV girls are supposed to be high quality and have had less customers.

My experience though has been the girls aren’t any hotter than the best gogo bars like Kojax.

Pegasus KTV, Quezon City

KTV Meaning

No one is really sure on where the term originated from but it’s generally thought to stand for ‘Karaoke television’. Some say the term originated in China, some say Japan, or Taiwan.

Some just call it going to ‘a karaoke’. ‘She works in a karaoke’ etc. Karaokes have spread to all over SE Asia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Indonesia.

Guys hire a private room to sing karaoke with hot girls and a microphone, have the music video and lyrics shown on a big TV screen, buy expensive food and drinks and have a mini party.

There is usually a large main stage with one or two dancers as well to entertain the guys that don’t hire a private room, or are waiting. You can also just have a girl sit and drink with you there.

Ferrari KTV, Cebu

The mamasans or papasan will line up the girls for you to choose one or two to sit with you by the stage, or for the karaoke rooms.

Then none, some, or all of the girls can be barfined for sex, it depends on the place.

The sex might be in private rooms at the KTV, or at a hotel the KTV works with, or sometimes you can take them back to your own place.

When you go into a KTV bar staff will ask you if you’ve been before and if not they’ll explain exactly how their particular establishment works. The level of service is good but it should be given how much you’re paying.

Entrance Fees?

Some charge a cover, some don’t. Some set a minimum drinks consumption amount, some don’t.

Ferrari KTV, Cebu

On average you can expect to pay more than you would in a bikini bar, agogo, or beer bar, whether it’s because of entrance fees, more expensive drinks, a higher cost of sex, being required to buy a drink for the mamasan, or something else.

Cost of Sex & Drinks

Your drinks may be reasonably priced but except to pay a lot for lady drinks. Anywhere from 175 – 1000.

Sometimes you also have to pay for a set time period the girls are with you (per hour), on top of the drinks, especially in the private room. Sometimes even by the main stage.

For sex it’s around 4000 or more short time if on the premises, or 8000 to barfine and take them home.

If you’re lucky you can pay less overall than a gogo bar, but in general karaokes are going to cost you more. Let’s look at some examples of Philippines KTVs.

KTVs in the Philippines

These are the places I’ve been to so far. Haven’t been to any Angeles KTVs yet. Panchira KTV there filmed this video and the girls look decent.

Manila KTVs


Apeiro KTV, Manila


In Pasay, Manila near the EDSA bars and Solemare Parksuites condo. They lined up the girls and said the cost of sex would be 4000 short time upstairs, or 8000 outside.

To have a girl sit at the table would be 1000. The girls (about 15 of them) were a bit fat and not as beautiful as you’d expect in a KTV. We just watched one girl dance unenthusiastically on stage for a bit.

They then surprised us with a 600 per person entrance fee when we asked for the bill, no mention of that when we entered. So be careful of that.

We asked if they could at least deduct the cost of our beers from that. Eventually after 15 mins they agreed. Ended up paying a little under 500 each.

Air Force One KTV massage

Air Force One

I reviewed the sex massage area (Flight 168) in this post. I like going there for that, good value. Only 2700 all in for massage + sex.

The KTV area had one girl on stage, and a 500 pesos minimum drinks / food consumption charge.

The Bay

In Pasay, Manila right next to Apeiro. No entrance fee.

But they were a bit weird asking to put a sticker over the camera lens on my phone, and asking if I knew any manager there, possibly trying to work out how much they could rip me off. So I left.


In Pasay, Manila. No entrance fee but 550 pesos minimum drinks / food consumption, 175 lady drinks, 4500 for sex upstairs or 8000 outside.

Then left, didn’t see any hot girls. Some pics and complaints about scams on this Facebook page.


Apeiro KTV, Manila


In Quezon City, Manila. No entrance fee but 500 minimum food consumption, so we ordered some chicken wings and watched the one girl on stage. Nice food and atmosphere, the pole dancer was actually talented.

But it would’ve been 1100 – 1500 to have a girl even sit with us, depending on the girl.

Malate Area

I forget the names but there are several small KTVs in Malate where you can’t pay the KTV to take them out for sex, but the girls will often negotiate with you one on one to meet up later at your place.

They also work a bit differently, you get unlimited drinks for yourself for 500 pesos, some brands of cheap vodka and whisky. You get 90 mins to get smashed.

Then it’s 300 for a girl to sit with you, and 300 per lady drink, plus tax. No entrance fee. So you could get drunk and line a girl up for later for around 1500.

Didn’t really see any hot girls of the 10 or so there so I left the one I checked out. Near Robinson’s mall.

Cebu KTVs

Infinity KTV, Cebu


Near Ayala mall and Calyx Residences. No entrance fee but 463 pesos lady drinks, and you have to buy the mamasan one as well before they let you sit with a girl.

Only about 5 girls there all ugly, so I didn’t get one. One or two ugly girls on stage looking like they hate life.

I was actually already with a date and had tried to go to Liv nightclub, which it turned out is closed Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. I asked a taxi where else to go apart from Mango (had taken her there already) and he said Infinity.

I hadn’t heard of it, didn’t Google it as 3G is so slow in Cebu. Turned out he took us to a KTV hoping to get a commission as taxis usually do.

Luckily the girl didn’t mind and found it funny, said it was interesting as she’d never been to one before. But I had to pay a 200 pesos ‘ladies entrance fee’ they said. I guess they don’t want you taking a girl there to distract you from their girls.

Infinity KTV, Cebu


No entrance fee but just like Infinity KTV it’s 463 for a lady drink, and you have to buy the mamasan one. Only 2 of the 10 – 15 girls looked ok, I chose one and watched the other on stage.

Most expensive lady drink(s) I’ve ever paid in my life, except Horizon Bar on P. Burgos Manila that charges 500, but you don’t need to buy the mamasan one there.

She said 5000 to take her out for sex, and wanted it to be at hotel of Ferrari’s. That quickly dropped to 4000 at my place when I said no but I still didn’t end up taking her, wasn’t that hot.

Disappointing when it’s so far out of town in Mandaue.

There are ‘strictly no barfine’ signs on the walls at a lot of Cebu places but it’s just a bluff to appease the authorities.

Ferrari KTV, Cebu

Love City Belle’s

Opposite the Mango Avenue bikini bars.  292 pesos for a lady drink and you have to buy the mamasan one.

10 – 15 old unattractive girls, barely even worth a quick look before going to the gogos, considering the prices. Usually empty.

Thoughts On Karaoke Bars

I still need to check out Classmate, Miss Universe, Frenzy Hot Models (FHM club), Genie, Starwood, Darkbeat, Hollywood, Coconuts Manila posted a list of Manila KTVs.

I’m not that excited to go though. KTVs in my experience have a much more scammy, mafia style vibe than gogo bars, beer bars, or any other form of P4P.

I may be imagining it but I get the feeling I’ll be presented with a huge bill and dragged into a back room by heavies if I protest, KTVs are huge buildings with deep back rooms. KTVs do get lots of bad reviews online.

Karaoke room

In Chiang Mai, Thailand the karaoke bars are a confirmed scam, places have been in the news for charging tourists thousands of dollars.

I feel more comfortable in other P4P spots. You also can’t really do anything fun in KTVs either.

In gogo bars you can have lap dances, some girls kiss, play with your dick, let you play with their tits, finger them, I’ve had a handjob to climax before in a BKK gogo, you get to see full nudity (not in the Philippines though), and in Pattaya you can lick a girl’s pussy on stage.

All you can basically do in KTVs is sit, talk, eat, drink and sing. Maybe in some G clubs like The Pimp in Bangkok you can get up to stuff in VIP rooms, but it costs a lot.

KTVs are too Asian for me, they seem to be about showing off with expensive bottles, fancy food, throwing money around, having a pretty girl (if you’re lucky) sit next to you as a status symbol. Being waited on hand and foot by all the staff and made to feel important.

Karaoke girls

Some places that’s all you can do, no sex or taking girls out, unless you get one’s number and ball out on her. Some girls work there because they want money but don’t want to be full-on prostitutes, only hostesses.

A lot of the Asian businessmen that use KTVs do it for the privacy, they have wives they don’t want to find out what they’re up to. Private karaoke rooms solve that. But I don’t need that.

I want a PSE (porn star experience) back at my place as soon as possible, and it’s hard to tell what you’re going to get with a KTV girl.

17 Responses

  1. Storytime says:

    Got stung in one these places in Chiang Mai, the next day I came out of my Hotel and ask the Tuk tuk driver to take me to a boom boom place, so what happens he takes me to the same place. After telling him I didn’t want to go in there​ he takes​ me to a well known agogo which is popular with Japanese and other Asians, the KTVs remind me of them upstairs places in PatPong where they suddenly produce a huge bill and I wondered if the Tuk tuk driver gets commission or something.

  2. thibault says:

    in the pic titled ” karaoke room” , the legq on the right are a bit, err, sturdy. almost look like mens legs. i ll pass on that thanks. outside of all the orher reasons which lead to the same conclusions. and you said freelancers spot are bad. they re just much less bad.
    on the subject, rip off joints are a classic throughout the western world too, can be smelt from afar, generally you end upthanks to bad advice, commissiobed tout or taxi, or just idiot lobotomised guy that want you to share the psychological burden of doing something raunchy, and cant understand that the underlying economical part is the main driving force of the place. the kind of guy that thinks girls are really into them when all the boidy language shows its clumsy manipulation. men are weak. stay strong.

  3. Jobo says:

    Rip off joints. I wouldn’t pay surprise entrance fees. Places like this need to go out of business. Greedy gooks.

  4. RumandCokeMan says:

    JSpill and Dante how would you guys rank your top 5 citites in SEA for your overall top spots/everything combined (food, entertainment, lifestyle, attractions, etc)?

    • jspill says:

      Bangkok, Pattaya, Manila, Jakarta, Angeles

      • How are freebies in Pattaya?

        • jspill says:

          I’ve never tried free game in Patts, I was rating it for cheap P4P, rent, internet, food

          But it’s still a fairly big town you should be able to find plenty of normal girls with jobs. Especially if you lived over towards Jomtien beach, where the nightlife is more normal

          Banged a freebie from Pattaya while she was in BKK, met in a hooker disco that a taxi took her to, she was new to BKK and had no idea where to go out, asked a cab and he took her to Insanity to get his commission. She was an interior designer

    • kick2dante says:

      jakarta, cebu, angeles, manila, pattaya

      • BangkokBaller23 says:

        Wow….Jakarta #1?🤔 That’s actually a shocker….ahead of BKK, HCMC, MNL, and PNH. Never been; but, given that’s an Islamic country would’ve thought that puts a damper on all the PUA/mongering/sexual activities?
        Guess I have to go back and look over all the Indonesia posts again….

  5. Harvie says:

    Jakarta is a goldmine for girls, people don’t go there because the traffic is really bad and they think it’s a Muslim country, which makes it really easy for white guys.

    I would go as far to say the clubs in Jakarta (and Indo in general exl Bali) are 2-4x better than Bangkok. Good music, sexy girls and are much easier to talk and take home than Bangkok imo. Most underated spot in SEA.

  6. Rufus Arrr says:

    There is a serious misunderstanding on what a KTV is, and how to use it. I see with with all westerners. In China, the BEST GIRLS are at KTV’s.

    If all you want is a ST, it can be had with a skank for 600 RMB ($100) at a business hotel. No fuss. You rent a room for 100RMB ($15) then groups of girls parade into your room. They vary from 3/10 to maybe a 7/10.

    The best girls (7/10 to 9/10) are at KTV’s. The very best are at top-end business KTV’ s and they are all 10/10.

    Expect to pay 1500 RMB ($200) for two girls ST, or 2000 RMB ($250) one 10/10 LT overnight, multiple shots.

    If you go to a KTV you will need to pay for the room, and a minimum hour. You will need to pay for drinks and food. You will need to tip the manager of the girls. Total costs might range from 5000 RMB to sky is the limit, with expectations around 10,000 RMB.

    If you want to mongrel in China, then don’t go to the big cities…Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong… BIG MISTAKE. All will charge inflated Western prices. Go second and third tier cities and expect to pay a mere 10% of what is charged in Shanghai. However, most won’t speak English. SO you will need to take a friend with you who can negotiate.


    If you are too shy, or “manly” not to, then you will need to take an assessment if Russian roulette is worth the risk. There a diseases in China that haven’t been discovered. Some will make your dick fall off. BE CAREFUL.

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