Meeting a Good Girl in a Bar? – Jools Cabaret, Burgos Street

The day after Horizon bar from the previous post I went to Jools Cabaret which is next door, so also on Burgos Street. It has the same setup as Horizon, the girls can’t be barfined. Instead you just buy lady drinks and watch the dance performances.


Sign inside Jools Cabaret, head up the stairs

I ended up having sex for free although that wasn’t my intention and I tried to insist on paying. Just like in Horizon the girl I bought drinks for was super happy to give me her number, wasn’t shy about the mamasans seeing just grabbed my phone and put it in.

I asked about barfines which I thought made it clear I was looking to pay for sex, she said there’s no barfine but she can come over to my place, just ‘don’t let them know’.


Jools showgirls in traditional costume

Drinks at Jools are a bit cheaper than Horizon (350 instead of 500), the girls get 100 for each one.

I bought her 3 drinks while watching the cabaret shows and playing some pool, unlike Horizon it has a separate room with pool tables so I preferred this place. Like most Filipina girls she started acting like a girlfriend immediately (GFE, the ‘girlfriend experience’) asking why I’m single etc.


Pool / smoking room at Jools

As with the Horizon girl I said I don’t want a girlfriend, get bored easily and just stick to bargirls, again making it clear I wanted to be a customer. I wasn’t trying to lead her on for free sex at all.

She said she’d never even gone to see a guy from the bar before (hmm) but would be happy to come over to my condo the next day.


They wear these cute bikini style uniforms

She might have been telling the truth though because she ended up refusing any payment.

Some of these girls make enough money from drinks to get by and choose to work in bars without a barfine so they don’t feel like prostitutes. They only agree to meet guys they actually like.


Of course some would say they’re going for ‘the long con’ of hoping you fall in love with them and support them financially long term, but I did make it clear I don’t live in Manila and was flying out in a few days. She didn’t seem to mind.

In the room she seemed shy and surprised when I started taking her clothes off. We banged then went swimming for a couple hours, she said omg wow when she saw Gramercy’s pool.


Overlooking Makati skyline

Then when she left I tried to hand her 2k and she refused it, and didn’t even want taxi money. I texted her later to remind her I said I didn’t want a girlfriend, and offered to take her out for dinner before I fly out.

imagezShe had this old school Nokia texting style.

This sometimes happens in Thailand too, I’ve had girls ask to come over for free the second time (after paying the first time) just because they want to hang out.

Or prefer staying at your place to sharing a dorm room with three other girls, or just had a fight with their boyfriend and need a place to stay.

Hookers in South East Asia are just totally different to the Western perception of what a prostitute is, quite often they genuinely like you, want to be friends with foreigners, etc. They’re just normal people.

The lines often get blurred between normal girl and hooker, there are 50 shades of grey in between.

Since Jools Cabaret doesn’t have a barfine all it cost was a few lady drinks, I’ll definitely be taking a trip back there and Horizon bar.

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  1. -Cam says:

    I think it is funny how you Dante are almost opposites (at least when it comes for money). I understand that you could be spending more because you are visiting the PI, but when I read that you almost gave her 2k after buying her 1k worth of drinks I was like fuck that’s like 6% of Dante’s monthly budget gone in a few hours haha.

    As you can probably tell by the fact that I took the time to comment on your spending, I also somewhat of a stingy bastard. I like to think of myself as a value investor. Why gogo when you freelance if the results are the same? However, I am willing to pay for quality. Like if I actually, like to be around a girl (rare) I would send money home I’d sponsor.

    Enjoy your last night in Manilla. Cheers!

  2. kick2dante says:

    he barfines more girls on one trip then i did in three years :p

  3. Rum and Coke Man says:

    JSpill that rooftop pool is sick- people in Miami or LA would be proud of that view. Damn that’s smooth. How much is that place/month or week to have access to that awesome pool with the pink ass bikini shot at dusk?

    • jspill says:

      It was $50/day on Airbnb, there are $40 rooms too but I booked last minute. Google ” Gramercy Makati “. Better deal than hotels, which are terrible value in the Philippines.

      Article on that coming up soon with tons more pics of that condo.

      And I did a Jakarta trip too, 6 girls in 4 days! I remember you were asking about that. That’ll be the article after.

  4. Rum and Coke Man says:

    Hey Dante,
    Hows the make money online as a digital nomad and escaping the American rat race for SEA book coming along?

  5. kick2dante says:

    one is written and should be out soon (thanks for continuing to ask to push jspill to release it lol)

    another is partially written

  6. jspill says:

    Also Google r/work online, r/beer money, r/freelance, and r/digital nomad, some decent info on those subreddits

  7. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Who does capital letters sporadically like that, psychos that’s who.

  8. Dr. Who says:

    The reason I prefer to pay is eventually you might get stuck with them.

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