Jakarta’s Blok M: WTF Was That?

I spend a lot of time reading up on places before I go there and sometimes they are similar to how I imagined them, other times they may be very different. Nowhere has been more different then I was expecting then Jakarta’s Blok M.

I have read about Blok M for a couple of years now. Jakarta has always interested me but I am lazy when it comes to traveling and hadn’t made my way over yet. Well now it was finally time to come so I started reading some more.

What Was In My Mind After Reading Online

Pretty much any ‘sex guide’ style site you go to talks about Blok M being the main freelancer spot in Jakarta. It is in ‘South Jakarta’ which is the nice area of the city, and many foreigners hang out there.

The girls can be pretty expensive by freelancer standards, most hoping to get 1 million rupiah ($80ish) but some maybe going for half that. They aren’t the hottest girls, some are quite older, but there can be some hot ones.

I also knew that Blok M wasn’t only a freelancer pick up spot and that there were malls there and apparently nice restaurants. This was a place where lots of expats hung out and it was a very nice area.

It sounded like it was a pretty lively and crowded place. What was in my mind was basically Burgos Street in Manila but instead of girly bars there being open air bars where freelancers hang out (there are a couple of those in Burgos.)

I was expecting some nice brightly lit area with many western restaurants, basically the nice touristy area of town where lots of expats were hanging out all the time.

Another thing that I have read from time to time about Jakarta is that it isn’t a ‘late night’ town because Indonesia is a Muslim country. I heard that the sex clubs and Blok M were lively early in the night but dead by midnight.

So I went to Blok M twice, what did I find……..

Bizzaro World

Never has ‘don’t believe everything you read on the internet’ been more true then when it comes to Blok M. The first time I went there I got dropped off in the wrong spot and ended up over by some karaoke bars.

It was 8:30pm and since ‘Jakarta isn’t a late night town’ I thought I was there at the right time. It was totally dead and the places were just then opening up. This was the same way when I went to the sex clubs, Malioboro didn’t even open the doors to one of the clubs until 8pm and no one was there when it opened.

So the late night thing is totally bogus, the clubs do run past midnight and everything is more crowded later than early. I looked around these karaoke places (some pretty attractive girls but its 850k to even get a room and I am not sure if sex is guaranteed, doubt it is) but saw no freelancers so I left.

I went back after finding out that the freelancer area is nearby but not exactly where I was. This time I asked for ‘Jalatan Falahetan’ which is the street that I was looking for. What a dark, grungy, depressing street this was.

Karaoke bars

There were about 4 or 5 bars on one end of the street and the other side looked to be abandoned former bars. I actually walked down the street the first time and thought I had to be in the wrong place.

As I roamed the area I ended up at the same malls I had gone to after I was at the karaoke places the time before. These are not nice malls, they are definitely 2nd or 3rd tier.

There were no nice western restaurants, and this certainly wasn’t the nice touristy area of town. If anything this was a bus stop with a couple 3rd tier malls and a random street with karaoke bars and another random street with a few freelancer bars.

I left the mall and headed back and am 1 block over from where I was before, basically a 3 minute walk. I somehow didn’t see ‘Top Gun’ which is the ‘best’ freelancer bar so went back to look again.

On my way an ojek (motorcycle taxi) can tell I look lost and he asks if I want Top Gun (lucky guess) and I say yes. He says its very far and he will take me for 30k rupiah. I am pretty sure it isn’t far and say no thanks. 3 minutes later as I walk past the same street I see it.

OK so lets go in and see that inside its really nice and lively and has some hot girls. LOL no. Shitty cover band, pool table, 2 old dudes sitting at tables by themselves and 10-15 ladies that I wouldn’t hand my number in the mall. Maybe 1 I would message on a dating site.

I walked back to the bus stop area and got an ojek home. On the way some lady who was a 6 at best said she would go with me for 700k. ($55ish)

The Only Freelancer Scene Here is Online

I can’t imagine I will ever head back there. There is no reason to at all. There are hotter freelancers on Indonesian Cupid or Tinder and hotter still normal girls. It isn’t hard to get free sex here from younger less used up girls.

If I wanted pay for play I would just head to a $30 sex club like Travel hotel or Classic, watch some topless dancers, and then pick one of the hundred girls at each place and head to the room downstairs for less then the freelancers charge.

Jakarta has a whole lot going for it, the freelancer scene surely isn’t one of the things. Hell Sihanoukville, a small beach town in Cambodia had a much better freelancer scene then this massive 20+ million person metropolis. I am confused.

Random pile of trash on Jakarta street

Update: Blok M Has One Thing Going For It

On my second trip to Jakarta I got a tip from a kind reader. He told me that there was a bar in Blok M that has dancers and if you ask one when they come off stage you can get a bj in the back room.

This guy was reading my write ups on the BJ Bars in Bangkok and knew this would be right up my alley, thanks for the tip my man. Online dating is so good in Jakarta it was quite awhile before I hit enough of a dry spell to decide to try these out.

I don’t want to name the bar but Blok M is a small place, you will have no trouble figuring out which one it is. I walk in and there is a stage in the middle and 4 girls are dancing in thongs. There are some hideous freelancers playing pool and more ugly freelancers at Top Gun nearby, but like last time I walked in Top Gun and walked out seeing nothing of interest.

I sat down in this other bar and watched the girls shaking their ass for about 15 minutes. I would rate three of them in the 7 range and the other a 6. The other shift of dancers is in short skirts and one has half her ass out getting groped by some older dude.

Anyways, the sexier girls in thongs end their shift and head down. I feel a bit awkward doing this cuz I am not sure if this is standard here but I go up to one of the 7’s and am like so uhh ya umm I heard maybe I could get a BJ in the back?

She was like ya, I was like cool, and off we went. I had heard there was a ‘VIP Room’ but sometimes you just do it in the mens room in a stall and the mens room was where we headed.

I feel on her ass for a couple minutes, she drops her top then gets on her knees and gets to work. I hand her 300k after the work is done she says thanks and I am on my way home. She gave such great head I went back the next day but she wasn’t there and another of the 7’s gave much worse head.

It is always nice to have options, and being ale to watch girls dance in thongs and then go get sucked off in a dirty bathroom is what living in Asia is all about. If you are at Blok M it is certainly your best option.

23 Responses

  1. harley says:

    I only went there 1 time to a bar there with live music. Got super drunk and brought back a girl to my apartment who I gave 300,000 (yes i’m cheap with hookers) the next day for taxi money, not a pretty face but nice body… a friend of mine goes there every once in a while and pays 700,000…

    anyway these girls are low quality compared to what you can find online

  2. Blok M guy says:

    The vip room in that bar is under renovation. There was a small dancing area and bar in there. No idea what it will turn into later.

    Are you still in Jakarta?

  3. guy says:

    bathroom blowjobs you say? sounds like a great destination!

  4. Cam says:

    Happy New Years boys! May your 2017 be full of LBFM 🙂

  5. mike says:

    is the bj bar on the same block as top gun?

  6. Rodney says:

    Wonder if there’s any action during Covid19? 🤔

    • jspill says:

      My mate who goes to Indo a lot says they aren’t letting foreigners in, there are flights there but you can’t enter

      Thailand just announced they might not resume flights in September as planned, maybe not until December, so Indonesia will probably be the same, he’s waiting on it to reopen

      If you’re already in the country there probably is good action, the gogos are open now in Thailand and they’re good. For people lucky enough to be there. Would assume it’s the same in Indonesia, perhaps not Blok M but the sex clubs like Classic and Travel hotel

      • joe true says:

        latest from thailand they aren’t letting normal foreign guys in for minimum 16 months. read some thai news my nig they’re real honest about it. rich thais dont need tourists they dont give a fuck about us

        • Bvito says:

          Fricking elites. That don’t sound right to me. They are starving their people if they never open up. Things will just get worse there and the people will be more pissed off. Phuket is most driven by tourism

          • joe true says:

            most big money in thailand comes from manufacturing and selling – animal feed, electricity, red bull, beer, cars, motorcycles, batteries, computers. they’d rather not have go go bars. looks bad and makes relatively little money. as a bonus the whores can go work in a factory.

            google Dhanin Chearavanont, Sarath Ratanavadi and Chalerm Yoovidhya my nigga. think they gives a fuck about soi 6 or some shitty hostel in Phuket? LOL

          • jspill says:

            certainly the elites and rich don’t like us but i wouldn’t equate that to issan snapper, as long as the women like us which i still think they do, it’s all good

            and as long as you aren’t running a business there or having to interact with men for some reason

            they are trying to force richard barrow out of the country now, western journalist who lives there, because he criticized dual pricing at national parks

            about the borders they haven’t confirmed that yet, there are lots of ‘maybe we won’t open until X’ news articles but no official policy yet, it’s just soundbites from interviews

            i haven’t seen ‘not for 16 more months’ anywhere but i did see a ‘maybe not until 2021’ as Max said

            • joe true says:

              no they dont like us. thats why bar girls have thai boyfriends that they give their money too. the thai language has several bad words for western guys. they don’t have even 1 for Asians.

              16 months came from the top doctor working for the thai government. just read the news my nig. it is public info.

        • Maxpower says:

          Current Thai proposal is that they will not open whole country until 2021. However, they are considering opening up 5 island destinations in Q4 of 2020 though. They are trying to figure out logistics and health related issues. That’s what I’ve read based on this article.


  7. Maxpower says:

    Girly bars are still closed but normal bars are open until midnight in Philippines. Might have to switch to day games at malls.

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