A Look Inside Knightsbridge Condo, Manila

A reader kindly sent in some photos he took at Knightsbridge Residences, which is probably the best location in Manila to live, walking distance from Burgos Street, Greenbelt mall, nice parks with hot Filipina girls jogging, lots of upscale restaurants, etc. In central Makati and near similar condo Gramercy Residences.


He recently decided to move to the Philippines, got talking to chick living there on FilipinoCupid and she even picked him up from the airport before taking him to her studio room there. Gotta love Pinays!






Right click -> open in a new tab to enlarge any of these pics.

Studio Room

He signed a 6 month lease himself for a 27 sqm studio, 20k PHP / month ($430) plus utilities:






45th floor, 2 months deposit and 1 month in advance. 25k pesos is a more standard price but you can find 20k by searching around, negotiating, and finding owners on Knightsbridge rental groups on Facebook.

Knightsbridge Gym

Inside the building is a fitness centre for residents with cardio machines overlooking the swimming pool, dumbbells up to 25kg, machines, power rack and a room to to do yoga style exercises.





2017 update – they just added a barbell for deadlifts. Can put it on the Smith machine rack to do bench press.


There’s also a spa with steam room / sauna, a games room with pool / football table, library and a cinema room.







Rooms have a variety of wifi speeds, from 4mbps and higher, with prices depending on the speed. Being in Metro Manila, condos like Knightsbridge and Gramercy are in PLDT Fibr Villages so the internet is about as good as it gets for the Philippines.

There’s also an internet room with computer terminals, speeds in there are about 20mbps up / download.



Swimming Pool

There’s a common room and overlooking the pool and jacuzzi, and plenty of sun loungers.

As a digital nomad you usually have the pool to yourself when everyone’s at work or not wanting to get a sun tan in the daytime.




Roof Deck

Knightsbridge Residences has 62 floors with a rooftop bar, viewing deck and chillout lounge area.







If you don’t have the luxury of a FilipinoCupid date to crash with while you check out rooms, you can try AirBnb for daily, weekly and monthly rentals.

You can’t search by condo on Airbnb, only area, but you can get round that by Googling ‘site:airbnb.com knightsbridge manila’, then all the Knightsbridge sublets should come up. Daily rates are around $40, better value than Manila hotels. Here’s a link for $35 off for first time Airbnb renters.

Update: I put up some pics of a cheap Airbnb room I stayed in here.


Click here for the Google maps location of Knightsbridge Residences.

22 Responses

  1. streamer says:

    now that’s a deal. I only spent 3 days in Makati but boy was it fun. this info is making me wanna do another stint there.

  2. kick2dante says:

    ya going to be very hard to find better value then that in manila

  3. Guy says:

    Great deal and the place itself looks phenomenal. Personally I don’t really like the area though, lots of annoying GROs and money beggars on Makati Ave near the burgos area. Walking distance to pleasure place (a place where you can actually get real condoms and lube) and decent hookah bars nearby. It’s also not really walking distance to Greenbelt, it’s like a 30minute walk, though grabbike would take a few minutes.

    I would prefer staying a lot closer to greenbelt due to the restaurant options and the ability to bounce to Ayalla triangle park or cyscip park on a whim. Yea, the food there is exorbidantly priced, but you can always sightsee and then make food at your place, or get reasonably priced food at glorietta or SM makati. Makati square has bowling, and little tokyo has amazing sushi.

  4. Joe says:

    Good post man.

    Very nice apartment.

    1-Dante are these chicks average or above average bar talent-

    Do you think theyre average bar girls or are they a little better looking than what’s commonly available (big chest in the middle with the green/yellow dress @ 1:20 in in the link is my fave btw)

    2-What citieshave more big tit girls like her @1:20 in SEA?

  5. kick2dante says:

    sure i would prefer to be closer to be as close to greenbelt mall as possible, but are you gonna get that for a month to month rental at under 25k? doubt it

  6. Jackers says:

    So, basically if i rent that studio i will be drinking your semen particles?

  7. Damn that’s expensive if you compare it with what you would get in Bangkok for the same price. However, I was planning a 1 month trip to Makati and was digging around in Airbnb.com and found a unit at Knightsbridge. Messaged the owner that I would like to get it for 30,000 instead because the 825$ monthly rate is a bit high. The owner immediately agreed. Fully furnished with internet and electricity included. That’s a good deal I think!! Pretty happy.

  8. Id’s say about half of all Filipino condo owners on Airbnb.com are willing to lower the monthly rate if you ask them

    • thibault says:

      i would say: circumstances.
      wether its a tornado, a terror attack, an earthquake, a political struggle, a bad rep with foreigner or just the low season, your bargaining power is so dependent on external factors.
      just wait foe bad press with th country you re going to, and jump on the occasion.
      if there is a terror attack during a typhoon and ambassies are closing while a tsunami approach the coast, just book now! if there is raining all day and yopu got floods on top of that, its golden.
      i mean, all those shits wont be there anymore in one month from now when you actually land in ninoy aquino. all the girls are waiting for the ultimate adventurer that dares face the harsh condition of living in a 5 star hotel having all his needs taken care of, and doing the bold move of going on pinalove without bodyguards. what a hero. spread it, women!

  9. Jay says:

    is it really called internet room or arcade room? can i connect my laptop there? TIA

    • jspill says:

      Yes and yes. Free wifi and power outlets in the public areas. I’d probably sit on the sofas in the games room if I was using a laptop, more space

  10. Guy says:

    I stayed here once as well.

    Very nice building. I found the unit pretty small but not a huge deal to me.

    One thing about the pool is that it is closed on Mondays to clean, and that includes the entire pool area. Also it is waist deep everywhere. No deep end. There was also a crane hovering overhead when I stayed there due to the building project across the street.

    I actually liked the area. The market with the bands and cheap beer is pretty good. Royal is right across the street too. I don’t frequent the Burgos area all that often, but it’s easy walking distance.

    Laundry in the basement is overpriced, but convenient. There is also a very good barber shop on the ground floor.

    The staff was pretty chilled as well. I never had to register any guests, as long as I walked in with them.

    I’d compare it to Gramercy, but quieter.

  11. Stromae1337 says:

    Hey, been reading this blog now for a little while and really like some of the articles. I will be going to Cebu soon and I will stay in the Calyx building in IT park (not Calyx residences). I rented through airbnb and I picked the place mainly because I heard they don’t ask girls there to sign in. The person I’m renting from however has sent me a document I have to sign where it says that I am to be the only one who’s staying there as well as other rules such as keeping noise to a minimum etc. Has anyone else of you had a similar problem? Does it mean the owner will stop me from bringing girls or should I just ignore it and bring girls anyway. Suggestions?

    • jspill says:

      That just means you won’t sublet the condo to others or have full-time roommates with other sets of keys using the condo facilities unsupervised, huge parties, etc.

      It doesn’t mean you can’t have overnight guests.

    • NormalNomad says:

      Be careful, I had a weird female host when I stayed in Bangkok call Airbnb on me proclaiming I was having “Prostitutes” over in her place while I was staying there (I’ve never fucked a pro in my life lol). She had made it very clear there were to be “NO OVERNIGHT GUESTS” though. She wasn’t even in Thailand so I figured how would she know? But if they bitch they can cause problems with Airbnb. Just clarify if you’re concerned, ask if it’s ok to have “your gf” over.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is 40,000php a good price for a month to month, no balcony, little small, but does have internet?

    • jspill says:

      It’s ok, my friend found 30k month to month there with internet but he’d already been staying there before and knew the landlord. After his long term lease ended ,she let him do month to month whenever he wanted for 30k. I’d call 30k a good deal.

      Select Knightsbridge here on Siglo Suites agency website and you’ll see there’s one unit available for 54.5k including electricity, water and internet. Call it 50k, assuming you’d spend about 5k on electricity and water – https://siglosuites.com/SearchUnit?bid=%20&gc=1&ms=true

      Here’s an Airbnb unit I stayed in before, it used to be daily but now it’s 30 days min stay. It’s booked up til mid January but if you select dates after that you can see they charge 35k, that’s including electricity, water and internet, so call it 30k. It had a balcony too – https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3251936?check_in=2018-03-01&guests=1&adults=1&check_out=2018-03-31

      The 40k you found could be a bit less, but it’s not terrible. You could call 30k a good deal, 35k – 40k an ok one, and 50k an expensive ‘agency price’. Also depends how nice the furnishings are and if it’s on a high floor or not.

  13. Anonymous says:

    We were talking back and forth through airbnb. Originally 35k then mentioned electricity and water not included. Settled on 40k.

    I was trying to get around their service charges, but they have a pretty good system of detection when you try to exchange numbers or emails. Still he said I can pay on arrival, cash of course. I hope karma doesn’t somehow get me for trying to work around, its on 54th floor. Not much decorations and couldn’t see view from the pics that well, but still looked new. I will be staying for a month at least possibly longer for my first time in Asia starting dec 4th.

    Thanks for that site, I will check it out if this falls through last minute. Glad to have a slightly long term place for now and don’t have to worry about arriving and instantly moving again and again. Happy to hear the price is reasonable for a beginner. I will update later.

  14. George says:

    Great page with good tips! I couldn’t get an airbnb in Knightsbridge for the dates I wanted, but got in Milano instead which is next door and pretty much exactly the same because it’s owned by the same developers/group. Great stay! And no need for bongos st anything because filipino cupid pinays gave me more exercise than I had time for (just watch out for the crazy religious ones on there!)

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