Is Filipino Cupid a Scam?

A lot of people I come in contact with ask me if what I and others say about dating sites can really be true? Many are worried that they are just a scam to take your money.

Well trust me they are not. These are real girls on the site that are very happy to talk to and meet you. They are very curious and interested in foreigners and if you think they are fake you can easily skype with them or check out their facebooks.

Sure there are some bad people out there that are trying to scam you, but Filipino Cupid is not one of them.


Some Things Really are That Good

I know that reading tales of meeting a girl and having her show up at your room and in your bed ten minutes after meeting her sound to good to be true……… but they aren’t.

Not only are the quick hook ups easy and available but there have also been many long term relationships and marriages that have started out on Filipino Cupid.

No matter what type of girl you are looking for you will have a easier and more efficient time finding her on Filipino Cupid than anywhere else.

The only minor Filipina dating site scams I’ve come across are padded bras and filtered pics.