Thai Girl Stomachs vs the Jolibee Belly

For the longest time I disagreed with most expats who say that Thai girls are sexier than Pinays. I don’t find Thais facial features attractive at all and that really turned me off to them.


Thai girls, tight stomachs

Then add in the fact that there are so many ladyboys in Thailand and a decent percentage of the women have ladyboy-ish looking faces it really threw me off.

One of my biggest mistakes I made was accidentally going into a ladyboy bar my first night in Thailand. I was at Nana Plaza and had no idea there were bars full of ladyboys.

I randomly chose one bar, sat down and surveyed the scene. I was quite confused and was wondering if I really was surrounded by ladyboys or… well I didn’t know what the other option could be.

I left the bar and walked out of Nana Plaza. I walked across the street and passed a huge ladyboy freelancer hang out and from that moment on I was always paranoid of every girl being a ladyboy.

I then went to Cambodia for half a year, came back to Thailand for a month and saw some hot girls but overall was not that impressed.


Pinay with a bit of a Jolibee belly

The Jolibee Belly

Then I moved to the Philippines and again thought Filipina girls were hotter. I like nice round soft spots and many Pinays have them. I also think Pinays have prettier faces so on first glance many are more appealing.

But in 3 years there and with 250ish girls I can count on two hands the amount of times that I saw a girls stomach and thought it was sexy. They aren’t all fat…. and I am not even saying I want a muscular stomach because I don’t.

Their diets are so awful with everything being fried that its pretty hard for them to not be packing at least a few extra pounds. On a petite 95lb girl that few extra pounds can really make a difference.

Don’t get me wrong out of 250ish girls of course I had some killer bodies in the mix. But those were mostly because of either great boobs, a great ass, or in a few rare cases both.

But the stomach is sort of like the offensive line in football. It doesn’t get the attention of the flashier ‘skill position’ players, but without it they can’t live up to their full potential.

Another pinay, Elaine on Trike Patrol (may need VPN)

2 Days Into Pattaya Trip

The first night of my Pattaya trip I just collected numbers, browsed ThaiCupid and Thaifriendly but didn’t have a girl over. The 2nd night one came over for a quick cheap BJ that had a very nice body but awful face.

I didn’t care about the face, the body was better than 75% of the girls I was with in PI…. plus the head was right so can’t really complain.

After that I went out for another number hunting mission. It’s super easy here, just walk up to every girl ask her if she has Line and hand her your phone. 80-90% will put theirs in and then you can invite them over.

Such a nice change of pace from the Filipina hookers who want to try and trick themselves into not being hookers and want you to ‘game’ them at the disco before they leave with you.

That night I got another girl with a nice bodies number. I told her I just wanted a quick short time BJ and I hoped she wouldn’t be mad if I didn’t pay her that much. She said it was OK for her.


Pattaya girl with a firm, tight body

She comes by, takes a quick shower (this happened both times, why do Thai girls need to shower before giving a BJ?) comes out in towel and reveals a body that would definitely be in the top 5 I was with my entire time living in the Philippines.

I had a lot of girls with bigger boobs than hers, a fair amount of better asses, but very few stomachs on par with hers and hard to think of many with a better combination of the 3.

I really love Pinays, they are so sweet and nice and playful. They are so friendly and silly and fun to joke around with. They have prettier faces….. but if I continued to try and argue their bodies were sexier than Thais I would be lying.

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  1. thibault says:

    everybody loves a perfect body, but this said,if “Pinay with a bit of a Jolibee belly” picture is how pinay are supposed to be fat, well, you ned to take a trip back to the land of uncle sam, just so you understand the luck you have.

  2. kick2dante says:

    haha i don’t consider that girl fat at all and she isn’t, in fact if i was going to wife up any girl i have been with in asia it would be her

    but others have told me they think she is a bit thick…… i don’t get it

  3. Brockstar says:

    You still haven’t been to Indonesia! Think Pinay looks with bodies similar to Thais. All that being said, the visa situation is a bit of a drag (even if you work there legally). Still, it’s great for a month stay.

  4. kick2dante says:

    it is somewhere i do want to check out at some point

    update – ok now i’ve been there and love it

  5. Has says:

    What the best way to message the women in Phil’s? I have “what’s up” which I was planning to use with the free Wi-Fi or should I consider getting “Line” aswell?

  6. kick2dante says:

    smart mega 250 play will give you a months worth of unlimited texting with a bit of mobile data which will be enough for the apps

    texting is common in phils, not all girls will have smartphones, in thailand no one texts they all use Line

  7. vijay says:


  8. Jackers says:

    To wife that pinay? she is sexy but she has the type of sexyness doesn´t last. With age, everything gets bigger so for me i would prefer a hot skinny while young and she probably will get way hot when older.

  9. kick2dante says:

    no woman is going to stay that hot, if i were going to wife one personally would be a huge driving factor

  10. LarsS says:

    Interesting article
    For guys into more skinny/ thin women (as I), it might be of interest to know that there is a relatively high percentage of slim women in the Philippines, compared to many other countries
    The statistics below from WHO, show the country comparison with the percentage of women having a BMI lower than 18,5 (=slim) in ranking order
    1. Philippines 14,2%
    2. Japan 10,4%
    3. Thailand 9,6%
    4. China 8,5%
    5. Korea 6,5%
    World Health Organization – Country comparison – BMI females % underweight (<18.5)

    • jspill says:

      Can confirm there are plenty of skinny girls, check out the pics in the post I just put up

      • ART says:

        Where? These girls are NOT skinny. NONE of them at all. When we talk about skinny we are talking about THAI SKINNY ASIAN STREET MEAT SKINNY. I have a cute skinny FILIPINA. I think she is naturally that way and so interesting because I AM REALLY ATTRACTED TO GIRL FLAT STOMACH. I had to get my girl of that GODDAMN RICE three times a day, a tub full. Hell yes I shamed her off that shit and she thanks me today. But anyway these girls are not what I would call skinny OR REMOTELY ATTRACTIVE. That Thai girl in this pic with the tight ass in the black panties IS whayyou would call firm skinny. That damn pic is driving me crazy. You have to really search to find that int he Philippines but it is there. BUT it will not stay if you keep letting them eat all that fried shit, two tons of rice a day, and effing coke up the wang wang. That will disappear faster than cheese cake at a weigh watchers support group meeting.

      • jspill says:

        I took 3rd from the left home for 3000 pesos, can confirm she had a flat stomach. No visible ribs though and not a bony feeling when banging. I guess you’d call it slim instead of skinny

  11. Andre says:

    Interesting comments made here. I’m reminded of a kid in a candy store with so many choices one can make. In the end, I’m reminded, physical beauty represents something different to everyone. The things that have lasting value as we all age are a good attitude.

    Beauty fades and charm wanes. But if you find a woman/ladyboy with a good attitude, she’s a keeper. Not a commodity.

  12. Malik says:

    MY GF is a Filipina from Bacolod area and she has flat stomach even better than those in the pics. But I’m like the guy, in the other comment that had to limit her rice intake. That rice is a stomach buster and they do eat to much of it. But I am very happy my girl has flat model very sexy stomach. Hehehe.

  13. CJS says:

    Not feeling the “jolibee belly” aka pot belly, I like em firm.

    “Such a nice change of pace from the Filipina hookers who want to try and trick themselves into not being hookers and want you to ‘game’ them at the disco before they leave with you” …….. I don’t mind if they act like they actually like you, that’s actually nice, but ball busting isn’t exactly what one looks for when traveling such lengths. BTW I’ve seen this picture before (one at top) I particularly like the one on the right, that type of sweet look was hard to find in patong. These are the kind of pictures (including like the one in that cheating girlfriend article) I saw before going to Thailand just to get dissapointed when I got to the bars. Perhaps Pattaya/Bangkok is a better because in patong they are far in between.

    • jspill says:

      That pic is on Soi Cowboy, yes Patong sucks in comparison to BKK.

      Filipina hookers can be a bit bitchier, Thailand is better for that, Philippines good for freebies (but still ok for hookers too).

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