Cheap Jakarta Sex Clubs, Prices & Pics | Travel Hotel & Classic Hotel

Nude dancer at Classic hotel

In Jakarta there are sex clubs where you can short time a cute Indonesian prostitute for $30, hotel room and condom included in the cost. They also have massages, spas, karaoke, dancing shows, pool tables, etc.

Short time room at Travel hotel

They’re called ‘Travel hotel’ and ‘Classic hotel’ (you can stay there overnight like a normal hotel if you wish) and are located in North Jakarta. Foreigners are welcome.

Cost of Sex in Jakarta

Travel Hotel

  • Free admission
  • Minimum spend 40k IDR
  • Short time 350k IDR ($25)
  • Two girls 525k ($40)
  • Long time 1,500k ($110)
  • Beers 51k, soda 28k

Classic Hotel

  • Free admission
  • Minimum spend 40k
  • Short time 350k
  • On-stage dancers 1,500k
  • Beers 70k, sodas 31k
  • Shots 45k

Those were the prices I remembered to note down. Both venues should do threesomes though. One shot per girl. But Classic is the only one with naked dancers.

On the way to the short time room

Service and taxes add 30% to the drinks prices. There’s no drinks pressure though, you can drink as little as you want. Food is served too.

How it Works In Jakarta Sex Clubs

You get given a wristband with a number when you enter the sex club, and pay your drinks bill on the way out. The cost of sex is paid separately upfront to a mamasan. You’re then directed to a short time hotel room upstairs for 60 mins.

Girls waiting to be picked

If you want to sit and talk with the girl first it costs 350k to book a table for one hour, plus any drinks. Or just tell the mamasan which girl you want and head straight upstairs. Girls sit and wait on benches.

The Sex

Once in the room you shower, then relax on the bed naked. The girl then showers, crouching down to carefully wash her pussy, it’s pretty cute to watch. She also rinses her mouth out with mouthwash.

Pre-sex shower

It then starts off with BBBJ (blowjob no condom), a bit of nipple sucking, ball sucking, and deepthroating. After 5 – 10 mins of that the girl puts a condom on you with KY jelly and rides you cowgirl. Then you can swap over to missionary position or prone bone.

Most hookers in Jakarta sex clubs give just a basic, business-like service, not much of GFE (girl friend experience), many won’t allow DFK (kissing) or DATY (licking pussy / ass), CIM (cum in mouth), creampies, anal, nothing like that. Some might even complain about doggy style.

Unless you get lucky – after the first four girls I tried, the fifth one was awesome and gave a PSE (porn star experience). The mamasan recommended her – they usually know which girls are best if you ask.

On average the Jakarta sex scene is worse than Thailand, but it’s cheap and the girls have that hot Middle Eastern look, so it’s still worth a visit. Something a bit different.


An optional tip of 50k – 200k is given directly to the girl in the room after sex, depending how happy you are / any extras you negotiate in the room. The girls only receive 100k of the 350k you pay to the sex club.

Travel Hotel Review

Travel hotel is better if you like more laid-back bar style, it’s a bit quieter, lighter, with comfy sofas and pool tables. Classic is darker and noisier, harder to have a conversation in. Travel has slightly cheaper drinks too.

As you walk in you’ll enter a large room with some girls sitting on the left on these chairs.

If you see something you like go ahead and tell one of the mamasans. Or get a drink at the bar there and walk around. There should be some singers performing live music in that first room.

First room, with singing shows

Or you can keep walking past that room to the pool room, where there’ll be some more girls sitting around, and it’s a bit quieter. Take a seat and order a drink via the waitresses.

Pool room at Travel hotel

Mamasans may come up to you and ask you what type of girl you’re looking for, and offer to have them stand up and come to your table so you can get a closer look and say hi. They carry laser pointers to motion the girls over.

If you like a girl then you either book a table with her for an hour or go straight up to the short time room for an hour. Same price 350,000 IDR ($26) paid beforehand to the mamasan.

Some of the rooms have ceiling and wall mirrors, some don’t. I’d ask beforehand if you want one of the nicer rooms, you may have to wait until one’s available though.

The rooms and atmosphere are a bit nicer at Travel, it was my favorite venue even without the nude dancers Classic has. It varies day to day but I also saw more cuter girls at Travel.

Travel is open until from about 2pm – 2am. It’s best to go fairly early, about 9 or 10pm to have the best choice of girls.

Classic Hotel Review

Example drinks bill

Classic hotel is bigger, has nude dance shows, loud nightclub style music and more of a party atmosphere. Like Travel, the massage / steam / sauna is on a separate floor.

Podium dancer @Classic

As you walk into the floor, the ground floor entrance leads to a disco. For the sex club you need to get in the lift and go up to the second floor, there’s a large room called ‘Terminal’. It works the same as Travel, you get given a bracelet and pay for your drinks when you leave.

Classic hotel girls waiting to be picked

You’ll see girls sitting around on benches, or walking around, and dancers on the stage / podiums. The dancers are more expensive, I was quoted 1.5 million IDR for one. There are pool tables too.

Topless dancers on stage

I asked the mamasan to bring me a selection of 350,000 IDR girls and she came back with two cuties. I picked one and off we went to the short time rooms after handing over the cash.

There’s also Malioboro hotel which is a bit more expensive.

Is Jakarta Safe for P4P?

Jakarta sex clubs can be a bit intimidating because you’ll be one of the only foreigners. It’s not like Thailand where there are red light districts set up by and for foreigners, and then Thais go to their own hooker spots. In Indonesia you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the local guys.

I felt perfectly safe and welcomed as a ‘bule’ (caucasian foreigner) in both Classic and Travel. The locals and staff are friendly, I didn’t encounter any scams, padded bills, or bad attitudes. Malio was a bit colder, I didn’t end up taking a girl from there, just got a drink.

Every girl used a condom, which is probably for the best because they’re likely getting several customers a day when it’s only $30.

The real value in Jakarta though is dating regular girls on Tinder and IndonesianCupid, more on that later.

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  1. heinsenberg says:

    Thanks for the pics. Looking forward to the dating part, I heard some nice things in Rooshvforum.

  2. -cam says:

    Thanks for the hard work jspill! I just want to wish you and Dante a merry Christmas!

  3. thibault says:

    “The girl then showers, crouching down to carefully wash her pussy, it’s pretty cute to watch. ”
    hahaha you realize, it goes without saying ,that the vast majority of men , outside of hardcore degenerate sex addicts , would find that gross and probably be traumatised forever about p4p. ..
    what a bunch of sorry losers, they dont know what they miss. i find that cute.

  4. sweeper says:

    are you still in jakarta

  5. guy says:

    refreshing home page for malioboro girls

  6. Dcrupz says:

    Hey man, good read.
    Just wondering, what is provided for Long-Time services in terms of number of shots (no. of times you can cum) and what time do the girls generally leave the next day?

    • jspill says:

      You never know with long time anywhere in Asia, it can range from 2 shots (obviously at least 2 shots) and she’s moody so she starts making excuses after that, problems at home, have to leave, or points to the clock and it’s 3am and she says that’s long time because it’s the next day (common tactic)

      On the flip side 6 shots, she’s really into you, stays til mid afternoon the next day, quickly goes home to change before she starts work again for the night shift. More likely to get that in Thailand / Philippines

      For Jakarta clubs a girl told me they work 2pm – 2am so I imagine she’d leave by noon at the latest to get to work, probably earlier cos of how bad the traffic is there

      Standard to get a morning bang if you wake up while she’s waking up

      So for Jakarta it could be something like 2 shots the night before, 1 in morning and she leaves 10am, or maybe she leaves 5 or 6am before you wake up to avoid traffic

      Best to ask the girl, and / or do short time first to see how much she’s into you

  7. Chris says:

    Where’s the best blow girls in Angeles

  8. First timer in Jakarta says:

    I have recently visited Jakarta, including of course Classic. It is a great experience and I enjoyed except for mamasans who are way too aggressive and annoying. They will not leave you alone even for a minute to sip your drink and look around. And they are treating the girls like slaves, which is not a pretty sight. And all 3 floors are similar. However, the choice is great, nothing to complain, I did not how to chose between maybe 100+ girls, of which at least 40 are totally OK. Not perfect, but good. I picked one of them almost randomly and she was just fine. Price is reasonable, and nobody is pushing for drinks and such. Even noticed some guys selling Cialis and staff outside Classic, but that did not look convincing at all. Could be a good idea, if next time I try one girl on every floor.

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