Best Angeles City Apartment? Kandi Towers Review

I recently stayed at Kandi Towers apartment in Angeles for $50/night on Airbnb (~2600 pesos). I took some pics of the 70sqm, one bedroom ,10th floor unit with balcony, and the Kandi Towers facilities.

Hotel accommodation is often overpriced in the Philippines for what you get. You can’t find a nicer place to stay in AC than this for 2600 pesos / night. I’d rate it the best Angeles City room I’ve stayed in.

Balcony view of Mount Arayat

ABC Hotel for example is 6000 pesos / night for a 40sqm studio with comparable amenities (swimming pool, gym, rooftop bar and restaurant).

I wrote about Royal Amsterdam being next to the bars and being good for your own wifi router – 2600 pesos would get you a Superior studio there without pool, gym, or rooftop.

Separate bedroom

Kandi Towers Daily Rental

If you’re new to you can also sign up via this blog for a free $35 to put towards your first booking. There’s currently one Kandi Towers unit for daily rental listed on the site.

It’s often unavailable so try to book in advance. Here’s the listing.

LCD TV with Cable


I’d also rate Kandi Towers the best Angeles City apartment on location as to get any closer to the action you’d need to be staying in a hotel.

It’s 500m to Fields Avenue, and 850m to Walking Street. 700m to where the ‘massage girl’ freelancers stand by Manson drug, and walking distance to the Perimeter bars too.


On Flora Street, Kandi Towers is a 15 min walk to HISO disco or a 100 peso trike ($2). There’s a trike stand outside the apartment. Google maps location.

Other Angeles City condos – e.g. Gardenview Apartments, Horizon Tower, Hensonville, Zeppelin Suites – are further out from the action.

Shower on balcony

A few others are about the same distance, in the vicinity of Kandi Towers – Grosvenor Square, Chatsworth Suites, Sofia Suites, and Kandi Villa.

Example Kandi Towers Rental Ads

31 Responses

  1. Heinrich cu says:

    I’d love to go places like that and taste the local girls
    But can’t do it anymore
    Since I’m already married 🙁

    • jspill says:

      You still could 🙂 Is it really cheating if you pay for it? It’s not like you’re going to fall in love with them and get remarried.

      • Heinrich cu says:

        True . Sometimes I see other girls pass by me and I say to myself
        I could be banging her and her and her
        But sad reality is
        I’m married lol

        I do pay for sex from time to time

  2. -Cam says:

    Looks pretty nice. Any thoughts about buying real estate SEA? I hear there is sometimes a problem with construction quality. My other concern is instability. I imagine that eventually in at least one of the SEA countries, the locals are going to get sick of the foreigners. On the other hand it would be pretty cool to own an apartment in paradise.

    • jspill says:

      I read that too, I don’t trust them not to mess something up either, e.g. you buy a Gramercy condo then they close the rooftop skybar down, cancel the 24 hour pool / gym (now shuts at midnight), and the building gets a cockroach infestation. I’d rather invest in something else and just rent.

      • NormalNomad says:

        Yup. Plus the fact of the matter is you never really “own” the condo, you’re basically just the exclusive renter, afterall, if you stop paying your dues, what happens?

        Owning a condo here is a joke.

      • RealGuy says:

        Yea, once theyve got your money, wheres the incentive to honor their part ot the deal? This the Philippines. Construction quality is low and youre buying a box in the sky with no permanent ownership after 50 years. Your ability to enforce the law isnt so good, especially considering the property developer has more money and connections than you do.

        Id only buy a condo if I thought I could make more renting it out than Id pay for the entire lifetime cost of it. But thats quite a risk and who knows what the futute will bring.

  3. Eddie says:

    Jspill..good article. I’ve never done Air BnB before… always done hotels. After this post, I’m really thinking about it now. So how many minutes does it take to walk to Walking Street? I’m really considering this place for March 2018. Thanks

  4. drifter says:

    I wouldn’t even think about buying a condo. Not even here in Thailand. Let alone in the Philippines. First, why tie up your money. Especially in a second or third world country. Second, your neighbors can be assholes. For instance, the guy right next to me is up at all hours. So at 4am he can decide to watch tv. Or he’ll wake up at 6 am, and boom. The tv goes on. And with concrete construction, you will hear your neighbor.

    With short term rentals, if there’s any kind of problem, with politics or a crazy girlfriend, you can throw a few things in the bag and be out the door in 10 minutes. That’s much safer.

    And I wouldn’t keep a lot of money in a bank out here either. Why? It’s so easy to transfer money.

  5. drifter says:

    I don’t get the whole owning things in a third world country. Why the need? These places love our money, so renting anything: a car, a motorbike, a home, is not that hard. What’s the obsession with owning it. It’s not like it’s only one of its kind.

    • -Cam says:

      I think the idea behind it is that rent is your biggest expense and it only goes up. Plus Condos are pretty cheap and owning a home is part of the Western dream. I’d love to buy a cheap apartment (<50k) in a country one day that is livable and has good construction that way I'll know that worse comes to worse I can chill there.

  6. WesBang says:

    Just stayed in this apartment for 8 days at the start of November, great place, great location.

  7. Skins says:

    Classy place. I emailed Kandi Realty and they said all of their buildings are fully booked for the next two months. Must be some hot properties over there. Oh well.

  8. NormalNomad says:

    Why don’t you update the blog regularly anymore Jspill?

    I know Dante quit but I thought this was your gig. Weren’t you using this as your income before Crypto took off?

    • jspill says:

      I have a job, this blog was just a hobby / beer money. My job bumped me up to more hours and then I got obsessed with cryptos too. I’ll try to get my mind back on the blogging game. My instagram game is strong.

      Thanks for all the great comments keeping it alive!

    • Oli says:

      Why did Dante quit? Sorry if already mentioned but I just discovered this blog a few days ago. I’m obsessed with it now! Lol.

  9. Andrew Douglas Berry says:

    Just stayed in Kandi apartments Excellent accomodation great pool People really good at reception..
    Would highly recommend.
    Close to all the action

  10. John cooper says:

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