Making Money Online with Ethereum?

I did a post about Bitcoin five months ago. I’m not an expert in investing in cryptocurrency (some say it’s just speculation) don’t take this blog as financial advice.

But I had spare change to gamble with and decided to copy what smarter people were saying. It did make intuitive sense that cryptocurrencies will become more valuable over time, and they are more exciting than investing in Gold or stocks.

So I threw a few $k into Bitcoin to try it out, nothing huge. Fortunately the value of BTC went from ~$600 when I wrote that post to ~$1500 as it stands today. So I am up a few $k since then.

Many people made A LOT more than that by buying Bitcoin when it was in the early 100s a few years back.

BTC lifetime graph

Investing in Ethereum

At some point I took the advice of smart readers (thanks Cam!) to buy Ethereum too, or swap BTC for it.

If you don’t know, Ethereum is a newer ‘altcoin’ (alternative to Bitcoin), and said to be technologically better. The only reason Bitcoin is worth more at the moment is it was the first of the cryptocurrencies.

Cam told me to buy Ethereum in the comments on that first post when it was at $10. I didn’t get round to it and then it jumped to $40 shortly after. I’d have made a ton if I listened. One of my mates made ~$30k.

I finally bought a few $k of ETH at $40 in March and now it’s at ~$80. So I’m up ~$6k so far combined from BTC and ETH. Three hundred Bangkok blowjobs!

My other mate is almost up six figures as he pumped a lot more money into it than me.

Ethereum lifetime graph

Will it keep going up? Well Bitcoin is worth ~$1500 now and Ethereum ~$80 and everyone’s saying ETH is superior, so it’d make sense if it eventually approached the same price as BTC.

Here’s an article about how big names like Microsoft, Intel and JP Morgan are getting behind Ethereum.

And here’s one about thirty big banks and tech giants like IBM investing in Ethereum.

In the short term there might be a correction in the market because it’s going up too fast at the moment, similar to what happened to BTC in 2014.

How to Buy Ethereum

I’d love to help my readers to make money online too!

Different cryptocurrencies in Exodus wallet

The main online wallet I now recommend (again Cam’s advice) is which is a downloadable desktop wallet (less chance of getting hacked). It has built into it which is a service to exchange cryptos with no fees on top of a competitive spread.

On Exodus you can hold BTC, ETH, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Golem, and Monero will be added this year.

So to buy Ethereum you can first buy Bitcoin on,, Coinbase (link for $10 of free Bitcoin), or LocalBitcoins.

$10 free when you buy $100+ of Bitcoin on Coinbase

Then just send it to yourself on Exodus and convert it to ETH in the wallet, takes minutes.

You can buy ETH with VISA on Coinbase but it sets daily limits. You can also store ETH and BTC in Coinbase too but it isn’t usually recommended to hold large amounts on online exchanges.

Coinbase charges 1% to buy Bitcoin with VISA. and charge about 2% and with LocalBitcoins it depends on the seller. So shop around.

How to Withdraw Ethereum

Exchanging cryptocurrencies in Exodus

Then when you’re ready to sell Ethereum (I just plan to hold it and see how high it goes though) convert it back to Bitcoin, then send it from Exodus desktop wallet back to yourself on one of the online wallets.

You can withdraw it to Thailand on at about 2%, or Philippines on at about 2%, or internationally on Coinbase at 1%.

Or you may be able to make a profit by selling on LocalBitcoins, trading it for a bank wire, Paypal, etc.

Or find someone to sell ETH to directly, you can also send from Exodus to any other ETH account.

Is it Safe?

Obviously don’t put all your money into it but ETH is looking good right now, so is Dash and Monero. They’re all technologically better than Bitcoin. If you’re concerned about risk buy a bit of each cryptocurrency.

Don’t put more into it than you can afford to set aside if there’s a correction like the 2014 bitcoin crash. Then hold for the long term if that does happen.

Arguably it’s all speculation / gambling, not investing, but I’ve been lucky so far.

I’ve been having some funny debates with Dante about buying cryptocurrencies in his forum thread, starts from about halfway down this page.

Update: ETH hit $100 the day after this post. I also bought some Dash, Augur, and Golem coins, which are rallying. Here’s an article about Dash.

From what I read those are good pics. Litecoin and Dogecoin not so much. Litecoin is going up but perhaps only spiked because it was added to Coinbase.

Update 2: a couple weeks later it hit $160.

Update 3: In June it hit $400. Boxmining on Youtube has some good videos on Ethereum.

a good place to spend profits

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35 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Actually jumped to $84 while I was typing this up.

  2. iamforeverteen says:

    The trend has gone mad. Haha i just read mid april forecast about ETH is going 50-70ish now its 80? Phew i sold too early!

  3. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Fake money ?

  4. Reader says:

    Bitch broke your couch bro…

  5. Dale says:

    If you bought 100 ETH would have made you 4000 till now if im right? Wouldnt you be much more up if you bought a few $K of them?

  6. I’m thinking of putting more money in ETH. Put some in as a test run and made a bit on poloniex. I also opened up a goldmoney account and they suspended me without even using it. Fuckers. Either way, I’m pretty sure this is how you and Dante feel today:

  7. Harvie says:

    Anyone who did not buy this when you told them must be kicking themselves now, they could have x4 their money. Glad I bought when you told me, thanks mate.

  8. Jan says:

    How to do this…Earn a bit of side income is nice
    How play this invest if i was in sg?

  9. jspill says:

    Over $160 now lol

  10. John says:

    I like crypto currencies and stocks for speculation, but if central banks ban cash, then you need gold and silver coins. Imagine the control the government will over everything bought and sold if there is no cash. You can’t buy hookers or weed with a visa card. Privacy is important and lets you buy even when something is black market. Besides money has always been gold and silver and thats why central banks hold it in reserves:)

  11. Anonymous says:

    My tip is to look into Stellar Lumens as well. I bought in awhile back because they sounded interesting, just for kicks. I wish I had been more serious and dumped an additional order of magnitude into them because I’m up 4000% (yes, four *thousand*) percent.

    They’re at $0.05 now, so you can still buy in pretty easily. I’ve heard estimates ranging from $0.30 by the end of the year to $1-10 in 5-10 years.

    Probably one of the riskier investments, however, so I’d recommend buying in as part of a diversified portfolio.

  12. Herpes4life says:

    Seems like Ethereum is just going up and up

  13. gogobar says:

    Do you still think it’s worth it investing in ETH Jspill?

    • jspill says:

      Everything I’ve read says yes, it’ll eventually be worth a lot, some say 500 by 2010, etc. Because it’s structurally better than BTC. So the dip now is a good thing, cheaper to buy. The trend is still up.

      • gogobar says:

        Thanks. I’ve seen it’s at $230 right now. I was gonna buy when it was at $125 but coinbase wouldnt accept my debit card for some reason. Also do you have advice on some cryptos that is cheaper than ETH and that you think will go up over the years? Dash etc?

  14. Herpes4life says:

    I would also invest in Waves. Its been going up alot lately and I hear people saying its gonna be like the new ethereum.

  15. Chris Belga says:

    jspill, i want to ask a few questions regarding this topic. can you email me. Thanks!

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